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New in the App Catalog for 15 April 2010 20

by Derek Kessler Fri, 16 Apr 2010 5:53 am EDT

App Catalog Yo, there be apps. With the most recent app drop the US App Catalog is slowly creeping towards 2000 (sitting at 1985 right now). But if you roll in all the apps available internationally, that number jumps to 2169. And that’s not including everything available in the web distribution, beta, and homebrew feeds, the available packages. Does it compare to what you can get in other app stores? Quantity-wise, not really. But we’re not concerned with quantity as the only metric of our platform-of-choice’s success. We want quality apps more than just a lot of apps. Is that what we got yesterday? Well, that’s a hard to define metric, so we’ll just let you look at the list after the break and draw your own conclusions.

New apps:

  • Basketball Live!, $1.99, by More Solutions: Get up-to-the-minute scores and alerts about your favorite teams.
  • CelTextPro, $2.99, by Send up to 250 free text messages a month on O2, Meteor, and Vodafone in Ireland.
  •, $0.99, by The best mix of Spanish radio, including Latin Pop, Salsa, Reggaeton, Mambo, and more.
  • Metronome, Free, by Bradley Graber: Keep tempo.
  • Musician's Toolbox, $1.99, by Bradley Graber: Tap Tempo and Metronome rolled into one.
  • NewsFishing, $0.99, by Brilaps: Check the news from popular news feeds.
  • Playlist, $0.99, by App Techies: Create and manage playlists on the go.
  • Robert Frost Quotes, $1.99, by Brighthouse Labs: “The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.”
  • Robert Green Ingersoll Quotes, $1.99, by Brighthouse Labs: Quotes from the American politician and orator.
  • Scratchpad, Free, by Unlimited Juice: Jot down notes for later reference.
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Collection Vol I, $3.49, by Appible: The classic detective novels - the combined adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
  • VERZAUBERT, Free, by Live Runway: Unofficial guide to the German Verzaubert film festival.
  • Word Search Lite, Free, by Invasive Bamboo: Trial/demo version of word search game. Full version has more than 20 categories and 5000 words.

Updated apps:



I was excited to see there were no Brighthouse apps this time... but then I looked again, and my heart sank in disappointment...

Oh well, at least there are still other devs developing..with all the doom and gloom recently, I suppose we'll take what we can get...

Same with the Appible garbage. Paying for free books, brilliant. Wouldn't it be easier to just get the text of the free public domain books and save them into a pdf and read them that way?

Why eat prepared foods when you could just cook for yourself? Answer: some people don't have the time, ability, or desire to cook for themselves.

You don't buy the Appible books because they contain original material. You buy them because of the convenient packaging. I have no interest in these apps, but some people do, so why should they be given second class status just because you have the ability and desire to create PDF files of public domain books?

It is interesting to my why there is so much backlash against a developer who is putting books into the "Books" section of the App Catalog. Palm created the Books section, not Appible or anyone else.

And Palm isn't only counting on book reader apps being in that section either. Take a look at the subcategories of the "Books" section. They are names like "Classics," "Fiction," etc.

Palm isn't neutral about this - they are encouraging books-as-apps. And why shouldn't they? Why is encouraging people to read on their Palm phones so awful?

When we keep screaming at developers to "Stop developing book apps for the Book section!" or "Stop this spammy 'classic literature' crap!" or "$1 is highway robbery for the convenience of a book formatted for anyone's phone!" it sounds ridiculous.

Maybe if Palm didn't sort the "Hottest Apps" by the number of stars an app had only then this wouldn't be a problem. But as it is, its annoying and makes me want to not even get on the app catalog.

Derek, can you do one of two things in future app store updates:

1. Don't list the pay for free books apps or the ridiculous quotes apps that smother the app store like backne on a roided up ball player.

2. List the garbage cash in on the ease of writing WebOS apps in a different category. If people really want to pay for information they can get free on the net, then list those apps in a separate category listing.

Then the rest of us don't have to wade through the muck to find the good stuff.

Another idea might be to list the apps into categories by price or type of app.

Agreed. Probably the most fair way to do this would be to list them in categories. Will take all of 2 extra minutes to do it, too.

wade through? seriously. it takes about 30 seconds to read the entire list. com'on guys i dont like the grabage apps anymore than anyone else, but i think were being a litte dramatic here.


I like the list as it is. If you start dividing them up based on who likes it, who is the one that decides what gets listed?

I don't like the app spam, but if we start to single out those apps, what is next?

Garbage apps become less profitable, good apps become more, and we all get better quality software on our smartphones?

PALM won't do it because they want to remain strictly neutral. But last time I checked, Palm didn't run this site -- so there's no reason to be anything other than a fierce advocate of how a smartphone should be.

Block Breaker and Block Breaker lite went through some major changes. Most levels were updated to include a few more power ups, half size blocks, and moving blocks.

The free version now has twenty levels and absolutely no pop-up ads.


Word Search/Word Search Lite was also released, but we apparently introduced a bug with the pinch/zoom feature. We're aware of the issue and will send out a fix as soon as possible.

Sorry about that!

The PDK coming out of Beta can't happen quickly enough imho. We should hopefully start to see some of the heavy hitting apps that are on the other smartphone platforms being relaesed on webOS.
Does anyone have any insider info on how soon we can expect that day to come? Derek, Nudge nudge!!!

Where would we be without Gameloft, Doin, Appible, or Brighthouse... SMH.

judging for myself, there is no gotta have it app here. "We (don't) excel in content and delivery." - The Streets

:D Clever reference. I haven't heard that song in ages.

it's good that were getting more apps but 2000apps is kinda sad I mean android put lik 3000 in a month iim not saying we should match the pace but at least do 1000 a month

I don't bother waiting for an eternity to get the app store loaded on my phone and i am glad i don't. What another pile of rubbish.

You guys did see that Ultralingua has brought their apps to WebOS right? As well as MTV's app team. They are not "peon" companies.

Ultralingua was one of the top dictionary developers on PalmOS.