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McKinney teases webOS tablet for February 9th 89

by Derek Kessler Fri, 07 Jan 2011 3:07 pm EST

We’ve all but assumed that we’ll finally get to see a webOS tablet on February 9th, but it’s been far from confirmed. HP CTO Phil McKinney, however, seems to be so excited by the prospect that he can’t help but help but tease the device. In an interview with HP’s The Next Bench blog, McKinney (correctly) predicted that CES 2011 would be a tablet extravaganza, then hinted that the webOS tablet HP promised for early 2011 might actually be revealed next month:

“Darren pressed me on this one, but you will not see a webOS tablet from HP at CES this year. That said, we promised to deliver one in 2011 and we will. There is some worthwhile reading here for those of you interested in the topic.”

Yeah, we’d say a tablet’s just about a sure bet for February 9th.


And a sweet fricking phone please. I will buy both, I promise.

I am sure you will get your new phone.... The Verizon Pre 2. It has yet to be announced.

I hope they have something interesting in their locked briefcases to distinguish it from the playbook. Performance on this thing and functionality looks stellar, something HP will have to smash.

Think big!- HP is gonna make a big splash at CES with awesome new phones, you'll see!

Think small!- Well, Maybe it's a tablet they're coming out with, and maybe it won't be at CES, but still! (Say, wasn't I in the market for a new phone?)

Think Beyond!- Maybe I should look beyond WebOS and buy one of the awesome new phones that actually exist?

Think Big, Think Small, Think beyond- It's not a marketing slogan, it's the three stages of grief.

I've already thought beyond. Since my VZW Pre Plus stopped working, I hopped back over to the Droid Incredible. Been waiting to hear something, but the frustration on nothing being even announced tells me that whatever they have isn't ready to be shown - even in a controlled setting, ala xoom.

I picked up a Galaxy Tab and have been loving it - enough to "think beyond" and give up my smart phone altogether - however, with a VZW iPhone immenent, Palm/HP is becoming even more irrelevant in my eyes.

Me too, I WAN'T BOTH!!!

yeah I knw!! I'm hearin more tablet and "devices" more than anything..why won't they say the word PHONE!?

We're gonna transition to using tablets and phones will once again be those devices that are only capable of making and receiving calls, and all will be right with the world.

God, I hope not. I dont want to have to buy a phone AND a tablet.

Don't worry about it, since they'll just be making calls, the phone will cost you $20 at most.

phone phone phone. Gimmie a GD phone

I Consider My "Phone" To Be A Device With A Cellular Radio In It, Since It Does A Whole Lot More That What A Phone Does.....Make Calls

A tablet is well and good, but like every other commenter so far what I want is a phone. And not just a phone to be released 'in the first half of the year' but a phone that will be available on Sprint no later than 3/15.

No new phone with at least a 4" screen and I'm off to a new platform by the end of February.

You're asking for too much, buddy.

Really? how do you figure? How many new Android devices have we seen in the past 48 hours?

How many new devices has HTC alone released in the past 60-days.

HP is the worlds largest freaking tech company. If they don't have the manufacturing and design stones to pull together a competitive phone RIGHT NOW then they should have licensed webOS to the developers and stuck to doing the tablet themselves.

I feel the same way. I've been holding on to my day one palm pre waiting patiently for the next upgrade. If it weren't for the homebrew community, I'd have long split from this phone. I love Palm and have been in since the Treo 600, but I'm watching Honeycomb videos and feeling like Android is inevitable. My patience with Palm is wearing thinner every day. I'm ready for a new phone.

Unveil webos 3.0 on it, and you'll probably have people's attention. Release it on webos 2.0 and it wont make much of a splash. It needs to look better than the Playbook at this point or otherwise it will just look like a copy of already showcased tech.

That, and a new phone to be released within a month, not months, of its unveiling.

I think they need a whole new webOS UI with the tablet. Like Google did with Honeycomb. They better not just put the mobile webOS UI on a tablet.

Another blog post which causes people to say the exact same thing they have been saying for months. Correction - everything but the "they had better have something great at CES" line.

Very nicely put. And more diplomatic than I was going to say.

I love my Palm Pre Plus and don't have a desire to replace it anytime soon. But I am eager for HP to release a new phone so the whining will cease. Even on stories unrelated to updates and new releases people are whining about updates and new releases. Someone should make a website called IliketowhineaboutWebOS and make some money off this.

To be fair, some people have justification to be anxious for a version update or new phone. But it seems to have gotten out of hand.

