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New in the App Catalog for 07 June 2011 17

by Derek Kessler Wed, 08 Jun 2011 8:35 am EDT

Sure, the app feeds might be going away soon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a moment to look at what’s new in the App Catalog:

  • Dino Chaos could almost be said to be a Jurassic Park style game; you’re an  FBI agent in search of missing colleagues, and there’s a whole ton of dinosaurs standing in your way. Good luck.
  • Fitness Appz provides a comprehensive six-week training program to get your body into better physical shape.
  • Jujube is essentially a music discovery tool. You can find songs from your childhood, look up classics from specific periods, find similar songs to the ones you’ve remembered, and then go download it all off of Amazon MP3.

More new and updated apps are after the break (naturally).

New apps:

  • 8-bit Trivia: NES, Free, by 8-bit development. One hundred one trivia questions to test your NES knowledge.
  • Astronomy, $1.99, by Open Merchant Account. Check out the locations of planets and stars in the sky, and read up on your astronomy.
  • Cangjie Free, Free, by calab. Input text using the physical keyboard and get Kanji characters back.
  • Days To Come, $0.99, by D Gardner. Countdown to upcoming dates.
  • Dino Chaos, $1.25, by Elusive-Minds Development. You’re an FBI agent in search of two missing comrades. Only one thing stands in your way: dinosaurs.
  • Finance Reference, $0.99, by A basic 101 overview of finance, from planning and statements to stocks and bonds to risk, capital, and budgeting.
  • Fitness Appz, $4.99, by Infinite Appz. A six-week training regimen to get yourself into better physical shape.
  • Go Olympics, $0.99, by Morad Tech. Get the latest news about the Olympics Games.
  • Jujube, $0.99, by Fioware. Find music from your childhood or specific eras.
  • Salon TipMaster, $1.59, by Disciple Skies. A tip calculator for your trips to the salon.
  • Vector Conflict: The Seige - Lite, Free, by Littlegrey Media. Free trial version of the bunker siege retro game Vector Conflict.

Update apps:


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Why is HP shutting down this app feed source? Are they going to provide PC with a new source?

Because some really big corporate TouchPad customers do not want their privately built apps co-mingled with apps for public consumption. So, HP is in the process of updating App delivery to allow some form of privacy for those types of customers. And there will be something new after a short period of time. Another source said that this was all communicated in a conference call with non-HP parties.

The "something new" is shutting down homebrew. That is next. HP wants full control of WebOS and PreWare stands directly in the way of that.

Rod's silence on this makes it even more obvious. If it was no big deal Rod would have posted that here. He is probably trying his best to convince HP to allow homebrew to stay, but it's not gonna happen.

Long live Rod!

Dude, HP donated (donated, not sold or lent) a $10,000 server to webOS Internals. HP, not Palm. The CTO of HP did this. I seriously doubt they'll block homebrew if they're throwing expensive **** servers at them.

yeah! what he said. They have publicly said they appreciate homebrew. I like The_Reptile's ideas on this, and Glenn, relax dude, WebOS Internals should be just fine... but they can still use donations!

Dude, 10 grand to you is a lot of money. 10 grand to HP is throw away money. HP is worth Billions.

Maybe at the time they were ok with it, or... maybe at the time they were trying to buy goodwill from an angry customer base.

Point is, until Rod comes out and says this is fine, no big deal, I am going to stand by my opinion that HP is going to ax homebrew in the near future.

HP is all about Enterprise customers, homebrew clashes with an enterprise system.

Just calm it down fireball.

looks like lots of HP commenters on here today.

Damage control?

When can we get "Words With Friends"?

I really want to try the dinosaur game, but because HP hates us and broke the app catalog for FrankenPre2 users, I can't download it. Good job on that one too, HP.

I don't think they hate us.

I think of it more like how Mike Vick treated his dogs. He loved them until he had no use for them and then he found "creative" ways to get rid of them. But there was always love at some point.

I really would like to play this too, and not even games. Id like to play or use a lot of apps that I bought for my pre2 only to not have them for my veer. And for the most part they work fine, just a simple update needed to tell the app catalog to use it for the veer.

Waiting on splashtop, ndrive, a few others. list goes on and on.

I don't understand. Why can't I download Dino Chaos? I've got a VZW Pre+ running webOS 2.1. I can't find the game in the App Catalog via search, so I copied and pasted the link over to an email and sent it to myself. When I clicked on it from my phone, the App Catalog said it wasn't available. Thoughts?

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