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The Missing Sync gets Notes & Task; we have 20 codes to give away 557

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 06 Jul 2010 2:25 pm EDT

It's been some time since we reviewed The Missing Sync (available for both PC and Mac), since then they've added two-way calendar sync and now, most recently, the ability to sync notes and tasks to your desktop. On my Mac, TMS is my go-to app for syncing music, photos, ringtones, bookmarks, and a few other bits and bobs not handeld by Synergy and Google. (Those looking to just sync media might take a gander at the less-expensive GoGadget sync tool).

The kindly folks at Mark/Space have provided us with 20 registration codes to give away to you, our good and gentle readers. To enter, give us a comment here telling us what you would like to get synced from your computer to your Pre or Pixi. 

Full details and a note from Mark/Space after the break!

The Missing Sync for Palm Pre connects a Palm Pre or Pixi to a PC or Mac to sync information and media files. Version 1.2 adds notes and tasks synchronization making The Missing Sync for Palm Pre the most complete sync software for webOS phones.

In addition to notes and tasks synchronization, The Missing Sync for Palm Pre sync contacts and calendars with your computer, sync whole playlists of music with iTunes and Windows Media Player, transfer photos, create ringtones and much more. You can learn more about The Missing Sync for Palm Pre at

To enter, leave a comment on this post before midnight eastern on Thursday, July 8th telling us what you want to get synced to your webOS device.

  • One comment / entry per person. Double-entries will disqualify all entries
  • Not open to SPE employees or contractors





I would like to sync everything, thanks.


I would like to sync my ebooks.

yes text message backup sync and calendar items syncwould be great thanks!!

I would sync my entire life... that's right... everything. to a single device... one webOS to rule them all.

Even though the Pre backup systems pretty good, i'd love this.

I would love to have an app that syncs my task/todo and notes.

Music would be icing!

I'd love to get a local backup of everything on my phone

What I'd like to sync is everything by USB instead of everything other than pim data. I'm at a place where I can only have one device connected to the WiFi network at a time so TMS wouldn't help me sync pim.

I would enjoy being able to easily backup my phone to my mac

Music. I've lost a few Amazon downloads due to the squirrely actions of the Palm downloader on Windows 7 64bit. Ringtones would be nice as would any and every folder in the user area, but I'm not picky.

music. notes. calendar!

I personally do not need it since I use Exchange at work. I would like to have a code for my wife's Pre so she can sync to desktop & remember when to do the laundry, dishes, house cleaning, etc... ;)

I'd love this for syncing my calendar items!

A local backup of everything would be great, but if that can't happen then text messages and notes would be great!!

Memos, notes, tasks, everything. Hopefully this can help organize my life, I am currently a disaster.

sync everything! if my Pre goes back I want to restore everything to the way it was. :)

Beer Cat Video Memes :)

I would love to sync everything with my computer. I'm mostly good with Synergy and Google, but as a backup method and good practice (don't keep your data in only one place), I would love to have the ability to sync to my computer.

I'd love to be able to sync notes/tasks/etc from my work pc to my pre for when I'm out and about on the floor! That'd be so efficient of me ;)

Though it would be hard - application data for apps such as mileage - I know I can email it but I forget and lose data when the phone needs to be reset.

Somewhat easier - Pictures.

I want/need no-brainer synching of the media I create ON my phone (pictures and videos) and an easier to transfer files TO my phone, including music and podcasts. (I love Dr. Podder, but the management of podcasts can be improved, and we could start by synching already-downloaded podcasts).

Ans since we're talking pie-in-the-sky, how about media convesion on the fly to pre-friendly formats (I'm thinking video now ...)

Obviously, this needs to be done over wi-fi, since I don't want to unplug my touchstone just to sync ...

playlists,texts and notes

I would use it to sync my notes, recipes, and menus, I have countinuasly running around on computers, scratch pads. Being a chef, I have all my events, and schedules scattered about. This would help to get orginized so I can consintrate on what's most important...The food!

