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Music Synergy might be the next big trick up HP's sleeve 23

by Riz Parvez Sat, 12 Feb 2011 1:06 am EST

With all the news and newness unveiled at HP's big Think Beyond event this week, you might think that HP execs didn't have anything else to talk about. Well, they did, and when questioned about iTunes sync and cloud music management in an interview with Engadget, Jon Rubinstein along with HP SVP of Applications and Services Steven McArthur let slip an interesting nugget:

Engadget: Speaking of the cloud stuff -- you had issues with this whole iTunes sync thing -- do you see an opportunity to get into partnerships with companies like Rdio [streaming / cloud services]?

Steven: Think about what Sonos has done in the home, integrating different services into a clean interface that allows you source the content irrespective of where it comes from. They're a little company -- think about what HP can do building that kind of client, those business relationships, and putting it on 100 million devices a year.

Engadget: So you see opportunity there? Do services like Pandora become less like an app and more like a component of something else?

Steven: What you're describing is Music Synergy.

Engadget: Does that exist? 

Steven: Stay tuned.

Music Synergy, eh? Sonos, in case you were wondering, makes incredibly trick wireless multi-room home audio products. Their hardware/software solution combines your home library, Internet radio, and popular online music services like Rhapsody, Napster, Pandora and Last.FM into one cohesive “endless music” experience that can be accessed across devices throughout your home.

Now, knowing that an elegant and cohesive design philosophy is one of the things that makes webOS stand out against some of it’s larger competitors, we can probably infer how this could take shape by looking at their existing photo/video synergy hub. Single screen aggregation of your native music collections with all your favorite cloud-based streams and services. Very slick if they can pull it off. In fact, we can see this as potentially being HP's answer to Apple's AirPlay.

Add how Touch-To-Share, smart Touchstones, and webOS on PCs could fit into this puzzle, and “Think Beyond” seems like the perfect way to describe the potential for music on 3.x.

Source: Engadget


This is a cool idea but I fear for my battery life.

Wow, that's timing...I was just about to post in the forum the Engadget interview and reference to Sonos.

What intrigues me is Steven reference to Sonos "Think about what Sonos has done in the home, integrating different services into a clean interface that allows you source the content irrespective of where it comes from. They're a little company -- think about what HP can do building that kind of client, those business relationships, and putting it on 100 million devices a year."

and then...Engadget: Does that exist? with Steven responding: "Stay tuned."

What wasn't answered and we're left to speculate is how HP will use the other Tech and IP they spent significantly on in 2010 including:

1. Palm - nuff said - $1.2 Billion

2. Melodeo - parent company of the Nutsie music streaming service - $35 million

3. 3PAR - enterprise storage - $2.4 billion

2. ArcSight Inc - security software company - $1.5 billion

If you spend this much money, you got to have a plan to use it. Looking forward to next months announcement or whenever HP decides to let us in on the secret. Sorli...

I don't think that you fully understand all that HP does. Here's a partial run down:

PSG - Personal Systems Group - Makes computers and is now the home to Palm/webOS.

IPG - Imaging & Pringing Group - Makes printers and offers print services including ePrint remote cloud printing services.

ESSN - Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking. This division makes servers which competes with Dell, IBM & Sun; Storage devices which competes with EMC and Routers/Switches to compete with Cisco. 3Com was purchased to enhance this group as was 3Par.

ES - Enterprise Services - consulting, hosting and corporate/government services. Think Accenture on consulting & software development/implementations and hosting your company's IT. I happen to work in this group.

HP Software - 6th largest software company in the world. The software here largely is used to run corporate IT/HP and other branded servers and hardware, however there are other products. This is ArcSight falls into this group.

There's a lot more but these are the basic building blocks. The future at HP is exciting because all the pices are fitting together like lego blocks. ESSN is converging their architecutre so that user have an easier time integrating servers, networking and storage. ES is going to build cloud services on software offered by HP Software and agile hardware produced by HP. Consumers will buy IPG & PSG printers, computers, tablets and phones but will also buy services from companies who source these services from HP.

I hope this helps.

I'm imagining listening to music in my car, with my PREx on a touchstone. Then as I walk into my house, my home audio system picks up right where I left off in the car. All controlled via webos, be it phone, pad or browser.

