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by michote Fri, 14 Sep 2012 11:28 am EDT
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Caution: In v.0.3.4 the Custom List Backend has changed. All custom Lists from previous versions will be gone with this update. Lists will now be saved to a single .json-file
MySongBook is an Enyo-App to display Songs in OpenLyrics XML Standard  from the internal storage of your device. It displays Lyrics and Chords by a given verseorder.
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You can create songs from scratch, edit existing ones and also create your own custom songlists.


  • Create and Edit Songs
  • Create custom Songlists
  • Transpose Chords
  • Change Fontsize and Linespacing
  • Block Screen from dimming
  • Autoscroll

Online Documentation
An example Package of song can be found here. Unzip it and copy .xml files in /songs to /media/internal/MySongBook.
This app is optimized for the TP but should work on all Enyo-enabled Phones as well.

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This app brings an awesome way to keep all ones favorites songs in one place. I play guitar so I can have not just lyrics but chords and more in it. We need more apps that perform and have a true usability like this one. Thanks -Micha- for this great app.