This is great I will have to check this app out again

count me in! I would sync everything to my PC. Matter of fact I haven't found a "to do" app that hits the spot yet. I need a to do app and calendar to sync to my computer. I use my pre for my business everyday. Thanks.

I would like to be able to sync my wife's calendar, my account, my son, and both my daughters! Right now we have three Pre's and Pixi; my wife is thinking about the Pixi, too. (I miss infrared beaming on my old Palm; will this do the trick?)

These final two features are what I've been waiting for!

Sync baby Sync!!!!

As long as the calendar color coordination is synced onto my phone from ical, I am happy.

music, videos, photos, notes, tasks, and documents

I really want my text message logs synched!!!


I would sync everything i could possibly sync. I'm a nut for backups, and try to backup in as many places as possible.

wow, this would be incredibly usefull, count me in aswell!! for me, who would forget my own head if it werent attached, this would be an awesome application update!

would love to get a code for this...

One stop shopping for my sync software, please. Contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, email boxes, settings, files, music, video, too! Thanks!!

I live by my phone and up till now have not had the ability to be able to have a decent backup to my life (phone). Reguardless if will the code, i will still be getting this product to make my life easier and thank you for all the hard work with making this possible. All my calendar and photos of family, notes and schedules, task at hand. Wonderful. And Thanks again!

All I need is and iCal sync. That would make my Pre experience absolutely perfect. I would LOVE to receive this code!!

Have a Mac Mini on the Kitchen counter that I used to keep my calendar synced with on my Treo 650...miss that! Was easy to keep the family informed where I was.

with new added features I will give this another look!

Tasks and Notes. I have a ton of notes from my old WM phone

I would use it for memo,tasks,photos and videos. It would be great to have it since it remind me of the Palm Desktop I used to have with my Treo..

I keep all of my homework organized into to-do lists and in my calendar, this would be awesome for making sure I have and can update those on the go

a phone wide backup of all data including phone settings and third party apps. A lot of apps save their data in openable formats but just cant get them out of the phone. A customizable sync to a specifiable folder on the desktop from an app folder in the phone would open the door to partnering this tool with all the third party apps looking for a method to do this.

I would like to sync my text messages and email as well as ringers and music.

I use MozyHome backup to automatically back up all my photos from my PC. The only problem is, it obviously doesn't sync the photo on my Pre! If I had this app, I could make it sync photos to my PC, which would then automatically back them up to the cloud! Huzzah!

I wanna sync TXT MSG || & Alot of Videos * Porn ;)

Syncing notes to a desktop app would be perfect. I had a Treo 650 for years (as well as many other Palm devices) and found that Desktop Sync was a very handy tool to have. None of the apps I have tried so far, have been as easy for me to use for backing up notes.

Would be nice to have a tool to do a total backup of the pre

Sync Text messages!!

I would definately sync everything I can!

I would like to sync an image of what is on the pre now so that when I get a new device, I can sync once and everything is back to normal.

As a road warrior working in and out of the car all day any sync tool that will allow me to open my laptop less is something I would find helpful. Anything that makes my Pre more powerful!!!

I take notes constantly as I'm an admissions director for a small college. While on the road I use notes and tasks to keep up with what I'm supposed to be doing or to make a quick note to email to myself for later posterity. With this it would be easier for me to wait and just sync up with the computer when I get back to the office.

My Yahoo calendar has not worked for 2 months. They refuse to help me after multiple tickets have been opened. So now my calendar synergy is useless. I had to switch over to my Outlook b/c that is what i was familiar with outside of my Yahoo cal. Please hook me up so i can be free of my desktop!

I'm an intern at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's IT Department, and not used to the 100 emails a day that I receive at work. I need to be able to sync my tasks, to-dos, emails, events so I can keeep up. UGHHHH, haha. thanks.

