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Music Remix 2.0: another great way to listen to music on your webOS phone [video] 79

by Robert Werlinger Wed, 08 Sep 2010 10:47 am EDT

The stock music player in webOS works well enough, but like other native apps (Google Maps is a great example), it leaves much to be desired.  Enter Music (Remix) 2.0, an excellent music player that's currently in beta form in the homebrew galleryby Hedami Software. Music Remix 2.0 offers a slew of features to be excited about, including: flylists that let you add songs on the fly, a highly configurable homescreen, navigational touches that every music app should aspire to include, a mini player that lives in the notification area, integration, and customizable backgrounds that all go a long way towards making this one of the most compelling music apps currently available to webOS. 

See what Music Remix 2.0 is all about in the video embedded just after the break.


Going to give it a shot. NaNPlayer has been absolutely wonderful for me.

In term of features, it's quite similar to NANPlayer.
But personally the latter is way better as the UI and the navigation are concerned.

Competition is good.

Is it fast? I remember the older version being slower than the stock music app which kept me from using it.

I've been using it since last week and it hasn't slowed my Sprint Pre down at all. The app itself is quite responsive. I'm running at 800mHz with UK.

It is still slow as hell running on a stock Pre.

It is still slow as hell running on a stock Pre.

Everything is slow as hell on a stock Pre. Crank her up to 1GHz.

estockda, I just installed and tried using it. It totally slowed down my phone. I removed it and phone works again. I am running at 1ghz, so it shouldn't have done that.

I think you have something else going on in your system. I have had plenty of feedback in the homebrew thread that the app is much faster than the old version. On my stock 500Mhz Sprint Pre, I don't have any slowdown issues.

I agree. I'm running at 1 GHz and I haven't seen any kind of slow down.

It is MUCH faster than the regular music player and much faster than the older versions of Music (remix), but even if it wasn't, the ability to universally search makes it well worth it.

FWIW, I am running Sprint Pre Govnah 500/800 screenstate.

UPDATE: I reinstalled it and it works great now. Don't know what was up before, don't care :)

This is a great app. I use it all the time now!

Man, this is awesome! Thanks for your hard work, makes my iPod look crippled!

OMG. I have not homebrewed before just because I really didn't need some of the stuff offered. (even though a bunch of it was totally cool) But I am getting this. This is the best music player I have seen on any device as to yet... including the iPod. Great work... I am not sure if this is the place to ask questions, but I never embed album art, will this player read album art from cover.jpg?

The album art is retrieved from the webOS media indexer in the same way the built-in app does. If you're interested in album art, I would recommend using an application like Media Monkey on your computer to automatically embed the album art when you sync your music. I did and as you notice in my videos, 99% of my songs now have the correct album art.

Thanks! I use MP3Tag to embed art. But in my collection, none of the art is embeded. I was hoping that if I transferred a folder over that had the art in it, it would automatically pick it up. No worries. Still a boss player!

Just an FYI, I was using Hedami's version prior to 2.0 and had used Media Monkey to get all my album art synched up. After downloading this upgraded version I no longer see any of my album covers...grrrr! Still I like this version better for the additional features it has. Any suggestions for recovering the artwork would be appreciated!

I would try to re-sync your music. I use Media Monkey to sync my music while the device is hooked up in "Media Sync" mode and all of my album art shows up. Just make sure you choose the "Embed album art" option in MM's preferences.

best and better features ever. Great work. I'm using it daily ...

Thanks for the article... be sure to check out the rest of the videos on my HedamiSoft youtube channel. Or just go ahead and download the app in the homebrew gallery!

"The stock music player in webOS works well enough..."

Come on now, let's not give credit where it's not due.

Looks much better!

How does it order songs in albums? Alphabetical or track number?

If you select an album to load a new playlist, or if you add an album to a flylist or your Faves list, it'll play the songs in track listing order.

Dan, great app. Thanks for doing this!!! Looking forward to it moving out of Beta and future updates.

Is there a way to listen to music while playing a 3D game?? If there is a way, how do you do it?

If there isnt a way, they why isnt there?!? webos is suppose to be multitasking!!