I don't think it's out of hand at all. Some of us have been sitting on the palm pre since day one waiting patiently for the next form factor, and watching a lot of Android phones with form factors that are drool-worthy. How long are we supposed to wait? I'm not going to get a Palm Pre Plus. This form factor has gotten stale for me. I'm ready for the next thing.

I just want the next devices to have hdmi mirroring and dual core cpu's.

hmm, i don't really see this as an imminent Feb 9 unveiling but i am optimistic nonetheless.

we kno and palmand hp knows that feb9 is do or bye I don't think they disaappoint

And on Feb 9th.... we will actually get it..... wait for it!! wait for it....

In the coming months LoL

"As we speak we are developing a webOS Super Toaster, it will truly revolutionize the way toast is made. But we're not stopping there, think big, think about drying your laundry using the power of HP webOS. Yes my friends, the webOS clothes dryer is here and everyone in the audience today will get one." -Lol, that would be the coolest announcement ever!

"And why stop with appliances? You may want to sit down for this one, because we have... a webOS car! A webOS car for you, and a webOS car for you, everyone in the audience gets a webOS car!"

Did Oprah give out a webOS car? I don't think so! And you can run and tell that...homeboy!

I REEEEAAALLLYYYY hope a webOS connected watch is in the works, it would be really useful if done correctly and it's just gimmicky enough to stick in the mind of the average consumer. I'm more excited for that possibility than that of a tablet tbh.. tablets might be fun for a little while but I still feel like they're just a fad (an e-toy if you will)..

Actually, having various appliances running webOS is a nifty idea. They could sense the proximity of each other and if the main device (or device last used) comes into proximity of one that isn't, it wakes the device up. Then you could flick a card in the direction of the physical device and voila! The app moves to the other webOS device. Or have ur music follow you through the house.

I certainly agree with the mass majority. Tablet is all fine and dandy, but the WebOS community want and NEEDS a phone. A duo-core, high-resolution screen....etc. It's has to compete with the big boys. Please give us the super phone, cause I'd like to stay with WebOS, but there not making it easy right now.

The amazing lack of things being done, especially in comparison to all the growth that an OS like Android is experiencing leads me to wonder how HP has any hope of doing anything but pissing away the best mobile OS just like Palm did last year. I'd hate to see it happen and my wife and I both LOVE our WebOS phones, but when you compare all the things being unveiled at CES I find it rather appalling that this is what we get from HP.

Let me just point this out to you.. you don't know what HP is doing, and neither does anyone else, how can you blindly assault HP and compare them when they haven't revealed anything yet? You can't, you just plain don't know what they have to offer. But keep on complaining, just like everyone else.


Hasn't stopped everyone else from assaulting HP.

I agree, so lets apply his post to everyone else as well.

We all agree that we want new devices, but many act as if this is a matter of life and death. We shall know very soon what HP plan will be come 2/9/2011.

You're correct, I don't know what HP is doing behind the scenes and I hope that what they're doing will result in a number of high quality hardware solutions that offer people the chance to experience what I believe is a superior product in WebOS.

My comment was meant to reflect the dynamic as I see it, that makers of Android and iOS devices look like they are constantly moving forward and pushing the technology. In contrast, the WebOS phones look like slow advances from the original Palm Pre, and overall it feels like advances seemed to be hoped for and rumored only to disappoint. This dynamic will have an effect in the market and I'm afraid that HP might find themselves in too big of a hole to compete when they finally do role out their products.

Let's look at what we have from HP currently - nothing but vague references to the future. Let's look at what Android has right now - every single phone announced at CES. Looks like he has a valid point to me.

I have it on good authority via a guy knowing a guy whose bro's sisters daughter works at HPalm.. the next line of phones are called the HPalm BETAMAX............

Hi all,

Will you all PLEASE SETTLE DOWN a little....Calm Down & Relax, take a deep breath!

The take over just happened a few months ago! HP has HUGE marketing prowess...I am sure we will see a several new phones as well as at least one PalmPad model....

I think there will be a slab type phone as well as a larger format phone with a keyboard....I think they will be more or less the same "under the hood" well as the pad....

I am still using a 28 month old Centro...I am able to wait,...why can't all of you????

Take care, Jay


BRILLIANT and Beyond!

Hi all,

Will you all PLEASE SETTLE DOWN a little....Calm Down & Relax, take a deep breath!

The take over just happened a few months ago! HP has HUGE marketing prowess...I am sure we will see a several new phones as well as at least one PalmPad model....

