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New in the App Catalog for 23 October 2009 83

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 23 Oct 2009 5:41 pm EDT

Well now, Palm keeps updating their app catalog at a heady pace, bringing their total number of new apps to 255. Let's see what's new:

  • YDice: Free game from ScSoft, you know it better as Yahtzee.
  • The Tip Calculator from SpeedyRob. This one's a buck even.
  • Mezzoman Free, the free version of Mezzoman
  • Cow Can. Ken Torimaru makes your Pre moo when it tip it, $.99
  • Knot Guide. $2.99 app from WinkPass Creations, with 14 categories of knots. Homebrew Graduate!
  • Absolute Fitness, $4.99 from Aqua Eagle - nutrition information and more.
  • Blackjack from Taylor Marshall, $.99
  • 15 Puzzle from Janni Kovacs, free and another Homebrew Graduate
  • vCrumbsFree from mikagika. Free way to leave 'virtual breadcrumbs' as you travel so you can find your way home
  • vCrumbs: leave more breadcrumbs for $1.49
  • Twee Free. Delicious Morsel lands in the App Catalog at long last! Homebrew Graduate, natch
  • Twee Finally hits too! $2.99 for this full-featured Twitter App.
  • Tiny Twitter $1.99 for this Twitter app from Tiny Byte Software. Let's see if their webOS work is as quality as their WinMo work.
  • GoodMuslim from Xivix Software, another Homebrew Graduate, free.
  • Jobr, free job search app from WebFusion5 - and yes, it's a Homebrew Graduate
  • FlashCards Lite, A free flashcard app from James Harris. You know the score by now, it's a Homebrew Graduate
  • FlashCards the $6.99 version with more features, natch.
  • Calql8 Tips from Calql8, YATC (Yet Another Tipc Calculator), but it's free with a clever name
  • Trivia from Europa Pictures. $4.99 to test your knowledge with 2,000 questions
  • Bible Trivia, also from Europa Pictures, $5.99 for 4,600 bible questions
  • Blocked $1.99 for this excellent Homebrew Graduate game from Brandon VanBelle
  • Tally Counter, $.99 from InspiringApps lets you count people as they pass by, yo.
  • Timebits is $4.99 from and helps you track your time
  • Conmigo, $5.99 from ConmigoLife, provides online tracking of running, walking and biking events in real time
  • Stopwatch / Timer is $.99 Homebrew Graduate from 6 Crackers Software
  • Blocks, $2.99 from Den Falske Zebra is the classic traffic game, 100 puzzles in here.
  • Super Hangman Free, Free, by Free version of Pro app.
  • Super Hangman Pro, $2.99, by Kill time with more than 1000 words to hang yourself from.
  • Where Is My Pre?, Free, by Ryan Steffer Technologies: Log your phone's location online to track it down if lost or stolen. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate xluryan!

There were plenty of updates too.  Anything from this getting space on your Pre? This blogger is buying Twee right this second.

Update: d0lph1nK1ng lets us know that one of the updates was for dkGoogleVoice, fixing the Google Voice login issues. The same applies to gDial Pro.

Update 2: Trapster has returned, and Super Hangman Pro has joined the Catalog.



tweed is a better app.

Hope you guys like my Super Hangman game. Thanks

it is a very nice app. thank you

Super Hangman is COOL, thanks for a FREE app that is fun to play!!!

TWEE...Finally!!! I'll go buy later, right after I charge my dead phone, left charger at home...been tough getting thru the day at work ;)

Twee FTW.

My first App Catalog purchase.

Twee was an instant purchase for me. Timebits looks interesting, but I can't justify the $4.99 at the moment, and I want to wait for some reviews.

Where do u get "4.99" buddy??

timebits is 4.99, not twee.

I like the idea of Timebits too. I would probably buy it to try at $1.99 or $2.99. Not for $4.99 without a trial first or some reviews. Just don't know that I would use it enough.

Oh, where is my Switcharoo app, PALM!!! I will go out and say that in about 4 months time from now, if it's released.... that will probably be ont of the top selling paid apps. It's kinda my fav really. lol

switcharoo was rejected because on db calls.

it is now back in homebrew.

