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MeOrg! becomes OrganizeMe!, gets tweaks and improvements along the way 3

by Ryan St. Andrie Wed, 01 Aug 2012 7:23 pm EDT

Meet OrganizeMe! formerly known as MeOrg!

With the on-again, off-again relationship between webOS and Evernote many  webOS faithful ditched the popular online note service in search of a good alternative. However, in their search most webOS users came to the realization that there is really only one great alternative to Evernote which is SpringPad. Unfortunately, there were no apps available to access that service on webOS until developer Sven Ziegler dropped his awesome SpringPad client MeOrg! into the webOS App Catalog. Many of us here at webOS Nation took to the app like a fish to water and we even gave it a favorable review back in April. Despite the great review we still found a couple areas where the app fell short of being perfect. Instead of coming up with excuses why his app had a proverbial hole or two Sven took our critique as a challenge and has been coding like a mad man to flesh out his already awesome SpringPad client. When the dust settled he presented an app to us with enough enhancements to garner a new name, OrganizeMe!

Upon initially opening the app, the additions Sven has made become immediately apparent. Little tweaks like being able to login (on the welcome page) and navigate with the "enter" key thru the fields for username, password and validate the account are very welcome additions. The developer has also made several UI changes like the new right panel detail view that looks worlds better than the app's previous implementation. One of our favorite new features found in OrganizeMe! is the ability to add alarms, reminders, and events to the webOS calendar. That feature alone warrants a purchase of the app if you have yet to download it! Of course there are several other bug fixes, tweaks, and additions that we will leave to our readers to discover (hint hint) for themselves.

Overall the app has seen such a significant overhaul that we felt the need to give our readers a heads up on it. We would still like to see features like cross-app launching baked into OrganizeMe! in the future but for now we are more than happy with the app's progress. So, if you're in the market for a good alternative to Evernote  check out OrganizeMe! today. The app can be picked up in the webOS App Catalog for the paltry sum of $2.99 or if you just want to see what all the hoopla is about you can try the trial version free of charge. 



What a great app this is.
Hopefully HP will do one thing right and make the App Catalog world wide available when finally open sourcing webOS (since they're not supporting our actual webOS devices). Then developers would notice how grateful we are for their work. Some of those who have crossed platform their apps have noticed it already. Not millions, but sure hundred of thousands downloads and who knows, updates and increasing apps would lead to millions, one day not too far away.

Great review,

I've been using it from the appearance in the app catalog and still love it. Ryan is right and all the frequent changes and additions have made it even more worth buying! Never looked back to Evernote again since buying MeOrg.
BTW: The App name changed, but it is still the same app-id in the catalog. Thus if you bought MeOrg, you probably already have updated it to OrganizeMe!

Brilliant App !!! I started using it after Evernote API killed for a few days/weeks the webOS apps. I looked for an alternative and I found this. I haven't gone back to Evernote and Springpad with OrganizeMe! has covered the gap and offered me more.

I now use this on my Pre3, Touchpad and Chrome !!!
Sven is a great dev and always took on board my suggestions and solved quick any issues I had with the app.

Go BUY this app yesterday !!!! =)