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MyTether Hits a Landmark v2.1.0 138

by Jason Robitaille Wed, 10 Feb 2010 10:24 pm EST

MyTether, the sometimes controversial webOS tethering app, has been updated to version 2.1.0 and this is definitely an update worth checking out.

Rod Whitby of WebOS Internals worked with the developer to improve the installation process for MyTether, giving advice on how to ensure that it wouldn't interfere with other functionality of webOS. Version 2.1.0 will now be installable and uninstallable via WebOS Quick Install and Preware.

Better still, with this version of MyTether, there's no more wifi driver replacement. It now harnesses the Mobile Hotspot Linux daemon present in all webOS devices to get the Mobile Hotspot-like results in MyTether.  As Palm is unlikely to kill their own Mobile Hotspot app, this route will likely, in turn, make MyTether lasting and reliable.

However, there may be dark cloud on the horizon as evidenced by this tweet from MyTether, where the developer writes "Palm, Inc. claims to PayPal that I'm infringing upon their intellectual property.. what IP did I infringe?" We can't speak to that issue, but we do know that using any third party tethering app is always risky business - your carrier could notice the use and do anything from charging you significantly more on your next bill to shutting your account down for violating their tiny-font terms of service.

If the use-at-your-own-risk caveats don't scare you, MyTether can be bought from its official website as donationware for a donation of $14.95.



Wow, my screenshot has really made the rounds. :) Let the Volcom name live on!

"We can't speak to that issue, but we do know that using any third party tethering app is always risky business"

not always... there are carriers where it is totally legal. maybe not in the USA, but as it is sold on other countries, too, the above statement is not true -- it simply depends on the carrier.

Not to be picky, but the terms "legal" and "illegal" don't apply to tethering. It might be against the carriers' "rules" or "contract" but that has nothing to do with law.

HAHAHA!!!! A 'contract' has nothing to do with law?

Breaking the terms of service of a contract is not breaking the law, no. The remedy of a carrier is to drop the customer or charge a fee or something. It is not a criminal offense.

Uh, try again. A cell phone service contract is a legally-binding agreement. If you make a serious violation of your contract, your cell carrier can bring you to court.

Still not a criminal law. Contractual issues such as this could be handled in a court; where you could be held financially liable /termination of services... but you won't have to clean the side of a road as community service or anything of that nature.

A contract COULD be legally binding, depending on what is in the contract. But it is not law. It is not breaking a law to break a contract, it is just breaking a contract. You don't have a "record" for breaking a contract, cannot be taken to court by the DA, and cannot serve jail time. There is a big difference.

This Version of mytether look very good, but i dont know if i can trust myteather again it cost me a vist to the doctor
mobile hotspot is reliable and did u kno its from palm..

Does MyTether Free get updated as well and put in Preware?

And what are the limitations with the free version again?

There is no free version anymore

Sure there is... there has always been and functions on USB/BT tethering. Not quit as smooth as the donor version and does not see much updates only when critical. You just have not made a preware/quick install ipk for it.


Free has never been on preware or webosquick install. at least not initially just an installer that jason had made which installed a script to run the mytether installer for people who didnt want to root. but it was also more of a hack of the original mytether and ended up causing issues to people's phones on later webos updates.. Sorry Jason not trying to bash you here just clearing the water for wicketr

we really should get the developers of mytether to stop calling it a "donation". Basically you pay for the app, you'd get it, you don't pay for the app, you don't get it.

they cannot release it into app catalog, but have to rely on WOSQI and Preware. fine, I get all of that. but stop calling it a donation, and call it a standard fee. I know Jason have a big problem with this too, don't you jason?

A lot of dev use the term "donation ware" to avoid the selling process and fee imposed by pay pal. So instead of charging $20 and the dev getting only 15$ they call it a donation and actually get the majority of the money.

Plus it helps avoid some legal issues because you a donating not buying.

But this is not donationware. Donationware is a subset of freeware. If this was truly donationware, then the fully functional version of MyTether (aka the "donors only" version) would be available to everyone in the hopes if you actually like the app, you would donate money to the developer.

PayPal still collect their fee even on donations, don't they? :(

yes. The above commenter apparently does not understand the fee structure that PayPal has.

If everyone really has such a huge problem with aonic calling for a "donation" for the app, then let's think of it this way. You are donating to his website, and as such, you are able to access a "Donors Only" section, which happens to have the installer for the MyTether app. Non-donors are able to access the website, but cannot enter the donors only space. This is not an uncommon practice. Does that work for all you crybabies?
I "donated" to aonic back when he only asked for $10, and this app has been easily worth more than that. I really don't know what the huge fuss is about. How does his calling it a "donation" or selling it for a "price" really affect you? Either you want it or you don't. To the idiots here who are bashing him and telling others to send him "hate mail"...really don't know what to say. Tell you what, take yourself to Verizon where you can "pay" for the hotspot app. That way you won't be upset about giving a "donation." Or better yet, avoid all the hassle and simply pass this up. It's not your right to have tethering anyways. If you want it for free, create an app for yourself.
BTW, jack87 has a great post on this subject. Have a read before bashing a developer who created something you can all use for $15 while Verizon customers pay $40/month for the same exact ability.