Text messages would be handy for me. I've been afraid to reset my phone because I don't want to lose some of my conversations. Also, I like my pictures and videos too. Sometimes these are irreplaceble and with out a convienent way to sync like 'The missing Sync', I just don't do it because of the hassle. And last, I would like to see a list of all the applications I have on my phone just incase something at Palm (HP) messes up.

i messed up sorry

in a world that is constantly changing, the ability to sync my computer, my cell and all of my interactive utilities(facebook, twitter, sms, etc) this is a needed system for everyone. I know that when palm initially hit the scene the entire idea was to make the world a easier more organized place! This program coupled with webos keeps that paying forward... although I have gone with out this til now.. the ability to get this makes me drool! My only wish was that you had many more than the 20 allocation you have! I do truly want to thank your team.. yall have made me want to keep the "little Os that could." your insight and your dedication to this brand speaks VOLUMES for the people that will jump ship at a drop of the hat! Thanks again!

I would be syncing my music and all my word documents since I'll be continuing my education this fall (sign language interpreting). As well as my notes and tasks, so those can be backed up for sure to some other place to edit. Plus, having the ability to make ringtones out of my itunes library would be better than havin just the first few seconds of the song. As well as being a music junky, I'd be able to have my playlists synced properly!!

now I just hope I win this one. :)

dual post sorry..

Music, Podcasts, Photos, Videos, Ringtones, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks. all via 3 options: sync cable, wifi, or OTA.

I want it all and I want it NOW!!

Would love to be able to sync all my information as we could with the original Palm devices. BACK TO THE FUTURE....

I would use it to sync all my data locally without having to rely on Google services. I do most of my calendar event entry on my computer (not using Google calendar) and don't want to require Internet access to be able to sync.


This problem really has to be solved and so far there is really no goto app for Tasks on webOS. Done! is close and getting closer, Toodler was close and stalled (I purchased both). But for the task centric individual, webOS is difficult.

I'd love to be able to sync my outlook calender and contacts on a system where I can't access the exchange server.

I think everything and anything in my PRE should sync with a computer. Today I use Google to sync my calendar (Outlook work email) and contacts, it would be nice if there was something out there that could do that but also sync my notes, tasks, any installed app (homebrew or not),pictures, video, as well as my music. That may be asking a lot but I bought my PRE to help organize my like and those items are part of my life.

Song lyrics, all my notes about arrangements, chord changes.

I would like my to sync my text messages seeing as they got tasks and memos already.

I lost tasks and notes the last time I had to exchange my phone, so this will help - backing up text messages is needed as well.

what to sync... what to sync...

um... how about... EVERYTHING??

i for one don't care to have my data, encrypted or otherwise, up on some cloud storage that i know nothing about for potential abuse. i'll backup my stuff up on my own storage whenever i can, and accept the risks for that choice, thank you very much. add an option to opt-out of the cloud for anything TMS is handling.

Addresses would be the key on all platforms.

I'd love to be able to back up tasks, notes, sms+IM messages, photos, music and app data ->highscores. Everything backed up in one place. Allowing 2 way transfer would be the be all end all.

Moving from Palm Desktop with my Palm TX, I am most missing my memos. It would be super to have an easy way to move them to my Pre Plus!!

I would love to be able to sync outlook appts, calender, phone numbers I've changed on phone back to outlook, new books in a directory I've updated on the PC to be reflected on my phone, etc.
My wife's Centro does a great job with Syncing, oh Webos!

I would really like to have all chat (sms and other) logs synced to my mac from my pre.

This is off topic... but I really wish google voice could be implemented into the phones messaging client somehow... that'd be amazing.

Please sync ACT! notes; Outlook calendar & tasks; pictures & videos created w/ the pre;

I miss the ability to sync notes back from my treo days. I would sync those along with my kids pictures and playlists.

The biggest thing I used to love about the old palm garnet was the integration of things. The biggest problem I have with wobOS is that I can't integrate it with outlook and I can't keep a good handle on my tasks without a third party app.

