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Multiple tablet operating systems plus 4G tablet coming to Sprint next year 62

by Derek Kessler Fri, 10 Dec 2010 12:21 pm EST

Sprint tablets?

Currently, consumers in America can waltz into their nearest Sprint store and pick up a Samsung Galaxy Tab for use on the CDMA network. But it only works on EVDO, not Sprint’s speedier WiMAX network. According to Sprint President of Business Markets Paget Alves in Forbes, they’ll be rectifying that in 2011, with the launch of an unspecified 4G-capable tablet.

The big unknown is what exactly this tablet (or tablets?) will run as an operating system, a specific Alves was mum on. He did at least admit that Sprint will soon have tablets running different operating systems than the Android-powered Tab. There are a number of options, including BlackBerry’s upcoming playbook, any number of Windows-powered tablets, but oh, could it be, an HP webOS-powered PalmPad? Don’t get your hopes up, because we have no way of reading any further into Alves’ words: there are several options, of which webOS is only one. Then again, we’d like to think that HP is going to go all Samsung here and make their webOS tablet available on all carriers. Wouldn’t that be something?

Source: Forbes; Via: Engadget; Thanks to everyone for the tips!


yea i'll believe it when i see it, in the coming months right?

i couldn't care less about that tablet aspect. But it does makes me think there is a small chance that they could release a 4G slate phone too at CES. But i have zero interests in tablets and not sure even new hardware will matter.

Yee haw!!!!!!! I've been holding out hope that Sprint would get the HP/Palm webOS tablet. I know this is in no way a guarantee. But it is a glimmer of hope. I'm fascinated by the tablet form factor and hope to get one w/webOS in the first half of '11. I can dream, right?

I love how the article ends with "Don't get your hopes up" and the first response is, "Yee Haw!! I've been holding out HOPE ... "

I'm of the thought that their plan is to lead with the tablets over the smartphones. I'm not feeling the love or excitement about jazzing up CES with any phone fireworks.

I'm starting to entertain the idea of a WebOS tablet, when I didn't like the idea at first.

However, this title confused me. Upon first glance I thought a WebOS tablet WAS coming to Sprint, I was a little disappointed after reading.

I'm still here, Palm and Sprint. I'll wait.

didn't palm try to release the Pre on all carriers?

here's to HP succeedingg!

I really wish Palm would have folded and open sourced WebOS.

How can Palm or HP sell a tablet when there is no applications and no sign of gaining any. Windows 7 just came ot and kindle already on the way. Webos has been out for a while now and not even a mention.

If you remember Hp's Phil whats his name had their people working on a bunch of apps. My guess is that when they do release something that they will have a bunch of new apps to use with it. Tablet or phone 2.0

ha! those apps were the streaming 99 country/rock songs for 1.99. i wouldn't expect much more than that.

Actually they weren't. I believe those were the result of an acquisition.

no, they were the result of HP holding an 'in-house contest' to motivate them to see what they could do. a little bit underwhelming.

This is exactly the right time to release a tablet for HP Palm. (or last few months would be even better) Android is not yet optimized for tablets. Blackberry's is sporting a new OS so it's starting from ground zero. I have a kindle and it's new browser is still useless and apps look very simple.
Windows 7 is going to have the problem as usual of trying to add a complicated os into a small format. That's been the achilles heel of windows tablets in past.
HP Palm has an opening if it can execute well.

This was an excellent player-by-player summary. Spot on.

I can't wait for the coming months! ;)

Probably Android.

Enjoy your false hope, Precental fans.

Spell much, troll?

seriously. This guy must be bored. Always pointless comments from this guy. And yes we are fans of precentRal. As he probbaly is too. What an ass.

He can't read either. Not sure where he got Android out of "different than Android." ??????

All you people ever do on here is assume and hope based upon rumors and misheard whispers.

That's how pathetic the WebOS platform has become.

Android will probably have 25 tablets out next year across every carrier that carries an Android phone.

While WebOS MIGHT get one tablet that will likely fail.

There are OTHER platforms out there besides Android and WebOS.
Just because it MIGHT not be Android does NOT mean it will be WebOS.