As for comment about me.. i just posted something similar to what i have said in the past :-/ Anyway i think I am done with this subject for the most part

"You are donating to his website, and as such, you are able to access a "Donors Only" section, which happens to have the installer for the MyTether app."

So are you saying i donate money to Comcast each month to get their cable service that is only available to "donors"? And my employer donates money to me to get me to work? And that I donated money to Honda for them to give me my car?

If your definition of "donate" is how you apply it, then everything we do or receive is a "donation" and not a fee/cost.

No, I'm saying that you are donating to his website, which allows him to keep it up and running, and in return you receive access to the donors only section, which gives you access to the mytether installer. You are not buying the app, if you want to look at it that way. It is not rare for sites or even services to increase accessibility or functionality to a free service or site to those who donate. Yes, there is a free version of mytether you can use. Donating to aonic and his work opens up more accessibility to his site and opens up more functionality to his mytether app.
is there a free version of a car that you can buy that has less functionality than a car you pay for? Is there a less effective or less talented version of yourself that your employer can hire that does a little work, but doesn't do everything you can do? If not, then your analogy doesn't apply.

ok I just have to say this, but could care less about the topic really...if I want something I'm going to buy it point blank....wit that said I must say this...people don't donate anything for something in return, no matter how you try to spin it...when you donate anything to the salvation army you're not doing it to receive anything in return...the people who are making donations to this developer's site are the ones who never downloaded mytether and are just trying to help out...if anything call it a trade...but don't go and try to put a capitalistic spin on the word donate in order to turn a profit.

sometimes i think people bitch just to see their words in print!

let's just say, with the exception of the misspelled 'witht", Dieter is an impeccable editor ;)

I'll stick with Mobile Hotspot app with the auto IP forward patch it works great and it's FREE! I got a 1.1mb speed, using it.

FreeTether + Mobile HotSpot FTW (on Sprint). Forget this MyTether nonsense. Does this new version at least install itself safely?

I concur. I rarely need to tether, only when camping or going on a trip to the mountains to ski. So happens I'm doing that this weekend, so looked into the options. Freetether + Mobile Hotspot + Jason's patch work really well. Freetether on its own with USB to my ubuntu laptop also works flawlessly, if you don't want to run a mobile hotspot, or aren't into snagging software that wasn't meant for your device on Sprint (may save pre battery this way too?)

Can someone enlighten why the mobile hotspot app requires freetether? Is it just to enable ip forwarding, and the NAT iptables rules? Is this the only thing that keeps the app from working standalone on Sprint devices? Just curious.


Unfortunately, this is the kind of thing that makes carries (in the US anyway) want to NOT push or carry the device. They don't want people to be able to tether without paying extra for the data connection that they're already paying for.

I hear alot of whining, hey I got an idea get some water and get that sand out of your vag...prolly 1% of pre users hack their pre and use the tethering... It's no big deal sprint doesn't care.... That's why they don't have those plans.. And verizon charges 40 bucks...haha sprint gets it for free

No thanks... calling it donationware is cheap.. Either give it away for free and ask for donations or just flat out sell it. If you go with the former, people who use and like your app will likely donate, judging from the comments, this app isn't even worth Free.. If you go with the latter, you're being honest AND hopefully you've got software that works. Using the term donationware either means you're scamming PayPal or you don't have confidence in your software and you have force people into giving a "donation".. It's sickening either way.

Sounds like someone has personal issues and has an axe to grind.

I've been using mytether since day 1. I made the "donation" and it is my number one application. I love this app and I have never had any problems with it. Sure the camera was disables while I use it, but I use it for work and am not playing with my pre while I'm working. When I'm done I unpatch it and reboot. I'm happy with it.

I paid $40 for an equivalent app for my Treo a few years ago and myTether works a whole lot better.

I agree with Tcub. It is not a "donation" if it is required to get some type of functionality or feature. Period. Calling it a "donation" is just wrong, and it rubs people the wrong way (myself included). Yes, I paid for it, but it was NOT a donation.

My Tether never did replace the wifi driver. Hence why users of the donor release of mytether never ran into issues with their phone wifi not working. although hackery of the free version did replace the driver. (this had nothing to do with aonic or mytether itself)

umm, I've seen the paid earlier versions of MyTether and it most certainly did temporarily replace wifi drivers while in tethering mode. The binary was bundled inside the jar, but was clearly the wifi driver ;)

So much replace.... but used it while wifi tethering. :-)... your IPK was the one that replaced it altogether.

I been having 2.0. But I still can't get the internet work on my pc but mobile hotspot works great.

I also have an issue with it being called a donation. "Donations" by definition can not be forced!

