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N.O.V.A. comes to webOS, mayhem ensues 34

by Derek Kessler Tue, 13 Apr 2010 11:20 am EDT

N.O.V.A. - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance

If you were asked to list the premiere games on the iPhone, it’s likely that N.O.V.A. - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance would be on that list. The otherwordly first person shooter, often described as the Halo of the iPhone, is now available for Palm Pre and Pre Plus owners. With thirteen levels, five environments, six weapons and more, N.O.V.A. brings near console-quality gameplay to mobile platforms. And not only can you engage in the single-player campaign mode, you can also hook up over Wi-Fi and take on up to three of your friends in an all-out death match. Don’t have friends nearby? No worries, because you can log into Gameloft Live and take on anybody anywhere at any time.

N.O.V.A. - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance is available now from the Palm App Catalog for $6.99.


Wonder if you can play against iPhone users... It'd be awfully cathartic to shoot some of them :P

I remember there was a strategy game on Palm OS 5 where you could play via bluetooth against Win Mobile users.
It would be great to shoot some iphone users!

LMAO! That's actually very funny. Lemme know if you find your answer

The other night I played Uno over wifi on local multiplayer with my brother playing on his ipod touch, so I imagine there's a good chance this will run against the iphone as well. It's worked without a problem.


That is freaking awesome.

Why isn't there a whole ad campaign simply spending 5 seconds on each of the fantastic games Gameloft have ported? Forget selling to old women from the 80's, sell to gamers, they're the group most likely to jump on the latest cool new device.

It's awesome to see that in 10 months the little Palm has been able to deliver these great games thanks to their sdk and pdk. For comparison in 2007 the giant Apple took more than one year to open App Store and even more to deliver these games!

Palm Pre has its flaws but it would deserves many more sales.

To be fair, these games are just ports of the originals developed for the iPhone. The development time to create the game the first time is much longer.

However, I agree that this little phone is awesome and deserves more sales.

What you said is true but the porting was possible because Palm's pdk and App Catalog are already available. Apple's App Store was available only 1 year after the first iphone despite Apple was much bigger.

You forget that Apple's concept of an App store took some time to take off, because people weren't sure whether the concept would work. Without Apple's iPhone helping to mold the market for gaming on smartphones, we might not have the opportunity to be downloading the types of games we're seeing.

My question for Palm would be: Why the heck did you wait so long to release the tools??!!11:!!!

But, can it run Crysis? sorry... I'm being that guy.

Funny. I would have never thought this graphics would even be remotely possible half a year ago.

However does it run smoothly? 30 fps and more?

Just tested ... yes :)! Controls as always not easy but once you get used to it it's fun. Graphics will blow you!!

Well now I'm def. getting this game!!!

away?? or just blow you?? hahas

Don't make us take your internet away again. :)

I tried this out on the iPad when I was at Best Buy and touch controls for a FPS is not good at all, I didn't like it one bit.

I know on the iPhone version you can stream music while playing the game. Anyone know if this is possible on this version? I hope so, thats an awesome feature.

are you being sarcastic and forgot to end with /sarcasm?

it's a palm pre. Master of multitasking. You can listen to music yes. You can even listen to it streamed from pandora & play this game if you want...

You are incorrect. The Pre will pause other audio sources to give audio control to the active app. If I run Music in the background, NOVA causes it to pause when I start it.

Actually it is possible to play music while playing a game, what I found is if you load the album you want to listen to then open the game and as the game is loading start up the music again then quickly switch back to the game and there you go play music and the game at the same time on the Pre, although if you stop the game and go out to make a call or something else the music won't play in the background again, you just get the game, so it sort of can but can't do both at the same time!. Either that or my Pre is a freak! Right now I'm listening to Appetite for Destruction while blasting the bad guys...

I'm sure you can play against any device running this game.. I play "sandstorm" online with my cousin that has an Ipad... He has an advantage because of the screen size but its really fun.. just create an acct and your good to go


On another note, if Adobe had delivered to us as promised, I can guarantee you that Palm wouldn't be in such a pinch right now. Flash on a phone would've driven sales through the roof.

if only life were that easy. flash on a phone. can you imagine what this would do the already disappointing battery life of the pre? you could probably do flash, sure, but if the hardware cannot handle it, what's the point? 6-hour battery life, at best?

flash on any phone is probably not a good idea right now because they are not ready for it. if flash is such a memory-hog on a desktop or laptop, how do you think the phone will function? it will be bogged and bogged and bogged, so much that the simple idea of having flash on a phone will be pointless.

i don't want flash on my pre, it can hardly handle doing everything else right now.

I'm a big fan of the Palm Mojo SDK, but you are clearly ignorant. Just like in a Palm-Mojo application or a PDK application, in Flash it's up to the programmer to use resources well and clean up after themselves. In fact, at the present time it's just the opposite of what you're sayin: AS3 is executed much faster than Javascript on most browsers (including Webkit based browsers like the one WebOS is using). Furthermore, FP 10.1 (the phone version of FP) has a much better garbage collector than the WebOS javascript garbage collector, meaning that memory is freed much more easily and at less cost to the processor. Eat it.

Adobe's website says flash is coming this summer.

Another day, another port, another proof that no one wants to develop natively for WebOS.

The platform is still very young, gotta start somewhere.

Umm, its not that it's natively webos, its that it's exclusively webos, which so far none of these pdk games have been. As of right now if you want an exclusive webOS title, you gotta look to the guys programming mojo-sdk games like me.

I wonder if there is any graphical difference between the two platforms?

add me on gameloft live... mrcodyd , this game is so addicting

Adobe's website says flash is coming this summer

Wow. Just picked this up, and it's AMAZING! :)