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New in the App Catalog for 21 October 2009 100

by Derek Kessler Wed, 21 Oct 2009 5:04 pm EDT

App Catalog You may notice a theme in today’s new apps drop: translators. All told, there are more than a dozen supporting a whole slew of languages. We have a feeling that the timing is suspect given the recent landing of the Pre across Europe, but without paid apps for those countries. All told, there are 41 new apps (and one updated), so to save your monitor from breaking we’re going to list them all after the break.

Palm has also created a new Twitter account to let the world know when new apps land: @palmnewapps. And now that there are new apps, they've started pushing out updates to the account and are listing every new app as it lands.

New Apps:

  • BabyBump, $3.99, by Alt12 Apps: Pregnancy tracking app.
  • Bible Dictionary, $0.99, by Ovlite: Define biblical terms, including people, places, and phrases.
  • Bible Reader Lite, Free, by webOS Mobile Apps: Take the King James Bible with you wherever you go and navigate to specific chapters and verses. Paid version with bookmarks and search in the works.
  • CoinToss, $0.99, by D0lph1nK1ng Software: Shake, tap, or swipe to flip your digital coin. Congrats to Hombrew Graduate D0lph1nK1ng!
  • Cool Tip Calculator, Free, by Simple straightforward tip calculator with tax and splitting options.
  • dk Stopwatch, $0.99, by d0lph1nK1ng Software: Stopwatch with lap times, pause ability, and landscape mode. Congrats to Hombrew Graduate D0lph1nK1ng!
  • Easy Stopwatch, Free, by Engine Equals Car: Time with lap and split time options. Integrates background notifications.
  • English Dictionary and Thesaurus, $9.99, by Ultralingua: Get the meaning of and synonyms to more than 85,000 words.
  • Fliq Notes, Free, by Mark/Space: Full-feature notes app that when paired with a coming Missing Sync update will sync with your computer.
  • Fliq Tasks, Free, by Mark/Space: All-in-one task management, will soon sync with desktop Missing Sync apps.
  • Fortune Cookie, $0.99, by J@ckpot ideas: Get your fortunes and lucky numbers and send them to friends.
  • French - English Dictionary, $19.99, by Ultralingua: Translate words and phrases between French and English.
  • French - English Medical Dictionary, $49.99, by Ultralingua: Translate for medicine and health between French and English.
  • French - German Dictionary, $19.99, by Ultralingua: Translate words and phrases between French and German.
  • French - Italian Translation Dictionary, $19.99, by Ultralingua: Translate words and phrases between French and Italian.
  • French - Spanish Dictionary, $19.99, by Ultralingua: Translate words and phrases between French and Spanish.
  • French Dictionary and Thesaurus, $19.99, by Ultralingua: Get the meaning of and synonyms to more than 85,000 words.
  • Freudian Therapist, $0.99, by hypetext: Get analyzed by a digital Freud.
  • German - English Dictionary, $19.99, by Ultralingua: Translate words and phrases between German and English.
  • GiftJammer, $1.99, by AppJammers: Wish list and gift list tracker. Congrats to Hombrew Graduate moserjj!
  • GoMoKu, $0.99, Digital version of the classic Go-Moku and Threat-Space Search.
  • HABLA!, Free, by Khalid Draper: English-Spanish dictionary and phrases app. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate taalibeen!
  • Italian - English Dictionary, $19.99, by Ultralingua: Translate words and phrases between Italian and English.
  • Latin - English Dictionary, $14.99, by Ultralingua: Translate words and phrases between Latin and English.
  • Mobile War, $4.99, by Engage in all-out battle for world domination against players worldwide.
  • My Translator, $1.99, by LiveWire Hosting: Auto-detecting word and phrase translator, supporting 35 languages.
  • Pack ‘n’ Track, $7.99, by Syntactix: Track your packages on UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL, from Homebrew Graduate Articus - congrats!
  • Photo Fun: Spot the Difference Pro, $2.99, by Dig through more than 150 sets of images to spot the differences.
  • Photo Fun: Spot The Missing Pieces Pro, $2.99, by Find the missing pieces in images on more than 200 levels.
  • Portuguese - English Dictionary, $19.99, by Ultralingua: Translate words and phrases between Portuguese and English.
  • Portuguese - Spanish Dictionary, $19.99, by Ultralingua: Translate words and phrases between Portuguese and Spanish.
  • ptTemples, $4.99, by Track your LDS Temple attendance and visits across the world.
  • Quick Contacts, $2.99, Silver Spoon Software: Picture speed dial and messaging. Congrats to Hombrew Graduate uptempo777!
  • Shape Calculator, $0.99, by Ovlite: Determine the area, volume, perimeter, and more of all sorts of geometric shapes in both 2D and 3D.
  • Spanish - English Dictionary, $19.99, by Ultralingua: Translate words and phrases between Spanish and English.
  • Spanish - German Dictionary, $19.99, by Ultralingua: Translate words and phrases between Spanish and German.
  • Tilt Origami, $1.99, by Lexan Software: Origami-based puzzle solving.
  • Top Stocks Lite, Free, by VIT Software: Evaluation version of paid Top Stocks app.
  • Top Stocks, $4.95, by VIT Software: Get real-time stock market quotes, news, and charts. From Homebrew Graduate vitalyx, congrats!
  • Weatherman Lite, Free, by WizardApps: Free version of paid app, only updates automatically every two days instead on the hour.
  • Weatherman, $2.99, by WizardApps: Hourly updates of weather information overlaid on your wallpaper and viewable from the lock screen. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate TIWizard!
  •, Free, by Yellow Pages Group: Find local businesses in Canada and perform reverse telephone look-ups.


