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New in the App Catalog for 01 June 2011 9

by Derek Kessler Thu, 02 Jun 2011 8:51 am EDT

After nearly two weeks of broken app feeds, we’re back in business. And, well, there’s a lot to catch up on, so let’s just get to it.

  • GReader for Veer and Pixi is a customizable and themable Google Reader app for the smaller screened devices in the webOS ecosystem.
  • Radius, from the maker of Bad Kitty, is a unit converter so beautiful it will make you want to switch between Imperial and metric.
  • Juggle! is kind of like pong, complete with retro styling, but tilted on its side, with one paddle, and multiple gravity-affected balls you have to keep in the air.
  • Audiophile plays FLAC, WMA, and other audio codes not unsupported on webOS.
  • GTask is the first webOS Google Tasks manager.

Many more apps, new and updated, are all after the break.

  • [Subject], price varies, by TEARN media. Games to help children learn. Released for Animals, Birds, Colors, Dinosaurs, Flowers, Fruits, and Reptiles.
  • Accounting Glossary, $1.25, by Canny Technologies (Hyderabad). More than five hundred entries on accounting.
  • Airplane Rescue, $0.99, by Gp Imports. Rescue survivors from a crashed plane.
  • Animals Finder, $1.25, by Canny Technologies (Hyderabad). Animal-themed word search for kids.
  • Audiophile, Free, by Epik. Audio player supporting FLAC, WMA, and more, with fine tuning volume and tone controls.
  • Bible In Italian, $2.99, by Mobifusion. [Italian] The Christian Bible in Italian.
  • CEN, Free, by Upward Mobility. Four hundred test prep questions for the Certified Emergency Nurse exam.
  • Days Gone By, $0.99, by D Gardner. Track the days that have passed since a date of your choosing.
  • Dicey, Free, by iprice. Role mulitiple virtual dice.
  • DigiNote Pro: Easy and Secure Notes, $2.99, by DigiKat Software Company. [webOS 2.0] Organize your notes with categories, create lists, and encrypt your data.
  • DigiOBD: OBD II Scan Tool, $19.95, by DigiKat Software Company. Find out what exactly that check engine light is about.
  • DigiTask Pro: The best Task Manager, $2.99, by DigiKat Software Company. [webOS 2.0] Sort your tasks with priorities, categories, notes, and more.
  • E: The Pursuit of God, Free, by Erick Brown. A.W. Tozer’s classic treatise of the Christian life.
  • Educating Christian Youth, $1.00, by Ulrich Zwingli’s 1526 book on childhood education.
  • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, $2.99, by Trial Lawyer Apps. View the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
  • GLBasic Command Set Reference Guide, Free, by View GLBasic commands on your  phone.
  • GraphicToDATA, Free, by Convert JPEG, PNG and BMP files to run-length encoded hexadecimal compressed GLBasic DATA statements.
  • GReader (Google Reader) for Veer, Pixi, $1.68, by [320x400] Google Reader app for HP Veer and Palm Pixi with customizable look and themes. Tue, 31 May
  • GTask, Free, by AbacusApp. View and manage your Google Tasks list.
  • iWitness, Free, by B-Tech Labs. Verse assistance.
  • Juggle!, $1.99, by Denki. A retro-themed one-sided gravity-affected vertical pong.
  • Loc Discovery, $3.99, by Disciple Skies. Get maps from coordinates, coordinates from maps, and your location from GPS.
  • Lumen Calc, $7.99, by Trans Lunar Designs. A tool for lighting designers who need to calculate Initial Foot-candles and Maintained Foot-candles.
  • Magnetic Shaving Derby, $2.99, by Nyarlu Labs. Use a magnet to drag a razor around an unshaven face.
  • Mathematics, $1.99, by Open Merchant Account. Enter a formula and get the results, even in graph form.
  • Maths Tricks, $1.25, by Canny Technologies (Hyderabad). More than a hundred “tricks” to improve your math skills.
  • Matketing Glossary, $1.25, by Canny Technologies (Hyderabad). A glossary of more than five hundred marketing terms.
