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by the10thletter Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:42 pm EST
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Nevermore is a Steampunk inspired theme for the palm pre.
This is my first theme so let me know how you feel I could make it better!

Version History:
V 2.3.0
-skinned the lockscreen's keypad
V 2.2.5
-updated wave
-updated quick launch
V 2.1.5
-added Sprint TV icon
V 2.1.0
-fixed camera, clock, & date/time icons
-added sprint portal icon
-changed messaging boxes to make it easier to tell who's talking
V 2.0.0
-overhaul and cleanup of existing icons.
-added 12 new icons
-lock screen update
-minor changes in phone app
-minor changes in messaging app
-updated wallpaper
V 1.9.0
-skinned the messaging window a bit...
-fixed and added some icons.
V 1.5.0
-added some new icons
V 1.0.0
-check it out!

please comment and rate! I love feedback!

If you like this and want to see its improvement help me out and drop me a donation. Thanks in advance.
paypal/contact =

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Just installed this theme. I previously had the Dexter theme that I saw listed on here. I did not remove the Dexter theme beforehand, so some remnants of the dexter theme are still intact. For example, when you push on an icon to select it, you get a Dexter blood splatter, and the Web application background screen has the Dexter picture still, which is actually kind of cool.

But I really like your theme's graphics. I'm very impressed, and can tell you put alot of time into it.

I like the lock screen, and all the icons just look cool. Thanks for making this.

I love steampunk, and everything here looks great. That said - who the heck is the woman? Seems out of place, looking at all the other wonderful graphics.

hehe, i had my wife's speed dial button up when i took the screenshots. i hadn't really noticed until after i had posted them and i thought she was pretty enough to leave up!

I just downloaded this theme. It looks good, but when I try to install it I get errors about it missing theme.xml. Did it regress in version 2.0?

Beautifully done! Had the same issue as squeaky did. I then installed directly through the Preware app.

I downloaded the theme from prethemer and it worked fine, but has a script error during the install which worried me bit, but it seems fine.

script error from prethemer is probably due to conflicts in your installed patches and the themes patch... i don't compile anything on prethemer... the site there does it all for me. as with all themes its best to install this one over a clean stock theme. I hope you like it and don't have any other issues though!

When in lock screen the 0 does not show like the rest of the other numbers the number looks the same but the background did not change.


Very nice theme, and will have this installed for awhile.


I love this theme but I do have one thing, the background on messaging shows up as white, it would be awesome if it showed up as black like the pic. Can you look into this.

Thanks so much for your hard work. :)

it should be black... try uninstalling and reinstalling maybe?

THis is hands down prob the best theme out there .. the time and the quality of it has really been great! Congrats and thankyou!

thanks so much for the great compliments!

I tried to install it again and still background is white :(
but still my favorite theme.

how do i get a theme onto my pre? i cant figure it out! lol

I tried removing the theme but it only changes the icon not the background. What am I doing wrong?

This theme is the best one i've had so far. I really like the icons, the backgrounds are awesome, the whole thing is just really pleasing to the eye. Great job!! Can't wait to see what else you come up with for this theme.

yeah I get that too. Background on messaging stays white. :(

I love this theme! Does the background color change for instant messaging only?? The background in texting is still white! Is this the same for everyone else??

Great job with this one. The graphics and the icons are gorgeous.

Looks great, but downloading from here and installing with WebOS Quick Install gives multiple errors during the installation.

I dismissed the error popup and let it run through and some of the elements appear, but a lot of stuff doesn't (like many of the icons).

Perhaps it needs updating for the 3.1 WebOS update?

does this work with the latest firmware? i keep trying to install it with webos quick install. i get errors all over the place, then only the background seems to be working.

Yup, white background . . . .
This would be my favorite theme, everything about
it is fantastic, and the reason I downloaded it
was *because* the background was black in messaging
and the letters were neon blue but then come to
find out that the background is white and it
looks completely different on the phone than in
the pictures, it's kind of a let down.

This theme would be amazing if it reflected the messaging
colors as it does in the screenshots, and I have already
uninstalled and reinstalled with the same outcome.

I really want this theme to work and I want to keep it around
but sad to say that if there's no way to get the messaging
to look like the screenshots then I'll probably end up
just removing it all together . . . . :-(

beautiful graphics! love the theme and details.
i have noticed that certain 'button' presses require multiple hits before they engage (messaging, some in preware) i'll let you know if this works itself out with restarts.
i'm really enjoying the visuals!!

i loved the theme but the messaging screen was a rather icky shade of brown and because i do used messaging often, i had to uninstall it. the icons and lock screen were lovely though.

I think a machinery sound should be added for functions. gears shifting, steam sounds maybe?

Is this a male only theme? Has it got "more" than is shown? I like the screenshots as shown here.

I keep trying to download this theme but it keeps tells me unable to connect to url, can you help?

love the theme thank you :)

Simply superb.

Amazing work from you as always... :)