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Monday Brief: webOS cuts team by 50%, MWC wrap-up, SGS2 winner, iPad 3 preview, and more! 13

by Ashley Esqueda Mon, 05 Mar 2012 12:39 pm EST


Well, T minus two days to go before the TP is going to seem a lot more dated. Apple only makes a tablet hardware advance once per year but it's usually a pretty significant one. Until now, you may have had the general feeling that your current device was somewhat up-to-date. After a fair amount of hoopla on Wednesday and hardware availability within the next couple of weeks, it hits you in the face that the tablet world isn't waiting around for HP's to finish its open source release roadmap so that hardware makers can start taking a look. It's in inevitable feeling for anyone who follows tech news.

I'd carry a stone tablet and chisel before I'd own an Apple product. Just don't like how Apple treats their customers and devs... pulling the stand alone siri app just before the iPhone 4S is announced, booting apps from the app store when they decide to put that feature into the OS, seemingly arbitrary app rejections.

Likely I'll have an Andriod tablet before I'd have an Apple. And for my needs a Touchpad would work as well.

Well, as an Apple customer (and developer) I'm glad that people like you are sticking up for us. Sure, we get all of the best hardware and app availability. And, the checks from the App Store sales do come in handy. It's still nice to have the moral support, though, especially during times like this week when new hardware is going to be announced. Amazing new hardware, great new apps, available next week, blah, blah, blah. When is someone going to take a stand, here?

Glad it works for you. How about these guys:

It is stories like that which leaves me with a bad view of Apple, and I'm a guy that learned to program on an Apple ][, I suspect that few people have done nuclear reactor modeling on the venerable 6502 CPU.

Apples heavy handedness just bothers me too much to overlook.

Best of luck to you though.

I wonder how you feel about webos developers. They have been jerked around since the launch of webOS. It is amazing if even one person still develop for the platform.

You are somewhat correct of course. Although I don't think Palm or later HP necessarily jerked the developers around directly, they just pretty much pulled the rug out from under the entire community, users and developers alike. It is almost certain that my next phone will be android based.

You don't think killing off all hardware for a platform without notice and contrary to earlier promises of webOS on 120 million PCs is inexcusably horrible treatment for developers and customers? Has ANYTHING Apple done been as destructive and disruptive?

In fact, if you put all of Apple's missteps or arbitrary app pulldowns TOGETHER, would they be as destructive as what HP did last August? It's hilarious that no amount of misdeeds or mismanagement from its shepherds can sour some diehards, but yet they'll refuse to give Apple or Google or Microsoft a chance because of their past mistakes.

I think it's great that people are willing to make personal sacrifices of usefulness and utility in order to stick up for their principles. Me? I'm more concerned with ensuring that my kids have the opportunity to use the best apps whether they be for education or entertainment. My parents had to shell out thousands of dollars to introduce me to computers - something I will always be grateful for. If tablets are going to be the personal computers of the future then I want my kids to use whatever will be the most use to them now and in the future.

You should not read into my comments re: Apple that I am in any way defending HP. As I say in an earlier post, my next phone will almost certainly be Android based.

My sentiments exactly. I'm keeping my TP going as long as possible.

A large segment of TP users are going to be completely unaffected by iPad 3 news or even news of Windows 8 ARM or ICS tablets coming down the pike. They generally fall into one (or both) of two camps.

1. The TouchPad is great - no matter it's failings or obsolescence - for JUST $99/$149/$249. The perceived value or "deal" they got obscures almost every flaw. It's the same psychology behind extreme couponers who will buy 30 cans/boxes of some mediocre brand so they can keep bragging about their "amazing deal". You could tell them that you wouldn't want to eat 30 boxes of Geno's Pizza Rolls at any price, and it wouldn't matter.

2. webOS is all that matters. As long as they can get on the web with a moderately functional browser, mail, and calendar with hacks for remote desktop, some 4th tier video service like Crackle, and their choice of Twitter client, they are golden. What matters is cards and webOS notifications.

These two groups needs are met, so they're fine to let the modern tech world pass them by. TP owners outside these circles have likely either already resold the device, or are trying to.

The rub of the "open-source/free" webOS exists under is that no hardware maker will bother with webOS - even if the OS is free and they simply load it onto hardware without another thought - without proof that it can sell in huge volumes at even a minimal profit. This is why HP refuses to commit hardware to the very OS they own and control. It's a money loser. Huawei, LG, ZTE, and all of the others who could possibly jump on the webOS train will be waiting for that ONE vendor to bravely step up and prove that they can sell this hardware in volume before they jump onboard, which is why none of them were inaugural Android hardware vendors. And if HP won't, then no one will.

Absolutely ...