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New in the App Catalog for 07 February 2011 11

by Derek Kessler Tue, 08 Feb 2011 11:38 am EST

We may be currently on our way to San Francisco, but that doesn’t mean that the apps have stopped flowing. So thank something holy for in-flight Wi-Fi (and greetings from 34,000 feet over Jeddo, Missouri).

  • Mobile Textpattern is for the Textpattern site manager, allowing you to create new articles, make edits, and store drafts all from your phone.
  • WMF Audiobooks hooks into the public domain audio books database, brining you thousands of streaming books for free.

You want more? Of course you want more. We won’t judge you if you click past the link to see what else is new. If you don’t click it, we probably will judge you - we’re like that.

New apps:

  • Admin Console 2 Go, Free, by OJacques. Remotely manage servers and applications.
  • Angelic Messenger Cards, $4.99, by Mobifusion. Explore angelic archetypes and symbols that provide divine guidance to humanity.
  • Bad Habits Tracker, $0.99, by Infinite Appz. Track and be aware of your bad habits (smoking, drinking, spitting, looking directly at Derek, etc).
  • Battery Life Calculator, $0.99, by Infinite Appz. Determine how much battery life you can manage, assuming you know the battery’s capacity and your current draw rate.
  • Bridge to 10K helper, $1.99, by Vaibhav Mishra. You got off the couch and up to 5 kilometers - now it’s time for 10.
  • Ease to 10K helper, $0.99, by Vaibhav Mishra. Get ready to run a 10 kilometer race - in ten weeks.
  • Math For Kids, Free, by TreoRock Apps. Basic fun-to-learn math for the kiddies.
  • Mobile Textpattern, $1.49, by arkandos. Create new articles, make edits, and store drafts for your Textpattern-backended site.
  • No Smoking, $0.99, by Infinite Appz. Help to get you to quit smoking, including tracking just how much you actually light up.
  • Save My Spot, Free, by Spyder Speak. Save your current GPS location and then find your way back later.
  • UK Football News (Keys), Free, by TEARN media. Play UK football-themed Pictionary against search bots.
  • Water Consumption Tracker, $0.99, by Infinite Appz. Keep track of how much water you’re drinking.
  • Wings of Haiku, Free, by HaikuDaddy. A package of daily hi-res photos and haikus.
  • WMF Audiobooks, Free, by Watchmefreak. Listen to the thousands of public domain audiobooks on

Updated apps:


Thanks Guys, looking forward to your coverage tomorrow!

Looking forward as well! I can honestly say that I will not get ANY work done tomorrow!

"So thank something holy for in-flight Wi-Fi..."

Or we can thank the things that actually made it possible; modern science and the airline you're flying on.

Pffft. Airplanes stay in the air only because they've managed to harvest unicorn tears.

Let's hope HP has harvested some of those unicorn tears for palm.

Without the "something holy upstairs" None of this would be possible. GO HPALM!!

Well, regardless of people's personal beliefs, I think we can all agree that we're hoping for big things tomorrow.

1 day 12 minutes yes !!!!!!

I see you Derek!