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Never Fear, Enyo is Here 24

by Sharon L Copeland Fri, 25 May 2012 7:01 pm EDT

Never fear enyo is here

So much has happened in the past 36 hours it’s enough to make your head explode.  First HP announced its cutting 27,000 jobs over a two-year period; then the core Enyo team is packing up and going to Google. We are happy that the team found fantastic jobs; but we all would like to put you in a line and slap you individually in the face. Anyone that was up at 10:30 pm yesterday got the heart sinking news via Twitter. Not the best way to be met with bad news the second time in a week. The fans of webOS who are true blue supporters, were sent to the bad kids table with a piece of cake without the icing. What’s going to happen to our phones; what’s going to happen to the TouchPad? What’s going to happen to webOS? To ease our worried minds the Enyo team has released this statement:

The core of Enyo 2 is solid. We’re hearing great things from developers about the performance improvements in the last release, and we have another release on the way. After that, we’ll focus on expanding the Onyx widget set. We’ve enlisted the support of the developer relations engineers you know and love to help out as we work on growing the team.

That’s right, we’re growing. As we said earlier this month, we’re hiring — not just to replace the engineers who have left, but to increase the size of the team going forward. If you would like to contribute to the success of Enyo (and get paid for it) please let us know. And of course, all are welcome to contribute to the code by making GitHub pull requests.

Our door is open; if you have any concerns, feel free to voice them in the Enyo forums.  We’re always listening and will do our best to address your questions. We’ll also be out in person at next week’s O’Reilly Fluent Conference in San Francisco, and at HP Discover in Las Vegas the following week — we’d love to see you there.

So there you have it, we are moving on as planned so calm your fears.  The Enyo team are here for the long haul.







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Great news!

Great news!!!!

Thanks God!!!!

The Verge has a different take on this bright and shiny announcement claiming "Everything is OK"; it sure soesn't sound like everything's just fine:
"Everything we've learned from sources in the past day suggests that the Enyo members most heavily invested in the platform have indeed left (those "responsible for 99 percent" of the code, we're told), but it stands to reason that the remaining team would be looking to cast the situation in as positive a light as it possibly can."
But hey, remember, they're doubling down...and it's a marathon, not a sprint. In no way have promises ever been broken when it comes to anything webOS, right, so everyone should just keep the faith and move right along as if everything's awesome. I mean, it's gotta be dead easy to replace the people responsible for writing 99% of the Enyo codebase without skipping a beat!
I've enjoyed webOS as much as the next guy and still have 4 devices here at home I regularly use in addition to having been a webOS app developer, but this has become a platform for emotional masochists.

That is the awesomest Picture EVERRRR!

Sharon, thank you for this article and bringing sanity to this. I failed last night in the forums. Not surprising that one of those leaving told they Verge that they were responsible for 99 percent of the code. As I said elsewhere, there was at least one very proud person that left. But the WSJ says that it is only SIX (6) people. Think about that. Think about what a small part of WebOS dev staff that is, even if they wrote most of the Enyo code. WebOS is not enyo. Matt McNulty joined Palm after WebOS was already written and running. Think of all of the apps written for WebOS and how few of them were written with Enyo. Some perspective here. There will be more people, and maybe some new thinking with join the application framework group and do even better things.

That's right, kids! It's like how when the Titanic sank, everyone was all, "Oh, my wife is dead, boo-hoo." How come people never talk about how great the trip was UP UNTIL THEN? Sure Webos is supposedly "Dead" now, according every analyst on the internet. Well, these so-called "experts" apparently forgot that it's not hardware that makes an OS a success; Neither is it apps, providers, market share or even brand recognition. What makes an OS a success, is the INDOMITABLE POWER OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT!

The size of the dev team is not a good indicator for how much of a brain drain this was.

They are not all interchangable.

If these 6 where a core part of Enyo then I can easily imagine that 90% of the short term productiviy just left the building.
And Google certainly didnt't hire the interns that just started readig the documentation.

I'm as much glass half-full guy as any here (while still having a sense of what's realistically possible), but this is bad news (after a year of bad news).

If HP wants to keep any options open for webos they really need to put a stop to the constant brain drain. This is bad for both the image of webos (and HP) and the productivity of the dev team.

Hahaha! I was going to post exactly the same clip! Tortured minds think alike!

"We are happy that the team found fantastic jobs, but we all would like to slap you individually."

honestly what else are they gonna say? "We are all doooooomed!!!" Of course not.

People with poor faith, good hardware and lame mobile OS! That's what you are!
You're so lame, you thought webOS was all about you (referring to those 6/99% that left)! You're so lame, that you didn't realize webOS is about all of us... Don't you, don't you, don't you!


P.S.: I must admit I was one of the yesterday's heart aching guys and proudly admit it! :-)

You stole my words. LONG WILL LIVE webOS!!!

P.S: your P.S. applies to me to.

reminds me of the good old Amiga days. At least my TouchPad still works!

Those were the days! If people think life in webOS planet is not for the weak of heart, ask any former die-hard amigan - THAT was a heart attack rollercoaster.

In fact, I fear webOS can follow the same route. It's such a nightmare I wouldn't shove it even at my worst enemy.

But, if you like an intense technology life, yes, nothing comes close to this!

The core Enyo team may be gone, but Enyo isn't going anywhere. Sounds like they still have the people to continue building Enyo for a 2.0 release.

I believe those Enyo  developers who went to google will make android stronger ,this proves that google had an eye on Enyo they may implement some Enyo into android .

There's no need to "implement some Enyo into android" because Enyo is an open-source javascript application development framework.  It has NOTHING to do with the operating all.  You can RIGHT NOW run Enyo 1 & 2 apps on Android devices, iOS devices, etc.
So, don't expect Android to improve because some javascript framework developers went to Google.  Android suffers from very fundamental problems that will never allow it to achieve the elegance of webOS, no matter who is working on it.


Is the same crap. only bad news every week. I am going to save some money to buy a damn new Ipad. There is no reason for me to be suffering this stress.

There are bigger things to stress out in this world, and the future of webOS is not one of them. Not that I don't care, but I don't stress out about it.

sounds like the common thread running in business: get rid of the experienced people to replace them with cheaper, right out of college employees. growing? sure, because you get rid of one person and are able to hire two. let's hope these new additions will bring new ideas to keep the os alive.