  • Mined Out!, $1.00, by iprice. Minesweeper, the classic, with themes, difficulties, and more.
  • Next Train Beta, Free, by de roiste. Real time train information for The Republic Of Ireland.
  • Onegaff, Free, by KingApps. A guide and set-up assistant to mobile network Giffgaff.
  • Outliner, $1.99, by Crystal Development. Organize your thoughts, projects, and tasks with multiple lists and email exports.
  • Pac-Pac, $0.99, by Arctic Apps. Classic Pacman, controlled with the YGHJ keys on your keyboard.
  • Pacific Island Wallpapers for Veer, $0.99, by K2 Tech Service. Beautiful Pacific wallpapers for your phone.
  • Preschool A To Z, $1.49, by Cool Apps. Help a little one learn the alphabet.
  • QrCode barcode decoder, $1.10, by UtilsApp. A barcode and QR code decoder.
  • Radius, $1.99, by SuperInhuman Industries. A unit converter so beautiful it will make you want to switch between Imperial and metric.
  • Rep Master CC, $0.99, by Caped Criminal. An exercise tutor to help you get into better shape.
  • Spanglish, Free, by rkdev. [webOS 2.0] An English-Spanish dictionary and translator with Just Type support.
  • Spots : The Board Game, Free, by The classic Acorn Archimedes game.
  • Tao Te Ching Chinese Religion, $2.99, by Mobifusion. The ancient Chinese text of the Tao Te Ching.
  • TECHGEEK, Free, by Reawaken Media. The latest Australian technology news from TECHGEEK.
  • Tenor Guitar Chords Pro, $0.99, by Darin Smith. A chord reference for the four-stringed Tenor Guitar.
  • The Hood, $1.25, by Elusive-Minds Development. Released from prison after being wrongly incarcerated, you’re now out for urban justice.
  • Trakbot, $1.99, by Tidyminds. Trakbot lets you track GPS locations of other WebOS users. Publish your location manually or automatic with schedules and let your family and friends see where you are on their WebOS devices or online at Sun, 22 May
  • tran-go Lite, Free, by Mobile Apps Lehel. Free trial version of the German/English/French/Italian/Spanish travel translator.
  • Tubri - Real Life Social Network, Free, by Socialize with your friends, family, and colleagues in different circles on Tubri.
  • UTPA, Free, by University of Texas Pan America. The latest UTPA news and events, access the campus map and directory.
  • Virtue Scanner, Free, by Arctic Apps. Find better products that are healthy, green and socially responsible. Search or browse over 100,000 food, toys, personal care, & household products to easily learn about the best and worst products in a category. Fri, 27 May
  • Watchmefreak Ransom, Free, by Watchmefreak. Build a ransom note-style image for fun.
  • Where Am I, Free, by Petkatan Development. Get your current address from GPS.
  • Wx Station, Free, by Kiss-A-Ham. Get the local temperature and your favorite locations.
  • zNibble Ringtone Maker Pro, $1.59, by Patrick Francis. [webOS 2.1] Make ringtones from the music on your phone.

Updated apps:


Any word on the May update for Angry Birds Rio?

cant run Audiophile on my current PRE-... PALM/HP WHY!!!!

I can't find Audiophile or GTask on my Sprint Pre minus App catalog, are they only for webOS 2.0?

I know audiophile is a hybrid app so it is 2.1 or higher only I think.

Ah ok cool, thanks.

Just bought Radius and I must say...WOW! I'm really skeptical on apps I haven't seen at least a demo of but I figured what the heck. The user interface and graphics are simply amazing while still getting the job done fast and efficiently. Highly recommend RADIUS

Sweet, i can play my .wma files now! Gotta put them back on my phone & try out Audiophile!!

Too bad all the apps I want require 2.0 version of webOS. I'll have them in the "coming months."

There hasn't been a single app I've been interested in for my Pre Minus since Angry Birds Rio...and, well, we all know how that's turned out. HP, with all of their connections, hasn't brought any major players to the table at all since buying Palm? Really? It's ridiculous.