Wow, I'm still shaking my head at the lack of logic here. And who is putting a gun to your head to force you to donate?

you do realize there is a free version of mytether. I posted about it in a comment bellow

not anymore. Free version was gone as of v2.1.0

It doesn't matter if there was or is a "free" version, it doesn't make the paid version a "donation" version, because the "donation" was required.

It can't be a required payment AND also a "donation". If it is required to pay to get a feature, it is not a donation, it is a purchase.

15 bucks? wow, am I lucky I can use bluetooth tethering for free .

The only thing i can think of, as far as the IP issue, is this:

If mytether, and freeTether for that matter, are using the MHS 1.0.3 version that was briefly available, Palm may have some solid ground to stand on. MHS is a Palm app, and probably copyrighted too. If this is being used on a carrier or in a way that they didn't sign off on, maybe they plan to wave the "IP flag" as a sort of "Cease and Desist." But why they wouldn't just contact @aonic directly instead of going to PayPal we may never know...


freetether does not use mobile hot spot app.. people use it along side freetether. and my tether does not use it at all.... But ya i was wondering why palm didnt just contact aonic.

My mistake. I thought the MHS, freeTetherd and patch solution was based on dependencies...

Palm is citing the WiFi drivers that were taken and modified to make the old version of MyTether work. That is IP theft and Aonic should be forced to return the money to all who bought this from them under the guise of donationware.

Can you show where Palm is citing this? I would love to read it. (Note- i'm not trying to be a dick)

Let me rephrase that. I believe Palm is citing.....

And you are probably right.

NOW it doesn't infringe, because it is just calling a service that was already there. But when he was reusing the old kernel module/driver, they probably had a leg to stand on about the IP stuff.


Donationware is a licensing model that supplies fully operational software to the user and pleads for an optional donation be paid to the programmer or a third-party beneficiary (usually a non-profit). The amount of the donation may also be stipulated by the author, or it may be left to the discretion of the user, based on individual perceptions of the software's value. Since donationware comes fully operational (i.e. not crippleware) and payment is optional, it is a type of freeware.


Thank you!! I hope no one purchases this crap.. or better yet, a more responsible developer creates a better version and distributes it as actual donationware and not this cons model.. Send this tool some hate mail..

Exactly, this isn't donationware.

FreeTether + Mobile HotSpot is the better way to go imo

Here is my little blurp about donation i have posted and this topic has been beaten down if you dont like it dont donate and dont use it... other then that STFU


well not really still has to pay for paypal as well as the IRS which is huge % to the IRS... but you have to keep in mind... it is against the SDK agreement to sell an app outside the app catalog and on top of that this app will never make it to the app catalog. per you.

So your going to bend the rules to suit your needs. Sorry buddy doesnt work that way, you dont just get to redefine something so you can avoid paying taxes and avoid paypal fees. lol, in fact i think the irs mite not like that at all.

Sorry about the sdk thing but again, YOU dont get to redefine something just so it suits your fucking needs. to bad so sad, i dont PAY for this, because i dont need it. I have an issue only with the fact you are purposely mislabeling a product to AVOID paying taxes and breaking an agreement with the SDK.

Call it whatever you want, but its not donationware. its a lie. A simple lie. I gave you the definition of donationware. AND AGAIN YOU DONT GET TO REDEFINE DONATIONWARE JUST BECAUSE YOUR A CHEAP ASS AND CANT AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Just because you dont agree with something doesnt mean you get to bend the rules to suit your needs.

also im more inclined to donate to someone who is honest about their product than someone who is not. The reason you have lost support here, is because your product is mislabeled crap. Wont ever use it, dont need it. Just calling you out on your lie! Cheers :)

Some more ignorence did you even read what you copied and pasted. No one is avoiding taxes and fees and no one is breaking SDK agreement if you dont want it dont use it. simple concept.

"Just because you dont agree with something doesnt mean you get to bend the rules to suit your needs."

give us all a break dude and please stop flaming us with your tired, old rhetoric. there's this country that got founded by a bunch of people that didn't agree to some of the things that went on there. so they left and when they got tired of those same things affecting there life elsewhere, they broke the rules.

presumably you own a pre. do you not have any patches installed on your pre? i'm sure that somewhere in your contract, you agreed not to install unofficial and unapproved applications and patches. so since you don't agree with to the terms of that contract, you just bend (or break) the rules to suit your needs?

OF COURSE YOU DO. one could argue that the whole reason this site exists is because LARGE groups of people are interested in doing precisely that. why? because they are willing to help themselves and take what they need rather than beg and wait for palm, sprint (or any telecom), and the developers to reach a consensus and release something to fill that need. besides, we ALL know that if we begged and waited for them to fulfill that need, we would get something that costs more money and doesn't work anyway (for example: apple, itunes, iphone, itouch, ipad, iTV, iETC.)

Just calling you out on your hypocracy! CHEERS :D

Since it is a donation and donations are not taxed why would the IRS get involved? You don't pay taxes on donations received.