I think there will be a slab type phone as well as a larger format phone with a keyboard....I think they will be more or less the same "under the hood" well as the pad....

I am still using a 28 month old Centro...I am able to wait,...why can't all of you????

Take care, Jay

Double Post BRILLIANT!

I agree--I think tablets are a fad, but a stepping stone at the same time.

Mark My words... a phone will not happen this year, and if it does, it will be a huge disappointment. HP bought PALM for the intellectual property of WebOS, not to make more phones.

Does anyone hear me?

webOS only makes sense on smartphones/tablets, so...

The Big = Tablet
The Small = New Phone
Beyond = Services.

Anything less would be insufficient and would leave the market asking why wait another month if they could have done me-too at CES.

Very nice I like this post

The Big could equal Printer
The Small could equal Phone
Beyond could equal HP Print Apps

Just saying :)

Er, I got an iPad for Christmas and was the last guy that wanted to believe it was worth the hype. HP dropped the ball on this, as the iPad, with some added apps, is fantastic. Who needs a USB port when everything works so seamlessly? My 3 year old already figured the device out, and while while a WebOS tablet would be great, I live in the reality based community. II'm stuck with the same phone while Google and Apple have been rocking' the crap out of the mobile world. Really love the WebOS, and Preware even more, but give me a break, I only know 2 other people with a Palm phone: a doctor who is about to change it for an iPhone, and my wife, who I gave the Pixi to.

This is the nature of the business: update or die (as in, you will lose a ton of customers by being stupid). What on

Cool story, bro.

I can appreciate that Apple does great job with design both hardware and software but when you leave out a usb port, you are basically saying screw functionality. That to me makes Apple unpalatable where they value pretty form over function. That ignores all the millions of flash drives that people own where it would be simple just to plug it in to access their own data. Instead now, you have to do more steps to make it work and no way to use other usb peripherals. Plus multitasking is still barely functional on Ipad (I have a Pre+ and iphone 4 as a 2nd phone- I don't call Apple's kludgy system multitasking). So I'm not getting an Ipad.
If Palm pad isn't impressive, I'll find an android tablet. I had Blackberry phone for a few years and left a bad taste in my mind even though the Playbook is running a different Linux os.

Just like when Apple left off the floppy - the tech world was crushed. Customers didn't care; they were all getting used to email and anything they every had to load needed a CD anyhow.

USB is for a cloudless world. If you REALLY REALLY REALLY need one you can add it on.

But most people will never need one on an ipad in 2011.

It's a cloud future - the one thing, I believe, HP DOES understand in all this.

It may be a cloud future for average consumers, but enterprise and governments, the two biggest segments of technology consumers, are not going to cloud computing anytime soon. I work for the State of Illinois, and there are agencies that don't allow the use of USB drives because they're insecure. Data are still transferred via CD. The closest I get to cloud computing at work is with the in-house server that we use to store large files. And I end up bringing them onto my local drive and onto a USB anyway.

Since enterprise is going to be one of HP's biggest targets with webOS, they still need to cater to their needs, i.e. provide USB drives. Apple can get away with doing what they want because they don't cater to enterprise. I'd say most people will still want/need a USB drive for the next few years, until cloud computing reaches the same level of security and reliability as local storage.

You're right; enterprise is not going to the cloud anytime soon, at least not in mass.

HP will always have a place in Enterprise.

But as you said, the average consumer, is going to be in the cloud, and that's where the volume is.

So HP, and maybe WebOS, will have their little slice of Enterprise, but it doesn't appear it will have popular appeal.

Where's my Sprint Pre minus webOS replacement? "In the coming months" B.S. is really getting stale.

Make it yourself... You have a higher chance of success. ;)

McKinney is a joke, the only thing he's got going for him is that he looks better than Ballmer on stage!

I have been at the frustration terminal. But I found out it is not even worth it...

If you cannot make phone calls, check mails or take some snap shots...why don't you buy another phone?

Some people on here are acting like children waiting for Christmas...nacistically unbalanced.

It's a business in the end, although they involved everybody over here to a big extend and some of the community involved themselves...

So you cannot wait - go out get what you need...

I liked the new ANDROID style...if I can afford it I might try it out...if there won't be a webOS tablet I would like...

I like webOS, but I am not married and they don't owe me anything as I don't owe them...

Relax...take a deep breath and enjoy life...



