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by DanPLC Sun, 15 Nov 2009 2:21 pm EST
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This is the original version of Music Player (Remix). It is now obsolete. Version 2.0 Beta has been released as a homebrew app and is a major upgrade to the app. I highly suggest all Music Player (Remix) users upgrade to it. Not only does it add many new features to vastly improve the user experience, it is also much more stable and bug-free.

Music Player (Remix) 2.0 Beta is available in the PreCentral homebrew gallery and Preware (PreCentral feed).

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Where's the download? Can't get it here, thru Preware of WOQIS

When I download any homebrew app through the WebOS Quick Install, a message comes up saying:

ERROR: and error occured while attempting to install(app)

an error ocurred, return value:22
ipg: invalid magic

What did I do wrong????!!!!!

I am having the same issue.

I can't seem to download this app.

same here

file not found... :(

file not found here as well

whaaa?? File now found? Not Cool!

File not found...

Same - no joy.

happened to me too

I can't download anything :(

This is not cool man! Can't download anything

Go use his 2.0 version.
(If that link doesn't post, just search for music remix and look for version 2.0).
If you have WebOS 1.4.5, then you download the link from the web page on precentral. If you have WebOS 2.0, or above, you can get the program from the store.

file not found!