Thank god for no more translators... These apps are better pricing overall... I might consider a couple of them... Too bad most stuff does not have a trial version...

On another note, we are finally getting close to having more apps in the Palm catalog vs. the home brew catalogs...

Wonder when it will break the 1000 app mark... I am guessing before the end of year... am I too optimistic??? Hope not...

Don't forget about Where is My Pre making it to the App catalog, too!

They updated Gdial Pro too! and from it looks like it works again and its free! much better then the googl voice app you gotta pay for.

gDial Pro was also updated from the version that broke because of the WebOS 1.2 update.

Finally was able to buy Twee, glad they saw fit to release it.

Didn't see Jobr in there myself though. Trapster is back though.

Jobr should be in official catalog now. Can you please verify this?

Is it just me, or is everybody's Pre freezing up for a good while before it actually starts downloading any of the official apps??

It is increasingly annoying when I hit "Download" and it stays blue for about a 1 min and a half and THEN it starts downloading...

in this minute and a half I cant do ANYTHING on the Pre...

anyone else???

Mine is doing the same. Have you installed any patches on yours?

Same here. Would the patches slow it down, or is it possible that has something to do with the memory limitations and the servers are doing a thorough check to see if the phone has enough room for the app?

Well I looked up the problem and I think its that whole "app limit" thing...

so I downloaded the FairDinkum App Limit app via PreWare and it fixed it.......

it sucks that we have to go off and homebrew the hell out of the Pre in order to fix problems that shouldnt have been there to begin with...

But, oh well! hopefully Palm fixes this through the next update...

Mine does the same thing and I don't have any homebrew or tweaks installed.

Mine not doing this at all and I have many tweaks installed. I don't know? I am using wifi when I download so I don't know if this is making a difference.

Hope you guys enjoy FlashCards.

My 4 year old loves flashcards its fun and educational . Thanks

Looks like a Trapster update is available as well.

Like these new apps can someone PLEASE make an app that we can customize the home screen with widgets!!!

These douche-bags keep adding more and more apps, but I can't get any of them because there is never enough memory! It doesn't even make sense. What's worse is that I have 6.8 gigs of free space supposedly. Fix it!

These all sound great. Too bad I can't install any of them because the app limit is so small. Palm needs to fix this issue and fast. How do they expect to make money if everyone's Pre is full after a handful of apps?

I can't stand this Not Enough Space thing, I have to delete multiple apps just to add or update already installed apps.
Palm needs to fix this in a quickness. And NO I shouldnt have to tweak my phone to be able to download additional apps. How do we supports the devs if we can't download and purchase their apps?

well i hear all the same from people memory issues on there palm pre ther 2 patches to fix that u need preware and then download automatic patch then close it reopen preware wait until the patch update is complete go in to patches download the fair dinkum app limit (this one allows u to download unmlimted apps problem is ur pre if it gets to full is getting slow because it just uses the 64mb memory instead the 8g) u also need diffsat and gnu patch to make this one work. so to fix the 64mb limit and to be abble to put aaps on th 8g u need to download the mvapp that one allows u to rewrite a certficate to put every app in to the 8 g so u can put apps on ur pre untils it exploed. easiest way to do that is u go in that mvapp after u download it and type in mvapp bulkmv that brings up the biggest app first now u press y all the time and it will put ur app in the 8g memory it works with all apps besides patches and some minor apps but i do iut and i have over 200 hundred apps on mine so i would do it all the time to make sure all the apps gop on the 8g. do it after u r done with ur downloads to keep ur 64 mb as empty as possible. because if u download without doing it it will cost ur palm pre to say too many cards open and critical memory so u barely can use one app so but if u do those things i put down here u will be able put fill up ur pre like crazy with apps with no problem

Thanks man, you convinced me to finally try this and it was totally easy! I just moved like 10-15 apps and tried them and they all seem to work perfect linked to their new location except for express stocks doesn't seem to want to display the markets section.. very nice! Fair Dankum didn't work at all for me, made things worse. This works! :) Question, if we want to remove an app, will the same red button + tap icon remove the linked version on the new location? or do we have a mess to cleanup later? There an easy process for this?

THAT'S the paragraph that convinced you to install Preware??

