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Music Player Remix hits official App Catalog for your webOS 2 listening pleasure 27

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 22 Feb 2011 2:15 pm EST

Longtime homebrew favorite Music Player Remix has officially hit the App Catalog for those of us running webOS 2. It's amongst the most feature-rich music players you'll ever encounter and awfully pretty to boot. It does take a little learning to figure out all the features, but Hedami Software has kindly populated the app with tips, tricks, and a persistent help button to help you navigate your way through the user interface. 

From playlists to Universal Search / Just Type integration to wallpapers to social network integration, there's plenty to like here. Check out Hedami's video introduction after the break if you're not convinced. 

We always love to see homebrew make good - congrats DanPLC! Read more in their official forums.


And THAT's why I need webos2 on my sprint Pre!

The Homebrew version runs on 1.4.5 but yeah, we really need webos2 or some kind of upgrade path.

Nice, Now if Only I had WebOs 2.x on my Sprint Pre too. Thanks HP

Thanks for the article! For people running webOS 2.0 or later, here's the link to the app catalog page:

If you purchase the app (come on now, you know you want to), please leave a review (along with the rating). And remember, the app is only compatible with webOS 2.0 or later.

If we've purchased it for an older Pre, will we be grandfathered in when the new devices come out or will we need to buy the new version?

I assume people will be able to transfer their existing Palm profile over to the new devices. If that's true, then all apps you purchased should transfer over. But this is all speculation since I don't know anything about how Palm profiles will transfer over to the new devices.

If only 2.0 was widely available.

I wish I had webOS 2 so I could download it! Way to go Dan!

Thanks a lot for your support since the beginning! It's been a long time since your PreCentral article on the original homebrew version.

Yeah it would have been nice if everyone could have upgraded to webOS 2.1.

This is the best music player ever. Even players on desktop operating systems can learn from some of the cool features from Music Player Remix. Currently I don't know any desktop player which comes with even half the features.

I'm rocking the player using webOS v1.4.5 via Preware tool. Not sure if there are any differences other that the Just Type integration in v2.x . This is the BEST music player for any mobile platform and nearly rivals my beloved Winamp in terms of features.

Yes there are a lot of differences between the public beta (homebrew webOS 1.4.x version) and the app catalog version. For the past 2 months I've continued to develop the app in private beta while I waited to be able to release it into the catalog.

In addition to Just Type, here are just some of the many enhancements that the homebrew version doesn't have:

- Autolists
- All data (flylists, bookmarks, song play stats, etc.) is automatically backed up daily to your Palm profile
- Album art downloading
- Karaoke mode
- Super fast list loading and scrolling
- Alphabet selector on list screens reacts instantaneously
- Custom gestures on the Now Playing screen
- Swiping left->right in gesture area on any screen goes back to the Now Playing screen
- Swiping down during Playlist Preview mode will push the previewed song to the end of the playlist
- Pinch and zooming the album art will switch between "standard" and "super-sized" album art modes
- New faves are added to the top of the list (not bottom)
- Lots of small enhancements and tons of bug fixes

I love this app,great job Dan. Next move is for Hpalm to buy it and make it the official music player for WebOS.

How much is it?

$3.99...I revealed the price two days ago in my "app catalog pricing" poll:

Thanks a lot to everyone who voted in the poll and provided feedback. The results of this poll was the main factor in my pricing decision.

Just purchased it... Wahooo. I love this music player. Great job Dan!!!

I've been playing with this app for 45 minutes. I'm very impressed with it. Worth every penny!

This is so great, everyone should get this right now who has a Pre2!

I really wish i had a pre 2 to play with this..

I have an unlocked Pre2 from dev day giveaway. Wish I could use Preware or the AppCat to get the latest version for WebOS 2.0.

I have the version made for 1.4.5 on my launch day Pre and it is fantastic.

This is a great app. Much better than the default music player. Is there a way to make this the default app that streams audio from the web? As it is, when I click on a web stream, the default app opens. It would be nice to have this one open. I am using version made for 1.4.5.

Not that I'm aware of.

best music app on any mobile device definitely worth the money, i guess this app will be the first official hit for webos 2.0, i hope you will continue to make the app for enyo also so we can use it with touchpad!!

Thanks a lot! Given there are probably not too many Pre 2 users out there, I'm not sure about its chances of being a "hit". But hopefully that will change as more webOS 2.x devices come online (Verizon Pre 2, Veer, and even European Pre+'s).

Before 2/9 I had already begun drawing out some of my ideas for Music Player (Remix) on a tablet. But after the 2/9 announcement, I had to put the brakes on because my established userbase was for the most part eliminated since webOS 2.0 will likely not be coming to most existing legacy devices. So with only the promise of a potential future userbase, I had to really think about whether I wanted to put the time into converting to Enyo based upon a gamble.

After Palm announced the availability of the media indexing API (about 7 months ago), I've worked non-stop in my spare time on Music Player (Remix) never considering the possibility they wouldn't deliver on their promise. And during that time, I built a loyal userbase (via the homebrew community). But after the 2/9 announcement, many of those people who would have bought my app could not do so since they won't be able to upgrade to webOS 2.0.

So it's hard to just jump right into Enyo knowing that it's going to take even more of my time over the next few months and it's still uncertain if the userbase will be there. Will existing Remix users (homebrew) remain with webOS? Will the new devices be able to attract new users with competitive products coming out beforehand? I don't know.

So right now I'm waiting before I jump head first into Enyo development. I want to learn more about it. In the meantime, I'll continue to improve the Mojo version of Music Player (Remix).

herez wishing that touchpad sells a lot for the sake of all the webos fanatics !! And thanks danPLC you are one of the best app developers I have seen

So if I have webos 1.4.5, then I can only use the homebrew beta version? Kind of new to this. I just want a player that I can create multiple playlists on.

Yes, the homebrew version of the app is the only one compatible with webOS 1.4.5. It isn't as refined as the app catalog version, nor does it have all of the features; however it will let you create multiple playlists (called "flylists").