They are not taxed as income if you are a tax-exempt organization. Being such an organization has strict rules and requirements. You can't just call something a "donation" to avoid taxes (first rule of thumb is that it really has to BE a donation, which in Mytether's case it is not). If that were the case, I would love for my employer to call my paycheck a "donation".


freetether does not use mobile hot spot app.. people use it along side freetether. and my tether does not use it at all.... But ya i was wondering why palm didnt just contact aonic.

I'm a proud donator and MyTether saved me $15 every day I was at a 4-day conference last week. My hotel wanted to charge me an additional $15 for 24-hour internet access. I got by just fine with MyTether USB connected to my laptop. I tried the WiFi mode, but prefer USB with the improved speed and battery saving aspects of plugging the phone in.

Quit moaning about a lousy $15 and just pay for a really useful app that continues to be improved thanks to our contributions.

Nobody is complaining about the $15 *payment*, they are complaining that he is trying to call it a *donation*, which it is not.

You are not a donator, you are a customer. You paid a required PAYMENT to PURCHASE some type of functionality or PRODUCT.

People aren't moaning about paying for this app, they are moaning because the developer is charging for something and then calling it a donation. They are right, call it what it is!

Why do you care? Really?

it's bad business ethics, that's why we care.

Do you know if Palm Pre from Bell will notice the usage of MyTether and will push you down the wall with a $$$$ bill at the end of month or if they just don't care and follow the rule of your data plan ?

I agree with others that MyTether is NOT Donationware, and it is very dick that the developer is "selling" it this way. However, i gladly paid for this app. This helps me a ton at work and at home, as i don't not always have a reliable Wifi connection available, yet i can always access the internet for myself or others. I think he needs to change it to a true paid app, then maybe he might gain a little respect back.

Don't want to pay for it? Don't use it. It's so simple it's not even worth argument.

obviously you have comprehension issues. No one has an issue with paying or not paying. I will not pay, i would not use it if it were free. I have an issue, as do many others here, with the fact that by definition DONATIONWARE means PAYMENTS ARE OPTIONAL. Payments are not optional here, so therefore it cannot be called donationware. see simple fucking logic.

Get it.

Love the f-bombs...once again if you don't like it for whatever reason. Don't use it.

Well said E1Allen, some people need to take some reading comprehension skills classes!

Who cares what he calls it? Replace "donate" with "price" in your little minds and move on.

Do you people get this riled up over every little thing in your lives?

Because there is a huge difference that is why. And it is an INSULT to those developers who DO release full versions and ask for true donations.

I had no problem with paying it, but I do with calling it something it isn't. It is not quite ethical.


How can he change it to a paid app knowing that Palm and other carriers are out to stop it. Just think about it. He turns it to a paid app means he has to guarantee it will work for paid users. Which he can not do considering he can not control the palm updates (although he has done a kick ass job thus far reenabling tethering everytime palm breaks it). The reason he can justify his time and effort to fix tethering when palm breaks it is because of the contributions from the donors and support.

Now imagine he "sells" it as a paid app outside the app catalog not only is it against palm's terms of service but also what happens when palm breaks its functionality and people are whining about the "product" they paid for is not working.

Trust me if palm wasnt the one being a dick about it.... It would be a paid app. Untill then the free version of mytether is still there for people to use! Works great for USB/Bluetooth tethering and is free!!! donors get a few perks as a thank you to them. Kinda like donors to PBS TV stations get that concert DVD or whatever the hell PBS offers to the donors of different amounts. This is no different! also all the wifi stuff is still there for the free version (none functional but there for advanced users if they want to mess with it)

Palm is playing Cat and mouse with aonic just like it was doing with apple. This time palm is the one playing the roll of apple. a little hypocritical but whatever. At least aonic isnt selling his app as a guaranteed tethering app where palm was selling its phone as a guaranteed itunes syncing device.

I hadn't thought of the Apple / itunes analogy. Very good. I agree 100%.

Wow, now you're just being rude in addition to playing ignorant.

The problem is NOT that he's asking for donations, the problem IS that he is forcing "donations" for a service. At that point is when the very definition of donation changes.
Main Entry: do

Again, why do you care? Really?

Because, the long standing concept of donationware is being dragged through the dirt over this.

Aonic can't just claim it's a donation when it's not, that's why Palm is going after him. I will not sit here and let people blast Palm for legitimately protecting their property within the rules they set for developers. They are very open about everything, we have to be careful not to burn the bridge!

The concept of donationware is being dragged through the dirt? Are you serious? Is that concept your baby or something?
Here is a question for you. If aonic wasn't able to work on MyTether because of the time and monetary constraints it put on him, would you "donate" to his cause in order to help him complete his work, and by doing so enabled the creation of the MyTether app, would you do so? (That is, assuming that you wanted to see such an app developed, which I'm sure we can all agree is true of many pre users out there). If so, what problem would you have with aonic only sharing that app with those who have helped or will help him out? He is not selling the app, but giving it to people who donate to his work. You are not receiving the app as a product paid for, but rather as a token given for a donation. Just as you would receive a token of a dvd from PBS, or a paper flower from the veterans at baseball games, when you donate to them. Does that make sense?

