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Mobile Nations 5: A wedding and a funeral 21

by Derek Kessler Fri, 19 Aug 2011 7:31 am EDT

Mobile Nations 5: A wedding and a funeral

Mobile Nations 5: A wedding and a funeral Phil, Kevin, Derek, Dan, Georgia, and Rene talk HP dumping webOS hardware, Google picking up Motorola Mobility, RIM's new BlackBerrys reviewed, and what it means for Microsoft and Apple. This is MobileNations!



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I purchased a Touchpad on launch day. I have $900+ tied up in this investment that HP was in for the long haul. I have an app I have been writing that is about 50% complete. 48 days into the long haul, HP has now made my $900+ investment a fancy paperweight for the coffee table. Never again will I buy a product from HP. Never again will I buy a new printer at my work from HP. Never again will I buy inks/toner for the printers at my work from HP.

H.E.L.L hath no furry like a loyal WebOS user scorned!

Curious, what kind of App was it?

no big deal, you see, because HP has that base covered also. Since they are basically exiting all of their consumer businesses it doesn't matter how much they piss us off. We're not their market anymore so they don't care about us any.

If you bought it with American Express and can't return the TouchPad, see if you have buyer protection on that card. That's what I'm doing. I can't speak for other credit cards, so you may want to check into that.

I would keep the TouchPad, as it is a very useful device, but I believe app support will drop to zero with this announcement. I also have no idea how it will be supported in the future.

I echo your sentiment about HP products. They will not get one red cent from me, my family or either of our two companies from this day forward. No servers, no printers, no services, nothing.

imop, whoever picks up the pieces, HTC, Samsung or Intel. If they Bring WebOS back to life, i will be a customer for life and we all know how loyal WebOS people are. Its all business for any company and i completely understand HP's decision.
Because of that decision i will never spend another dime(intentionally)on HP products.
Its not business it's all personal baby.

With a heavy heart, I agree with you

Business IS personal. Anyone who says differently is selling something!

On "business" merits alone, why would you want to spend money with a company known for such capricious decision-making? HP can't be trusted.

Agreed, I found myself promoting HP Laptops when they first bought Palm. haha Lame as it may be, but not anymore.

Buy Lexmark multifunctions and printers. They are better than HP.

im due for an upgrade soon. what do?

Well, my wife was in the same boat about 2 weeks ago. I was telling her to wait for the pre3.
but she isnt a webos fan like me. she just wants a phone that works and has cool features. I did some research and told her to buy the Motorola atrix, dual core, big screen and tons of features and you couldn't begin to count how many apps for android, soo i reluctantly told her to get the atrix.
She loves that phone, seriously a little too much :)
I put my pride in WebOS aside and used logic. I just wish i would have used that same logic earlier for myself, instead of beating a dead horse. My pre+ is running @ 1ghz with all the patches installed and i love it. I will use it till it gives up the ghost or if someone else brings webos to the market, or maybe i will get smart and move on.

add: Ph7 is not selling and they haven't had new hardware since launch, we know what that means.

Windows Phone is selling more than WebOS. There is a big WP release coming up for the fall called Mango.

yes i know, but selling more than webos isnt really an accomplishment.. is it?
Mango is coming, but where is the hardware?
Android has more hardware than you can shake a stick at. Some is good some is not.
I really like Ph7's UI and it would be my second choice, however NO new hardware puts me right back where i started. I'm not going down that road again! When im ready i will move on, just not right now. Man im pathetic :)

I was purchasing my Touchpad about the time HP senior leadership was finalizing their new strategic plan and selling it to the board of directors. Meanwhile, the marketing machine of HP was clearly giving the impression that they were in WebOs for the long haul. I've been duped! Time to refund my money HP.

I *almost* feel sorry for the uniformed on eBay who, as of last night, were still buying TouchPads (at damn near full price).

The King is dead! Long live the King!

My first semi-unrelated question is how come Georgia doesn't have a last name?

Now back to related: I pulled out my OG Palm Pre last night, and was amazed to find it still worked. A little banged up, but that's minor. I switched to a tablet to save money several months ago. Then I spent all of last night and this morning pondering over ways to bring my Pre back to life without going back to spending $90 a month on my phone bill. It sort of feels like a whole new device since I pulled it out. It's small, lightweight, and would be good just for making phone calls and occasional Wi-Fi usage. Sadly, I don't see any sensical way to make that work.

But we had a good run. I spent an entire semester of Oral Communications in college touting how awesome of a device it was. Nearly every speech I gave in front of the class was raving about how much better than the iPhone it was. And pretty much everyone hated me for it, but that's how much I liked it. It's sad to now see the platform go the way of the dodo. I really liked the form factor. I liked the ability to type one-handed. The gesture area was super-intuitive. The Pre will surely be missed.

Even though I'm not on Android with my EVO3D, I'm going to hold out, and hold on, to the hopes that a company will buy webOS for what it is, develop solid hardware for it, integrate the software correctly, and market it correctly.

I'm glad I didn't buy a TP.

I have no idea how developers will be attracted to WebOS though...