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Multiple Astraware titles coming soon to webOS 24

by Derek Kessler Sun, 15 Aug 2010 9:43 am EDT

Astraware Casino Astraware Sudoku

In June we first brought to you news that Astraware was beginning work to bring some of their titles over to webOS via the magic of the PDK. We haven’t heard a whole lot in the intervening weeks, but it looks like things are starting to heat up. Astraware’s website now shows the popular games OddBlob, Astraware Casino, and Astraware Sudoku as “coming soon for Palm webOS.”

To add the fuel of encouragement to our fire of desire, Astraware admitted on Twitter that they’re working with Palm on a press announcement about games they’ve submitted for inclusion in the App Catalog. Additionally, mobile apps blog MobiObie was able to squeeze a bit more info out of Astraware: they’re also planning on bringing Police Range, Astraware Solitaire, and Astraware Boardgames to the webOS party.

There’s one thing to note, and it’ll likely disappoint those of you toting Palm Pixi phones: the Sudoku page indicates that the supported display resolution will be 320x480 pixels, otherwise known as the size of the Pre screens (the Pixi has a 320x400 screen). While none of the other games have stated system requirements (webOS 1.4.5 is a given at this point), we expect given Astraware’s heavy investment in iOS development that 320x480 will be the only webOS resolution supported for some time after launch.

Source: Astraware, Astraware on Twitter, MobiObie; Thanks to John for the tips!


By far one of my favorite game dev's from the ol Palm Os days.

Great stuff!

well, it's them losing out on money from pixi owners

There are lots of games developers releasing their games on webOS lately. It's exciting!

Great! Bought a few of them on PalmOS.

Now lets hope HPalm finally gets the app-store 100% working for paid apps on my unlocked Palm Pre bought in Germany here in The Netherlands! It's ridiculous that these great paid apps are still not working for a phone activated on a provider in a country both not supported/blocked. Why don't they want my money for wonderful programs like the games anounced by AstraWare?

I helped support Astraware as a Palm user because they were an awesome developer. Bejewelled here I come! Im about to spend money on games I already have - its not right - but it'll be worth it!!

Awesome.. now let's get PopCap on board.. I'm dying for Peggle on webOS!

As long as they price them right... I haven't bought a $5 game yet and won't in the foreseeable future.

Developers please remember at the end of the day this is a phone, not a gaming device. Price your apps like that and you'll get a lot more impulse purchases.

Retail games on my kids' DSi's range from $25 - $45. Downloadable DSi games (no cartridge) go for $2 - $10, but are non-tranferable (i.e., tied to that specific device).

The casual games tend to go for less than $5 while the more advanced games go for more.

$5 - $8 a game on a mobile phone seems perfectly reasonable. Especially considering the user base for dedicated gaming platforms is orders of magnitude greater than WebOS's base.

Wheres the announcement for Bejeweled!?

"To add the fuel of encouragement to our fire of desire, Astraware admitted on Twitter that they

What happened to good ol' scalable resolutions?...

I think that those are limited to SDK apps. These apps are PDK and were developed without scaleability in mind.

I want the PopCap titles, we need Bejeweled!

Forget Bejeweled we NEED Plants VS Zombies



well how do u expect it to live if noone knows about it...

Ok these accounts should be banned. Don't support piracy for WebOS

I'm sorry if that came out wrong. I am NOT a WebOS pirate, but I was warning the users of such sites as the aforementioned one that they would be shut down if too many people knew about them. I only know about that site because I was searching for reviews of Modern Combat: Sandstorm and it came up. I doubt anyone will read this, but PLEASE do not promote these sites. I did not mean to in any way.

Zap!2000 would be great!

Bejeweled is from Popcap, NOT Astraware!
Anyhoo, really LOVE Astraware games and can't wait to see them on my Pre Plus! Bring it!

Bejeweled is from Popcap, NOT Astraware!

True enough, but at least Bejeweled 2 is Astraware. :)

True, Bejeweled is from Popcap, but Astraware was the one who ported it to Palm OS back then when Popcap only did desktop versions. That is why we hope Astraware would help port it over to webOS if Popcap isn't doing it already.

And yes, Plants vs. Zombies would be even better :)

We are so excited by the enthusiasm that you guys are showing for our games. Fingers crossed you shouldn't have too long to wait now.

We are planning PIxi support, but as we're in the UK, we're still waiting to get our hands on an unlocked device for development and testing.

Just to clarify on the titles we licensed from PopCap - the license was only for PalmOS and Windows Mobile so it's really PopCap's call on what comes to webOS (and that applies for Bejeweled, Bejeweled 2, Zuma, Chuzzle, Bookworm, Insaniquarium, Mummy Maze, or any of the others we developed for Palm OS back in the day!)

Pricing - we will be offering the games with an introductory price - so grab them quickly! :-D