No one tried to make the spelling comment to you???

I rarely ever make "pointless comments." Just because you don't like what's said doesn't make it pointless.

And I am NOT a fan of Precentral.
I have NEVER lost respect for an online forum place before [simply because life is more important than that] but this place has succeed in losing my respect.
That's pretty awful.

Missing a letter, oh!!!! what an insult!!!!

It could be the Blackberry Playbook and Sprint can run the following add:

Buy the WiFi Only BB Playbook and get a BB Phone free!

The BB Playbook can pair with a BB Phone via secure Bluetooth and share the same PIN (the PIN assigned to the BB Phone).

You're right.
Could be a Windows tablet.

Hell, could be the iPad 2 [because if Apple doesn't get off just the one carrier they are done in the mobile world, not saying I wouldn't enjoy that happening]

Point is, just because it MAY NOT be Android doesn't mean it's the virtually dead WebOS platform.

I have been a very satisfied Palm Pre user for more than a year, and like many of the folks that read the articles on this site, I was pleased that a major company such as HP purchased Palm. In fact, even as my Sprint Pre phone has started to deteriorate, I've held off replacing it in the hopes of a new phone that features WebOS.... and I wait, and I wait. Time is running out.

If HP doesn't release innovative tablets and phones that feature WebOS in Q1 2011, they are in great danger of losing customers that have been strong supporters (evangelists, if not WebOS zealots)... That includes me.

I agree. I think if HPalm doesn't give something to Sprint soon they are going to lose a huge amount of the original pre customers.

I actually spoke with a sprint sales manager and she said "palmpad" by name and others were planned for next year. Not a confirmation or anything, but it was interesting to hear her mention it's impending existence without soliciting the information specifically. But we already knew a tablet was coming. Maybe the palm sprint relationship is not as cracked as people want to make it. Plus it makes sense that sprint did not jump on the pre 2. It's not 4G. 4G is the future.

Alves is a he....not a she...LOL


Good catch Zagit!

Alves actually has quite an impressive back story according to that pdf (Thanks DonBakke).

I submitted this as pre|central 'tip'. I find the editors can't really read every single comment, but if you forward it as a tip under the topic 'general feedback' they are pretty darn good about responding.

I have a Convertible Tablet PC and have been chomping at the bit for a slate form hopefully running web OS. Tablet PCs are great, especially when editing photos or text. I like my tablet PC but it's too heavy to be trully portable. A slate tablet would be ideal, especially for projects done on "the fly". I really do hope that at least one of the new devices will be WEB OS!

And who is going to spend a ton of money developing a photo editing app for webOS to run on that PalmPad? That is the huge disadvantage of a webOS tablet ... very few apps.

May be HP/Palm themselves will create a built-in photo editing app to do the basics until a 3rd party firm sees enough momentum/marketshare to make it worth their while.

Or maybe one of the existing photo editing apps will take the plunge.

For example, the app 'PhotoEffects' for the Pre could get a rewrite using the Enyo/PDK hybrid combination instead of Mojo. They could take advantage of the extra screen real estate scalability provided by Enyo, combined with the extra power of the PDK via a hybrid app to have photo processing happen on the device instead of in the cloud as it currently operates.

I hope that HPalm does have a slate with WebOS coming to sprint and dare I say it?! A phone too compliment it too. Everybody is getting worked up about CES and what is not being said.Can anybody say they knew every anouncement any company made. There is a such that as making big anoucements at the Show. Everybody should just chill and wait and see.Just because you haven't heard anything doesn't mean there won't be anything.

I would like to also add that there is no need to bring out the pre 2. 2011 is two doors away and not around the corner.It won't sell and then two months later another phone.They might as well focus on new hardware and stop trying to give us(well they aren't giving sprint anything) luke warm water with one more ice cube. Stop it please! At this rate we might as well wait like I said.

if there is not new device and tablet to the end of March 2011.
good bye WebOS. P.S. PRE2 is not new device.

News about Palm it is US marketing style, still talk about nothing.

Not interested in a tablet. I want a new webOS phone!

