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PDK apps to get scaled up on TouchPad, Mojo apps still stuck in their little window 35

by Derek Kessler Thu, 02 Jun 2011 10:08 am EDT

It was just last week that we managed to get a look at what old Mojo-based webOS apps would look like on the TouchPad, and they look like an emulated phone with a virtual gesture area, running webOS apps built for a 320x480 screen. It’s not exactly ideal, but it really gives us an indication of how well Mojo really didn’t scale to the large screen size. HP confirmed on the HP webOS Developer Blog that all current Mojo apps would be available to TouchPad owners through the App Catalog, and that they’ll run in the previously discussed “compatibility mode” with an onscreen keyboard and gesture area. As noted earlier, developer will also be able to make their Mojo apps go full-screen, but then they loose the emulated gesture area and keyboard access.

What’s more promising is how PDK apps will handle the jump to the TouchPad: they’re getting scaled up. The apps will run in a “PDK portability mode” that will scale the native-coding apps up to full screen on the TouchPad. This is great for games like Angry Birds and Need For Speed, which don’t use the gesture area or webOS keyboard, but for PDK apps that do, there’s a hitch: your app won’t be automatically added to the TouchPad App Catalog (though the app review team apparently will be reaching out to developers that fall under that small umbrella).

So, at the very least, there will be a few thousand apps available on the TouchPad App Catalog. With submissions having just opened for TouchPad apps, we don’t know how many apps specifically designed for the tablet will be available at launch. But at least we’ll have Angry Birds.


They really should be beating the drum for TouchPad apps by now. Not Kindle, Armageddon Squadron, or PDFs masquerading as magazines. Something to get people excited if this is dropping within 2 weeks.

If they can get PDFs masquerading as magazines, that would be a HUGE improvement over the current PDF reader.

Angry Birds...the new Tetris.

So will Super Jump be big or small?

I think it's cool that the gesture area is part of the app frame. Now if HP will just do that for Enyo apps, we will all be happy!

Still dont understand, why not double the resolution for the mojo apps?

From this article I am guessing specifically the keyboard issue. As said in this article and others devs can make their mojo apps full screen, but then have to add some form of back gesture. Then you've got the keyboard issue.

My guess i enyo houses the VKB, enjoy doesn't have a good way to automatically scale in and out for mojo applications.

this emulated phone looks a lot like the mock-up in the webos video conferencing (http://media.precentral.net/resources/images/000/103/673/medium/webOS_vi...) article, i think. maybe it's a sign ;)

Ugh, Mojo apps LOSE the keyboard if they want fullscreen?? Is this HP's way of forcing all developers to migrate to Enyo ASAP? What if we want to continue supporting legacy devices? Oh well?

HP Hates Legacy devices. We know that by now. They want to pretend that they created WebOS.

not true at all, but you know everything right...

I am waiting for the 3.0 update for the Veer. Really hope touch to share is out on day one.

2.3 should support touch to share IIRC

Oh yeah that's right I forgot... They updated all legacy devices including the verizon Palm Pre2, I think it's running 3.0 now right?

I was really excited when I tapped the present icon on my pre minus and it said your WebOS 2.1 update is ready! Besides my kids being born that was the best day of my life!

Please spend more time tuning up your VW Thing and leave me alone. I speak for those who demand more from giant Corporations.

Not HP's fault that the carriers are either slow to update or just don't care enough to approve the updates.

Carriers? I thought it was HP that decided legacy devices could not handle the newer versions of webOS.

And they actually aren't very well in handling it. Only the Pre Plus can do a reasonable job in doing so. Flash works, but only "normal" Flash sites (and even they with hickups) but Videos aren't working very well.

The other features work quite good, as they are using the Hombebrew-trick to make more use of the integrated memory.

I expect the Pre 2 to get at least some updates and the Pre 3 and Veer to get at least some sort of webOS 3 (even if not by number, but the most important features).

PS: I got it officially, because MY carrier (O2 Germany) CARES for his users. They also didn't force all their stuff to be installed onto the device, but instead distribute everything through the App Catalog and the user himself can decide what he wants to install and what not. This makes it easier for them to approve new updates, as they don't have to include all of their software.

It would be nice if they had an option to scale it up 2x like the similar mode for running iPhone/iPod only apps on an iPad.

It's nice how webOS was designed to automatically scale up the user interface to adapt to whatever size the screen is.

Exactly. This was the promise from day one. There are even segments in the developer guide on things to avoid to make sure your app remained scalable. Then before the OS could get off the ground there are scalability issues? /smh

Typo alert: Mojo apps don't "loose" (let out, release) the gesture area and keyboard access, they *lose* those capabilities. Nothing new, I know. Typos are common and this one is more so than most--which is why people need to know the difference.

Thanks mom!

I always have trouble with affect v.s. effect. Can you please let me know the proper usage?

affect is the verb
effect is the noun

My English teacher taught me to remember, "the effect" is the noun.

Grammar ftw!

I guess I should say something else relevant to the article...

What a pain for the app review team to go through each app to see if it uses the gesture area, but that's what they get for removing it from the TouchPad!


effect is also a verb!

'to effect change'

affect is also a noun:

'he is displaying negative affect'

Super Jump is lame. Cloud Hopper FTW!

Yet it won money in the palm app contest as one of the most downloaded apps. That's all you need to know about the quality of apps on WebOS.

It would be buried and forgotten on iOS.

Both of those games are lame. Fall-e is where it's at.

Fingers crossed that Visual Boy Advance will be given a true port to the touchpad because it's going to become my gaming machine.

VBA, Angry Birds, the occasional PDK apps, and hopefully Tiny Wings would make me elated!

It really shouldn't be hard to dynamically scale the size of the Mojo apps. Just increase or decrease the area set aside for the Mojo emulator screen depending on the size setting for the Touchpad keyboard and render Mojo apps accordingly. I.E. if the Touchpad is in Landscape orientation/XLarge Keyboard, the screen size available for the Mojo screen should be smaller than is available for Portrait orientation/Small keyboard. Don't be afraid to have black bars or a greyed-out background on the side if you can't fill the entire screen. Mojo apps aren't made with GIFs that look awful when scaled to 120% size.

They would do that, if they actually cared about Mojo anymore.

As it's written. Probably they just did want to avoid to make some Apps unusable with the Touchpad, by removing the keyboard and the gesture area.

While the gesture area could be emulated with a smaller space, the keyboard will take some more space (I guess Scratch Word Processor is one Example and some other Apps that can only be used with Keyboard or with a gesture area, as they have no "back"-button).

"As noted earlier, developer will also be able to make their Mojo apps go full-screen, but then they loose the emulated gesture area and keyboard access."

I think you meant "Lose" not "Loose"

Lose: to suffer the deprivation of: to lose one's job; to lose one's life.

Loose: free or released from fastening or attachment: a loose end.

Can't say much about how Mojo apps work in the TouchPad emulator, because of the NDA. But for both of my medical apps, it is really slick! And I have not done anything special to them yet.

And like everyone else says, you are going to love the new email app! I am actually using that on my laptop now, as the interface is better than Pre2, browser, or Live.

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