It is the biggest point of contention with me and as much as I love webOS I have been thinking of heading back to my blackberry tour for a while now because of this very issue. I have been hoping that the newest update will fix some of these issues and that HP will push webOS towards having more business oriented features.

I have tries using various apps like outline tracker to help me out, but I just perfer using outlook. The missing sync will probably keep me around with my Pre until HP/Palm works out such details.

Anyway, that is why I want the missing sync.


Ringtones, music, and photos! :-)

I have 98 Notes in Outlook dating back nearly 10 years that I have been able to keep a copy on my Palm until I switched to the Pre. The reference material is very handy to have and Notes are the perfect place to write yourself a note to reference later at your desk.

I'm really hoping to sync birthdays and other contact info to back up onto my laptop!

It has been a real struggle since the whole Apple/Palm debacle to sync my music, photos, and podcasts to my Pre. Podcasts are taken care of with Dr. Podder, but music and photos have been a mixed bag. I tried Doubletwist, just wasn't my cup of tea. Being able to sync using the Missing Sync would not only solve this issue, but would allow me to sync my notes and to-dos which would be huge on my Mac.

how about everything?

I would love to restore the legacy palm syncing capabilities to my pre and sync everything I used to sync on my treo! Would also sync my j-drive database, if that's possible.

As a Pre-addict I would love to have my important non-cloud stuff sync between the Pre and the clunker seemlessly. I hope this license transfers to my next Palm device.

Jvault and text msg's!

I'd like to be able to quickly and easily sync my music, my monsterous wallpaper collection (1600 wallpapers and counting) and my contacts to my computer.

The Kitchen. As in the Kitchen-Sync. If not that, SMS/Text an absolute must.

Obviously the things the "Pre with Exchange Active Sync" just doesn't do, or doesn't do well:

- Notes/Memos
- Tasks

I've been doing tasks for a little bit, but the thing is that the Pre doesn't handle reoccurring entries well, and I would swear it's changed previously reoccurring entries to non-reoccurring on me. Notes/Memos is a big one.

It would appear that TMS does these two things wirelessly. I like that it can effectively back up music/ringtone stuff using the USB cable - I could use that, too, especially if it can handle playlists as well.

this would be an amazing tool since there is no open Exchange-Server at my company

I'ld Love to Sync My Videos 4rm Halo 3

oh man, the list would be shorter if I listed what I WOULDN'T sync. I just wish there was a way to sync my brain to my pre. If I could only multi-task like my pre, and even better, redo my kernels to 100MHZ I would be all set.

I'd like to sink new HP/Palm's values with old-old-Palm's values and never let entered data fall by the wayside like EP-old-Palm did.

Obviously, I'd sync my music, and likely my tasks, but the most important thing is I'd sync the complete and in-depth review for PreCentral I'd write for the copy I'd get.

Thats awsome! It syncs almost everything anyone could ever need!
I would sync all my media, and id love to stream my other media from my computer to my pre if need be, my notes, calendar, contacts, the whole thing. It would also be awsome to be able to sync IM/text message history from the phone to other places you login to (meebo, facebook, etc) the same way email goes. And extending the synergy feature to include more services would be awsome, especially if there was a way to sync the entire synergy feed and access it from the cloud. Anyway, id love to have this app!

What I really want to be able to see is a timeline of my day. The pictures I took, messages I got and responded to, calls I made, tasks I completed. It would be great to be able to take that data and compile statistics on activities, identify productivity problems, maybe pull in some location data throughout the day to correlate with. The sync could turn into a lifelogging app that you could store the data for posterity or personal amusement.

Sync Music, Playlists, Video, Photos, Feeds, Podcasts, Tasks, Memos, Calendar, E-mail, Contacts, Dropbox/Zumo/Share, Call log, and Messaging. Wireless and USB choices.

Text message backup :-)

I'm a single mom & have 2 teenage boys at home with lots of stuff to do. I would love to have the security of having a back up of thier schedules just incase something goes wrong in the cloud! I also have lots of old notes/memos that would be great to have a copy that, I'm in control of instead of just the cloud. Thanks for this opporuntity.

