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This is my webOS [from the forums] 19

by Derek Kessler Sun, 27 Jan 2013 8:12 pm EST

This is my webOS [from the forums]

Despite it having been well over a year since the last update to webOS, my TouchPad and Pre3 are the constant recipients of updates thanks to the webOS homebrew community. These updates are typically smaller than a system upgrade, with the homebrew community engaging in smaller piecemeal improvements, though there are larger package upgrades like LunaCE from WebOS Ports and the Advanced System patches by Sconix. I personally swap out my patches on a fairly regular basis; there are a couple of configurations that serve me well, but I like to keep things fresh. There might be a small part of me that interprets regularly changing up the way my webOS devices operate as a refresh of sorts, standing in for the formal update these devices will never receive.

Garrett92C started a thread that caught our attention in the webOS Nation Forums with a clever title and concept: This is my webOS. In it he offers up what his personal customizations to webOS look like on his device (including a llama), and asks others to do the same. With more than hundreds of patches and themes available for webOS devices, chances are you could customize your Pre or TouchPad to be entirely unique, not to mention looking and operating exactly how you'd like it to.

My current set-up is as follows. My TouchPad is running the last version of LunaCE, and that's the only customization I've made to it. I used to have a dozen or so patches installed, but after having to doctor early on in the LunaCE alpha process I never got around to reinstalling those patches. And frankly, it's working just fine without them. LunaCE offers up a number of improvements that I don't think I could do without. These patches, somehow, I seem to be living without. At least for now - my homebrew binges tend to come on without warning.

My Pre3, on the other hand, is heavily customized. In addition to the UI Scale patch you see in action above, I'm running with the almost the complete suite of Sconix's Advance System patches (Behavior, Menu Prefs Framework, Calendar Prefs, Email Prefs, Phone Prefs, and System Prefs), Jason Robitaille's Advanced Reset Options and Device Menu Megamix, Hold Tap Context Menu for both Email and Web, Custom Carrier String, Character Counter, and Sharing Super Mix.

There's also a slew of patches meant to just make webOS run more smoothly (Increase Touch Sensitivity and Smoothness, Mojo FPS Booster, Mojo Smooth Scrolling, Muffle System Logging, and Unthrottle Download Manager); I'm not sure what impact they're all having, but combined they make my Pre3 generally buttery smooth. Really rounding out the buttery smoothness though is UberKernel, which though having not been updated in a year is still a great improvement in performance and battery life for the Pre3, especially when coupled with Govnah for personalizing how it behaves.

So that's what my webOS looks like. I'm sure yours looks different, my tastes and needs are no doubt different than yours. Go ahead and head to the forums and share your webOS; you've put the work into customizing it the way you want, might as well show of your configuration.


I'm still on the fence about UI Scale. There's still some work to be done on it, but I really like having more icons on the screen at once, it's like the old days...

Yea, it definitely needs some work. I personally can't live without it, but I completely understand how some people may find it unusable on a daily driver phone. I'm spread pretty thin right now when it comes to all the different projects I'm currently working on and lack of time, but UI Scale will definitely be improved. :)

With all those goodies LunaCE comes with, did they find a way to kill the TP Audio bug? Yes I know I can just put it in sleep mode for a few seconds but it really is one of the most annoying problems. Just wondering.

Install touchvol and use the restart pulse audio from menu to fix this. Works for me anyway

I already have that installed and that way doesn't work. The only effective way that works for me is putting it in sleep mode for 10 secs and bringing it back. Wasn't really looking for a work around, was just curious with all the goodies LunaCE brought, if there might of been a fix for that bug within it.

If I remember correctly restarting pulse audio only worked for a bug in earlier versions of WebOS 3.X where the sound would drop out entirely. 3.0.5 fixed the audio drop out but not the distorted sound. I have never had any luck restarting pulse audio to fix the distortion.

What do you experts suggest as a course of action when hanging tightly to an ancient Palm Pre only loosely supported by Sprint who has the only plan I can afford? Use over 95% data & very little voice.


Pre3, Straight Talk ;-)
into my 4th month after leaving 10yrs of Sprint. Never looking back!
forty five dollar make you holla! Lol

although I've only been using 1-2gb of data each month so far.

A Pre3 would do nicely if I could find one outside of AT&T or Verizon with the coverage I need. I doubt Straight Talk has any rural coverage worth a hoot but I don't know since I've never talked to them. I've got to do something before this phone dies and there are no replacements available. ;-(

uber kernel on pre3? you can over clock the pre 3 over its already 1.4 Ghrs snap dragon processor?

yeah , you can overclock the Pre 3 to 1.9 although mine crashes at that speed , mine is overclocked to 1.8 at the moment :-)

Yes - it can be overclocked as high as 2.0ghz depending on which kernel you use.

I feel bad for webOS :(

LOL... you aren't the only one!

I feel bad for the people who never had the pleasure of trying webOS.

I was wondering if I could do any of this stuff on a Pre 2

There are many things you can do for the Pre2, UberKernel makes my Pre2 super fast, I m not interested in icons, just speed, do not try the hyper fast cards because make the Pre slower, but is not the case for TP, works great in the Tablet.

WebOS is the best of the best and HomeBrew Community is the greatest, customize my Pres is the best thing I have ever done, talking about smartphones. I wonder if you can do such a things like that in other OS, but I doubt it.

Long Live WebOS

the internet is far and wide....but the Nation is always my first stop.....

im very happy with my pre2 but am thinking about grabbing a pre3 to add to my collection and this article is making my next stop Ebay

i will also make it back to Garrett's thread

how to install it? I don't have it in preware...i did update feeds but still nothing... Do i need to add something to preware? Source? I m not that good with webOS but i love it so much... Help please