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Monday Brief: LG Nexus, BlackBerry 10 L-Series spotting, iPad Mini event date and more! 5

by Ashley Esqueda Mon, 15 Oct 2012 8:58 am EDT


Now this is not a scientific study in any way, just my impression really. I have been at least reading the title of the Monday Brief most weeks, and it seems like it has been quite a while since the title had any mention of webOS. If the brief does include webOS (it does, somewhere along the way, webOS will be covered by Ms. Esqueda), then shouldn't the webOS item of the week make it into the title once in a while?

Please forgive me if there is an equal representation for webOS in the title, and I'm just smoking some suspect mushrooms, but if I'm right...couldn't we try to make an effort to include webOS more often?

Thanks for listening! Are mushrooms supposed to be pink with purple dots?

webOS was in the headline two weeks ago:

Problem is, webOS hasn't had a lot of 'big' news, especially in comparison to the news coming out of the other Mobile Nations sites (even, depressingly, CrackBerry).

I suppose there are 2 things to evaluate/consider when determining the title for the Monday Brief.

1. Is it Big News
2. Once item #1 is considered, try to cover each 'venue' or OS equally

How many specific mentions are allowed in the subtitle...3, or 4? I can understand that the webOS news hasn't been that big, so it might slip from making the subtitle each week. But I think even if you aren't the biggest news, because you are one of several (is it 5?) OS's represented by the Monday Brief, that if there is only room for mentioning 4 of the 5, that you would make 3 our of 5...just seems about right, considering.

I haven't actually gone back to catalog, but Derek you say 2 weeks ago webOS was in the headlines...maybe I'm just projecting my sadness of webOS not getting the respect I think it should. I might go back and 'add them up' over the last few months, just to see if I'm dreaming this 'supposed lack of webOS mention in the subtitle'. Or, I could let MINKIN2 finish his (or her) study and report back...

OK, so I decided to to a quick check...I reviewed the title/subtitle for Monday Brief from today's (10/15/2012) all the way back to 7/30/2012. Based on those 2.5 months, here are the number of mentions for each of the 5 OS' best as I could determine:

iOS - 9
Android - 9
Blackberry - 5
Windows - 8
webOS - 2

I'm kind of sticking by my original assertion...and I think it would be nice to have a little better distribution based on the criteria 1 AND 2 I listed up above. It's not a big deal, just a little dis-heartening to me. Maybe something like 8, 8, 6, 7, 4 would have had me saying "meh, seems about right." Although, I really don't say "meh", but you get the point.

Anyway, it is what it is, and I have a new puppy at home to play with rather than keep counting, so I'm ok.

I have been running scientific studies which focus on the Devices to Cleavage Ratio shown on the Monday Brief, of course I cannot reveal my findings until my studies are complete :p

Reveal? Maybe there's a 'safer' word to use...?