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Move calendar entries between accounts 7

by Adam Marks Thu, 02 Dec 2010 1:12 pm EST

Calendar Entry -Choose Account With Synergy on webOS, you can bring multiple calendars from various sources together and display them all at once, show only certain calendars, or focus on just a single calendar. You can even have more than one calendar for a single source (e.g. multiple personal or shared Google calendars). However, each calendar appointment can only be tied to a single calendar account, which is initially set to your Default Calendar (as determined in the Calendar's "Preferences & Accounts"). So what happens if you want to create your calendar entry in a different account, or if you want to move an existing entry from one account to another? Simple. Just open up the calendar entry, click on the button in the top right of the screen that indicates the current Calendar account (the "PALM" button in the screenshot above), and select the calendar you want to move the entry to. Once selected, the header of the entry will change colors to match the color of that Calendar Account.

  • Note that all of your calendars may not be shown in the selection drop-down. Only those calendar you have edit-access to will be available.
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I just stumbled upon this this morning after accidentally creating a calendar event under Google instead of my work's Exchange account. Then I saw it here on Precentral. Great tip.

A related tip. Possibly obvious, but, perhaps worth putting here. Whenever you make a new Calendar entry, it will always use your 'default' calendar. For example, if Exchange is your default and you have a GMail calendar as well, you need to remember to pick GMail for this setting when you add the new calendar item.

um...already says that. "which is initially set to your Default Calendar (as determined in the Calendar's "Preferences & Accounts")." ;-)

Is there any way to do this with contacts - move to a different profile? I'd love an easier way that copy & paste to a new entry.

I found this tip helpful today when I could not get an Exchange entry to change (with Exchange as the default calendar). I had scheduled an appointment for 9 a.m. that was actually to be held a week from today. I edited the entry to change the date and time, but it would not move from today, even after syncing accounts. But after I changed it to a Palm profile calendar entry, the change took place easily. After moving the entry to next Thursday, I then changed it back to an Exchange calendar entry ... and it promptly synced to my Outlook e-mail at work.

I have a Pre 2, with OS 2.0.1, and have noted that others have also experienced calendar problems. I don't recall my Pre Plus, using Google as my main calendar, having these sorts of difficulties.

Annoying bug/"feature" here:
You can't do this on an entry of a read-only calendar.
I would expect that it copies the entry to my own calendar when doing this, but I can't even drop down the calendar selection when viewing read-only calendar entries.

I just added my google voice account to my calendar. Now, that is pretty awesome, I was thinking of writing a separate app to do this but now I don't need to!!