I just tried listening to music while playing Angry Birds and it worked just fine. I think it'll depend on which 3D app you try it with. Especially if you're on a Sprint Pre, certain apps have very large memory requirements and simply won't run in the limited amount of RAM available.

I've been doing this on my minus since before I started overclocking.


Once out of beta, will this be offered in Preware as an update to the previous version (0.12.3)?

The beta of Music Player (Remix) 2.0 is available in Preware right now. It is installed as a new app (vs. an upgrade of the old version) since the entire database structure has been updated.

The final version will be available in the official app catalog.

Where in Preware? I went looking for it when I saw this article and couldn't find it.

Found it. It's under Multimedia rather than Music

Preware has search built right into it's home screen. Just start typing "music" and hit enter. No need to browse categories when you know part of the app's name.

It's in the "PreCentral" feed.

The app is simply fantastic,have you submitted it to palm yet? This would look great if they do a demonstration of this, along with webOS 2.0... if it will be a paid app, hope you make a boat load of money, you'll get the community's support.


Thanks a lot for the support! It will be submitted to the app catalog once the media indexing API is released by Palm which according to a previous statements will be "in the fall".

And yes, it will be a paid app.

And it will be purchased!!!


Man, this is awesome! Thanks for your hard work!

the link to amazon to download right from the music app is not in this release i hope that gets updated i used it a bunch it was really handy

Very nice set up. Thanks! for doing this.

I been with this dude since the first player remix was out and now music remix damm this dude totally rocks.

So excited! This was the first homebrew ap I fell in love with almost a year ago. I thought version 0.12.3 was the best thing since sliced bread. Now Remix 2.0 is the best thing since the WebOS toaster, to go with my sliced bread. Great work! Nice added features! Thanks PC for putting up this article. Would have never known there was a new version, without it.

This is too good. Light years ahead of Remix 1. This may make me cancel my iPod order. Thinking, thinkings....

Btw. Does anyone know what the little pre icon does?
The one that changes from dark to light when you tap it.

When it's lit the display will stay on as long as the app is in focus (i.e. not minimized in card view). You can see this demonstrated in the video attached in the article. Also check out the other videos I posted on my YouTube channel to learn about all of the new features within the app.

I never used the stock music player and after using this one I changed my mind on getting a new ipod. The first thing I did was put some songs on it and purchased the Motorola HD bluetooth stereo headphones. Thanks to this app it will serve all my music needs. All I need is more storage space and I'm good to go. Great App DanLPC!

this app is my new favorite thing in existance. Not only is it much snappier than the stock player, the Flylists are nice, and the features are much better.

and my favorite feature? support. I've been looking for this forever, and it really works. This app completely rocks, and being that I do the vast majority of my music listening from my phone, being able to track it with now is incredible.

Thank you PreCentral for posting this, and thank you to Dan for creating it!

I've been using it a couple of days now. I think It's OK.
I'm not a fan of the 3 lines of stuff when it's minimized, but to each their own.

The 3 modules of the mini-player are configurable! Go to the app's Preferences screen and you can choose which ones (if any) you want to display while the app is minimized.

Ooo, that's handy. Thanks for the info!

I also love how you can swipe away any of the three bars. Also, if you regret getting rid of one, simply focus the app and then unfocus and all three dash screens are back. This app is so sexy I want a pull out centerfold of it to hang on my wall :-)

Love the look of this app. Being able to search and create flylists makes managing music so much better. But with the Pre's limited memory I can't just dump all my music onto it. This app will certainly be welcomed on the next palm device especially if it has memory card expansion.

Are there any comperable players to this feature wise for Android?

Yeah I also hope the next Palm device will have more storage (preferably expandable). I can't imagine they would release another device without a mini-SD card slot.

I'm not sure if there are any Android players with some of the unique features such as built-in universal search, Faves, and advanced bookmarking. But one feature that I know they won't have is the multi-module mini-player. Android does have support for widgets; however this cannot match the convenience of accessing the mini-player from the notification area which is always just one tap away in webOS. For this feature alone, webOS users will be able to make iOS and Android users jealous.

