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nDrive GPS navigation demoed on Pre Plus [video] 57

by Derek Kessler Tue, 15 Feb 2011 10:41 am EST

GPS navigation on webOS devices has long been the home turf of the carriers. There have been some homebrew solutions, but multi-platform mapper nDrive is looking to change that with their new nDrive for webOS app. The PDK app was demoed running on a Palm Pre Plus, and it seems to come complete with all the features present in the Android, Windows Mobile, and iOS nDrive products.

Apart from the expected point-to-point navigation, nDrive packs some serious social networking integration. You can share your location and itineraries on Facebook, as well as use Google Maps and Foursquare to search for places to go around you. Additionally, you can check-in with Foursquare directly from nDrive, and the app will even to automatic check-ins if you so desire.

Unlike the carrier-built mapping apps, nDrive stores its maps on your device instead of up in the cloud. While that makes for a larger app file size, that does mean you’ll still be able to navigate effectively even without a cellular signal (or service plan, if you roll that way). We don’t have an ETA for when we can expect nDrive to come to webOS, but judging by the generally functional state of this app in demo form, it can’t be too far away. Video after the break.


That isn't by chance webOS 2.0 he's starting nDrive from, is it?

I saw the same thing.

That would be weird as that was a Pre Plus - not a Pre 2. Ergo should be 1.4.5.


Please...please...come to webOS 1.4.5 soon!

goto ndrives web site i dont know where in the world that you are located but they want 59.99 euros for usa / canada . be better to just buy a cheap dedicated unit than this app

Or release the 2.0 operating system. I'd pay for that before I bought a Pre 2 phone and lost my upgrade option for Pre 3.

I second that. Please give us an update to webOS 2 so I can use new apps and hang until Pre 3 is available, hopefully just as I am ready for an upgrade!

Hadn't occurred to me but releasing the 2.0 update as a fee update would be a good option if development costs are part of the issue with getting it out. I would just hope it's a per-user fee rather than a per-device fee so people who may have purchased an army of Pixi's can update them all!

Cant do that. They already wrote the poem and "a fee" and "no cash" dont rhyme.

> if development costs are part of the issue with getting it out

It's done. It's developed. It's been sitting on HP's servers since December 15th. They are just not giving it to us.



I just scoffed at the guy... He called the Pre Plus the original...

...Well piss on my Sprint Pre then...

Cool app, I'd like to play around with it!

Well technically the only difference between the two is extra RAM and better manufacturing quality.

Well technically you're wrong. Double the internal membery (RAM), and double the internal storage (FLASH).

Better keyboard, dual mic, Glass Screen, Larger screen, better camera, Auto Focus, WebOS 2.X...

I could go on but really thats your official statement "Extra Ram and better manufacturing quality"??

Hmm someone needs to read a spec sheet or something!

I actually do own a Pre Plus.
However, my unit does NOT include dual mic, a glass screen, a larger screen, auto focus camera, and it does still run webOS 1.4.5 and NOT 2.x
Also when I read the spec sheets of Pre Plus, I never discovered anything close to what you mentioned.

Hhmmm: You might wanna eat your own food.
Hence do the proper reading yourself before posting such comments!

(Hint: Above poster was comparing Palm Pre with Palm Pre Plus.)

Looks like you were shooting in your own foot with your posting. :-p

Here's the big question: is that a Verizon Pre Plus? If so, is VZ Navigator running in the background?

Sorry...had to be said :-p

French accent - so likely either to be french or canadian.

Why would it matter of VZ Navigator is also installed?

Verizon Pre+'s and possibly Pixi+'s have a notorious and mysterious issue with GPS. It seems Verizon is 'doing something' to hobble or cripple the use of GPS on these phones, unless you are using Verizon Navigator. So, in an effort to 'trick' these phones into running, a popular 'work around' was to start up Verizon Navigator, but decline subscribing to it, and that would often 'wake up' the GPS to function...at least for a while.

what verizon does, unless its the native navigator app is stall, that is to say it first searches for where you are using verizons towers. if its not navigator doing the searching for the towers the towers dont respond to the phone........... the dots show how your phone waits for a signal before looking for a satalite lol, at any rate it stalls out and never starts looking for satalite, just the towers. that function needs crippled on verizon phones to get gps to work properly

Not entirely true.