I'd take a 4G Pre 2 with Mobile Hotspot and a wifi only PalmPad I can pair it to.

Along with a bluetooth headset and voicedialing that would be a killer combo.

Phone in pocket or bag. Surfing, checking emails, sending SMS from the PalmPad, while listening to Pandora on my stereo Bluetooth headseat, then quickly call the wife to let her know the train is nearly at the station.

They've talked about an integrated environment, that's what i'd like. I wouldn't need a bigger phone if they did that.


And you would really want to pay that extra $30 a month to get the MobileHot spot on your Pre 2?

If it were a 4G Pre 2, that paired with my wifi only PalmPad, then yes I would.

I think I then could cancel my home internet provider and be very happy.

If you canceled your home internet provider, and you went to work with your 4G/Pre2, how would anyone else in your household connect to the internet?

dont have to... hack that bad boy :)

been there, done that... would prefer a more legal and supported solution!!

OK, this is EXACTLY the type of response that I thought my question would generate, thanks for playing along!!

So, why should Sprint go out of its way to provide access to their 4G signal with a webOS device (or any device), when people will just be "stealing" this signal anyway and not paying for the service? You can justify it anyway you want, but you are using a service for which you are not entitled.

People wonder why they are starting to cap stuff, I can certainly understand why!


I'm still holding out on the HP WebOS, with my original Pre. I have to admit though that WebOS 2.0 is not enough for me. I need additional functionality in the calendar and contact apps, at the very least, for it to be worth it.

If a great WebOS phone or tablet comes out, we definitely need better functionality than WebOS 2.0 has.

PS - I'm still a huge WebOS fan and 2.0 is a great improvement.

If HP can get the Android Dalvik engine into WebOS so it can run Android apps, WebOS has a SOLID chance of making it! It's the best of all worlds. And unicorns fly.

It is clear that HP is working on a multiple launch of several devices. If you don't think so, then you should just move on. But I don't think that there's been teams of people working at HP/Palm for what 7 months to just release something Palm had prier to the buyout (Pre/Pixi 2.)

It's also clear that HP is preparing for a rebirth of WebOS. Why else would a huge corporation hold out on all of the advertising they could be doing? Because they don't want an award winning OS to be associated with a mediocre device.

So, Android Trolls, that is why we are holding our hopes for a "dead" platform. And in a month or two you won't be coming around here no more.

Agreed. I'm rather amazed by how expedient and efficient HP has been since they: acquired Palm, reorganized multi-organizational resources, withstood fallout from former CEO's scandel, acquired more business entities, appointed a new CEO (Yes! Leo is onboard with WebOS), and boldly move onward, not to race against the competition but to deliver a brave WebOs world of wonder. Patience is always a business virtue.

booooyahhh... I cant wait till spring time!! i can actually,cuz im going to, but yuh know what i mean

i doubt sprint will want to have anything to do with the hp palm in their next resurrection. why would they, the palm was a poor product and any smart company would want to disassociate itself with that image. and why would they give the pre EOL months before the 'release' of a supposed new superforce product? they need all the exposure they can get right now, and if it involves giving people pre's for free with contract [along with any new superforce hardware] then they should. they probably sold all remaining inventory back to hp palm and that was it.

actually, palm was a success for sprint. It was short lived, but still successful. The pre broke records for sprint until the EVO came along. Although that pre succes was short, it was something sprint never had. Sprint and hp|palm have been playing it smart and waiting for a good time to release a more compelling webOS device than the dubbed developer phone, the pre2. People are still high with on the EVO, and the pre2 really can't compete. But when htc is busy releasing the spec bump Shift EVO, Palm will hopefully be launching the next gen webOS phone and tablet. With 4G no doubt.

My company has over 600 reps around the country. We want a tablet format to streamline writing sales agreements in the field. Sadly the iPad does not support Adobe Flash. We are waiting for the next crop of tablets in the new year. Then we'll move pretty quickly. Multitasking is critical as well as Wi-Fi and 3G. 4G is a nice to have feature that will probably be standard by 2012.

