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Navit (standalone navigation for webOS) graduates to Preware (for 1.4.5 users) 58

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Mon, 23 Aug 2010 11:19 am EDT

We have written before about Navit, the open-source standalone mapping and navigation software (with voice prompts in multiple languages) that has been ported to webOS. Previously, it had only been installable via a manual multi-step process. With the release of webOS 1.4.5 (for some carriers, of course), the webOS Internals group working on Navit has enabled direct installation via Preware (although for those who updated to 1.4.5 via an over-the-air download, the known Fstab bug can interfere with Navit’s proper working. Happily, there’s a fix for that too.).

Even more intriguing, one of the additional system elements the webOS Internals team has created for Navit, Speech Dispatcher, may be usable by other apps (a Mojo service and application are promised “in the future”) for text-to-speech functionality.

The possibilities (better webOS accessibility for the visually impaired, text messages and documents read aloud) are very exciting. As always, we are grateful to Rod Whitby and the rest of the webOS Internals community for their stellar work expanding the usability and power of the platform.

Thanks to HaPe for the tip!



cool app, but it still needs some tweaking (not sure if its open maps or the actual app) but few towns are searchable in Alberta. That being said, huge step forward in nav apps, as no cell connection is required.

Wish I had the room for the maps... but I'm running low on space and can use SprintNav...

It sure is ironic that Navit is available for Sprint (1.4.5), only. We get SprintNav for free, while Verizon sad-sacks have a real need for this app as Navigation on Verizon is extra $$ every month. ...and as for storage space, the Verizon Pre plus has twice the storage as Sprints Pre minus!

...all I want for Christmas is a Pre2 w/webOS 2.0!

If the Verizon customers could get 1.4.5, it would be great.

I used the older versions without much success. Navit would lock up after 10 minutes.

There were also issues with the GPS, but the Verizon users know all about GPS problems.


Also have you tried GPS Fix?

Yes, I've tried GPSfix. It worked great for the first week or so. This past weekend, however, I couldn't get it to keep the GPS locked, even after a restart & battery pull.

As far as I'm concerned any "fix" that involves first opening VZNavigator is no fix at all. They really need to get around to fixing this.

I fully agree with you but until Verizon fixes it ... whats to do

while i think the preware thing is totally cool it is outrageous that most of these things are not incorporated directly into webos. you shouldn't have to be a hacker to get a functional OS.

All of the major carriers (in the US) offer GPS services without the need for hacking.

Although on some of the networks you have to pay an additonal fee for this, and I believe all of them only work while you have cell connection. Just try using your GPS in the middle of no where, you won't get any maps. By having the maps stored local you have a fully functional GPS no mater where you are.

You are correct that an additional fee is required and that the service offered is aGPS. But to expect that a true standalone GPS in a cellphone makes the OS "functional" is in-and-of-itself outrageous. There's only been one cellphone to have that feature built in: the Garmin NuviPhone which sold for around $350 with a 2 year contract. The only other option is downloading a 3rd party GPS application... which costs $$$. WebOS users have that option now and it costs... a little bit of time and brain juice.

Damn you Verizon get me my 1.4.5!!!

+1 I think we Verizon users still have to wait for AT&T to get 1.4.5 then we get it a month later!

What is it about 1.4.5 that is required to make this work? Is it the PDK, or something else?

Good Question... maybe the webos internal site can clear that up..

The main thing is that Palm changed (in 1.4.5) the app type from game to pdk.

That means this will only open on 1.4.5. Anything earlier will not be able to open the app.

Another thing is that the code was compiled using the 1.4.5 PDK, using modified libraries and therefore, modified versions of code calls. It cannot work on anything below 1.4.5

Awesome !

I'll be doing a benchmark on this navi app. I work for a first-tier supplier developing navigation system spec, so the evaluation should be fairly exhaustive and experience-influenced.

Great! my sprint Nav hasn't worked in months, despite restarts, hours on tech support and telenav "reprovisioning" my account. Maybe I can just use this instead?

I had this problem for months and I couldn't get them to fix it. In my case at least the problem turned out to be caused by my number changing. I had a prepaid phone before I got my Pre and the RadioShack guy couldn't figure out how to port my number because I didn't have an account number, which turned out to be the same as the phone number. The problem is that the TeleNav app identifies you by your phone number and stores the number in one of it's own config files. If your number changed since you got the phone TeleNav still remembers the old one, so once my original Sprint number was cleared from TeleNav's database it stopped working. I managed to fix it by editing the config file, but reinstalling with webOSdoctor would also fix the problem. Have you tried using webOSdoctor yet?

I don't see this in Preware. Is there another feed that I need to add or a setting that should be changed?

I downloaded it but when I tap to open it, nothing happens.
Any ideas?

You have to download the maps first.

same here.... bell 1.4.5

I would start by reading here.

all the information required to install and make it work is posted there.