Right... so when people "donate" to PBS channel and receive a gift that PBS gives them... Then PBS is actually selling that "thank you gift" not actually awarding the donors?

So when aonic has a free version of mytether for anyone to use... Yet when he awards the donors with extra features for his app it's selling... but when your local PBS channel awards donors its different? Alrighty..... hum.... good one buddy you are so right.... I guess i am the one being ignorant here. :-) another thing you can look up on is the word ignorant. :-0

Hahahha, that PBS donation is exactly that, a donation to keep the network broadcasting every day. They have to abide by VERY strict regulations and rules and are scrutinized heavily by the IRS. The gifts are usually much, much, MUCH cheaper than actual donations given. Also, the gifts are usually donated to PBS from other companies for the purpose of collecting other monetary donations.

This is not the same thing no matter how you try to manipulate the concept.

Hum.... wifi tethering costs $40/month mytether donation costs less then $15.... Check
Aonic pays a huge % to IRS for donations.... Check
Donations help keep and the support forums running everyday.... Check
Lets not forget how many companies rely on mytether now for their company (emails web browsing and other such things) to keep their monetary value... check

So by your definition...? It's not?

Lets put it this way. it is what it is no matter how you try to manipulate it into being false. It's not. Not that it matters... just dont use it :-)

Regarding your first point about cost ... I am NOT opposed to paying Aonic for the App, understand? But I will say that he can't complain if Palm comes and calls him out for breaking the SDK agreement for selling an App outside of the official catalog. Because once again, he IS selling the app.

I can watch PBS all year long without donating any money.

I can't download MyTether unless I "donate" $15.

It's not a donation.

You're wrong. You CAN use the non-donation version of MyTether all day long too without "paying" for it.
Jack, I thought you were done arguing this point. You know it's useless.
BTW, Typing this response on my computer using MyTether. Just saying...

Goodpoint.. i shall retire now. :)

I will still lurk around incase other questions come up considering i am pretty familiar with the app.

The "non-donation" version of MyTether is not the same thing as the "donation" version of MyTether.

Therefore, if I cannot use MyTether without paying for it--it's not donationware.

I am not blasting MyTether, I am not saying it's bad to pay for useful stuff.

I am calling him out for skirting officially established channels and violating Palm's WebOS SDK Terms of Service by charging for an application.

I am typing this response on my computer using Mobile Hot Spot on Sprint (ok, not really, but I could).

God I can't resist... but um... isnt that a little hypocritical. Considering Mobile Hot Spot is not for sprint and its against your terms of service to tether on sprint.... Dude just stop :)

I never said I was using it, and further, I'm not against using MyTether or paying for it and never have been.

I'm saying that his selling the app outside of the App Catalog is a direct violation of Palm's SDK Terms of Service and he's in the wrong because it's NOT actually donationware. He is very clearly trying to go around Palm on this.

Sprint and Palm have been VERRRRY gracious so far with the whole tethering situation ... I do not think it is wise to continue rocking the boat, which is EXACTLY what Aonic (and all of you encouraging him) is doing.

I agree with you %100. I personally believe you should be reimbursed for the work you do. Unless you are volunteering your time or abilities. But, the way this is being handled and implemented, he is charging for a service that violates Palms SDK TOS. No matter which way you try to spin it, if Palm goes after him he would loose. He could call it a donation, but what he calls it doesn't mean crap when being held up in the court of law.... Now if he had the full version available and asked for donations then he would not be in violation of the TOS. But asking for a donation to access the program....That's selling a product.... Anyway, if he wants to keep doing things the way he wants. Fine and dandy. But, if Palm goes after him legally, I don't want to hear any whining lol. You reap what you sow.

Again, you are wrong. MyTether is free. Donation opens up more functionality in the app, and allows access to the donors only section of, where you can download the windows installer. He is not charging for a service, because this is only an app, not an ongoing service that he provides.
Given all of this, I can't understand the anger that some people seem to have over what can be described as a difference in interpretation. The app is there. Use it or don't. I donated long ago because I wanted to show my appreciation to aonic and to help him continue to develop and improve his application. If you have a problem with what he does, don't donate and use the non-donation version. Your choice. Just be glad that the donors who supported him in the past have allowed aonic to continue his work and make that choice possible.

Hmmm...I see this type of thing for paid type apps. They call it demos......He has a light version of the app out for free in hopes that people pay,I mean "donate", for the full version. If it was a donationware type program the free version would be the FULL version in hopes that people would donate for his hard work. No matter how you try to spin it he is in violation of Palm's SDK TOS... This is why companies lock down their devices.....

Well the demos that honest developers release are just that... demonstrations of some of the good things the FULL PAID-FOR version can do. Aonic is calling this donationware, not sold software. Also, the free version is no longer available.

Even moreso, he cannot sell any apps outside the APP CATALOG.

