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NDrive HD Navigation now on the HP TouchPad 46

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 02 Jul 2011 1:27 pm EDT

Add this to your list of great apps for the HP TouchPad, NDrive has announced and released their newest creation for webOS, NDrive HD, and it's sure to turn more than a few heads (pardon the pun). As we've shown you before on our smaller webOS 2.0 smartphones in this review, NDrive is a good (though somewhat pricey) turn-by-turn navigation app that absolutely trounces the built-in options. You're probably wondering, though, how will you use a navigation app while on the road without wireless access on a wifi-only device? It's simple, NDrive is downloaded straight to your TouchPad when you purchase it, never to need data connection again (except for updates).

When we looked at NDrive for smartphones, we thought it was great (though again, we can't ignore that price). It's easy to use, gives decent directions and fulfills nearly every need of turn-by-turn navigation app users without the hefty monthly fee that usually comes with these types of apps. Click through the break to get a look at some screenshots, and then grab the app from the catalog to see it for yourself. NDrive HD will set you back about $50.

UPDATE: Yes, it is true that turn-by-turn navigation is a bit hard to use on a device that does not continually have GPS by default (the TouchPad is currently wifi only). But there are reasons why this app is still a viable option, especially considering a 3G version of the TouchPad is already on the way.


lack of GPS on the wifi-only model doesn't affect the use of this app?

Thinking the same.
GSM/GPS Touchpad's should arrive soon !

No doubt. I'm honestly holding out to see if a 3G version comes just to have GPS. It adds way too much convenience to any location services program to just be ignored, m'thinks.

Now if they could instead get the WiFi TouchPad to link in to a webOS phone's GPS by bluetooth, that'd be just fine by me...

According to Ndrive this is more of a "route-planning app" on the WiFi version on the TouchPad. It won't properly function until the 3G versions with GPS come out later this year

so we only need a touchpad with gps...

Tim when are you going to fix the mobile site. every time i try to load comments on here from my palm pre- running 1.4.5 it disables my browser for some time. why has this been on going for 2 months already? ive posted on the why is precentral not working? on the forums several times. whats taking so long to give us a reply? this is ridiculous. specially for a person that use to visit this site 10 to 20 times a day from his pre.......

m.precentral.net never loads properly on my Pixi+ either. I just get half a page :-(

On my TouchPad I can see the comments but I can't post or thumb up/down. But it works half the time on my Pre + with 2.1. Its very frustrating when I want to contribute...

That's why when people said you don't need GPS on a WIFI only unit, they never foresee that an offline GPS app will become available for WebOS. What if I'm sitting on the passenger seat and am helping the driver navigate?

I still wished that the WIFI TouchPad had built-in GPS.

Does ipad have any app like that?

Yes the iPad has a few- but they only work effectively on models that utilise a SIM. You can run them on a wifi only model (type I have) but they only give a general location through location services, they don't give a GPS lock so are useless for turn by turn navigation.

I'm therefore intrigued to know if nDrive HD actually works on a Touchpad which is wifi only?

As I'm in the UK I have no access to a touchpad yet, but if GPS works 'properly' on wifi model then this is another major plus over the iPad...

you can purchase a bluetooth GPS module for routing with the wifi only iPad. shouldn't be that difficult to do the same on a TouchPad or to pair it with a Pre/Pixi to use its GPS signal

Really not necessary for Sprint users, free Nav app included in the all in one price on their smartphones. I have been using this app on my Pre now for over 2 years on a weekly basis, with it's turn by turn directions no need for Ndrive.

That thing is seriously outdated! I use it all the time too and it has failed me many times! Has taken me to alot of places that don't exist anymore.

The Pre version is in serious need of an update. I have had to rely on my cousins HTC Evo alot of times. The Sprint Nav on the Evo is up to date and its not even called Sprint Nav anymore! Its just Tele Nav now.

An update? You mean to the app itself? The maps are updated constantly. Heck, it gives much better directions than my TomTom. The app itself however is not the best but if you have looked at half the GPS units on the market right now, the Sprint Navigation app looks great.

ditto, I've previously owned TomTom, Garmin & Navigon units & found Sprint Navigation to be more accurate

Really? It has never given me incorrect instructions or locations & is actually more accurate than the GPS unit I purchased before I got the Sprint Pre & Sprint navigation.

Can the TouchPad use the GPS on the Pre over bluetooth? Like an external GPS?

Now if the 7in Opal has gps that would be great. Good size and easily readable. Oh the choices choices.

