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New in the App Catalog of 09 March 2010 24

by Derek Kessler Wed, 10 Mar 2010 8:54 am EST

App Catalog Hey, look at that, new apps! Yeah, new apps make us smile. Especially when the list of new stuff includes stuff like the bible translated into Klingon or a fantastic homebrew graduate like podcatcher drPodder. It’s stuff like this that makes us laugh (because we're giant geeks) or proves useful that makes up for things like the “quotes” apps that we see so much of. For what it’s worth, don’t worry too much about the App Catalog being overtaken by this stuff - we’re not alone. While you won’t find Apple and Android patting Palm on the back and saying “It’ll be okay, trust us,” they’ve lived through the proliferation of less-than-useful apps as well. How do you think Apple got to more than 140,000 apps? It wasn’t sheer willpower, we’ll say that much. Regardless, we’ve got new apps, and you’ve got a list after the break to check out. Do it.

New apps:

  • drPodder, $0.99, by Jaimie Hatfield: Subscribe, download, and listen to podcasts without ever having to hook up to a computer. Congratulations to Homebrew Graduate drnull!
  • Emergency Information, $3.99, by Vimukti Technologies: Keep all your important medical information and emergency contacts in one convenient location.
  • GoldBug, $2.99, by Irregular Expression: Live and historical prices for precious metals investors.
  • Hearts!, $2.99, by The classic card game of hearts played against three computer players.
  • Make You Laugh Kidz, $1.25, by Bowden Apps: Dozens of jokes to put a smile on your kid’s face.
  • Og Mandino Quotes, $1.99, by Brighthouse Labs: Quotes from the author of The Greatest Salesman in the World.
  • Oliver Goldsmith Quotes, $1.99, by Brighthouse Labs: Read the worlds of the 18th century physician, poet, and author.
  • paq batlh, Free, by roneyli: The new and old testaments of the bible. In Klingon.
  • Sinpaper, $1.99m by Sinacism Graphics: Colorful graphic wallpapers designed exclusively for webOS.
  • Snow Report, $1.99, by Jeff Hanson: Get the latest snow conditions for resorts across the United States and Canada.
  • Where's My Car?, Free, by AllUrStuff: Log the GPS location of your car (or anything else you need to remember) and quickly find your way back later.

Updated apps:


First. Not only am I the first poster but this is my first post. BAHAHAHAHA COOL APPS

congrads, you must celebrate your accomplishment by partying it up. are you related to hondacop by any chance.

Second time I've been listed as roneyli. Really?

I'm starting to get worried about the 10 new apps a day. Is Palm really not doing that well with developers?

People have grown accustom to 10 or so apps per day. When you factor in that half of them are garbage, you're left with a minuscule amount of apps.

At this point it is really ridiculous. We should be in the dozens if not 100s per day by now. I don't see this changing ANYTIME soon. Probably not in the next year, and quite possibly never.

This is not the OS to go with if you want a wide selection of apps.

You guys are sick of Brighthouse? For non iPhone users (like me) who haven't seen the proliferation before, Brighthouse is just getting started!!!

I think the "Where's my car?" app should be renamed "Why am I an idiot?".

apps are always good! Now time to go back to bed, it's 632am here...wake me up when flash is here,

Still waiting for the badkitty update and tweed for 99 cents.

Got Dr podder!

I'd like a Bad Kitty trial. The reviews are very mixed on it.

I'm starting to worry too.Palm used to released about 25-30 apps a day,before.Now,it seem like,developers aren't releasing those apps the way the use to,or palm just a little hard on their app review.Well,now with the PDA plugins,hopefully soon we gonna start see some really useful,& well establised apps.For now,we can deal with Brighthouse Labs,Dijit,& the rest of those quotes,story-telling,& calculators apps.Where is FLASH,Palm..?

A bunch of work was done by developers for 1.4 compatibility. This slowed the current offering of new apps.

The Klingon? Now that's useful. I'm surprised Blighthouse Labs or Crappible didn't think of it first.

If you speak Klingon, it is.

New apps are great, and I believe that a LOT more are on their way. And why are people still complaining to PALM about flash not being available? FLASH IS COMING FROM ADOBE AS AN APP, not Palm. Also, since when is At&t advertising on precentral?

I think Palm has a cunning plan to deal with the kind of app spam we are seeing from Blighthouse.

Palm has allowed full open access to it's App catalogue feed. Any 3rd party developer can now create their own front end for the App Store and implement whatever features they like to hide spam, low quality apps or even vendors.

This way Palm will not come off as be all draconian like Apple, but the user can still use a 3rd party App catalogue without having to wade through a ton of spam.

Now we just need a developer to create this Quality App Store for us.

****Sigh**** Still waiting for an astronomy application. I guess it's too complicated ;)

"Hey, look at that, new apps! Yeah, new apps make us smile."
Well, actually, as I see it it goes
"Hey, look at that, new apps! Yeah, new apps make U.S. smile."
No apps, paid or otherwise for me and I am becoming ever more sceptical March will bring any change.
Palm wants to sell webOS phones? Open the App Catalog to everyone!
That's would be huge push forward.

I think we need more apps, and while were at it, we could also use one of those coolass lazer beams from austin powers, you know.. Like the one dr evil has when he wants to shoot at the moon, but then austin powers stops him from doing so, ha poor dr evil, when is he gonna learn, evil never prevails. Anyways, on a much lighter sibject palm needs to play a little (a lot) catch up with the competition, or they won't have anyone to compete against, were already pretty far behind in the race, and slow and steady won't win this one. Lets face it, iphone is the top dog right now and have been, everyone is comparing their phone to the iphone or amazon to itunes, and so on, which is saying something, BUT we have time and certinaly the technology to do so. So keep up the good work palm, but remember, theress alwys room for improvement.

does anyone know if there is an app like the ones that are for the iphone; like the popping popcorn, the chicks that wash the inside of the phone screen, drinking beer/ soft drink, etc. Those would be nice to have as novelty apps. Tired of the lame crap we have been seeing for the last few months. Or am I just dreaming...?

@SweetPete: you apparently have never parked in a park n' fly, a super walmart, most malls, or a fortune 500 corporate HQ parking lot. =P

Actually, I have on many occasions. The point is that remembering where you parked your car is not a difficult mental exercise for those with an IQ over 110.

How about splitting the list between "Content Apps", and "Functional Apps". That way you could put all of the apps that don't add any functions, just new content (like quotes and books), into a separate list.

This would also set you up in the future, if they start to release official themes, or holiday collections for the calendar, or ?, through the app catalog. (Holiday collections are already available on the Google Calendar website - but may show up as an app in the future).

It helps the folks that are looking for that kind of thing, and the folk who don't need them because we use pReader (*****) and download the classics for free from Project Gutenberg,, etc.

Waiting on the Tweed update. I hate the 1.4 issues >:(