The phone will pick up satalite info after a period of minutes. But if you are trying to quickly deturmin if you have just passed the road you were suppoed to turn on, it can be very frustraiting.


This is 2.0
It won't run on your current pre minus / plus or pixi.

Technically, not true, but that is what HP is saying. I believe HP simply does not want to use the resources to continue the effort to make 2.x compatible with "legacy" devices. They would rather work on the future (2.x for new phones and 3.x for new tablets and ? for PCs).

you have no data to verify this. Even if he is running on 2.0 (wouldn't it violate the NDA to have him show off his app on it?), that has no correlation to whether it will work on 1.4.5.

The pixi part may be true, as WOR reported it's a PDK app built using SDL, which is unfortunately not available on the Pixi. At least, going forward, HPalm looks like they're going to have a less fragmented platform. But I'll wait 6 months to a year from Pre3 release tto see whether that's really true or not.

There are no nav apps in the UK. I would buy this right now. Been waiting for turn by turn on webos for ages!!!

Ooh I've been waiting for over a year for a phone based gps on webos. Will it be able to get additional maps for america, europe and asia?

I actually LOVE Verizon Navigator and used to use it by the day before I had a smartphone.

On a regular phone you could buy it in 24 or 72 hour increments, as well as by the month.

If they don't want to unlock the high res GPS, I wish they would give dataphone users that option. I rarely need GPS, but when I do, I'm happy to pay $3 for the day, but not $10 for the month.

Wish this worked on 1.45. Looks like a nice app. That no one can use.

Do you have a Pre+? If so, have you tried Verizon Navigator on it?

I tried a free 1 month trial in July 2010. My family and I were on a 6,593 mile driving trip over 2 weeks. We needed a GPS. On the way out, it usually worked, but often was quirky or would just freeze up. Once we entered Canada, there was no more use since roaming data in Canada would have been very expensive. A few days later, we returned to the US and I don't think I got VZ Navigator to work properly ever again. And yes, I did turn back on roaming data.

VZ nav was one of the worst apps I have used.

I haven't tried it on the Pre Plus - only my old phone (Razr).

Really odd that it would work on a dumb phone and not a smart one. Thank you for the info.

i've a Pre+ w/ VZ Nav, and have had few problems with it. I only used it for a ~5k mile roadtrip though, not as long as yours.
But I've used it substantially then as well.

yes but its expensive, its already out for ios and windows and blackberry and android. 59.99 euros for america with a 3 GIGABYTE file u have to store on your phone eeeek lol

I have a Garmin iQue 3600 that I used for a few years...but it no longer can pick up satellite signals. If I loaded up all of the US, and Canada, I could fit it on a 2 GB SD card. I like having the data onboard, so you aren't relying on 3G data feed...just the GPS signal.

But as you mentioned in an earlier post, it really makes more sense to get an inexpensive Garmin or Tom TOm for your navigation needs.

Well, if ...
- you don't have a data plan
(eg by choice - just be using WLAN) or
- your carrier doesn't provide online navigation or
- you prefer offline navigation or
- you don't wanna carry around 2 devices or
- for any other reasons

...this might be the solution.

I was looking for a replacement for the TomTomNavigator I had on my Palm Treo 680.
This looks like a great solution to me.

So I have an unlocked Pre2 that I was fortunate enough to have been given for free by attending the WebOS Dev day in NYC.

However, the app catalog does not work on the phone since it is not activated on any carrier (it is GSM and my own Pre is CDMA with a contract on Sprint)

I would like this on my Pre2 to use as a dedicated GPS device. If they make it free in the Homebrew catalog on PreWare I could install it, but I doubt it will be free. Hoping there is some other way I could pay for it and just get access to the ipk.

The free Navit app doesn't work on WebOS 2.0 yet.

If they're going to charge I can't imagine why they'd make it free in preware.
You can go into a T-Mobile, and possibly ATT store, and they'll let you borrow a SIM. Or you could borrow one from a friend. I do believe there's a patch to activate over wifi though, i'd try that first.