Definitely interested in syncing texts and notes.. also encryption would be dope.

pictures,music,videow and misc. Files.

I would like to also sync my IM chat histories; this way I can search my conversations on my laptop. Even better, I hope to be able to search my conversations from the pre itself!.

It looks like a lot of people want that code!!! I would love to be able to better sync my contacts. Unfortunately when I had to get a replacement pre, i lost some of this info that wasn't on google. Thanks in advance for the!

local backup of everything

Syncing Notes and Ringtones would be nice!

I would love the ability to sync photos, task, contacts, and memos. I do miss the syncing I had with my centro alittle.

I had Missing Sync for Palm OS working on Mac 10.6 & it was great for syncing everything on my Centro. It basically backed everything up including text messages. I would love if Missing Sync for Pre for Mac to sync up text messages too! Glad they finally got Notes & Task syncing too!

I loved how Palm OS handled PIM and I'd love to be able to have that same experience on WebOS. I'd love to be able to easily sync my schedules, notes and tasks. Being able to sync pics and video would be great too!

I am currently using a combination of toodledo, Remember the Milk, Outlook tasks, & google calandar with the sync. I have run into duplication problems with the calendar sync. I don't have a way to sync notes from the Pre. It would be nice to be able to just use outlook for everything. I am also very intrested in being able to sync sub folders in Outlook.

It's my notes, mostly, that I've been missing since I moved to the Pre. I had notes shared between my desktop and my PDA, which let me create notes in one place and see them when I switch to a computer.

Thanks for your continuously update news!

As good as cloud computing is, I want to be able to have a direct sync backup to my computer in case something terrible happen to the cloud database (sidekick anyone?)! :)

The Pre already makes syncing most things easy enough, but it's nice to have a hard backup of calendars as well.

What I REALLY want to get a backup of is my text messages!

Text messages... hands down. No hesitation. You want a way to make me buy your app? Make it sync my text messages.

I have been looking for away to sync items from my Palm to my desktop. Would be nice if they added a wireless option to it. Photos would be a nice addition to this app. Palm (Or should I say HP) should purchase Mark/Space and incorporate this into Synergy.

Notes, pictures, etc... sync everything that my palm profile does not sync.

Disregard this comment, fixing grammar has ruined me!

I'd like for my wife to be able to sync her local (outlook) calendar. She is a wedding designer and needs to keep track of all her dates and appointments. Hmmm... maybe it will sync with 2 phones and I can keep a copy so I know when she is working!

I'd love to be able to sync notes and to-do lists, along with some iTunes and iPhotos!

I use to sync up my other Palm devices with Outlook. With the Pre I can only sync my contacts and calendar items with the Pre through Google. I can't even sync my notes and tasks. I started using Fliq Tasks but there is no way to sync it with Outlook until now. I use to like the iTunes sync until that was killed. Now I use DoubleTwist but it is extremely slow and hogs up all my CPU cycles. I would really like one solution for syncing contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, ringtones, music, pictures, videos, bookmarks, and assorted files. I like to switch between different platforms. It sounds like The Missing Sync is that one stop shop I need for Pre synchronization.

Hoping this is the shiznit! For almost a year now, I have put up with having to sync to outlook, calendar items not quite correct with google, different contacts on Pre, Google, and outlook, and memos so different I keep them that way, and have memorized which device to go to when I need the information (as a HF engineer, I want to work smarter, not harder). Hopefully this will solve the tasks/notes/memos/calendar problems! If I don't get one of the free ones, I'll demo and purchase anyway.

1) To be able to sync over the Internet (not just the local LAN)
2) To be able to sync betweenn two PCs (e.g. Use Palm Pre to keep work and home Outlook items [non-mail] in line-use to do that with my old Dell Axim x50v...)
3) Categories-I know, more of a Pre issue, but would like my Outlook categories to be carried to/from Pre)

I have spent hours, actually more like days trying to sync my contacts. This seems like the program I need!

music, podcasts, contacts

I would sync:

- My brain / synonymous with my Pre
- Everything in/on my brain

I really like the idea of syncing calendars, tasks and notes, the things we long-time Palm users became used to syncing all the time and have sorely missed with the new "cloud" setup.