  • Evernote, Free

Thanks to everyone that sent this in!


FINALLY yellowpages Canada. I've been wanting one since you Americans got one a while ago

$7.99 for pack and track, really? i know developers need to make money and all, but $7.99 is way too high. just my opinion on it. why not just use twitter and follow trackthis to track your package through sms? it's free that way.

wow.. you just shot down pack&track for me.. drop the price to 1.99 and you'll probably make more money dude..

WOW, 7.99???

Thankfully I still have the PreTracker version of it from awhile ago. No expiration and seems to work fine for me. I agree that $8 to connect to these services is way too much for any normal "tracker" to pay. He'd make alot more money at the $0.99 - $1.99 price point. As it is now, they only people willing to pay that much are the ones who do it for a living.

You will expire on Nov. 1, I believe.

The cool web browser on the Pre is another FREE way to track packages too. I agree, $8 is too much for something like this.

$7.99 is way too much. Wow.

I cannot justify that much for an app I only use a few times a year.

I agree a great app and it was fun to beta test but .99 or 1.99 maybe. 7.99 I guess I don't get that many items to make it worth it.

7.99 does seem pretty high for somthing that you can already do for free... Weatherman and quick contacts are two I'm about ready to buy

Uh, what about all of the $19.99 translator apps, and the $49.99 Medical Translator! Wowza.

These are only 99k, so they are only front ends to a web service. No app if no service, unless they have a serious load process once installed.

Agreed. I am willing to pay $19.99 for an English-German dictionary if I could actually take it to Germany and use it without depending on an internet service. Until then NO SALE. I also saw the size of the App and was disappointed

Man I've been waiting forever for Quick Contacts to come out. And it's only $2.99! So much better than the Photo Dialer that they put up there.

At least Photo Dialer updates the contact facebook pics when they change which Quick Contacts does not. Huge pain, you have to hit re-sync, then find your contact through your huge contact list and choose them again just to update the pic. Deal breaker for me. Unless he's managed to add that functionality to this release..

I actually like that it doesn't change the FB pic, cause i don't always know who they are if they change their pic without me knowing.

most of these translator stuff can be goggled for free in two seconds... or a free site that will do it... no way I am paying that much for them... thats just me...

I know developers want to make money but come on... lets be real...

This is just insane. I understand the reason to make money of your own service that you provide. But services that are provided for free by providers is not worth $8 however you cut it. $0.99 is too low for Pack & Track because its very good app but anything more than $2 is too high for this genre. I hope I am wrong and dev make tons of money as I loved beta testing this app but I will not buy this app. May be there is someone who get tons of mails and make sense to them to pay this much.

these paid apps are coming out with some ridiculous prices. they don't have me sold on any of them really.




Ummm, yea... 7.99?? $20 dictionaries?! Palm needs to give sum input to these developers, because these outrageous prices will do nothing but hurt the catalog because nothing's gonna get sold like that. Pack 'n Track is a good, apps, but I can use my Gmail, that snactches up the tracking code from the email automatically and click a link to track it. I have email on my phone soo.. I'll stay updated. Dude tryna make me pay an extra shipping price to get this app?? Nooo way buddy.

$1-2 apps will probably be the bread and butter prices for the simple things, and more complex apps can go higher, but it has to be worth it. Plain and simple.I hope no one thinks they will just get away with high prices to get more revenue. You will get LESS for the simple fact of more people not buying it, IF it is purchased it at all.