When are paid apps coming to Bell. It better be before the iphone!! Already have 50 apps for my touch that would fit right at home(and work better)on a new iphone. Come on Bell wake the f%^k up!!!!!!

All I did was pop out for milk. It's great to see a consistent stream of apps making the store. As for the usual 'no space' whining you should all know the simple solution by now. Change the record lads.

Is anyone else having a problem downloading Where Is My Pre? I download it, but it will not let me launch it. It asks if I want to download again for free. The app is not listed on my phone either.

Doing the same thing to me! Probably will be fix soon I'm sure.

I was having this issue too. i installed it from preware. its the same version anyway. then I went into the app catalog again to check the app and it said tap to launch. so it is the same thing with the same version.

Again...another nice slew of apps. Come on Splash ID...get with it already...export, desktop,etc


And backup.

Yeah, and VZnetzwerke disappeared.

it seems the quality on the app catalog is getting better, I'm looking forward to buy a few app .....However that only complaint that I have is the memory issue, it annoys me. I hope palm fix this problem by the end of the year.

I'm really torn guys. I mean, I love that we have paid apps and it will definitely be good for development to be paying the devs for their work, but these are hardly microtransactions now. The majority of apps are MORE than 1.99, which is still twice that of the "golden zone" of 0.99$. I don't know about you guys but I really have a hard time justifying paying five dollars for any of these apps, especially because a lot oof thrm can be done for free online... I really hope the devs get with the picture soon and start releasing apps with reasonable price tags.

You aren't going to see many of the good programs at $0.99. It is that simple. The good programs on the iPhone are more than $0.99, unless they are gaming the system to be purchased by the millions of users.

We don't have millions of users on the Pre right now. Developers that spend enough time to make the app really good will not make back their time at $0.99.

All good & well requestings apps like widgets on homescreen & devs are chomping at the bit to do them, but the lack of API support means it can't be done in an official app :(

All good & well requestings apps like widgets on homescreen & devs are chomping at the bit to do them, but the lack of API support means it can't be done in an official app :(

I hope to see apps pumped out like this every week for a good long while. This was a pretty big week for app additions and it's nice to see.
I look forward to hearing about the other Twitter app out today, Tiny Twitter. I will buy one of the three out there at some point soon.

The only downside is the same guys making the same whining complaints about prices and the app limit. We know about it, you don't need to repeat it over and over.

Yeah, I like to see lots of apps come out, but frankly, I'm still waiting on an app I'd be willing to pay for. Most of these really don't do that much at all, or have better things available free at websites already.

I understand not seeing anything you want to buy yet, as I have not bought a single app yet. I was all ready to buy a Twitter app like I said above, but I am thinking the free Twee is enough for me after trying it today. Other then that I haven't seen anything I really want or need. I think the Flash Cards is a cool thing, and I can see myself buying it a few months down the road when my baby is older, or if I find out there are some spanish-english cards to use to brush up on that.

At the same time, I am not going to be pissed at Palm because nothing I want is out yet. They seem to be doing a good amount to help get apps out. Just a short time ago they made changes to that "department" and I am sure those people are flying by the seat of their pants some right now as they try to change things and keep things moving along at the same time.


There actually is quite a lot of Spanish Sets on FlashCards.

FYI -- You can browse through what is available online:

GLAD to see FlashCards finally on the Official App Catalog. A must have for all you flashcard users/students.

sucks that some of these apps are getting bad ratings because people dont have anymore memory to install

App get bad ratings any time anything goes wrong. Because, why not take it out on the apps. :(

I think listing new apps as they come out on the home page is awesome. However I wish that they could be put into categories.

I have no use for games and many other categories which means I have to sift through them all in order to find the ones I might want.

Cow Can - "It moos when you change orientation".

I was totally waiting for this app. Dude. It moos. Take that Iphone.

That was totally a need I did not realize I had. Now that someone has actualized it I know I'm going to buy it.

I'd even pay more if it had more barnyard animals.

Does anyone have anything to say about the absolute fitness app? Should this fat, fat man purchase it?

I look into the reviews and so far has very possitive reviews.Honestly I think is worth the money since it tracks weight, fitness and calorie intake and that's an app that youLll be using everyday.I'm planning on buying myself by the end of the week.

