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by webos catalog Wed, 27 Apr 2011 8:12 am EDT
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Turn-by-turn navigation for webOS has finally arrived!

NDrive 11 transforms your Smartphone into a powerful turn-by-turn navigation device.

The award winning application bundles a number of new features that exceed the field of simple turn-by -turn navigation including Social Network integration, Weather, location sharing to name a few.

NDrive 11 uses the latest NAVTEQ maps which are stored on your device, allowing you to navigate without the need of network connectivity.

NDrive 11 beyond navigation:
- Nearby offers (Coupons)
- Facebook and Foursquare integration
- Live weather
- NDrive’s in-app store

NDrive 11 Navigation Faster and smarter:
- Radar and speed limit notifications
- NAVTEQ POIs enhanced with Google Search Functions
- Lane assistance
- Adventure mode

-35 Supported languages, written and spoken include: English, Spanish, German, French, etc.
-NDrive 11’s maps are provided by NAVTEQ: (March 2011)
NDrive USA application includes the following countries and territories:
- USA, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands

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Wow...$50 bucks...that's a lot! I'm very glad webOS is getting a turn by turn gps app, but $50 is a lot to pay. Still less than a refurbished Garmin Nuvi though! I look forward to hearing users discuss their experiences with this new app. My 1.4.5 Pre Plus will have to wait for now.

At the $50 price point, when similar applications are offered for "other platforms" for free and Apple recently is talking about bundling such an application by default for free, I don't this as being an attractive offer let alone a positive development for WebOS. I think at this point it's more hurtful then exciting to the platform as it "should" be offered by default if HP is really serious about being competitive.

Similar applications for other platforms cost similar amounts. Garmin is $34 on iPhone. Navigon is $45. There is value to having maps on device so that you don't have to have a data connection.

Sprint Nav is free, but AT&T Navigator is $10/mo, Verizon Navigator is $5/mo.

It's actually worse than that. The app is $50, but it doesn't come with maps, which cost anywhere from $25 to $37 in addition to the cost of the app. I'll be passing on this app.

Even at $50, it's still a way better deal than VZ Navigator or AT&T Navigator.

Turn by turn driving GPS was one of the things holding me back from 2-ing my Sprint Pre. Very cool.

On my Sprint Pre I dont need this app. But if I was on VZN or AT&T and paying for there Nav app I would look at it.

Um, that's pretty expensive considering I can buy a decent stand-alone GPS for under $100.

Wow, I can't wait to find out if it's a good app. $50 is not something I'll spend until I've really seen a bunch of reviews...

This is good news - this price is comparable to other platforms. Hopefully they'll release for other regions as well (I'm looking for Europe maps later this year).

This is good news - this is a good price comparable to other platforms). Hope they start adding other regions (will need Europe in the future).

It doesn't sound like a bad deal to me. I wouldn't expect to pay any less and by the looks of it, it appears to be a well featured app. I can't wait to try it out myself.

I don't see any mention of traffic data :(

The big problem with this is the Pre GPS sucks. Most of the time it's unable to pin point me and without pin pointing applications like this are useless.

You can use Sprint Navigator w/o a GPS lock either. I get a lock like 25% of the time I try. It's really pathetic.

The Sprint Navigator and Google Maps require an internet connection to download the map on the fly. So if you are in a rural area on the highway, you're screwed if you don't have service.

This doesn't require internet, so it will always be available, and it won't drain your battery nearly as fast because of that.

And you can't compare those craptastic stand-alone GPS devices that use a resistive screen. They are a PIA to use.

I've tried a couple of free and "low cost" navigation SW on "some other" smartphone.
Most of these were mostly unusable. Only TomTom' app for 70-80$ (depending on maps included) was something that actually was of real help (not just for playing around).
IF Ndrive comes close to that measure I'll be happy to invest in it.


spacemanspork - There's a trick to getting Sprint Nav to get a GPS lock: Choose "Map & Traffic" first. Click past the "no signal found. It will get a lock and show your map position a few seconds later and then you can use the "Drive To" and "Search" options.

In my area (Kentucky) that works 90% of the time. I did have issues in San Diego with the GPS losing lock on some hill side roads but it would generally require lock a few hundred yards down the road.

And I'd probably buy this for my wife. I'm fine with Navit but she can't stand the UI.

That of course assumes I can get a Pre3 on Sprint.

Get me a WebOS phone on Verizon that actually can get a GPS signal and THEN we'll talk.

Umm... $50 for the app and another $25 for the maps? No thanks. I'll just get a more full featured standalone GPS.

the one good thing about having a Sprint Pre Minus.... Aside from a very affordable plan, I get free turn by turn navigation software.
Thank you Sprint! ... Now please just get the Pre 3!

Not too long ago during the Palm OS and Win Mobile era, we had no problem putting up similar sums of $ for GPS mapping/tracking/caching apps. Its understood that times and app models have changed but there's still something to be said about these kinds of apps vs the current crop. I for one hate the ton of single-purpose, simple apps that proliferate the many catalogs.

If an app is well-designed, does multiple tasks and/or brings new or much needed functions to a device, it's cost is easily justified. Although their respective pricing have changed, the old WorldMate, SplashTravel and TomTom apps come to mind.



Damn you pinchers wine like a bunch of el pinchos. I bought it last night for 50 bucks. you get USA cayman islands, puerto rico and a few other territories for the 50.

just in case there was confusion. This app is really good. really really good. it blows the doors off sprints telenav. It actually makes me sad that we get the first real gps solution after 2 years and everyone goes "oh i dunno, ill wait another year on telenav" I wanna be gerard the pincher green crab.

HOLY **** **** MAKE IT AVAILABLE FOR PRE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!