On a side note i wanted to say....Rubinstein CEO of Palm is former Apple big wig. As a matter of fact he saved Apple from dieing with the ipod and itunes and all that junk... so ya..... I guess Palm is Apple in a sense. and is pulling the same cat and mouse game it pulled with Apple. In the roll of Apple. Which is fine they got to do what they got to do.

Dear Sprint: I have My Tether. I use it occasionally. I would rather pay you for a legit way to tether. But if you're going to do what Verizon does and what you do with MIFI, I'm probably not going to sign up for that.

Offer me a way to pay $1/day for tethering all day, and you'll probably make some money off of me. If I used it every day, that'd be $30/mo, which is Verizon's deal. But I'm not going to commit to a monthly plan for something that I use maybe 1-2 times per month. Heck I'd even pay $2/day. But probably not more.

The point is: if you give me a way to tether for my occasional needs, I'll gladly pay you for it. Until then I'm using My Tether.

Thank you.

Aonic, just donate some of the proceeds to Red Cross for relief in Haiti, and all this will go away..

BEST APPLICATION on my PRE. Keep up the good work and Thank you.

All of you guys with a bug up your ass, just stop. You've made your point.

Bottom line,$15 is a small price to pay for a tethering app that works.

You want to get all fired up about something? How about the mobile companies that charge extra for this.

That is the nonsense.

For the most part I don't think the price is the bug up people's asses. I think the point is he is calling it one thing (to avoid legal repercussions) when in fact it is another. I'm happy people are getting upset with dishonesty. Palm has been quite good about letting people root their product when competitors, like Apple, lock down their product like Fort Knox. It is programs like this that turn companies into Apple.

Do the newer versions of MyTether still require Rooting the Pre?

negative.. simple installer you run on your computer and it does everything for you while phone is connected via USB

So here's the question at hand. If Linux is truly open source and the Linux run on the Pre follows those rules and must provide access to source, is it an acceptable practice for someone to modify the open source code and charge money for that?

Is that not a violation of the GPL? Could be this what Palm might be complaining about? That it developed the software and purposefully made it open source, now someone is modifying this code and making people pay for it?

First off open source does not mean free money wise. You can sell open source software! Second thats not what is happening here. Palm might thing mobile hot spot is being used is my guess. But it's not :-)

You are correct regarding open source, but SO WRONG elsewhere. Palm is mad because the SDK (which AONIC IS USING) TOS forbids the selling of apps outside the app catalog.

Also, the idiot who developed the app took a Palm developed WiFi driver and modified it and redistributed it. Without permission and charged money for it. Now, if the WiFi driver is full Open Source, then they can't do anything about it here.

Palm can go after them for infringing their Intellectual Property for using the SDK against the terms of the SDK. You know, that legal agreement that is met when you download/install the SDK.

Aonic is calling it donationware to avoid Palm's terms as specified above. There is no longer a version publicly available, and as such, it is NOT donationware.

Yes, I realize open source does not equal free. However, are you saying that Aonic is not taking source code that Palm developed, modifying it, and then charging for it? I am not specifically speaking of the Mobile Hotspot daemon, but other source code. I have not looked at his code to know if he is doing this or not, this is just my contention as to why Palm might be looking at this more closely.

If Aonic is doing this, then he is in breach of the GPL.

My guess is that this whole calling it a "donation" is his way to get around this, by claiming he is not charging for it, he is asking for donations.

he can call it whatever he wants..but if Palm is serious about this and takes him to court....Calling it a donation when it is clearly something else will not hold up in court.

This kind of reminds me of being a pilot and not having a commercial license (Commercial License allows you to fly for hire AKA MONEY). If I only had a private pilot license FAA Law states that I can not fly an individual around if they pay more than a Per diam (AKA 1/2 the operating cost of the aircraft). If they pay more I am in violation of a Federal Aviation Regulation. Although if you are flighing for a non-profit organization and they donate money so that someone can have a flight you are not in violation of that FAA Reg. But, If I took someone up and they paid more than 1/2 and I got caught but claimed it was a "donation" I would still be found guilty of violation that FAR and have my license revoked. I believe the same situation stands here.


And no doubt Palm has pulled his authorization to develop for WebOS.

Love the app! Regardless of under what terms I paid for it! It works great. Great work aonic!

To all those saying MHS is the way to go, have fun with it when it quits working in 1.4. :)

MHS has no less chance of working in 1.4 than Mytether does. They both rely on the SAME underlying service now.

Wow....Seriously people?...donation or paid app? Can't believe how some of you guys are acting! Same people complaining about $15 donation probably squeek when they walk! Maybe you guys should not have bought the Pre! That is what is so great about the phone,you can do so much with it! I give props to the dev for spending the time and effort to help us little guys( or gals) from getting raped on our phone bill! If you have a problem with calling it a donation then maybe you need to get your ass to work on a free tether app and give it to the world! If not go find something else to bitch about! the way mytehter works just fine! thanks for your hard work!