Just my 2cent.

No need for Palm to get involved imo. Let the market forces decide the $ - when these apps don't sell, the developers will come to their senses.

Still trying to figure out how the 20 dollar translator apps are going to get get any money when there is already a free translator app out that does all the languages, not just 1

This list of apps is just kind of...blah to me. Nothing new that I really haven't seen before.

Definitely nothing that WOWS me.

And really so many expensive translator apps? Wonder if they can do better more complex translations?

wow... I am surprosed. You Palm users are starting to sound like iPhone users. First of all these developers worked hard on their apps. They deserve the money they charge. If it is overpriced and it doesn't sell well the price will come down. It is supply and demand, they price high because there are so few apps but they eventually will come down. And all those dictionaries are the same price on other platforms. They are worth the money to have a native app that doesn't require a data connection. BTW the English dictionary/thesaurus is 9.99. I am buying it for sure!

Please review it. I'm curious if it is just a web front end and how that affects performance.

Like I said way earlier in the posts, my comment on pack and track is just that, my own opinion. Others may or may not agree with it, that is fine. For the dictionary/thesaurus app, you can also use the keytoss patch for free, and it might even work faster than a dedicated app. just saying.

Developers need to go back and research their market. Remember this poll? "What's the most you'd pay for a webOS app?"

If Apple is charging 0.99 for their apps, which are of much higher quality (IMO), at this point. How can developers think we are going to pay 7.99 or 19.99?

I would think that the "standard" price point should be in the area of 1.99. Unless your app is really incredible, then more like 4.99.

Super-duper data intense apps, with awesome graphics and sounds and multimedia integrations and the like deserve the higher price points. Apps that I may end-up using daily, maybe I would be willing to pay more then 4.99 for them. Otherwise, I am out...

If Apple is charging 0.99 for their apps, which are of much higher quality (IMO), at this point. How can developers think we are going to pay 7.99 or 19.99?

Two words.

Captive Market.

Good to see some new apps, but the prices on some of these are a killer.
Some of this stuff you can for free right from your Pre!!
Get with it people.

7.99 might sound too high for most people, however for a person who owns a business and constaly ships orders on the daily basis its a pretty fair price. Its saves times by just using the app in your phone instead of logging to a website. .....I'm very exited to see more productive app, I'm planning on buying English dictionary and treasurus(I speak english as my second language , so even though is almost 10 dollars, I think is worth it) GiftJammer(x-max is around the corner) Wheathermen (it gives you alot options to custumis) Freudan Therapist( who doesn't need a shrink)

I think some people just get googly eye'd over new apps....


these apps could be a bit cheaper, but this is is a new platform what do u guys expect

we need a Wolfram Alpha app for 50 bucks:D

the pricing will normalize in the coming months... when developers realize what is a good selling point... but its obviousness too high right now for these apps... I don't know about other but I will not pay anything over $2 for a translator... I don't care how fancy it is...

yeaaa 19.99 ftw, geez just google the dam word, takes the same time if not quicker than launching the app, or if you need a translator google one and add it to launcher boom just as fast

Aside of the paying option. It is nice that there is an Evernote Update, but how do I do an update????

Open it in the Catalog and the download link should say update. If it doesn't, compare the version number you have installed with that in the catalog. It is possible that the "update" is only the description text or something.

Happy to see more apps in the catalogue; not so much for the prices. And what about the app limit PALM. Cant believe u r exagerating the issue by releasing more apps, more people will b frustrated by that issue as more they try to install. SO first FIX_IT plz

Nice group of apps. Now, Splash ID needs to step up its $30 game and rise above beta. Export to desktop is highly expected...ah...export period. Is someone using a more worthy similar app?

Weatherman is an awesome app, I haven't bought full because I don't know but does it update ur wallpaper even with the app closed? Or do I need to keep it open for it to update the weather wallpaper??

It updates even when closed.

just get an iphone and end your suffering

and most of the iFin apps are worthless too, so what are you saying? that I am getting the iFin so I can load up on fart apps galore? I am still happy that they are releasing apps, the developers just need to know that supply and demand, as well as a realistic view of your target audience, to properly market their apps.

...and begin an all new level of suffering with AT&T's shitty overpriced network and lack of a real keyboard, tethering, multitasking, legally sideloaded apps, and free nav.

Have fun with your toys and games but to many people that isn't what's important.

