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Multi-Select Coming to webOS Mail? (Update: Likely Not) 53

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 04 Mar 2010 2:59 pm EST


Eagle-eyed PreCentral reader mafia sent us a link to Dion Alamer's blog post from February 24th discussing various issues relating to touch interfaces, native interfaces, and the like. What caught mafia's eye, however, was the above screenshot comparing the Gmail web client and the native webOS mail client. New to us: those little circles to the left of each email in the main list. Call us crazy, but that looks to use like we may see a future update to the mail client that will allow multiple selection of emails on the list for deletion, archiving, etc.

Having accidentally deleted more than one email via swipe, I can say that I would definitely love to have this option for triaging email. Actually, while I'm on the subject, here's a quick tip for Gmail users: go into your preferences and change your default deleted messages folder from "Trash" to something else (I use "Deleted Messages"). It makes it a bit easier to find messages you may have accidentally deleted on the full web client (though you do have to clean them up inside Gmail when you use this method).

Update: Just head from Dion and the screenshot above is actually quite old, pulled from Mitch Allen's webOS Development book. So while it may still yet be a sign of things to come, that's looking a little less likely now. 

Thanks, mafia!




cool. but if people are having problem with accidental deletes, then download patch which enables swipe and confirm to delete.

Sprint Pre here, I dont see such bullets in my email client

I dont see them in my emulator either

"Call us crazy, but that looks to use like we may see a future update to the mail client that will allow multiple selection of emails on the list for deletion, archiving, etc."

Read much?

that would be awsome to multi select make things easier to use as well

"New to us: those little circles to the right of each email in the main list." you mean on the left?...

ahem. Yes, yes I do. Fixed and thanks!

I set my Pre Trash to All Mail. That allows me to read and acknowledge email, but still have it available for search and viewing later. Allows me to have a clean inbox and go into All Mail if I need to get back to it for any reason.

Yep, same here. Then "deleting" becomes like archiving in normal Gmail. Works great!

This would be a great addition. They should also add a "delete all" function. At least someone thought of that and made a patch for it.

Meh... still waiting for THREADED emails. THAT would be a huge improvement.

Would also like to see Palm incorporate the "Delete from Notification" patch. So, so useful.

I would like to see a "Mark Read from Notification" patch and have it incorporated into the base code. I don't delete emails which is why I don't use this patch.

I don't care about that so much (limited screen real-estate) as I do being able to monitor ALL of my IMAP folders, and not just INBOX.

Kinda defeats the purpose of my kick-ass .procmailrc recipes on my mail server at home.

"but that looks to use like we may see"

should be?
"but that looks to us like we may see"

Thanks! Seriously, Dieter, maybe you should hire an editor for your site? I'm available. ;-)

All I want is to see folders in my hotmail. All my junk mail shows up as regular mail on my phone. Not cool.

Uhm, who's Dion Alamer, and why does he has a newer version of WebOS? Does he work for Palm?

Geez, Dieter. 23,000+ emails. You need multi-select to get rid of some of those more efficiently.

@imonvzw Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith were brought on by Palm from Mozilla. They're killer in the development sector of things, hence the sweet new facebook app update. Peace.

Oh those guys, Thanks! I seem to only remember them as Ben and Dion(or is it the other way around).

Were they responsible for the design and layout of the facebook app, or the whole app?

It seems odd that they would do those dots, instead of the standard UI checkbox.

Dots seem more "WebOS-y" to me.
Also, iPhone OS's mail client uses dots instead of boxes from what I remember. Not that that means much, but there's a sort of precedent there, considering WebOS and a lot of other mobile OSs seem to take design cues from iPhone OS (and one another).

I thought Steve Jobs claimed Apple had a patent on dots...

The dots remind me of the on-line status dots in the Messaging app.

Edit: Given the update to the article, I'm thinking my comment may be more on point than not. These are probably an early build UI element showing the on-line status for contacts in Synergy. They were probably removed in a later build.

"Triaging email?" Who are you trying to impress, Dieter?


Tuesday, February 24, 2009?

commented to wrong thread

Guys, wouldn't this just be a light that get green when your contact is online for messenging?...

that's exactly what I was thinking as soon as I saw those dots. It looks like when you're looking at the list of conversations in the messaging app. Depending upon their status, I see orange, green, and gray dots next to my list of contacts (who have google accounts) shown there. For non-google contacts, there is no dot, however.