Bradley was Maria's show on CNBC tonight and you will see a Pad, phone and services Feb 9th

Here's the link to Bradley on CNBC

Per Bradley, could HP get back in the TV space? He said "... smartphone, tablets, to pcs, to other potentially large screen devices"

HP made some great TV's and if they can bring quality to the Web TV market, that integrates into the WebOS ecosystem, then that could be HUGE

Let's hope HP comes strong. My worry is we're too late. They tend to do things in a bubble and get all excited about their new technologies - only to find out their are one or two competitors with superior solutions and more market share. At lease in the mobile space it seems.

Hope I'm wrong, but my guess is WebOS will be so-so and HP's acquisition of Palm will result in solutions for the enterprise. In the end, the only people with any new HP phone's will be HP employees on the corporate account.

No point in referencing HP/Palm as Palm is dead. You'll see...

All I have to say about HP is that they better have these devices software optimized and have hardware that will make you drool. I want little to no lag in them. Especially with all these devices coming out and this long wait for the webos faithful. I really think this will be webos chance to gain steam or crash and burn.

4G and super fast am getting 2 if they are good

it's sad how childish the webos community has become in the last year.....

It's sad that people think they can judge someone's opinion based on their own. Opinion is subjective. I would agree with the majority of "childish" (your words not mine) individuals who have spent the last year hoping for webOS to succeed and have become frustrated at the lack of any real progress. These are the people that, despite the complaints, are still hoping that webOS will be a prominent mobile operating system that they can continue to use in the future.

Yes, consumers demand things. It's called consumer demand. If a business cannot keep up with the consumer, then they will quickly fall to the side of the road. Welcome to capatalism.

I do not think it is too much to ask for a tech company (Palm or HP) to keep up with the current marketplace, especially if they want a substantial piece of it. The lack of progress is very frustrating and vague announcements of coming months doesn't help when deadlines and announced dates are frequently missed.

I hope that awesome shit is announced in February but until then the handling of webOS by Palm and HP gets a fail in my book. I am not going to suddenly change my mind about them based on a guess that this will change in the future. HP really has to "show me the money" for me to alter my thinking at this point.

great value add

I think they dropped the ball in not presenting at CES and hosting their own separate event.

CES is the largest tech event of the year. There won't be as good of a tunout for their own separate event.

By not presenting, Google has basically stolen the show. Every phone announced so far guessed it - Google Android. The vast majority of guessed it again - Google Android. Web connected guess it..the majority is Google.

By presenting an exciting product and actually letting people play around with demo units, they could have been the ones standing out in the crowd. My guess is that people would take a look at few Google devices and then gotten bored with it.

Who do they think they are? Apple? In my opinion, Apple comes off as a little stuck up by not having a presence at CES. Of course the Pro Apple fans love it because it gives them an excuse to be conceited...think people who have electric cars looking down on people driving the gas guzzlers.

well on the other hand every other phone running "other" os is clearly being drowned out with all these android smartphones. Its rediculous. Every single smartphone ive seen featured thus far is running android. Clearly, what is the point of trying to compete with that madness. Pretty soon it'll probably be called the google electronics show.

That's true but if a room is filled with people wearing white and one person wearing black...then people are not going to remember all the faceless individuals wearing white. The one that is going to stand out in their mind is the one wearing black.

There are no Windows 7 phones being announced. There are no Blackberry phones being announced (Playbook is on display). There are no Apple phones being announced. There are clearly no webOS phones being announced. This is why you haven't read announcements about any other phones.

"I think they dropped the ball in not presenting at CES and hosting their own separate event."

I think they made the right decision by holding a separate event. Too much white noise with all these tablets at CES. They will have a more focus audience to present there products and services to.

Little off topic but this comment system sucks. Comments do not appear in a timely fashion. I have to go from my computer to my phone back to my computer to view comments I've posted as they do not appear when the page is refreshed or the topic is re-accessed. Comments even dissapear on one device when they are clearly still listed on the other device.

i want one of those things they keep showing in their tv ads... the one that projects webOS right in front of you :D


You're so naive it's adorable. Exactly how long do you think it takes to develop and, more importantly, certify a device with a carrier? That is, assuming that carrier really wants it. Verizon's cert cycle is four weeks plus a few days to review the test results before they approve it. BTW, no device has ever done that without at least one mid-cycle software release and additional regression testing for another two to three weeks. Then you have to fill the retail channels. By all means, please hold your breath until then.

It's been 2 YEARS with no new hardware... everyone else is every 6 months or a year.. by the time we actually see a phone i guess will be 3 to 6 months after Feb.. so i agree with your additional time frame.

wow nike shox for $32! What a good deal! Anywaaaay... Feb 9th is it. This what we have been waiting for. I think it's time to finally get excited. WebOS doomsayers, this is your day for a well deserved "I told you so" or an "in your face" moment. It's exciting either way. Bring on hp and stir up this community pot.

my hope, my dream...