I would pay for the English dictionary if it is on the Pre and not web based and it needs to except info from clipboard. Pack in track is good and I used the homebrew version few times but I don't use enough to pay $8 for sure.

curious, why do you need a dictionary and why can't you just google a word or go to or something?

If it's a case of translating the occasional word then, of course, save your 8-bucks and go to babelfish.

If, on the other hand, these are apps with local dictionary storage, paragraph import/export functions, clipboard access, etc, then I could certainly see paying $8.

As someone who's spent extended periods of time (years) living and doing business in France, Germany, and East Asia sophisticated translation apps are something that I might have spent serious money on in the past. (Back in the US now, so it's a non-issue.)

I view this as similar to all the medical apps for longtime palm-using MDs... of great value to someone else, though I would personally never have a need to use them.

$7.99 for pack n' track.....thats a bad move.

I've still yet to see a paid app that i'd pay for. uninteresting apps and overpriced apps. Palm can't be happy with what they are getting.

I'm sure some may like this but these types of apps aren't close to my thing. I never thought a t-pain app would seem cool by comparison and i don't even like t-pain. i'll officially say it: the Palm App store is bad just like the itunes app store is. Just a lot less apps, no 3D games, and more expensive.

I'd drop the buck for the shapes calculator. You would not believe how useful that can be when trying to bake something. For example:

I have a recipe that makes one 13" pizza crust. How much dough do I need if I need to make three 8" pizzas?

You realize that to many customers, T-Pain apps and 3D games aren't that important, right? I want a powerful multitasking communications device, not an overpriced toy.

You do realize that the biggest selling mobile apps are games don't you. Look for example at the itunes store. Today of the top paid apps, 8 of 10 are games. 80%! And the two that are are a barcode scanner (redlaser) and police radio. top free apps. 6 of 10 are games and 2 are entertainment. one of those is a truth or dare game. so really it's a game anyways. and the top is photo editor. So even most of the free apps are game or entertainment. Top grossing itunes app, today, is Rock Band. (FYI T-pain is 8) The only thing that's not T-pain app or a game, by gross, is the barcode scanner and a navigation app. So from a Palm business standpoint, games should be very important. And i'm not even trying to buy a bunch of game personally. But i know how to make money. And that's where the revenue is.

For a company like palm to stay in business it needs profits and clearly from the crap applications they seem to be releasing they they need to be concerned with profitability especially with the android OS jumping off on several platforms providing strong competiton not to mention apple, RIM, and windows mobile devices that are already in the game. They can keep making lame apps but they won't be taking large chunks of market share with $20 translators and 30 home bibles. I hate tpain. i'm not buying the app. but i gaurantee if he released an Rock Band for Pre, or EA released Madden or Fifa for the Pre, it would sell more then whatever dictionary app you'd rather they release.

You can go disparaging iphones all you want as overpriced toys. They make money hand over fist. Apple is a well run business. They have large market share. They have some of the most satisfied customers. I can respect the business reality that their overpriced toy sells more then the other mere communications devices. That's not something to be scared of buy it is a level of success that Palm should be shooting for. You don't take Kobe's starting spot by being bring less to the game then him.

So true... I hate it when Palm says games are not that important... They are the real money maker...

They say that now because the GPU isn't being used, so they can't have great graphics games. I think that tune will change once they get the SDK changed to use it.

finally someone who is not complaining about prices and actually knows what they are talking about

Just like to agree on the Pack-n-Track price. I love that app but as a normal consumer It's not a daily thing for me and I rarely "NEED" to know where something is. I like it and would drop 2 bucks on it. But no way am I spending 7. Good luck with that. :/

I agree. It's a great app but for how little I send/ship packages, I don't need to pay $7 for something I can do for free online!

I refuse to pay for something that I can get free unless it is for convenience as in the case of some of the posted apps for the Pre. In this case, I am willing to pay but I certainly will not be paying the price that some of these apps are coming out at. If the first wave of highly priced apps didn't get these recent developers to understand the prices are to high, than neither will several more months. Smart guys to make some of these apps but they really need to learn some buisness sense.

for those on twitter, palm is now tweeting when new apps hit the catalog. just follow @palmnewapps

The prices of these apps are not going to make the Pre competitive with other phones. I am glad that the functionality of the phone side of the Pre is excellent IMHO, however, I would like to see some nice stable apps developed for the Pre that are reasonably priced. I don't like to compare the Pre to the IPhone, but that is one thing that makes the IPhone so appealing. You can have some really neat apps, and only have to pay a dollar or less.