Or a paid tether app and see how they can sell it and promise it to work :-) I would love to see that

tl:rd of all this donationware crap

aonic seems to be liable to palm for breaking the Terms of Service of the SDK. he was skirting being targeted for breaking it because of the free version and the label of "donationware" for the full service app. palm is not now targeting him because he is taking money from them (or sprint, verizon, etc). they are now targeting him because it seems that he is not following those terms and by not following them, he may be liable for IP (aka, using there SDK for non-app store sales).

i believe this is the point that all the DONATIONWARE fans are arguing. not whether the myTether app itself is right, but whether or not aonic was right in charging for a more fully feature version while calling myTether donationware to avoid taxes, palm charges, etc. i'm confident that everyone here is more than willing to steal internet service from their telecom. i'm also sure that if every app in the catalog was donationware, that there would be no good apps, because ALL OF US would just take it and less than 1% would pay ANYTHING. furthermore, i am entirely confident that palm would NEVER allow a tethering app into the official app catalog, unless it was arranged by a (or all the) telecoms. i am also sure that if this app was offered, it would cost much more than $15, would add to the monthly cost of the phone, would be handicapped (read: slow), and not fulfill the needs of the customers.

i do feel that palm is going Apple on aonic over this. they claim to have created a device that runs an os that ANYONE can write applications in. that everyone is free to do anything they want with the device and palm won't have any problems (your telecom might). they claim that they are not bending to the pressures of the telecoms (cough, iphone, cough) and want to make a device that is not handicapped or is basically a revenue source for the telecoms. but what is not said, is that they are focused on limited access to the app store (except for all those mill-made crappy apps). they want to control what people install on their personal phones, but only when it comes to money. if there was no app store, then aonic would not have issues. case in point, that tethering app that everyone had on there old palms (drawing a blank). why didn't anyone stop them? because in the end, the phone owner was the one that was at fault.

I want to make it perfectly clear that the extent of my involvement with the author was to make sure that this application installs and uninstalls safely and does not interfere with other homebrew applications or webOS features.

I have not been involved in creating, reviewing or modifying the actual functionality of the application.

I advised the MyTether author on installation issues specifically so that MyTether would not continue to cause hassles for webOS users.

On any other matters related to MyTether, I prefer to remain neutral and not engage in the debate. Whether or not you comply with the terms of service for your current cellular carrier is between you and your cellular carrier. I live in a country (Australia) where there are no unlimited data plans, and all carriers love tethering because users pay for what they use directly.

So I personally have no need to use this application (since unlocked GSM Pre devices do tethering out of the box), and my only interest is to ensure that other homebrew applications are not affected by applications that do not comply with best practices on installation and security. MyTether 2.1.0 (thanks to my intervention) now does comply with those best practices.

-- Rod

I get that Palm and Verizon/Sprint want to make every dime that they can and that this is competition for them, but getting gouged for $40/month (Verizon) to have this feature is ridiculous, especially if you only use it occasionally.

Web OS is a great operating system. But one of the main things it has going for it right now is that it's not as closed and restrictive as iPhone OS and Apple. If it wasn't for the developers on this site and the homebrew community, the Pre and Web OS would have been a failure. They need to just leave the developers alone and be thankful that they are doing what they're doing. I wouldn't even be using the phone right now if I couldn't tether it and send sound clips through MMS, all of which is only possible because of the people working behind the scenes while Palm slowly adds features we want now.

Works like a champ. Thanks very much.

i would like to add that i willingly donated to the mytether project. my pre would not be so valuable a tool if not for everyone that helped make this project possible. i know that my donation helped this project advance and adapt into an extremely useful and valuable program. i want to thank everyone that made this possible.

You willingly paid, you did not donate. I, too, paid. And I, too, am happy to support it and thankful for the work (as I am for many of the other projects, also).

preware = donationware. An application that is free, but users can choose to offer $ to fund it's continued development.

mytether = a paid app. An app that one MUST pay to acquire. I don't hate aonic, but his product discription is misleading.

I don't want to disagree with your comment. I just want to add some additional clarification.

Preware is licensed as GPLv2 Open Source. You can do what you like with it as long as you comply with the GPLv2 Open Source license. We prefer not to call it "Donationware", since it is better known as Free Open Source Software ("FOSS"). If you comply with the GPL fully, you can even sell Preware (however the fact that you need to provide the full source code to anyone that buys it quickly drives the market price to zero).

WebOS Internals (who develop and maintain Preware) request donations (at to purchase the hardware and other hosting infrastructure required to keep the open standard homebrew ecosystem at and running, or to purchase other hardware required for development. All donations are spent on things that benefit the community, they are not used to pay individual developers (who provide their time for free).

Individual developers associated with WebOS Internals may also request donations on their own behalf, and what they do with those donations is up to them (e.g. I used donations that I personally raised separately from the WebOS Internals donations address to import an unlocked GSM Pre from Germany to Australia). I recommend that they state up front what they intend to use the donations for, but it's really up to them whether they do that or not.

