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MojoWhatsup homebrew app bringing WhatsApp to webOS 21

by Derek Kessler Wed, 26 Sep 2012 6:05 pm EDT

MojoWhatsup homebrew app bringing WhatsApp to webOS

There are plenty of messaging options out there, be it Facebook Chat or Google Talk or Apple's iMessage or plain old SMS. But when it comes to ubiquitous and popular cross-platform mobile chat, it's hard to beat WhatsApp. The only problem, at least for those of us on webOS Nation, is that WhatsApp never deemed it worth their time to build and release a webOS WhatsApp app. Thus, after years of waiting, webOS homebrew developer and webOS Nation Forum member amoralico decided to take matters into his own hands. The result: MojoWhatsup.

This unofficial unsanctioned third-party solution for webOS WhatsApp users is still a work-in-progress, but even at this stage it's shaping up to be a solid client. Released late last week, the MojoWhatsup 1.0 Alpha has already been downloaded more than 1300 times from GitHub. It supports SMS registration, individual and group chats (good luck with group chats with any other cross-platform mobile solution), notifications, emoji, sending and receiving media files, and the creation of contact groups.

There are some limitations to MojoWhatsup to be noted. Since the app is a hybrid app (Mojo front-end, PDK back-end), the support for background processes is not as clean as the developer would like, so there've been some hack-arounds to make notifications continue to work. Also, as it would require a Synergy Connector in addition to all of the work that's gone into it so far, MojoWhatsup doesn't support seeing your WhatsApp contact statuses. It's also worth noting that MojoWhatsup is using a reverse-engineered WhatsApp API, so if they wanted to, WhatsApp could kill MojoWhatsup just by changing their API. Though given the size of the webOS userbase and the fact that there's not now and not likely to be in the near future official WhatsApp solution for webOS, we wouldn't imagine they're going to be too angsty about it.

As we mentioned earlier, it's still an alpha and there's still work to be done. Thankfully, MojoWhatsup is being developer as an open source app, so you're free to download it and tinker around as you like. And submit improvements, if you're into that sort of thing. MojoWhatsup has been tested on a variety of devices, including the Veer, Pre 2, Pre3, and TouchPad, so unless you're running something ancient like an original Pre on webO 1.4.5 you should be able give MojoWhatsup a whirl.



I've been using this for the las couple of days in both my Touchpad and mostly on my Pre³. Amazing! Looks and works great! I have the receive messages "as they arrive" option an the battery life doesn't seem to suffer much (only have 8 chats open though).
With apps like this one, webOS can be more appealing and break that "egg or chicken" vicious cycle where users don't look for webOS devices, developers are not interested for the lack of potential buyers, and companies do not see much for business.
So cheers -and donations- for Amoralico and the whole Homebrew Community!
Go webOS! Go webOS!! Go webOS!!!

P.S.: I have got to say that when my iOS, android and BB (wife) friends saw my WhatsApp messages, they were shocked and started asking how in the world I was using WhatsApp (they all knew webOS' lack of it) and if it was WhatsApp official or Developer project. Proudly responded "the best community (Homebrew) of all made it happen!"

Umm, users couldn't look for devices if they wanted to. I would love to run webOS on my One X but only if it was at feature parity of phones out now. I'm not asking for the media deals that Apple and Google had to cut but I want a modern browser first and foremost, as well as great battery life.

Excellent news. If there was ONE app missing from webOS catalogue, it is absolutely this one! My friends and family will be shocked to see me joining in their chats!

I will definitely be installing this one - and donating - well done amoralico!!

It's moments like these that make you feel proud about being part of the community. So I take the chance to thank again fellow spaniard amoralico, and hope this one's to last - recent news say WhatsApp is actively pursuing third party clients.

But, like I said before, I wouldn't care if it stopped working tomorrow: For me, the important thing here is the achievement, and the breath of life it pours into our little system.

This the best thing I could expect for my Veer

And the second best thing for my Touchpad
The best thing ever would be to have the openmobile app. Will we see it? For real?