Yeah this is ridiculous. I might at as well never buy an application ever. This sucks. They will never compete against iphone, android or blackberry with these prices. Lets get real here developers and Palm.

apps on my wifes blackberry are alot more expensive then on the pre. Apps for the pre will go down once the platform becomes more known and used? Blackberry's os has been around for awhile and the app prices are F'in crazy.

I am not sure how palm can police the app pricing... They don't have time to evaluate and assign a price tag limit for each app... and who decides what the price should be...

In time developers will lower their price as more similar apps hit the catalog for less money... but in the short run its hurting palm sales since there are no apps that I would pay for now...

I think there should have been a $10 or $5 limit on apps in the beginning... ??? I don't know...

Don't complain about the price of the apps, just don't buy them. Let the free market economy work it's magic. If people don't buy then they will lower their prices.

Better idea: Create you own app to compete with these "over priced" apps and under cut their prices.

idea #2 +1

I am tempted to write my own track app. $7.99? All it does it read services provided by the shipping company and then display the data. Not rocket science.

most people are not programmers so making an app is hardly an option. voicing their displeasure however is an option and one ingrained in the very fabric of America the birthplace of Palm. So people should very much complain if they don't like something. Personally though the apps are overpriced my issue is an even bigger one in that even if most of these were free, i wouldn't want them because i'm not interested in them.

+10... that's really the issue, isn't it?

And doubly disappointing given that the Pre is phenomenally capable from a hardware perspective.

As has been said many times before, we really need a robust SDK and hardware access to truly take advantage of all the goodness within.

Then we'll begin to see some mind-blowing, iPhone-killing app development.

Why not complain. They not give us what we are asking for. With all the apps we got. I would only pay for one. but since I cant add any more apps. It wont be happen no time soon. They need to work on the performance anyway phone be acting slow now.

I have to say I'm more then happy to see the app catalog growing so fast but at the same time I think devs need to rethink what they are charging... 20 for a dictionary as a student is way to much ( Ill just use I do appreciate that the price is not limited because I think it would limit what devs are willing to put into there programs.

If it was a nice clean interface for 1-2bucks then heck yes more then worth it, but the fact that it relies on internet to get the words is very debilitating to its usefulness and 20 is just past pushing it (not going to make any money that way).

Truthfully, I think the dictionaries are too expensive. The Medical dictionary is fair. Maybe. But the rest of them? When we can go to Translate.Google.Com for free and get it done there? I don't know.

Ultralingua is $20 on the iPhone too. It was one of the original batch of apps on the iPhone platform.

Perhaps you just don't understand what it does.

I'd like to see some sales numbers after things settle. Companies like Pivotal Labs ran a special on Tweed and I bet they made a killing. Everyone else, not so much.

I'll be honest, I'm a little disappointed that there aren't more free apps coming out. My theory is that everyone is in "iPhone app store gold rush" mode. Hopefully it settles down eventually.

Very nice. Not really though. Can anyone POSSIBLY tell me why ANYTHING Palm does at this point regarding new apps has ANY relevance at ALL considering they still haven't addressed the downloading limit. It is 100% useless to release any new apps or to give praise to anything new from Palm unless they address this #1 issue which is at the very core of their success. If people cannot download an app, it is USELESS. If people cannot download an app, PALM can't make any money from it.

LOOKING IN iPhones app store and comparing the two and these prices are CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hence the reason why they will inevitably come down.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... (as I start glancing over at the Android platform...)

What happens when they lower the price for an app??? Do the people who overpaid get their money back???

same thing that happens when you overpay for anything, you suck it up.

it's a catch 22 though, if we don't buy the apps that we have been begging for, they will say WebOS isn't a profitable platform to develop for.

And I do understand volume sales in business, thus the WebOS apps cost more because they are selling fewer of them no matter what price they price them at. Still, the way I look at it is, few people worry about 99 cents and will buy a bunch of apps they will never use at that price, but most people think long and hard before dropping more than $2-3.

Does anyone know how the weatherman app works with touchstone?

Does it display weather conditions while charging?

I can't speak on whether the prices are too high/low. The market will decide that. However I do have a question about the Dictionary apps.

I see many people saying you can just get on google for free, but aren't the apps in the "Dictionary" category rather than "Translator"? Seems they provide much more than "how do you say x in y".

Before anyone asks, NO, I'm not associated with those dictionaries. However, I do have one of the Oxford English/Spanish dictionaries on my old 755p which was very handy for quite some time. It's the same price as these are so I don't know.

