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Mobile Nations 12: 2011 mobile gift guide 4

by Derek Kessler Tue, 29 Nov 2011 1:52 pm EST

Kevin, Phil, Derek, Dan, and Rene discuss the future of phone fashion, how to pick a tablet for the holidays, and what happens when all phones are smart. Plus, our holiday gift guide! This is Mobile Nations!


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    I like the facial expression on the still Derek. Looks like you just got some shocking news....

    I'm on a video podcast? Oh god...

    If Phil really wants to get into a conversation about unsupported devices, let's talk about devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 WiFi which was introduced over a year ago (and foolishly purchased by myself)and has yet to receive a SINGLE update. In contrast, the Touchpad has only been out for 5 months or so and already received two OS updates, with a third rumored to be on the way shortly. Manufacturers of Android devices (especially Samsung) seem to forget their most current release about a month after it hits the market and just move on to the next thing. This is also true to some extent of the hackers over at XDA Developers who quickly tire of one device and are always anxious to have a crack at the "latest and greatest". A byproduct of fragmentation and the frenetic pace of development in that space, to be sure, but still I think it's a bit hypocritical to make a statement like that when we have Android devices that are a year old and still stuck on Froyo. I feel perfectly confident in saying that my Touchpad will be useful to me for at least the next couple of years regardless of whether webOS survives or not through the support of the community and webOS Internals if nothing else.

    /end rant

    Those updates were mostly just bug fixes though.WebOS has barely added anything since it came out in 2009. Almost everything remains the same.

    What can't you do on Froyo that you can do on Gingerbread? Last I read they were being updated to gingerbread and some were already updated. I don't think yo are missing on anything with Froyo unlike being stuck on 1.4 with WebOS or the other many flavors.