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by Adam Marks Mon, 13 Sep 2010 11:57 am EDT

While the stock Memo app may not be as fully featured as some third-party apps and may even lack some features of the old PalmOS Memo Pad, the ability to search your Memos does help to minimize some of the heartache associated with Memo Search using the app. All you need to do is open up the Memo App and start typing, and the app will look for any reference of that search term within any of your existing memos. As you can see by the example to the right that shows a search for "webos", it returns 3 memos even though the search term is not visible within the onscreen "preview" of the memo.  A few notes of this functionality:

  • Unfortunately, this is not built in to Universal Search, so you will need to open the Memo app first
  • Although capitalization is not factored in, the search function looks for an exact match of your input.  Therefore, a search for "Palm webOS" and "webOS Palm" are not the same thing
  • This can be a potential solution for those who miss the ability to put memos in "categories." Going forward, simply include the category name anywhere within the memo and then use the search functionality to limit a specific category of memos.
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Dang, that's another one that I didn't know.

I need to sit down and spend sometime with the Help App.

I didnt even know this. I mean, I'll never use it because I dont have a crap load of notes in there. But its cool to know.

I didn't know this either! Is this even in the Help App? I mean I guess we should know to just start typing anywhere in WebOS and cool things happen, but...

Are you kidding me! I've had this phone for 14 months and didn't know this. It has taken me forever to find the note I am looking for. Thx for the tip.

I didn't know this either. If the interface hadn't looked like I joke, I might have looked for some advanced features. I found the whole app to be the worst feature of the phone. I'm still not interested. Give me categories. Give me a grown up interface. Then I might consider using it.

maybe "just type" in WebOS 2.0 will fix Memo and integrate it into Universal Search. Maybe.

Wow. Day 1 Sprint Pre user that learned something new, again. Looks like I'm among friends too. I had to pull up my memo app just to try it out, because i was sure I would have stumbled across this by now.

You can do the same thing in the email app! What else am I missing???!!!

I'll be danmed! This does works in email. Oh, life is so much better now!

you're stealing my thunder...this is going to be another tip in the near future! :-)

No freaking way.

Just when I thought I had it all figured out.

These tips are awesome! Yes we may know most of them, but every once in a while, one like this comes along making us slap our palms to our foreheads!

So what are some of the 3rd-party apps I should be checking out? I've been using this one, but apparently it sucks.

yeah, it seems like a good idea to just experiment with typing in apps

Check out this video of the new sense UI version of this App for WP7.