Actually, looking at the way they do android, WinMo and Symbian -- it's NOT through the app store, but rather a download, so you may be lucky enough to buy it as-is after all!

Sadly, it will be useless for my Verizon Pre+ and it's royally screwed up GPS, even if it will actually run on the phone.

(wow ... been a while since I whined about my GPS)

HP: now I'll need a way to purchase apps and not just access to the free ones.


HP: Before you add any other gimmick and stuff:

Make the paid-app-store available for all people around the world!

Greetings from a very long and loyal Palm user from Switzerland.

(Palm III, Palm m105, Palm Tungsten T, Palm T5, Palm TX, Palm Treo 680 (4x), Palm Pre Plus)

About freakin time. Although I find nav-it to be pretty slick for a freeware solution. Still it crashes a lot on me and is laggy. Its light years better than sprint telenav. I swear like 3 years ago my winmo brick phone was all hooked up with tomtom and a custom rom... when i got the pre i sold it for like 30 dollars and have been getting lost since then.. i endured years of telenav hell but i guess thats peanuts compared to verizon kids.

I tried VZ-Navigator twice on a trip in January and canceled. It took me to a main road a few miles from my destination and told me I had arrived. The neighborhood street it thought it took me to wasn't on its map at all. And the other time I tried it I was miles away from where it showed me. Just looking at Google maps would have been much better.

I use "GPS-Fix with VZ-Nav" on my Pre+, which make Trapster and BGF Maps always work fine. They're all great apps. But GPS-Fix running in the background does shorten battery life a bit as it must ping GPS every 20 minutes. (I don't "do" preware).

OMG somebody is finally making a serious piece of navigation software for WebOS. I hope my Verizon Pre 2 does not have a gimped GPS.

guys this pup is expensive as all get out, just buy yourself a dedicated mobile gps. this thing take up storage like its going out of style and you would have to it seems, buy individual maps for certain areas
this isnt a new app its out for every device except webos here's the map prices by location :

I'm willing to pay for a decent app ... by now I'd be willing to pay for any app that gets me to where I want to be, actually :)

Thats fine if you wanna carry around another device.

I don't!
Another device is not an option for me.

This on device navigation is for me (without data plan) exactly what I was looking for.

And it is A LOT CHEAPER than the TomTomNavigator solution, I previously had on my Palm Treo 680.

I was not aware that dedicate mobile gps that offers maps for all areas for free.
Most come preloaded with maps, but if you want a different area, or next year's update, you'll have to pay. (Actually i don't know what ndrive's policy is on updates.. maybe you have to buy the new version to get the new maps..)

Plus (more importantly) I know of NO dedicated gps with any of the data features mentioned.. searching 4sq, fb, your friends, sharing over the internet.. And the ones that have traffic, cost a whole hell lot more than "this pup".. i laugh that you call this expensive.

too bad GPS doesn't work on the VZ pre+

Well...sort of...but sometimes it does. I've had mixed success and failure here. Over the last couple weeks, success.


What I don't get from this video is does it have VOICE turn by turn directions?

Reading some reviews, apparently it has voice directions.

not French accent... Probably Portuguese accent since nDrive is a Portuguese company (and Palm products are not even available in Portugal)

Looking at their website, it shows that nDrive is available in multiple languagues.

Languages available:
Classical Arabic
English (UK)
English (USA)
English (India)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal)
Spanish (Argentina)
Spanish (Mexico)
Spanish (Spain)

I guess the people suggesting a stand-alone have no idea how many people are paying ~$10/mo for carrier's gps sw. This is a steal by comparison.

lately, even vz nav has problems on my pre+, so I guess verizons strategy is problematic even for them.

For folks that want something free, maybe we can get Mapquest to provide that!
a la: http://engadget.com/2011/02/17/mapquest-for-android-brings-free-turn-by-...

The presentation video was very bad, but the features look amazing. I particularly love the local storage of maps, a complex achievement that frees the phone from data connection.

Facebook integration and Foursquare... useless.

I really only want three things added to what I've got now: voice recognition. Maps stored on the device (it's got that). And I know this last one is crazy, but how about when you are driving somewhere, and you search for something nearby, it searches *all along your planned route* rather than just in a big useless circle around the point you happen to be located at that moment.

not support China?