Why would anyone use a random, new, proprietary chat, when you have open, or at least XMPP compatible services like Jabber or Google Talk...?
The same people that were excited from opening webOS are now locking themselves down this way. What if WhatsApp decides to cut off third party clients? Since you'll already have friends on it, the logical solution will be leaving webOS as an unsupported platform. I don't understand taking this unnecessary risk...

Why would anyone use a random, new, proprietary chat, when you have open, or at least XMPP compatible services like Jabber or Google Talk...?
The same people that were excited from opening webOS are now locking themselves down this way. What if WhatsApp decides to cut off third party clients? Since you'll already have friends on it, the logical solution will be leaving webOS as an unsupported platform. I don't understand taking this unnecessary risk...

because 144 persons in my contacts list nearly only uses whatsapp for any kind of comunication
I was nearly the only "ugly duck" but now I'm in "the loop" again

well tell this all the millions other users just
using only WA for communication.
You don't have to if you don't want to or are questioning security (cause there are issues).

But having choices is never bad.

I thought the issue with WA security was that it didn't have any?

True. I guess I'm lucky I know just one person using this app (and he uses Gtalk as well, so there's no problem in communication).

I agree that the idea of identifying people by their phone number (as a chat) is simple and ingenious. Too bad there wasn't an open solution created (and advertised) with this simple function soon after WhatsApp went public to either get its users or prevent the spread.

Anyways, there have been claims like "all the people are there" with many insecure proprietary chat systems in the past and they are all (almost) gone. Remember ICQ, AIM...

Freaking awesome !!! I would pay for this....great way to send international sms for free !!! For within UK most carriers offer unlimited (usually some 1000s) so it is not needed...but for international this IS great !!!!

This is just amazing, i'm considering opening a paypal account just to donate you a few bucks

good things happening ... after so looong........yayaya.....

Before anyone gets excited about WhatsApp, they may want to read this article demonstrating exactly how insecure your conversations--and even your entire account--are. It's not terribly hard to even impersonate someone's account and hijack it for your own uses.
Developers using unofficial WhatsApp APIs--and that includes the webOS version--could potentially even be at much more risk than the already-insecure official API by perpetuating the issue or even creating new ones. To be sure, ask any third-party WhatsApp developer on the various platforms out there exactly how they're dealing with these issues in order to make sure all of your data is secure at all times and how they've made absolutely sure of this.
And before anyone complains about the following link being some random blog, this is from a noted security researcher. Seriously, user beware when it comes to using WhatsApp:
And a more in-depth explanation of how insecure your private data is in WhatsApp, no matter what client's being used; it's a problem on WhatsApp's end:

Of course, webOS 1.4.5 is excluded (unsurprisingly)

@dignitary: Whatsapp for sure does not pay any attention on security and you and your comm-partners should perhaps never post in open wifis. And account overtaking has been done for via android/ios authenticated accounts which use IMEI/MAC-adr as UID.

It seems that MojoWhatsup uses an own created and hashed password as UID and so i think any account attacker have to know i'm on webos, my own password and the hashing algo (which can be found in the sources though).

dev did for now not respond if these speculations of mine are true.

I just switched to a Galaxy S3, partly motivated by the absence of Whatsapp on my Pre3. I did transplant touchstone charging though ;-). But if this had come just a month earlier I might have decided otherwise.

Again a fine example of the power and creativity of the WebOS homebrew / developer community.

Whatsapp on my Touchpad however will be great. In fact I do not recall any (official) support on other either iPad or Android tablets as Whatsapp is tied to your cellphone IMEI. So a welcome novelty for me.

I do expect only a single device can be logged on at one time or one would have to operate multiple accounts which might prove confusing to others.

- Jan.

does it works on palm pixi plus?.....

I've still not managed to receive the SMS code yet.

good night all, please would someone help me, I install the mojo Whasup my palm pre, but I can not get the sms code.