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More on Sprint’s Now Ad Campaign 15

by Annie Latham Tue, 07 Apr 2009 3:13 pm EDT

Dieter posted a story yesterday (Sprint: The Network for People with ADD, the Pre) about Sprint’s new ad campaign that mostly remarked about content.  Another thing worth noting is that business press is sitting up and taking notice of Sprint’s “hipper advertising.”

In The Wall Street Journal on Monday, Suzanne Vranica’s story in the Advertising section, titled “Sprint Touts Its Network's Might: New Campaign Highlights Growing Volume of Data Coursing Over Cellphones,” delves into some details about the “Now Network” campaign.

It quotes Rich Silverstein, co-chairman of Omnicom Group's Goodby Silverstein & Partners, the San Francisco agency that created the campaign, saying that "Now Network stands for the crazy amount of data that gets pushed through these cellphones now, such as Twitter, Google and GPS.  It's no longer just about calling."

Though nothing new for most who follow this space, to the business and advertising community, this is a big deal.  It also seems to be quite significant that this campaign is replacing the long run of Dan Hesse (the CEO of Sprint), black and white, straight talk ads.

Mike Goff, Sprint's vice president of national advertising was quoted saying the move was intentional and had nothing to do with the current environment. "We want to continue to keep our advertising fresh," said Mr. Goff who added that Mr. Hesse could be used in future ads.

The "Now Network" push includes TV, online, outdoor and print ads.  Though the company didn’t say how much was being spent, the article notes that Sprint “shelled out close to $1 billion on U.S. ads last year, according to TNS Media Intelligence.”

Back to the “hipper” thing…

Got Milk?,  the Slowskys, the “Computer is Personal” HP ads, the Super Bowl ads for Cheetos and Dennys, the Quaker Oats “Go humans go” campaign, and the new ear worm ads for C-O-M-C-A-S-T, are all products of Goodby Silverstein & Partners.   Remember the Budweiser lizards?  They did that too.  They were also named Agency of the Year by AdWeek in 2008.  The point being – Sprint and Palm Pre are in good hands (budget willing).

So it looks like Sprint/Palm are trying to cover all bases:  cool smartphone, cool OS, the first 4G network, improved service, and now hip ads from a very hip agency that clearly has been turned loose creatively.  

The business community and anyone who follows the advertising space is paying attention to Sprint/Palm now...  Now where’s the Pre?  

Alas the Pre Watch continues…




I hate large scale marketing pre-release. We want it already, just release the Pre.

In what media do you think Palm will announce the release date and price of the pre? Since there are no more major shows going on, just wondering in what way we are going to find out...Just thinkin....

I think its going to come from Sprint, not Palm.

Here's a good ad for Sprint's network: "NOW we have the Pre! Exclusively on the NOW Network."

Yes, that's it... the 'Now Network' and the 'Now Phone'... NOW!!! ;-)

The NOW network is what Sprint is upgrading to. They are currently running on the SOON network; which is being phased out now...uhm...soon.

And I will soon (hopefully) be upgrading to the now phone... ;-)

I hope the Pre ads are better than this one. I thought the Now network ad was ok not great.

Now network my @$$. More like "first half of 2009" network

To be fair, that's Palm's line not Sprint's.

I just wish everyone could collectively pull there over critical heads out of there @$$es. Can't we just be happy that there making the phone and advertising it? They could be firing more people, going out of business, asking Washington for a handout. If any of us could do better, call Sprint, I'm sure they would love to have our resumes. Sprint is doing on heck of a job resurrecting there dinosaur. Lets support them.

I'm sure I'm going to get attacked for my post, just wanted to correct an error. Sprint is doing ONE heck of a job resurrecting there dinosaur.

While you're at it, it's "their" not "there". :-)

And I agree with your post.

Could we stop misusing terms like "crazy" and "wicked"?


Glad to see the new Sprint Ad. The Heese ads were boring. Cant wait for the Pre. They caught my attention. Do you guys think Palm will release a 16 or 32 gb Palm Pre?