"You're probably wondering, though, how will you use a navigation app while on the road without wireless access on a wifi-only device? It's simple, NDrive is downloaded straight to your TouchPad when you purchase it, never to need data connection again"

Actually, I was wondering how this app works on the Wifi Only TouchPad which apparently LACKS A GPS???

Come on, you seriously didn't consider that when you wrote this article? How does this work without a GPS in the Wifi only Touchpad???


Yes, makes no sense. I am still wondering how it works? I am still waiting for the answer. Cliffhanger maybe, the answers will come in the next article!


1. Download the map while at home.
2. Input where you're going.
3. Follow the instructions that are input into the device from your starting location.

I was going to try and explain it to you but if you really don't see the difference between having a GPS for turn-by-turn vs pre-loading the directions before getting into your car then me explaining it isn't going to do a lick of good.

I understand the difference and you don't have to be rude about it.

Another solution: Use FreeTether from your webOS Smartphone.

These solutions are not perfect, but they are still solutions for people who want to use the app on their tablet. Just because you won't use it doesn't mean everyone won't. Obviously there is some demand for it if NDrive has made the app.

Another solution: Wait until a 3G TouchPad is released, as it has already been announced by HP as coming.

How does Freetether help? I thought NDrive didn't need an internet connection? Does freetether somehow share the GPS too?

Really Tim? Really? May as well tell people to do this from their laptop and print it out before hitting the road like they did in the early 90's.

So why would I pay $50+ for something I can already do with Google maps today for Free?

Tim, how is this better than printing directions from Google maps and bringing the print out.

You don't need paper.

I don't know the answer, but it has been reported elsewhere that the Touchpad includes a GPS chip.

All I know, as I previously posted is that non-SIM iPads don't have gps.

Mobile phones use aGPS, which gives a quick fix, but standard GPS is fine for turn-by-turn navigation, once a signal lock is established, so hopefully this release confirms that Touchpad wifi only version has GPS functionality that is lackin in iPad wifi only version.

Where was this reported? According to HP the Wifi version of the TouchPad does not include a GPS.

instead of wifi tethering to share 3g how about GPS tethering over Wifi = i.e. freetetherGPS- is is possible?

interesting point

I am wondering the same thiing...I have a bluetooth GPS receiver I use with my Axim and Laptops that would work great.

Thank you! This was such an obvious issue with this article.

This is where touch to share would be great - plan the trip on the pad, but share with the phone.

7 in would be great too.

Just to clarify, this is not available on the Pre 2 for most users on this planet who just rely on the app catalog, since the app catalog only has it available for WebOS 2.1 users and Verizon did not actually release the OTA update (there were just a few beta people who got it).

For details on that unfortunate development refer to my comment:


A Verizon employee on the VZW forums clearly admitted that they are not ready to release webos 2.1 yet over the air =( Bummer.

mobile precentral has been giving me issues aswell on my pixi plus. it will only load part of a page and leave the rest blank.

What's important for me about this article is that you can assume that NDrive is now fully WebOS 3.0 compatible. That's a huge deal for me, and was the only thing (besides the price) holding me back from purchasing it. I have an unlocked Pre2, and didn't want to spend that kind of money on an app that's going to be left behind in the dust when 3.0 is released on the Pre3, Veer and possibly Pre2.

Which brings me to my next question - if I buy the current version of NDrive that's available on WebOS 2.1 for my Pre2, do I have to pay again for the "HD" version when I upgrade to a WebOS 3.0 device?

Yeah, same question. On iPad / iPhone these are considered "universal" apps-- on purchase works on both. I'll buy it if that's the case.

wow, if I buy it for my Pre2 and pay $50, I have to buy the HD version for the touchpad and pay another $50?


We don't know if that's true. I was simply asking the question. Perhaps somebody on here already owns this app and can contact the developer and ask the question..

this app appears missing from MY TouchPad's App Catalog... where the heck we supposed to find this, if a search for "NDrive" turns up naught?

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Hey guys i just wanted to comment that NDrive HD is not available on the web catalog yet but it will be very soon The app will depute for 19.99$ and not 50$

I would buy it today, probably for the $50, if it would work with a bluetooth GPS receiver. I just came back from a vacation on the Blue Ridge in NC and as much as I love my Google Maps/Navigation, when you have zero signal, it doesn't work very well.

I got my TouchPad a few days ago and love it. I pulled a bluetooth GPS receiver out of storage where it has been for 2 years and fired it up. The Touchpad immediately detected it and paired to it but when I try to connect, the connection fails (BTW, it is a OnCourse/GlobalSat BT359C). I checked and it still works with my old Cingular/HTC 8525 so I am pretty sure that it is the Touchpad. Hopefully HP will come up with a fix for this.