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Mozilla Seabird concept phone - snazzy and running Android? [video] 27

by Derek Kessler Tue, 28 Sep 2010 10:28 am EDT

Mozilla Seabird concept phone

The folks over at Mozilla Labs recently posted a new concept smartphone - the Seabird - and we can't help but be impressed by their thinking. While we're sure they'd be the first to admit the device is years from possible hardware fruition (or it would have a battery life of two minutes), we can't help but be impressed. We also couldn't help but notice what was on the screen: Android. Yes, Mozilla, purveyors of all things open source used an open source operating system on their conceptual super phone. We're disappointed that this dual-project infrared-sensing headset/remote-packing conceptual super device doesn't pack an equally innovative conceptual open-source operating system with fantastical user interface options.

Our man Rene Ritchie over at TiPb holds a similar opinion. Now you might be thinking that as the editor of an iOS-focused website he'd be cheerleading against Android devices (partly his job), but he's a pretty level-headed guy. And his editorial on the Seabird is a work of prophetical literature. It's good stuff, and an alternative take on the huge marketshare gains makde by Android, so we're going to point you over to TiPb right now to make the read. Oh, and we've got a video of the snazzy Seabird concept in action after the break. 

Source: Mozilla Labs; Via: Android Central



yeah, I can't wait to see a snazzy razzle dazzle video of the new Palm phone

Love the concept

When is it our turn !! & if that become a real phone thats sweet! central is that way --->

sweet phone BTW.

damn tease.

Of course it runs Android. What else would it run? If people want options, they should be hoping for new companies to make new Operating Systems for different phones. Not the same OS on a million phones. And I love concepts. It means its something we probably wont see for 20 years. lol. But If that thing was real, Im sure it would be the next best thing.

wow!!! amazing work. I showed this video to my mom n my little sister. They loved. so did I.
My point is that even people who are not big fans of cell phones would love this. I would buy this for sure.

Yeah what's the point of having an awesome phone if 99% of the apps are gomplete GARBAGE!!!

My favorite feature is its ability to hover vertically above your desktop.


can we have a webOS patch for that?

No...webos is excluded.

I get what the TiPb author is saying and I do agree. But the concept is really cool! It starts to blur the lines between phones and computers.

please nominate webOS for best mobile platform and best mobile experience at

But its not so why should I?


Derek, what OS would you think it would run? It certainly won't be webOS 8.0, HP is unwilling to license it (poor decision in my opinion).

"We're disappointed that ...doesn't pack an equally innovative conceptual open-source operating system with fantastical user interface options."

Translation: We're butthurt that our favorite operating system that hardly anyone uses or knows about (general public) wasn't chosen for a CONCEPT phone. So we're going to subtly insult the OS that was chosen to protect our egos.

Corrected translation: We're butthurt that Mozilla wasn't their usual creative selves and took the easy way out. We like Mozilla, and we're disappointed by the choice of Android. Mozilla is a software group, and this concept lacks any real software magic - it's all hardware.

No, I think the point was why didn't Mozilla choose to innovate with their own new OS in this concept instead of relying on Android. But if you still didn't catch that could you troll some place else?


Holy Projector batman! I like the idea, but if I got that, I just know I'm gonna lose that dongle thing within the first week >

Holy freakin FFFF's. That is amazing. Not that I've seen many phone concept video's, or concept video's of anything. But that is most definately the coolest concept of anything I've seen, ever. I wants.

May be by the time it becomes a reality, the concept of plutonium generated batteries would have come to fruition and this thing would be sweet as hell!

If this is running Android, why would they project Firefox running on Windows 7 desktop?

because this is a concept phone. it is was the artist/designer think will look good and ideas are not set in stone. it seems the like designer took what he/she thinks would look good and put it in. as a concept design, i dont like it. the screen is oddly oval shaped instead of rectangle, meaning it will awkward when you play a video or a game. it also seems top heavy with the dual projectors, so it will feel unbalanced on the hands. it would feel weird.

+dual projectors = awesome
+charging dock
+detacheable clicker for presentations (gimmicky but cool factor)
-odd screen shape
-seem top heavy
-not running HP webos :)

am I the ONLY one who's noticing the lack of android buttons here? how would one go back home? go back? open the menu? cmon, mozilla..

cool concept but android ? And we are not too far away from it just saying

how far out is this concept from becoming reality, 10 years? 5 years? or 20 years+?