Well. Instead of reading this bickering everytime apps are released, can we just get a @palm twitter feed on the front page of PreCentral and just post a headline with no COMMENTs. Alot are just, but, some, are like a broken record.


$7.99 for packntrack? Seriously, I feel like it was a typo for sumbission.

I said to my wife, "so pack n track is in the app catalog...but it's $7.99" She said, "are you serious, you can track for free, complete with email reminders and stuff".

Yeah, I really liked the app because I mostly do my shopping on the web, but $1.99 is the most I would pay for it. It isn't that hard to check newegg, or amazon, or click the link in the email to see where my 3-4 packages a month are.

So pack n track devs, volume is your friend, I bet you sell a lot of them at $1.99 for the occasional user than you will sell at $7.99 for the power user.


this is what capitalism is all about. you get to decide what is a fair price by buying it or not.

as many have pointed out, there are options for almost anything released today in the cat.

i chose to by tweed, i choose not to buy pack n track. i instead chose to go with a free tracking website (mentioned by someone else). they will DM with updates. then i chose to buy their ipod touch app to show my support.

my tracking needs are taken cared of.

btw, i probably would of gotten it for 2.99.

i dont think every app should be 99, that just crazy and in the end only really helps palm/apple/MS. they are the ones who sell 99 apps in volume, not the developers.

Wow! A bunch of cheap whiners.

That being said, I haven't really seen anything that's of interest aside from Tweed. I twitter a lot so that's important to me to have a quality twitter app.

I would definitely get Baby Bump when the time is right.

Weatherman is a really cool looking but I live in Florida which is always hot except for maybe January.

Hopefully SpashID or some other competitor will have a product out soon. That's definitely something very handy to have and use.

The app store has made everyone a whiner of prices now a days. Back in the good ol Palm OS days, these prices are not too bad. $7.99 is not bad of a price for Pack and Track, its great app and the developer deserves what he put into this app with his constant updates and user feedback. I'm also hyped to see 3 apps, Pack and Track, Fliq Tasks, Fliq Notes....amazing! Some good replacements for the default tasks/memos, I love having categories, THANK YOU!! Sure there was Evernote but ehh, hate the online signing stuff.

I don't agree with you... and neither do a lot of people... in todays competitive mobile market, these prices are way too high for apps of these caliber...

I really do love the fact that Palm is shooting out these apps, but something I dont like so much is that about 80% of the apps are kind of crappy(so says the review section of each app)

I also wish that big companies would make apps for the Pre just like some on the iphone....take Chipotle, for example. They have an app where you can order a your food from your iphone...

I personally do NOT like iphones, BUT I wish Palm could start getting their feet wet in those big consumer type apps. They would be nice.

The Weather Channel is GREAT! More apps like that! :)

I download gDial Pro for Google Voice, ever since 1.2.1 arrived I have been having username and password issues. I was told by tech support Palm will be releasing a new version any day now. There has been two large waves of applications since that time and still no update. But it sure is nice to have a bunch of over priced translator apps.

I am also noticing that a decent amount of the apps are homebrew applications. I appreciate the support of homebrew, but this concerns me. It concerns me because there are no large name developers. This leads me to believe that the developers are NOT developing for the WebOs like we hope for them to do.

And I will say it again. Palm you need to address the application memory issue and you need to fix the below average calendar. Lets talk about Tasks, I am not able to set a reminder for a task. I am also not happy that I have 500 Facebook contacts when I would like only 100 of them in my contact list. When will we be able to select who we want to sync? I realize this is the first version of WebOs but we need a more informed channel of what is in the works to stop the discouragement of people that took the chance on Palm and the Pre.

Palm, we want the Pre to perform equal or better to your older OS phones. The PIM capabilities on this phone are bad. Please Please Please listen to what the people are asking for.

Thank you.

Someone please, back me up. Go through a handful of pages of the apple apps. Are all the apps this expensive?! No. This is ridiculous. These developers are goign to get a damn dollar out of me until they can make a program worth the money. $20 for an Italian-English dictionary, or use google for free? Easy choice there.

Ultralingua's Italian-English dictionary is $20 on the iPhone too.

FWIW, ultralingua was one of the first iPhone apps, and it costs the same on the iPhone.

I happen to know the original authors (they have more employees now) and they aren't idiots (both have Ph.Ds and are professors). I'm sure they priced their software like that because they thought they would earn more money that way.

They are proof that you can write quality niche software and make money by charging a fair price. Most people will think it is "overpriced," (aka they don't need that product) but they can make more money off the few people who need their product.