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Monday Brief: Facebook Home, iOS 7, and a major webOS contest 15

by Ashley Esqueda Mon, 08 Apr 2013 8:46 am EDT


I guess last week really was the last one, because this one is private.

I know, What is the deal? I want to watch Ashley!!!!!!

that's odd... it wasn't marked private this morning, what happened?

edit: oh, I'll bet somebody over at Disney got their panties in a wad because she's wearing a Star Wars shirt. Note to Disney: when the oh-so-hot Honey Badger of Tech wears your shirt, that's a GOOD thing.

Anyone have a problem if Ashley takes off the shirt and re-films the Monday Brief? I didn't think so.

I tried the 'change user agent to iphone' patch. Now I've removed it, videos play again... Not saying there's a connection!

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