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New App Catalog for 1.2 Previewed 68

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 13 Sep 2009 4:38 pm EDT


Kesne in our forums as well as several email tipsters (thanks everybody!) has pointed us to ShifyEyezz's photbucket gallery showing off the new features of the App Catalog coming along with 1.2. These come as the early-installers of 1.2 suddenly have an operational App Catalog for the first time (Hooray!).

New features include the nicer screenshot stack you see above, buttons to share via text and email, an improved category listing, and a single-screen that lets you manage your apps -- deleting them or updating them within the App Store instead of heading into the Updates app.

Still no clear word on when webOS 1.2 will land or when the Official App Catalog will offer paid apps - but we're hearing "Any Day Now" for the former and possibly September 24th for the latter.



My guess is no later than the 16th or 17th. They will want 1.2 on all devices before the Beta Pay Catalog is out and that gives them a week before the upgrade is forced on the phones, thus assuring that all can access the new pay catalog.

Updates for downloaded programs don't show up in "updates" anymore... I've had to go through the apps store... Hopefully soon...

I get this feeling the new update may be coming out today. I just tried to download a new app and it said the app catalog is unavailable.

You beat me to it! I was trying to download an update to accuradio and got the same message. On a side note, the screenshot looks like it gives the option to delete pdf viewer. Idk if this is possible already, but if not it could be a sign that the nascar app, etc can now be deleted as well.

That is the same app I was trying to download. Although, I did download a new app without any hitches. So I'm not sure if its glitch or something in preparation to the new store.

That is delete for gDial Pro (it appears to being swiped to revile the delete button.

Yes ik its gdial pro but pdf viewer is right below it in the same list of apps so who knows.

lol, no i took the screenshots.

it doesn't let you delete it.

K thanks. Wishful thinking I guess.

I agree, the last update came out on 7-23, which was a Sunday. Maybe Palm prefers a Sunday release for some reason.

er, july 23 was a thursday



The apps that are currently responding as "app catalog unavailable" is because something broke while I was trying to push updates. it's being looked at. Has nothing to do with any rumored anythings. Honest. Just a glitch.

Palm Developer Community Manager

Well since Sprint posted the 1.2 update as coming out on 9/8 we've all been speculating like little girls pretty much constantly. Thanks for settling that, now we'll get back to the drawing boards on our speculations.

I have a sneaking suspicion this person really isn't chuq.

no, it's really chuq. Dieter can confirm if you really want to know, or you can email me at, and I'll reply back.


Why is he deleting Gdialpro? That is the best app on there. With sprint know offering anytime anymobile (or whatever its called) and my adding my google voice # to my FREE pick 3 all of my outgoing calls are FREE, yes free.

I'm getting the same hopefully this will also allow us to download 1.2 also

I don't like the screenshot stack. I liked being able to see them all at once, now I have to move through them to see them.

To hell with function it looks cool!

QUOTE: To hell with function it looks cool!


QUOTE: "To hell with function it looks cool!"

Do you work for Microsoft?? :)

Or Apple? :)

If I worked for Microsoft it wouldn't function nor look cool and if I worked for Apple it would function and look very cool, but cost twice as much.

My vote for Best Comment of EVER!!! haha

I hope it does come out today. Many sleepless nights since we first thought it was going to come out a couple of weeks ago. Also cant wait until I can install all my homebrew/tweaks.

UPDATE: An update to the Direct TV App also just hit

If you're losing sleep over waiting for software updates, maybe we can start a thread where people can recommend new hobbies for you to try...

One thing I've learned about software updates over the years. They show up when they show up, and getting stressed out about them doesn't speed that up, it just leaves you stressed.

I think its just anxiety not stress. I just love being part of this up and coming web OS! I cant wait to see the progress that has been made. There is a lot of room for it.

I certainly hope that 1.2 allows more space for the Apps being installed. I've been extremely frustrated lately not being able to install any of the new batch of Apps because "I've run out of memory"! I've deleted so many Homebrew Apps but am down to the core of App Store Apps I don't want to delete and can't install anything new. It's ridiculous. PLEASE PALM! Delete that stupid crap and let US decide how much room we want to dedicate to Apps! Otherwise, your wasting our 8 gigs!

nope, as well as taking screen shots, i tried that out.

if you try to install your 51st app, it gives the "install failed" error.

I agree 1000%.

I couldn't agree more. I have a 32GB iPod Touch for a reason. I store all my music on it. I don't need 8 GB of storage on the Pre. I want to install as many apps as I can. I have a Nikon digital cam for pics, so the Pre is only used for those "on the go" pics. I want more room dedicated to apps.

On another note.. I get install failed even when the /var partition is only at 40% used. So I think its more of a "number of apps installed" limit.

Please fix this!!

My 'Updates' is listing AccuRadio although I don't have it installed on my pre. I did install it and then delete it. Maybe it found some remnant or thinks I may want it again.

