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More TouchPad videos: Synergy, Just Type, multitasking, and notifications [video] 40

by Derek Kessler Sat, 11 Jun 2011 5:32 pm EDT

Had enough of HP Director of TouchPad Development Jonathan Oakes? Too bad, because we’ve got more of him in luscious YouTube video form. He’s back, narrating four more TouchPad videos, this time touching on Synergy information conduits consolidation, Just Type search and Quick Actions (with plenty on the virtual keyboard as well), webOS multitasking cards and stacks, and the new drop-down notifications drawer with triaging notifications for Email and Messaging. They’re all fairly short, but they’re focused enough that it wouldn’t take much to cut them into a pretty decent commercials on “this is just one way that the TouchPad is awesome.” By the way, HP, we’re big fans of the shallow depth of field filming to put the important stuff into focus – literally and figuratively. Keep doing that.

Videos after the break.

Source: YouTube (Synergy, Just Type, multitasking, notificiations); Thanks to Da_Styler and akitayo for the tips!


It really isn't looking too bad. A shame they didn't add a rear-facing camera as some casual users shopping WalMart and elsewhere will let this be a deciding factor and thereby skip the whole WebOS experience.

Off topic question. Do you think that we're not seeing the Pre3 out of fear that in 2011 with all the great phones being released that the Pre3 with its current specs will drag the who franchise down? The Veer is a niche item and will do fine in that slot. But, flagship should never be an opportunity for another beating like with the original Pre's hardware. If Sprint ever did carry it, the damn thing would be sitting next to the other orphan toys like the Kyocera Echo.

I think we're seeing the Pre because "summer" hasn't even arrived yet
let alone finished.

As far as Sprint...keep on dreamin'. Did you see something in the TouchPad launch announcement that led you to believe Sprint and HP still have a relationship? Looks pretty bleak to me.

Did you see something in my post that led you to believe that I was dreaming?

The whole story about Sprint, Verizon, AT&T etc doesn't belong in a worldwide launch announcement imo. I'd wait a few weeks and see what will happen. No use to speculate (however fun it is) at this point.

meant to write "not seeing the Pre³". Dang webOS 2.1 spell checker!

If people are making tablet decisions based on rear-facing cameras, they obviously haven't seen someone actually using one. The past two months, at all of my kid's year-end concerts, plays, recitals, graduations, etc., I've seen parents with their iPads and Droid tablets. First, it's damned antisocial to be at a school/family event with your tablet, especially when they're playing Angry Birds or tweeting during performances. But then to see them try to wield these 7" and 10" planks, with the LED display brightly shining on the audience 3 rows back, blocking people's view in the middle of a performance is beyond ridiculous! You can see that the pathetic zoom is only showing children in 20% of the viewfinder, and they can't hold them steady enough to avoid motion sickness for whoever will be forced to watch their recording in the future.

At least a cell phone video camera is far more discreet. There are cases to be made for dedicated devices, and I'll gladly put up with the parents in front of me trying to hold their handheld camcorder vs. waving their tablet in front of me!!!

God save us from idiots and their technology toys!

These look great; can't wait to pick mine up! I know I've said this before, but I really don't understand the appeal of a rear facing camera in a tablet of this size. I can't think of a single time when it would be easier or more convenient for me to actually take a pic with something like this. I'd be afraid of dropping the thing. I think the pitch has to be that you take the pic with your Veer or Pre3 and webOS then automatically puts the photo into your library. That just make so much more sense to me.

It can be useful with augmented reality apps, just like in this video at min 2:26

yep... it's just one of those things that developers can be clever with. Augmented reality apps are give a wow factor, and it's a bit of a bummer that we're not getting this on a touchpad.

Ah, I see... is this something that all other tablets have tons of applications for, and that there is a mass-market demand for? It is cool, but still seems limited to me. Anyway, if it is something that is extremely popular and is a real feature deficit, then I should just shut up about it.I do have to wonder why they'd make a video showing capability that doesn't exist. Maybe it's coming to the TouchPad2.