3 form factors of webOS Smartphones (one model featuring beats audio)

2 webOS tablets with beats audio

a Palm Profile/webOS desktop manager

a touchsmart pc featuring the Palm Profile/webOS manager

... To me, these things would be cool.

The new HP Post tablet will finally arrive and show the unbelievers that HP did in fact have a plan when they bought the soon to disappear Palm.

sucks to wait another month... and not even ONE leak... What the heck... not even a close up pic of a corner of a device? hdmi port? anything?

February seems like a good date to me. Everybody else will have played their cards by then.

I only hope that HP does have a full house in their hands.

Double core magic and all that is needed to face the competition.

Motorola and RIM have some nice devices and Apple will bring something too...

HP has to bring top notch stuff to succeed and they must know it...

It's their job.

I guess HP wasn't kidding around when they said they didn't buy Palm to get into the mobile phone business.

They'll need more than a full house if they want to win this game. They'll need to pull a Maverick and magically throw an ace on the chips to complete the royal flush.

Aside of that, they'll pretty much need a phone with a display made of crystal, charging cord made of unicorn mane, and a tablet that spews out double rainbows if they want to gain more than a 10% marketshare by 2013. Has anyone seen the latest comscore results? 3.9% is where palm stands. Thats Palm... as in webos and palm combined.

Not good.

Even though the 17" laptop I have is lighter than the 15" one it replaces, it's not practical to take on trips. So I'd like to get a tablet. Not sure which it will be but I'm eager to see what HP has to offer. Hopefully, there is more than one size available and it trumps the Playbook.

I want to bang my head, hard, up and down on the desk, hard, over and over again. But then again, i've made my money off of the blah minus, so what do I care. Ohh, they were still one of greatest technologist innovators around. Now, this year, and last, they are mute (ok, they announced flash, which STILL isnt around). Look at Motorola, back from the dead, showing hardware & software in eloquent and symbiotic form, in a controlled environment (the SHOW floor!) speaking people up. Palm go home. Bye. Bye.

They had better release it then, because if the RIM tablet drops with "playbook" first WebOS will surely take not survive that wound

I had some high hopes for Feb. After following up on the news coverage goodness coming from CES, I have to say my faith is a bit shaken. I suspect what we will see then is not incredible hardware, but on-par hardware with a corporate vision / set of accompanied services for the coming year.

While, that's not a bad thing, it's still going to feel like a disappointment, coming so late to the party. Nor will it help to differentiate WebOS in a competitive space. Will their stuff just not stand up to a side by side comparison, such that they had to wait a month later?

Well, HP, I'm still mid contract, so you haven't lost my eye, but please oh please give us something to get excited about and to get developers excited about next month.

- webOS 2.0 for everyone by the end of 2010
- new devices in the coming moths
- new devices in the coming weeks
- now it's new devices within a year (which is 12 months once again)

stands for itself, no need to comment it further.

I just got back from CES, and I too was disappointed that HP/Palm didn't announce anything there. I went as an interested consumer in the media business, not as a pro or dealer. The Verizon booth was all about LTE, interconnectivity between media and devices and the new LTE phones from Motorola, Samsung, LG and HTC. The reps I talked to did praise WebOS ;) but I saw nothing physically there about Pre 2 or HPalm.

The Atrix, Bionic, Thunderbolt, LG phones, Samsung 4G phones, Windows 7 phones, Blackberry PlayBook and Motorola Xoom are pretty darn sharp and powerful. And using the PlayBook, it was hard not to feel that Blackberry co-opted the card and swipe functions of WebOS. But I resisted holding up my Pre and saying anything to the people at the BB booth.

True, HP announcements could have gotten lost in all of the new phones and tablets, and I understand HP's reasoning in a stand-alone event. But as a first week of release Pre owner it was really hard not to see any HP or Palm love amongst all the newest equipment with the newest features. It was even harder not seeing any Sprint love among all these new phones either. Reallllly hard.

I need a new phone cause the Pre's not cutting it any more, and I can't get the productivity apps I want on WebOS. The road ahead will be clearer on February 9th. Most of the new phones and tablets won't be out for at least 60 days. My biggest hope is that HP will have competitive equipment in the playing field when all the new items from CES can be tested in peoples' hands in the real world. Then we can really make our decisions.