THIS is the Music Player the Pre should have came with! One of the few items I missed about my Iphone was the media player and this finally surpasses it. The standard app is worthless and I've used Remix since I got homebrew and while it is better than the standard app this 2.0 is light years ahead.

Loved this app.. I was looking for a free music app where I can set sleep time.. I finally get it through this app. Homepage lists all favs thats nice too..


The speed with which it retrieves song lyrics is amazing!

Spent an hour with my 7 year old daughter just singing songs together with this app.

Thanks so much DanPLC!

It really is outrageous how talented Dan is. There is so much clever and economic design here. Been using it all day, and I continue to discover new features. Can't wait to pay for it.

Thanks a lot! I put a lot of thought into the design so it's cool when people appreciate it.

How can I get this app to include album art? I have iTunes on a Mac. Should I use synching program? I really think having the album art would be nice. How have others dealt with this?

I used Media Monkey on Windows to sync my music to my phone. I set the "embed album art in files" option. After doing that, 99% of my album art shows up in the app. I think there's a version of the application for Mac, so you may want to try that out. But whichever application you use to sync your music, I think the important thing is to make sure the album art is embedded within the files.

This app is really fantastic. Don't wanna go off topic too much, but about every week that passes with no news about new hardware, I think of getting the Evo. And without fail, precentral and homebrew keep giving me reasons to stay. Thanks for your fine work.

Personally I'd stick it out awhile longer. I think Palm is going to surprise all of us and unleash some great new hardware. I'm sure it'll happen eventually. And webOS 2.0 is going to be awesome!

I've played with plenty of co-workers' Android devices. The hardware is nicer; but hands down, the interface on webOS just blows them away. And webOS has some very unique features that can't be touched. For instance, I'd like to see an iPhone or Android device implement Remix's mini-player that you can access with one touch from within any other app.

Also the webOS community here on PreCentral is amazing. And Palm is incredibly engaging with users and developers. I can't imagine Apple and Google being this involved with their community or being as supportive of the homebrew scene.

Been using this all day and I'm loving it. I had problems with the previous version being unresponsive, but not 2.0. (Using 500/1000 screenstate.) Now I just need a new webOS phone with more storage (or hopefully a microSD slot) so I can load up all of my music.

BTW for those looking to embed their artwork, I use Media Monkey too and it's awesome. Very useful for keeping your library organized, and a good music player as well.

From where does Music (remix) 2.0 pull song lyrics?

the first minute of this video sold me. I'm installing it during my walk to campus today.

this is straight up awesomesauce! Great work..very smart design, a lot of thought, time, and effort went into this! Thanks for the media monkey tip on album art...i also have a problem with artist and album info not syncing to my phone. I was using double twist b/c most of my library is wma so I needed something to convert it. It's weird, when I veiw the music on the hard drive in hard drive mode, all the artist info is there, but not in my player. Any solutions that won't take 99 hours?(like reripping my cd's in another format)

Make sure you're actually looking at the ID3 tags in the MP3 files. It should be pulling the information from there.

so amazing.
beyoooooond fantastic.
so clean, so incredibly clever.

my mind is blown!

It could be my imagination, but the sound quality seems to have degraded (less bass more treble).

The music apps have absolutely no control over bass or treble levels. So yes, you're imagining it.

Great job Dan, this is like a totally different app from the original one you released back in the day!

Thanks! Yeah that's what I was going for...a complete re-design.

Love the app. I've been using Remix since it first came out and love it!!

Great player, but I have some troubles with it... I have deleted some podcasts from my Pre, but the Remix player still has it in list - I can not delete missed podcasts from the player!
I have removed the player, then installed it again and again those podcasts are there (with zero length)... How to release it from player, who knows?

Please give me advice, if it possible! Thank you in advance, people!

It's not an issue with the Music Player (Remix) app. Try opening up the built-in music app and I'm sure you'll find those same podcasts there. All the music apps retrieve the list of audio files from the webOS media indexer service. The only thing I can suggest is to try rebooting your phone. However I have had cases where this didn't fix it either.

If you have any other questions specific to my app, come by the Music Player (Remix) 2.0 Beta homebrew thread (in the PreCentral forums).