Basically I would like to sync files; (music, memos, sounds, pdf' etc). It would be great if the folder structure would remain.

I want the Missing Sync because, much as I love my old iPod, I'm tired of carrying 2 devices when one should do me. I need my tunes, movies, time-savers and time-killers on board my Pre so I'm not juggling all day.

Thanks for holding the giveaway!

I'm looking for a reliable solution for syncing Outlook Calandar, Contacts, Tasks, Memos alomg with my SplashID database.

everything!!! Mark/Space is a great developer! Thanks for making such great products

WebOS is all about Synergy. I want to be able to wirelessly sync my phone to my desktop, EVERYTHING!

Basically need every contact and event on my phone on my desktop. Would be a plus to have it upload random songs from my music library to my phone for a fresh playlist everyday.

The one thing I really have not found a good way to do is to have a wireless backup of the phone itself, I'm talking wireless automated daily (at night when asleep maybe) of all my pics, and of the phone data itself (OS, etc).

That would bring me back and beyond the PalmOS HotSync days.

I am really looking forward to syncing Notes w/ the Pre and of course my bookmarks =)

I want to sync everything ecspecially itunes with my pre. This will help with my ADD.

I would backup homebrew datas, like a profile which contains patches and apps. Furthermore I would sync maybe Apps, Emails, Contacts, Calender Entries, etc etc etc
Thank you :)

been using TMS since I had a mac and treo forever!


I want The Missing Sync so my "Palm" Pre can now REALLY be a true "Palm" like my Samsung i500 and my Samsung i300 and my Treo 650, Synching notes. Yea!

Anything and everything I can, like the old palm desktop. I liked having access to 'everything' that was on the phone from my pc, contacts, pictures, videos, archival files. My phone was not always handy ie; left phone in car, wife using it, etc...

Having a one year old whom I take care of everyday, I could really use this. When their was a problem with apps a couple of months ago, I was one of the people who had their entire phone wiped. Lost a few photos and videos I can never get back. It's difficult to make the time to back up my pics and videos on my computer because of the lack of time I have. Having something that makes it easy, like The Missing Sync would be a Godsend.

Also, I'd really like to be able to sync with iTunes, as I have been unable to up to this point.

I'm a writer, so I get phone calls and have to take notes on the fly on my phone, set up meetings, etc., all while watching the kid. Having an easy way to transfer information back and forth between my phone and computer would make my life much, much easier.

Didn't realize how hard the simple things would be with a kid. Missing Sync sounds like it's perfect.

i would like to sync the results of my calculating app :)

I'd like to see a low-level sync where if at any time my Pre was to be destroyed, I could "doctor" my replacement with a Pre image and be right where I left off - apps, data, everything!

I would love to sync my calendar and contacts directly without the need of any cloud services.

Oh and if you could back up the apps and app data and I could load those in a virtual WebOS on my laptop using the development tools and pick back up where I left off playing a game, that would be great!

I'd love to be able to sync my tasks so I can stay up to date on my work.

I would like to have.a way to sync all contacts, e-mails, notes, tasks and calendar across my pre, palm profile, google, yahoo, mobile me and way to sync (selectively) all those would make my life much easier...

I really miss syncing my Outlook at work with my Palm. And IT keeps telling me that Google Sync is a security risk and I have to uninstall. If they had a half off sale.... well.

It would sync my entire life

I'd love to sync every bit of my wife's phone PIM info, just to put her distrust of the "cloud" to rest.

My photos are in desperate need of a backup. And my Amazon MP3s which I found out can't be redownloaded if you don't back them up. Who uses a USB cable anymore?

I would finally love to be able to sync with outlook!!!

Syncing notes would be nice!