Not looking too bad? The TouchPad looks great! No lag (if this is a true response time) You may be right consumers want a rearfacing camera but it's silly to take picture with a tablet. Unwieldy and if it drops, you're in trouble even with a good case. The only reason phone cameras make sense is that you have the device around anyway. I wonder if the touchstone electronics add to the Touchpad's size or forced certain material choices e.g. no aluminum.
I think HP is focusing on Touchpad because it's a new market and wants all the attention there. I don't think people who want the latest specs even look at webos. Android is a better choice for those people interesting in bleeding edge hardware. You have to be sold on webOS itself.

I'm thinking aluminum wouldn't work but the matte, rubberized back of the current Pres on the TouchPad would have been ooooohhh-so-se xy (yeah, that's filtered by P|C) I really wish they would have gone with that one. But I'm also not an engineer, I just want it, whether it's cost effective or not. :-)

If you look an the inside of a Pre+ back, you can see the entirety of the @touchstone circuitry on the device side. Doesn't add much thickness. I don't know much about induction technology and what materials work, but the word is that the Touchstone induction technology is what enables the mysterious Touch to Share protocol. I'm dying to learn more about that.

I was pretty much sold on the Touchpad but these videos are solidifying it. :)

Here is a review from the HP Discover-Event :)

These are great ads that really show off WebOS! Finally! How are people seeing them who aren't already fans? Do they pop up, or do you have to go looking for them? With a little tweaking these could be great TV commercials.

I guess these are meant for people like me, who look for their devices through the internet before they buy them.

I expect a lot of commercials with the Touchpad once it is on the market :)

I posted this in a previous headline, Lengthy TouchPad demo reveals reborn gesture, keyboard keys, and more [video] .

Synergy will be the driving force and #1 feature of webos. No other os right now is even on the same level.

This was in regards to the youtube app and apps in general.

Isn't Webos marketed as "the web"? Why use an app? I'm not familiar with the android or apple app, so can anyone comment on whether or not you are able to post/read comments or sort the way the browser allows you to?

HP is doing something no other os is able to do and that's synergy. Instead of an app to access data, the os does it and does it within other apps. See
HP is causing a paradigm shift in the way we perceive apps to function. Apps are nice, don't get me wrong, but as more APIs are released the better the os becomes. Google and apple are no where this type of thinking or approach.

I believe the 'everybody on' approach will mean much more than software companies using webos as a platform to showcase their apps. Why a window when you can get the door. HP is setting partners up to 'be' webos and truly creating a world of interconnected devices. Much better for us as I think. I would gladly pay more to have it all then pay per app. If this is what's to come then I definitely welcome this change of innovation, freshness, leading edge, boldness, etc.

I agree, I'd never use the rear facing camera except as a gimmic thing, I think.


Did anybody else notice what appear to be two cracks in the lower left corner of the Pre 3 shown at 0:49 in the 4th video (the one about notifications)?

I just looked at it.. I believe it may be a reflection

What you're seeing is the edge of a screen protector. I have one similar to that on my pre plus and that's exactly what it looks like.

Edit: looking at it again I can now see it's the edge of the screen. The device has a plastic edging around it and the cut you see is the edge of the screen touching the plastic.

The scratch in the lower left corner is likely to be the markings they pit on preproduction devices.

-- Rod

Ah, thanks for the clarification.

We as fans have been impatiently waiting and wishing/demanding.

I just want to give HP and Palm credit.

I have the feeling this is a well balanced campaign starting now.

Synergy as mentioned above combined with what will be new at the catalog and the accesories will make a great bundle for every consumer and business minded person.

I personally only miss the music making apps that apple has in advantage.

But everything else makes me want to have the package.

For 800$ a decent tab including accessories. Add a phone of the line up and you are set for most of the computing stuff you'll need.

There will be hopefully some sort of movie/music buying possibility around the world on webOS and we should be happy.

Thanks HP. I didn't believe the would do it right but I guess it'll be awesome.

And still there is a possibility for a decent slab phone for christmas the Myte.

I would bet on this, if I'd ever bet.

Good night.

