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McKinney addresses acquisition fever: building a seamless product ecosystem 29

by Nathan Mylott Wed, 22 Sep 2010 12:48 pm EDT

The Price is Right

HP has been on a shopping spree like a winning contestant on The Price Is Right, having recently acquired several tech companies at multi billion dollar prices. In an interview with Venture Beat at the DEMO Fall 2010 conference, HP Vice President and CTO Phil McKinney took some time to explain what all of this means to the consumer. McKinney said the purpose of all these acquisitions is to create a line of products that can be bought at one time and already work together seamlessly out of the box: “You integrate them and take the burden off the customers of doing that." He added that this would also reduce cost and add value.

The companies that HP has acquired recently are PC software and hardware makers that seem to have little to do with mobile products, but the fact that HP is thinking in terms of integrating its products together certainly makes one wonder what this means for smart phones and tablets. McKinney said that HP has "significantly expanded the staff" at Palm and that they are working as fast as they can to catch up with the iPad with their upcoming Slate and webOS tablets, scheduled for a late 2010 and early 2011 release respectively. When they are released, he pointed out, they will have tremendous reach with HP's more than 100,000 retailers worldwide.

Once again webOS printers were mentioned and though printing from a webOS smart phone or tablet were not mentioned, he did say that sending quick print jobs like coupons would be very quick and effortless on one of these magical new printers.

Source: Venture Beat



The idea is great & they are acting w/the speed & flexibility of a much smaller company. Let's hope the execution is spot on.

Nice use of Drew Carey. :)


I can't wait. I want new stuff now. Now now now NOW!

I'm still a fan of printing from the cloud. I can see alot of possibilities.. Even though alot of things don't need to be printed out anymore and companies are going green by going paperless there still is a demand for printing every once in awhile. Being able to do that on the fly without having to wait for a computer to wake up from hibernation then open a program to print from would be convienent.

Printing on the fly & thru the cloud may be more important to businesses--legal, healthcare, financial documents that still may need a written record --than to the individual. I don't use mine much, but can't imagine not having a printer at all.

Agree! On a personal level I would love to be able to print my fandango, Concert, and Las Vegas Show Tickets from my phone not to mention Coupons :-). I hate firing up my laptop to do this...

True, but think in terms of printing coupons, boarding passes, pictures, tickets, etc. Things like that, which you have to be able to print and it would be much easier to be able to just print on the fly as you're browsing, rather than shift over to your computer and navigate to the file/page again. The best part will be taking a picture from your smartphone and instantly beaming it to your computer to print out, almost like an old Polaroid instant camera. They haven't said anything about that yet but I bet it's possible.

great news for hp bad news for my pocket

I know what you

i just cant wait to see this hole thing come together full circle to you actually see it work. hopefully by june 2011

Integration - HP is already integrating their printers with Apple's AirPrint already in iOS 4.2 beta and coming in November to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. And, if you tablet of choice is an eStation Zeen then HP will soon have you covered.

As far as retailers are concerned, the iPad will be at Best Buy for the holiday season but HP will probably still have exclusivity at the discount warehouses.

Still a lot of attention grabbing going on. I wonder if they are able to do it right...their Envy Laptop line is a step in the right direction, albeit too expensive.

I wish someone would challenge Apple for real. That would make them to step up in the game...for the same price. But still I do miss the audio and media portion of itunes in some other software...

it said slate,,late 2010,tablet early 2011. New phone soon,yippie.

This is good HP news, but where's the Palm news? What happened to Mr. Ski Mask? PAAAAAAAAAALLLLLMMMMMM!!!!!!!

Nice Photoshop.

that so-called smartphone that they're allegedly working is way down on the bottom of their "to do" list.


They should have used a pic of what Drew looks like now. He has lost beteween 80-100 lbs and looks like a totally different host!

all the big tech companies are on a buying binge. they were hoarding money during the recent recession and are currently unloading it on acquisitions. this strategy is not hp specific, but rather indicative of the industry as a whole.

How about building us a new webOS phone?

I'm starting to believe HP doesn't really care about the smartphone business. Their actions only point to tablets as the next waive of the future. Something that I have a hard time grasping. Sure, maybe they'll replace laptops and some desktops, but I can guaranDamtee ya that I won't be casting aside my small smartphone in favor of a tablet or pad that won't fit in my pocket. And seeing how I pretty much rely on my smartphone as my main phone, computer and internet interface these days, I don't see my need or convenience changing away from this anytime soon. So why the hell are these companies even working on these tablets? Seems like a "large" footprint backwards if you ask me. All they'll do is load the damn things down with gigabytes of over developed operating systems and HD screens which will both drain any battery improvements back to the NiCad ages. Just more big companies trying to sell us something we don't know we need and not what we really want. More epic failures waiting to happen. I'll just have to make due with my good ol' Pre until they wise up. Bunch of ninnies.

"So why the hell are these companies even working on these tablets?"

Maybe it's not the right product for you, but there is definitely a market for the product. This is from an article in the Wall St Journal yesterday about Dell teasing its 2nd tablet.

>>>Apple sold 3.3 million iPads in its first quarter on the market, while a host of other computer makers are rushing similar devices to the market.

Shipments of touchscreen tablet computers are expected to reach more than 15.4 million units this year from roughly 167,000 units a year ago, according to industry tracker iSuppli.

The fact that there's a market for the iPad, doesn't necessarily mean there's a big market for tablets. Apple fanboys will buy any turd Apple poops out and will pay any price for it, no matter how absurd the price is.

I think the iPad should be put into a separate category from the real tablets that are coming out. It's not a tablet, it's just a giant iPod Touch 3rd gen. Nothing more.

I must say I got a pre on sprint @ launch but I got me a EVO now for 30 days now and I miss webOS. The evo has this dam bluetooth issue that no one wants to address. I know feel double screwed...Pre hardware sucks since this my 6th pre but now I got a oversized phone that won't stay connected to bluetooth....PALM release something ASAP

From Rahul:


..and no i'm not hinting at anything, i don't deal with the enterprise side of the business, but i get what they're doing...
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HP has made many acquisitions, some folks can't make heads or tails of them, but they make sense if u understand the chess board.
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wondering how enterprise acquisitions help HP's mobile business? HP can attract carriers w/cloud-based mobile device management #webOS
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I like Rahul.....he thinks like one of the many in the frustrated webOS community

I agree. He is not giving us a date for our hardware, but he is talking to us & giving us information.