Hmm it doesn't start at my Pre (unlocked O2) with 1.4.5 of course. Installation was succesful, but after taping - icon just pulse few times, and nothing else :(

Did you do the fstab fix discussed in the piece? {Jonathan}

The irony here is In the US the only people that have 1.4.5 are those on Sprint and Sprint users get free turn by turn navigation anyway (Thanks Sprint) so why would the only people that can run this app use this app over the Sprint provided app?

Because it doesn't need a live data connection and therefore uses one fewer radio. Very useful in dead zones, or to save on battery life. {Jonathan}

"Did you do the fstab fix discussed in the piece? {Jonathan}"
Thank you. It solves the problem :)

i installed the app but when i try to open it nothing happens, I KNOW I KNOW i have to do something else and go here and go there but i have sprint and we already have a sprint navigation and it works perfect i just downloaded thi to try something else, but anyway is very rare when i ask for directions.

If you go here:

it will instruct you on how to load this app. Right now I cannot get on the navit website to download the maps, must be swamped from everyone trying to get on.

Now we know why Verizon hasn't released 1.4.5

Apparently they don't want the competition...

I think this app is still at a quite early stage (all though you can do some navigating with it), but it really is promising and something to be very thankful at the people developing it.

I loaded Spain maps and I have an issue... When on my home street, I can see the name of the street in the map, but when searching for it it

Hi, it use the language that you has setup in your Pre and fall back to English if this language is not supported.


Your German may not be that good, but your English is great!

Anybody able to get the maps to download?
The Navit web pages won't even load.

I'm downloading the US map. It took a while to get to the site, and the map is coming down pretty slowly (could be due to my connection as well) but I'm up to 982 MB.

Now up to 1.8 GB. Good thing I don't have a lot of other stuff saved on my Pre.

I can't get the page to load either. Is there server getting killed from like the 10 people trying to download maps?

Would love to try this if i could get a map!!!! Any suggestions? Have it downloaded and installed just waiting on maps..........

if you look the app up on webos internals it has sites to go to, to be able to download maps.

I'm absolutely loving this app!!
very helpful for me, cause I'm currently in Japan with no sprint/cell data service...great job and thanks to the hard working devs!!!

I'm not at home so I can't put any maps into the folder right now, but the app is just staying black. I installed the patch, so is this normal if I don't have any maps?

Installed this app on my phone... caused to to Completely reset... sigh... now I have to restore everything...

wow. 1.8 GB for US maps huh.. I'll have to make some space. I get no data a lot where I live (in the boonies). Just waiting for the website to respond.

I am just picking the western U.S., which I assume will be a lot smaller.

The whole US is pretty big so yes, the map is going to take up a lot of memory. So instead of the US, just install your state's map and other states you visit. That way it will also be more precise and you wont need the extra junk (didn't try this app yet but loading times would probably increase by a lot).

oh yeah, can someone tell me WTF Verizon is waiting for to upgrade to 1.4.5?

This is actually the first thing that's been worth a shit since the video camera came last winter and the Largest Wireless Network can't have it?

Way to go Palm, Hp and Verizon.

BTW, how about that commerical for the new Blackberry. HAHAAA they stole the Pre's look and everything AND schooled them with a commercial. I bet the Palm people watch that commercial and say. "wow, what are they thinking? If they want to sell that new Bb, they should show a lady walking down the street swiping things in the air, and maybe a cool Mos Def song in the background"

What a JOKE things have become!!!!!

You can thank Verizon.

I just loaded the Navit. i restarted my phone. i tap on the icon but it doesnt start. it highlights the icon then after a few seconds the icon goes back to normal and nothing starts.

anyone have any idea what the opperator did wrong?

Please update the article to identify HaPe and NoradTux as the main developers of Navit. I assisted them with compiling and packaging the application, but they are the main developers and should get the credit.

-- Rod

All this talk about Sprint this and Sprint that...I hope for you guys sakes, they managed to find a way to dislay miles and not km...:D

The instructions are not very clear... So I downloaded my state which is a .zip file. Now do I simply move it to the navit.xml file? Tried & app wouldn't open, so uninstalled/reinstalled & back to no map. Do I extract the .zip then send it? I'm a beginner but I think i'm on the right track... Anyone? Bueller?
UPDATE: Installed .bin file to /media/internal/appdata/org.bebosinternals.navit/maps/. Whala! FURTHER UPDATE POSTED AFTER A FEW DAYS OF TESTING 400-500 MILES. BATTERY LIFE ETC. Just wanted to see if this works, not exactly easy to Uset up and not working after traying for an hour. SprintNav works flawlessly as always.

I think I can speak for everyone with a Pre on Bell in Canada when I say THANK YOU! (Bell is the only provider in the universe that sells the Pre without a turn-by-turn navigation app)

And I was just about to buy a Tom Tom. Navit RULES btw with a Touchstone Car Charger/mount.

Using it in South Africa ! Works perfectly !
keep up the good work guys !

Got this application with lot of difficulty I had it open up with the Maps. But you just cannot select a destination address. Total waste of time trying to get this working.

This is a Stupid App. Please do not waste your time on installing this.

Download link for other than preware??? PLEASE?