Have had my iPad2 for a while now and used the front camera only once - just dont see the need for it. Plus, it's a lousy camera - pics are always too grainy. I would have bought a TP if it came out earlier. Who knows, I might still switch. I like my Pre plus and webOS.

Everyone commenting this looks good must be blind or something. Did you all see the same videos?

Once again designers at HP seem to think hardware acceleration doesn't matter. Look at how awful scrolling looks. Laggy and jerky. The "synergy" video shows this especially. Switching from one email to another is slow.

Even worse, in the "notifications" video he's looking at a video, I assume flash, which isn't playing at more than 15 fps.

This is terrible advertising material and as awesome as the card system is, the UI performance is incredibly poor.

Not convinced, at all.

The Flash performance is choppy, but then again, it's like that on Honeycomb too. I think only Playbook has desktop-like Flash performance.

The scrolling will never be fixed, IMHO. If simple scrolling on a dual-core Snapdragon with the latest version of the OS is choppy, then it'll always be choppy.

I've now watched that video numerous times and the Panda 2 flash movie, assuming it's flash and not HTML5, isn't even showing enough to tell how smooth, or not, it's running. Quite frankly I don't know what you are talking about. And where is all this lagging and jerkiness you are talking about? I didn't see anything of the sort in these videos. Maybe you should point out which video and what time frame so the rest of us can see what it is you are talking about.

Okay, I'll let go on the email thing. It is true that on other platform's it isn't exactly instantaneous.

However, just take a look at this Touchpad video: at 2:05.

That is flash performance. Horrendous. Really, how the **** can you stand up there and say "hey guys, look at our tablet, it plays FLASH VIDEO" and show what basically amounts to a series of frames flashing by. That is not good PR. I've played 720p youtube videos on my Asus Transformer and they played just fine (once upgraded to Android 3.1, 3.0 was **** .

As for the scroll lag, just watch the first video on this news post, the Synergy one. At 0:32 he goes through a list of contacts and it just isn't smooth at all.

There is a real inconsistency on the UI animations. Some are smooth, some are not. It really looks as if they have the same problem they had with WebOS 2.x on the Pre 2. Some elements are hardware accelerated and others are not. Now, you might be tempted to say "well, who cares about that as long as it works?". The answer is: every normal non-tech person will notice how uneven the user experience is.

If you take a look at an iPad next to the Touchpad, the smoothness of the iPad's UI will be immediately noticeable and even if the actual performance isn't as good in some things, PERCEIVED performance will be better and that is what sells tablets.

I really really want to like the Touchpad. WebOS is my favorite smartphone OS and I'm not a hater in any shaper or form. I just can't understand how it's taken HP so long to actually ship the product and still have the same flaws that WebOS has had since 1.0

The other question is apps. It's probably what will help the Touchpad live or be killed. If they can get a healthy amount of apps in the catalog in time they might just make it, but really, with the user experience at this stage and without apps this will not sell at all. It's pretty much what is happening with Android 3.0 tablets. I had one and just sold it because there's pretty much no decent apps and the iPad does almost everything better.

If you watch your linked video in 720p you'll notice that the WIFI only has 2 bars. It's kind of hard to make sense of Flash performance using video streams unless you know you have a low latency, high speed connection. Other issues with web bound apps in that demo kind of demonstrate that the network in use wasn't very fast, and may have been in heavy use (this was the HP Discovery event and there were comments about 2.4GHz being saturated with all of those people pounding the network). I think you really need to wait for production product reviews before making a real determination on flash performance.

As to the contacts not smoothly scrolling...I don't know what to tell you, but the guy flicked the contacts up, then down, very quickly and the contacts flew by in both directions. I didn't see any choppiness in them. I really don't know what you are expecting there. The flaws of webOS 1.x are scrolling that stutters and chops up, lags input, or is unresponsive. The only thing in recent demos that I have seen has been an occasional need to tap again, but some of that deals with the size of the elements being tapped combined with trying to demo from the side or back of the device.