That was my first thought as well, I bet this is more likely the case. It's just like with the call history screen, they are giving you more options to reach out to people rather then with the original method you were contacted.

My money's on someone at webos-internals at this VERY moment finding which /* comment */ to uncomment to allow this for everyone with a patch appetite. If it is there, it will be HERE

"Having accidentally deleted more than one email via swipe"

There an app for that! It adds a confirmation for delete.


You sure they're not IM status dots for online google Talk buddies?


You can change your Trash folder to be [Gmail]/All Mail folder so then swiping turns into an Archive button.

is there a hidden email interface/layout/theme already built into 1.4? Wondering because, when I checked mail yesterday, I briefly had a green background with my email accounts listed and an "add account" button on the bottom.

I got confused, closed the card (before I got a screen shot), opened mail again and mail looked grey again.

I have apps & patches, no themes.

looks like Mellisa Porter is a lil' hoe bag! LoL

Those dots look more like availability indicators (such as those found in the messaging app). The mystery element is located next to the sender's name which suggests that it is related to the contact.

I understand your want of a multiple select feature for organizing email, but do not understand the need for deleting email. Isn't it easier to swipe the email away than selecting the email, then selecting a delete option? I think it may be.

this feature wasn't even on my list of gmail wants. but he i guess someone uses it.

Swipe and confirm delete should be consistent across the interface. It's irresponsible of Palm to do it two different ways. Standardise how it works Palm, please?

I sorely miss the multi-select feature on a daily basis. I hope Palm will add it soon.

Anyone out there willing to take a stab at a patch? I'd donate to support it.


I was surprised WebOS didn't have the multi-select because I thought it was a spin off or variation of chatteremail, which, if I remember correctly, did have this feature.


ok i'm not as tech savy as most of you but I wondered the same thing after the update about theses dots. I'm almost 100% certain it for messaging. I got friends from different email accounts (yahoo, google,msn..) which are saved in my phone contacts and I have gotten the dots to light in one form or another trying different things with my friends on each account. If you go to messaging then swipe to backspace you get the screen that says 'Conversations/Buddies'. If you tap buddies it will show in most cases offline if this is the first time to screen. Tap buddies. Now just to get to the point of what worked for me is if anyone has an AIM or Google Talk account with friends in these accounts that do IM'ing it works. Sooo log in as one of those acounts, get a friend to do the same and show them online and available. Within 2min the status change to a green dot for available. Also to take a step back to the when you tap 'Buddies'. Tap the messaging in the top left and go to preferences. Tap 'Show Offline'. This will show all email addresses in your phone contact information. I verfified by going to the contacts with no email address and they were not here either. Now its up to you tech savy folks to tell us the rest and if it works across all email formats not just Google talk and AIM.

I don't understand what you're saying... you basically explained what the dots in messaging mean... if your friend is online or not when you're signed in to chat.

this is in regards to email, as shown in the screenshot. If those dots were buddy indicators... it'd make no sense. Not everyone has gmail/yahoo/msn or whatever so it'd make little sense to tie it in.

I know google does this on their webclient, but they have room to spare... the screen real estate here is small, we need functional features like multiselect, not "is my buddy online"

Maybe they intended to use gchat with this for gmail accounts?

yeah I understand it doesn't make sense but if you look at what's in front of us it does. Do this then...edit or delete any email address from any of your phone contacts (if they have multiple ones delete those to) and go back and display offline buddies and they will disappear. Also start a text conversation and the dot is gone. Sooo that's why I thought it was for IM'ing. Again I'm not super savy about the WebOS but I'd just thought I'd chime in on what I found to see if someone could confirm what I see. Also try this...go to the 'Buddies' (make sure you have show offline buddies on)...tap a buddy. It will bring up messaging conversation. Type in a message and send. You will get a message that says email 'Recipient is Offline' , send anyway. Send it and it goes to them. I think again it's messaging to for example...people without the wonderful Palm Pre/Pixi and are @ home on the computer and we still can reach out and touch them. That's just my opinion.

the card seems to hang with the 1.4???

I don't know about this. I don't think that the dots wouldn't be that useful in deleting emails. The swipe delete is pretty quick and fun. It would be cool if you could move multiple emails to other folders though.
Since this is a very old photo, I think it was probably a prototype and the swipe delete resolution was chosen.

Thank you very much..
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