I like this thought.

That's it right there! "Pick up where you left off" No need to restart anything you started no matter where you're at and what device you have.

I always listen to things in the car and I have to stop when I get home or when I'm at home and leave using the car.

Can we have Neato! For music too? Aww wishful thinking. I do love that app.

This sounds great. I only hope HP is planning on releasing a phone on Sprint so I can enjoy this service. I have four phones for my family with overlapping contracts so I won't be switching carriers just for me. I hope HP understands there are many people like me.

Also, I won't be buying the TouchPad if I don't have a webOS phone.

I think I'll be buying a TouchPad because I have a Pre^3. They seem like they'll work perfectly together. I'll wait until I see a price before saying that I'll buy one though.

Sweet. I'm sure we'll see this in the "Coming Months." But only for the Pre4.

Seriously...who cares what HPalm promises at this point?

I'll believe it when I hear it, honestly. How many times have we been told things are coming or have things been implied to be coming that never, ever, ever actually come out?

Or even worse...when it is mentioned over and over again at CES and NAB and they magically disappear in Vaporware.

Actually, I suspect that this is the Strategic reason HP changed they way they make public announcements...if it is not ready for mass production then we don't have anything to say.

Of course, Feb 9th squashes that whole theory since they made three (3) big device announcements and we still have to wait 1, 2 or 3 months. I'm pretty certain HP is pushing their manufacturing HARD since it is kinda hard to win if you team can't "step up to the plate." Sorli...

"I'll believe it when I hear it"... I see what you did there.

lots of vapor talk. does hp have a print app yet for webos? are we almost theeerre? almost kidies

You're title implies that HP has had a previous trick up their sleeve. Besides sucking an egg on Wednesday, did I miss it?

you can HP eprint from any web enabled mobile device, including webOS ones.

cmon. I'm tired of hearing the same complaints over and over. It's sucks we won't get 2.0. It sucks they haven't announced carriers. It sucks we have to wait til summer. WE GET IT!!!! If you don't think webOS products are worth wait, don't wait.

this is a tech enthusiasts sight. So if you can't come here with some Enthusiasm don't come.

Music Synergy sounds awsome BTW! I'll make due with my sprint Pre until then.

Enthusiasm is not defined as only being positive. Choose your words wisely when defending the dark lord.

"Steven: Stay tuned."

Is that the same as in the coming months?

My Pre already provides a great interface to my music and internet radio via the great Pre app 'Squeeze Control' to control my Squeezeboxes (Logitech). I hope they can keep 'synergy' open to interface with multiple devices and sources.



Apple thrives on its brand cache. At first, iphone lovers were, rightly, touting the hardware. Then the app store came out and, today, that's all they have to tout; a bagillion apps, and many being very useful. Beyond that, there is still the brand cache that keeps bringing people in. iPhone is synonymous with smartphone to the layperson.

Synergy across devices through the cloud, touch-to-share, and eventually webos on all your devices AND Music Synergy? HP is going to generate some serious cache through ease of use and access of the data & services people use.

I love all the cloud services in webOS and the ones coming and its awesome. But I'm sorry, with all this cloud stuff and the tiered data plans becoming standard, how is this going to work out?

the wireless carriers will be up to their necks in money, that's how this is going to work out.

Hopefully this doesn't go to hell, HP needs to start thinking media not just music. Movies, Music, News, Podcast, etc...

This came to me over the night. Think about how many bad decisions that are being made by several people all throughout the company on a daily basis. There are companies with members who have literally killed themselves for one incorrect macro decisions (macro being used based on company products including size, quantity, quality) Yet Palm made decisions and brushed them off HP is already screwing up ideas and they act as if being dumb comes with the Territory.

These people have sacrificed their dignity permanently with the option not to do so. These are our companies, not their those companies exist whether their there or not. The public needs to have a better way to remove these people from position when an abundance of errors are created to disturb the public.

Why go music synergy? Simply allow Itunes and the movie downloads to accept .avi and ACC+ on the device and then place them appropriately where needed. At this point anything considered a smartphone needs to accept 95% of anything out there and definitely anything major. (this is the only company where you have to make sure you state anything major)