For me, the overall experience (Synergy, Just Type, Multi-tasking, notifications, Touch To Share, TouchStone charging) are what make it compelling. It doesn't have to be 100% perfect, and I can tell you that even Apple products do **** like this from time to time. A month ago, at SeaWorld Orlando, I sat behind a lady who was trying to get her iPhone 3GS to take a picture of the sea lion show, and the phone wouldn't respond. She closed the app, launched it again, and complained to her friend that it wasn't working, shaking her head at it. So if a perfect experience is what you need, then this isn't for you.

So I watched the synergy video and the e-mail switching wasn't laggy but simply trying to load the e-mail up. Have you ever played with an iPAD2 before? Try to load up the camera up and see how long it takes. What about trying to load up a large e-mail account on your desktop. I don't know what you are looking for but that was pretty fast my friend. Your argument was null and void with that part of your comment alone. Please just give credit where credit is due.

Indepth demos of what makes the OS special are never a bad thing. These are well done.

But I can't help but notice them tap-dancing around apps, particularly Office-oriented ones. That remains a concern.

People didn't line up for and buy tens of millions of iPads because they really, really, really like Safari and Mail.

And Synergy/Just Type needs some level of expansion beyond allowing you to write an email, social networking post, or memo. Due to the length of time it's taken HP to relaunch this OS, competitors are already catching up to this advantage. Apple's iOS5 already has superior social networking integration by allowing you to quick post throughout the OS, not just from the main screen. Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 hubs are already incorporating social networking, contacts and other functions into app-agnostic Hubs that are easily accessible. Within 6 months, this will cease to be a unique competitive advantage in its current state.

This is where I really hope they have their eye on the ball as far as "Music Synergy" or even "Video Synergy". Can't ever stay still in this mobile space.

This for spybreak and mikah912 and whoever, why are you both hating on this product. I must give credit when credit is do. This product here, (touchpad) is what myself and many other new customers has been waiting for. The majority peoples out there are not spoil computers geeks like you, that talks about software and the latest hardware. Majority of the people just want something that just work easy and simple and that has some entertainment to it. I think you negative folks are overly speculating. I don't you know what your talking about. Just my opinion.

If this is what you've been waiting for, why do you care what I or anyone else says? Do you enjoy a movie, then locate critics on Rotten Tomatoes who didn't like it and ask them to keep it down?

Also, nobody here is "hating" on anything. Spybreak gave a pretty detailed accounting with time code of what he saw and why he described it as such. I agree with him. Moreover, I said that the choppy Flash performance isn't unique to the TouchPad. Someone else in another thread noted that the Blackberry Playbook's OMAP processor has unique optimization for Flash performance that Qualcomm and Tegra 2 doesn't. I believe that because I've handled one in person extensively, and it renders both Flash video and games much smoother and responsively than anything in these TouchPad videos or any Honeycomb video I have ever seen. Doesn't mean it's a better overall product (it's not).

I'm really looking forward to the TouchPad, but my train of thought is "LongTerm"... How would this look in a couple months after release? Would there be support from at lease a good number of developers? would it be successful?

I don't want to end up with an HP product and have it become outdated with no HP support just like all the Pre's... No useful apps and only used once in a while for the sake of using it at lease once a couple of months.

Psh these ads are horrible! Where's the alien lady?

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Ok guys, this is still a baby when compared to IOS. IPAD has been out for how long. Apple has owned IOS for how long? HP has owned Palm for how long?
HP is growing this product by leaps and bounds. Palms old app list was quite large before we went to Web OS. Apps for it are coming quickly in comparison. Some say Ipad 1 and Ipad 2 are like night and day. (some say). In terms of speed in getting a product out, HP has done well with what seems to be a great product.
I can only imagine what they have in store for the months down the line. Give credit where credit is due. They have picked up the ball where Palm had it, and they are running with it.
In my opinion, Web OS has nowhere to go but up. Google didnt come right after the Iphone with their Android system. HP could have waited a couple of years before coming out with the perfect Pad to compete, instead, they came out with a great product in a reasonable amount of time for having just purchased the company.
Cant wait for the Pre 3 on Sprint. Doesnt hurt to dream.