I have been using the mens health website. This seems to track a lot of the same stuff. So far it is working good. You can track your exercise, food intake, blood pressure, weight, sleep patterns. Has a lot of good information. It needs more food item and restaurants. So far though its been on the money with nutritional value and calories. You can even do partial servings. Easy to use, so far I like it and its easier that the web sight. I'll let you know if I loose this sixty pounds that keep hanging around. They real need to make the program yeil at you to get off you A** and get some exercise. I think its worth the Five bucks.

Where the hell is Facebook. That is the only app I want.

okay great, apps for canada now k?

If they would let us, everyone that has a pre would be able to buy our apps. All we can say is, when Palm allows it, you will get it.

This is wishful thinking and not true. As long as Palm refuses to fix the MAJOR flaw in its Pre phones which place limits on how many apps you can download even if you have enough memory.. the Palm Pre will end up for most heavy users as nothing more than a BRICK. The Palm Pre Brick.. and NO ONE who sells apps will be able to make any money because of the stupidity of Palm and it's unreasonable limits. All these people on here who defend Palm and say we should cut them some slack because they gave us this great operating system.... they are crazy. The operating system is only as "great" as the ability of users to acutally.. uh... USE it.

Mezzoman updated its paid app as well.

As with ANY other new app.. WHO CARES! WHAT GOOD are all these new apps as long as Palm has a restriction on how many apps you can have. Until they resolve their memory issue, the Palm Pre is just a BRICK. Yes.. a BRICK. FIX the memory issue or NO apps and NO improvements will really mean anything. Don't they get it? NO one will want a new app if they dont have room on their pre for it. Good grief.

Your trolling is very tiresome edrod. Change the record.

yeah. maybe it IS tiresome. But so is trying to download any new app on my PALM PRE BRICK PHONE.. rendered useless by PALM's defective operating system..... There is no other computer, phone, or other device I can think of that has such a demented FLAW right out of the box. So yeah, it is tiresome.. and get used to it, because the more people who become suckers and buy these things like I did, the MORE people will have the SAME problem and YOU will look like the retard for pretending it doesn't exist.

I have a question to ask you, why do you keep the phone at this point? I'm all for constructive criticism, but your comments go beyond that and offer nothing. You seem so miserable about having the phone so why do you keep? Why don't you go find the phone that has what you need?

Do you honestly believe that cross posting the same childish whine across numerous articles is going to solve the problem? I'll let you in on a little secret. We all know about the app limit. We also know the easy solution until Palm fixes it in a webOS update. However none of us are continually spitting the dummy every 5 minutes. Deal with it and stop wasting our collective time.

I think they need an app for a psychiatrist locator..... with a prozac menu. That would do you just fine.

Yes, we heard you not two inches higher.

I bet you and teso would have real fun together....especially since you feel the need to comment about your two inches.

What's the point when a lot of people still can not download any of these apps due to the "Sorry, Not enough memory error"
Hopefully they release an update soon with a fix for that.

Stop. Read. Think. Post.

I agree. And it's amazing how many people have such a hardon for their phone that they can't see past the single MOST OBVIOUS FLAW EVER TO COME OUT OF THE BOX in any computer or phone. Reminds me of all the Apple nerds who think their computer can do no wrong.

Deal with it edrod and stop wasting our collective time.

sound like YOU are the one who can't deal with it. i can't wait till your Pre BRICKS when you try to add an app. It WILL happen.. make no mistake. So.. until then.. keep your life. and when it does happen.. GET a life.

How many is the limit? I have downloaded ever free app there is and never had a issue.

it is not so much of a numerical limit on the number of apps.. it is a memory limit.. but it is NOT determined by the memory that comes with the Pre, which really IS sufficient. it is determined by the way Palm has arbitrarily chosen to lock it and "contain" the apps to certain partitioning. Really unbelievable.. even Apple, in its most stupid moments..would not do something that moronic. If it hasn't happened to you.. it will! Bet on it! Sooner or later, and with all these new apps coming out every day, it will probably be sooner.

um i need a dictionary on my pre

I'm going nuts. How do I get Absolute Fitness on my pre. I'm not very savvy about this sort of thing and maybe it's in front of my nose, but I've been searching for hours for a download page.