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Mobile Nations 16: People who do things 2

by Derek Kessler Wed, 30 May 2012 8:22 am EDT

Kevin from, Phil from Android Central, Derek from webOS Nation, Daniel from WPCentral, Gary from Mobile Nations, and Rene from iMore talk iPhone 5 and iOS 6, BlackBerry 10, Samsung Galaxy S III and Jellybean, Windows 8, ecosystems vs. best of breed, and... the Facebook Phone. This is Mobile Nations!




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Mobile Nations 16: People who do things



Why does everyone in the preview picture look like they just saw something disturbing?

Open standards and HTML5 happening, it's going to revolutionize the mobile market if not blotted out by some big companies...

Two great examples are Tizen and Boot to Gecko


Boot to Gecko (B2G) is amazing!

B2G will also open up the door to millions more developers, by using standard web interfaces to interact with services. This also allows apps to be made for all devices through standardization.

Check out the open web device being made by telefonica with B2G:

If you watch the demo video one of my favorite things is how it all is essentially like a website giving high combustibility. For example they are pulling in the live tile idea of Windows Phone with the app icons showing notifications on them/changing. It removes the chains of the typical OS, letting you be creative.