Palm's ultra secretive product development is getting tiring. They are ridiculously slow to market. I can deal with that as a smartphone user (Palm IIIC, Treo 650, 750 and Pre), but not as a corporation. Once we make the platform decision, there will not be an alternative OS. Applications will be developed on one platform for the rollout.

I hate to think that there are thousands of other companies with the same game plan, but you know it's true. Palm, it's yours to lose. This time, there may be no getting back up. And, pretty soon, my Pre on Sprint will need to be replaced. What do you have guys, and where can I get it? That Droid Pro is looking pretty good. Maybe the Torch. And the Retina screen on the! Get my point, guys?

Palm wasn't slow, exactly. Pre, Pixi, Pre+, Pixi+ isn't a bad product release for a year (meaning June 2009-June2010) had the + models been available on all carriers.

Where they fell down was during the acquisition window. Given the cashflow problems and regulatory issues, not a surprise. And honestly, I would expect better long-term results if HP decided to intentionally take the time to get a great product line assembled rather than racing to market piecemeal. (Even if it means I grit my teeth every time my Pre- grinds to a halt)

I think if HP can demo 5-6 devices in various states of "done" at CES, commits and executes a reguar release schedule, includes the release of WebOS 2 to existing Pre users (who see an Android 2.1-like speed boost), and has a few high-value app announcements they can return to being a real player.

I don't know that Palm has ever been able to "commit and execute" according to any "regular release schedule".

But then again, they have certainly never overcommitted.

all this tech is too much for me. im going back to my nokia "bar of soap" phone. i texted like a machine on it and it had snake 2. thats all i need

Why pick one when they can carry all of them and cater to the whole spectrum of possible tablet customers?

Sprint's 4G pretty much sucks balls. Every time I enable it on my Evo it nearly renders the bloody thing useless. I don't know why there isn't a national outcry about this.

I don't know if this is the right place to add my 2 cents, but others have said here what I agree with and what has been bugging me. I don't know why there's such impatience with HP Palm in the circumstances right now. First, to qualify, I understand that for those with 1 year contracts on Sprint with Pre's that are wearing out or worn out due to first-generation build quality defects, the temptation to be impatient is great. But aren't most people on 2-year contracts with carriers? I got my Pre plus in February the day I qualified for an upgrade after 20 months with Verizon, and I won't qualify again until next October. In fact, I'll qualify on my birthday and I plan to gift myself with at least a phone and maybe also a PalmPad (which I wish they'd call a Palm Pilot to resurrect that name with huge brand recognition). By then I expect to have lots of phone form factors to choose from. That is true for the vast majority of Palm Pre and Pre Plus users.

Most people don't spring for the newest as soon as it comes out, they just pay attention when their upgrade eligibility comes up. With the smartphone market mushrooming as more and more people move away from dumbphones, there's plenty of time for HP to tap into it and nab a huge market share once they have the great hardware and OS and apps ready.

Why is there such pessimism about this? HP didn't spend all that money to throw it away. I actually admire their ability to keep secret what they surely must have lots and lots of people working on. So I think we need to all be optimistic and patient and loyal and excited to see what HP announces as soon as they're really ready to hit the ground running with the resurrected-Palm webOS products. In fact, I wish they'd call their best new phone the "Phoenix," which would be a nod to all of us Palm loyalists who stuck it out.

Meanwhile I love my Pre plus and it's the best $1/day (for the data plan) I spend on anything. I call it my brain because without it I'd be disorganized and forgetful and bored in all those dead times in the day (in line, riding in the car, on the throne, doing housework, etc.) when now I listen/ play/ communicate/ organize/ manage my life. WebOS is the best OS for multitasking all of that easily and elegantly. And my Pre+ fits more neatly in my palm and in my pocket than any other form factor out there, so to me it's perfect for now and I'm content to wait to see what HP comes out with before I have to decide what to choose next time.

Anyone else out there agree?

A tablet designed for mobile computing (i.e. not windows 7) that will allow me to read marvel digital comics unlimited will get my money. I hope it's the PalmPad.

All I will say is there better be some kind of webOS tablet showing at CES or I'll be buying an Android based tablet the second week of January.