Weird. And I have WebOS 1.1 of course.

Has anyone noticed that the App store says there are 70 App's in the store..

Mine still says 50.

Mine still says 50 also

Another one with only 50 here. :0

When you click on "most recent" in the app catalog, it will only list the 50 most recent.

Who cares about improvements to that weak waste of time app catalog...I don't intend on using it even when its outta beta as long as the homebrew app store is still up and runnin of course...what I do care about tho is when I will get webos 1.2 not for any new features either....I'm sick of my dialer app lagging and I'm even more sick of havin to double tap my browser screen 5 to 10 times to get the right zoom level (like it zooms different depending on where n the txt you tap!)....give me 1.2 for better pre functionality or me and palm are gonna have a serious me goin for an android!! (worst case scenerio lol)

As Sprint stated when the PRE was released...."we have to sell to the right customer".....perhaps another type smartphone would suit you better...

Or perhaps palm should just fix the darn dailer...which is why I own a mobile phone first and foremost to make calls!....and my issue is with palm not sprint.

Well you may find yourself out of luck when Apps start graduating to the App Catalog and get removed from Homebrew. Sure some have stayed in both and some with more features in Homebrew than the App Catalog, but I'm certain some developers will eventually move to App Catalog only since they eventually want to make money. To that effect maybe you also don't plan on spending a dime for apps, but either way, Palm and Sprint have to think about the general customer and although homebrew has gotten incredibly easy it's still not going to reach as many people as the App Catalog will.

I wonder if programs will be available for purchase outside the app catalog a la Handango or Handmark, etc.


I posted the pic showing my App shore below

Does say 70 apps, go figure.

Doctored pic. You can tell by the way the "7" looks. Compare it to a "7" on your Pre.

no, it actually has 70, i have the 1.2 pre to prove it.

I just want the application catalog to CLEARLY tell me what type of license/functionality/cost is being used for each application.

Hey- I just noticed they changed something in the app catalog, it says "FREE" now, instead of "TRY ME" or something silly like before. I am quite sure that wasn't there the last time I looked through the apps...

Anyway saying something is "FREE" is misleading if it is crippleware or trialware.

OK, here is something strange. I just checked for updates and found that the NFL Live app had an update. I have my Pre all filled up with Homebrew and have not been able to update or add any App Catalog files but today Updates did work and installed. Now the Catalog would not allow me to install Forbes or other programs.

Enough already! I don't know about all of you guys, but I am completely satisfied with my pre. It does pretty much everything I ask of it, and I can wait for any updates because A. I like it as it is, and B. It still is just a cellphone people! You guys do have laptops right? I can do almost everything on this unrooted pre that I could do on my heavily modded touch pro, but you guys want more and more. Get a life, it's just a phone.

How about.. you get a life and go back to your touch pro!


What was the point in you commenting? If you're annoyed, leave. This is place for people to talk about their phones anyway they'd like. If you love your pre, good I'm happy for you. But others would like additional features.

Of course that phone in the top screenshot is "Roaming".
What else is new with this "great smartphone"?

Of course that phone in the top screenshot is "Roaming".
What else is new with this "great smartphone"?

this is probably the worst attempt at a troll as I've seen in quite some time. Bravo.

Not a troll. I'm just somebody who expects what they pay hundreds of dollars for. Maybe you don't.

So they showed a picture of a phone roaming? Show me a phone that doesn't roam and has coverage everywhere...

you're post was retarded

Of course that phone in the top screenshot is "Roaming".
What else is new with this "great smartphone"?

If you don't like it, return it.

why do people feel the need to dengrate someone for having wants other than their own.
It is a comment section. People should be free to comment about wants. For example, I to want the pre to allow as many apps as the memory can hold. And I want the 1.2 update ASAP.

why do people feel the need to dengrate someone for having wants other than their own.
It is a comment section. People should be free to comment about wants. For example, I to want the pre to allow as many apps as the memory can hold. And I want the 1.2 update ASAP.

Found a video from February on youtube that shows a Facebook app on the Palm Pre before it was released. this doesn't make sense why has it taken sooo long. P.s. is it just me or does the keyboard in this video look slightly different from the current Palm Pre. Pay attention on the video when the launcher is opened.

what a noob. the guy in the video said webos, not Web...os. haha. glad he wasn't reading a teleprompt or anything.

yikes lol why do people feel the need to act 2 years old. Guess some people never grow up.

Anyways.. I'm eagerly awaiting the 1.2 update to see if they have been able to resolve some of my gripes about the Pre, but and a BIG but I LOVE MY PRE. Hands down this is the by far the best phone I've ever owned. I have gripes sure. You can't make everyone 100% happy. It's not possible because everyone wants something different, but overall I'm 100% happy even now with my phone. I look forward to seeing what Palm will bring us in the future with the Palm Pre.

I come from the iphone and the pre by far is the best mobile phone I have ever owned.

this was a dupe