-- Rod

Simply he should ask for donations greater than $1 to obtain the full version. Requiring a payment of $15 is crazy and I am kinda happy Palm is not going to let him get away with it. You notice how many of the applications that uses palms API's and kernels that are distributed freely without a requirement of payment do not have any lawsuits filed against them?!?

Requiring 1 cent ($0.01) to obtain a full version is STILL NOT A DONATION... it is a price, and paying it is a sale, resulting in a purchase.

Palm wouldn't go after him any differently if it were $1 or $200.

And $15 (to me) is certainly not unreasonable for what the program does, if you find it valuable. Each person will find a program to be worth different amounts, depending on what it does, how often they use it, how well it meets their needs, etc.

This version rocks. I "donated" the $10 at the beginning and quickly canceled my integrated card in my laptop. This has saved me hundreds of dollars. I don't need the connection that often anyway, but enough to need something.

Also, there is no drm on this software, so I'm sure you can "find" it somewhere online. I've installed my copy on at least half a dozen pre's of my friends and co-workers.

Since it was not a donation, but a sale, installing "your" copy on other people's machines is unethical. Of course, his calling it a donation when it is not, is also somewhat unethical. Breaking the terms of service with Sprint by tethering is also "wrong". Sprint not offering a legit tethering service is also "wrong". Hmmm....

ahh.. the difficulty of ethical dilemma. i would say that if it is a donation, then there is no harm installing on other pre's. can i post a link to a download link on precentral's forums? i don't see any reason why i can't. in fact, there are NO terms of service for myTether. there are no limits to usage or distribution. everyone that wants it gives freely to access the forums and legitimately download it from the developer instead of conspiring in stealing it.

secondly, the donation is there because there is absolutely no one else working on a tethering app (ok, verizon MHS is here, for $40/month). why hasn't anyone else wrote a tether app? with 1.3.5 came MHS and some guys exploited that, but that hack is harder than the free version of myTether. why are there 60 fart apps and only three decent tethering solutions?

>why hasn't anyone else wrote a tether app?

They have- freetether+MHS.

But otherwise, because it is dangerous and controversial. And "selling" such an app is not allowed by the terms of the Palm developer contract, and also could not appear in app catalog.

Had he made mytether an open app and asked for donations (and not tried to use the old wifi driver) he probably would not have been in violation of anything Palm could go after him about. Since it is NOT a donation, but a sale- he put himself at greater risk.

this app is great, I too donated back when the dev was only asking for $10. The update process has been flawless and the latest version works the best so far. This tool is one the I will be getting the most use out of for sure!! Huge thanks to the dev for MyTether!!

You didn't donate. You paid for an application. You were a customer, you purchased something, and it was a sale.

I thought the webos-internals folks were pissed off at this dude for stealing code?

I am not aware of any code in MyTether that has been copied from WebOS Internals code.

If I was aware of such, you can be sure that I would be shouting it from the rooftops, as WebOS Internals takes copyright matters very seriously.

-- Rod

All the code in MyTether is 100% original and always has been

"Donationware is a licensing model that supplies fully operational software to the user and pleads for an *optional donation* be paid to the programmer or a third-party beneficiary (usually a non-profit). Since donationware comes fully operational (i.e. not crippleware) and payment is optional, it is a type of freeware."

fully operational software doesn't imply free of bugs, guaranteed to work, or timely updates to app for new WebOS versions. it definitely doesn't include disabled features (crippleware). payment is optional, but the free version can comes advertiser supported (like installing ASK.COM toolbar, malware, etc). furthermore, donationware is not crippled, but donating allows access to additional useful plugins / beta versions.

its called a "donation" because if they "sell" it, it violates legal issues and could then get held up for it. this way they can never be held account able cause it was a "donation" . kinda like the same way you cant sell roms and such.

Glad to donate for this App!

Tethering now 3G over wifi connection - been having a little trouble attempting usb, but I have a feeling that is just me or my pc (or both)..

My phone gets better by the day!!

Thank you!

This is a JOKE. A COMPLETE SCAM. DO NOT DONATE.!!This website has been reported as a scam site already. This website has done this same scam action to 1,000's of others and have gotten away with it. NOT EVERYONE is a victim, but IT WILL happen!! SO YOU COULD BE NEXT at the cost of $14.95. It's not alot of money to lose but IT IS the principal that is costly!! I know others who fell victim just like me also = I donated the money to download the Mytether app from the site and they took the payment and I have not been granted access to the download. It cannot be refunded from PayPal at all becuz since the website promotes this as a donation/software that it cannot be proven whether or not it has been downloaded. So this website tells paypal that you have received the download and this was a donation, so paypal cannot prove otherwise and closes the dispute.

The problem is that there is NO obvious download site on the My Tether site - merely a bunch of irritated forums and a quote that a new version is underway. If this continues we should collaboratively wrk out a way for 'Aonic' to come clean. This may have been functional and good - but it is now not even available!