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New in the App Catalog for 24 November 2009 63

by Derek Kessler Wed, 25 Nov 2009 7:48 am EST

App Catalog It’s a veritable cornucopia of appitude! Yesterday brought us several new apps along side a couple dozen updates to existing apps As is standard procedure nowadays (yay!), it’s too long a list for the front page, so you can hop on over and take a gander past the break. Electronic Arts finally got in on the paid apps game with full versions of both Connect 4 and Tetris Mania, so actually you should take a gander. Why? Because it’s apps, and apps are important. This is the part where you nod knowingly and click “Read the rest of this entry.”

New Apps:

  • AccuWeather Premium, $1.89 by AccuWeather: Get the latest maps, forecasts, severe weather alerts, and lifestyle forecasts.
  • BBQ Timer, $0.99, by McComber Development: Keep track of cooking times for up to eight different items.
  • Boise Live, Free, by Star Technologies: Watch and upload your own videos to the Boise Live sharing network.
  • Checkbook, $1.99, by GlitchTech Science: Keep track of your incomes, expenses, and transfers. Congratulations to Homebrew Graduate ryltar!
  • Connect 4, $4.99, by Electronic Arts: Five months after giving us a demo version, the full Connect 4 game is finally here.
  • Dropee, $0.99, by AIRKRFT: Quick access to the popular social media bookmarking site Dropular.
  • Fart Man, $0.99, by Wizard Apps: Flatulence at your fingertips.
  • Feeds, $3.33, by Delicious Morsel: Google Reader app with notifications system. 33% off for launch, will be raised to $4.99. Congratulations to Homebrew Graduate eekfuh!
  • Flare, $1.99, by Shift8: Geo-bookmarking app that saves your favorite locations with pictures and notes.
  • FlightLog: Aviators Flight Log: Allows pilots to track the flight times and details.
  • FreeCadie Pro, $14.95, by Mobile Software Design: Full-featured GPS-based golf rangefinder with more than 14,000 courses.
  • iHate411, $1.99, by rTag: Get 411 information and maps.
  • Just Farts for WebOS, $099, by CTL Advance CSAT: Nineteen different fart sounds with timer capability. Congratulations to Homebrew Graduate CTL Advance!
  • Made Simple for WebOS, $4.99, by Made Simple Learning. Read the 1500-screen guidebook for the Palm Pre. Take that App Store name shenanigans!
  • Math Magic, $1.25, by Anusen: Help your kid learn to have fun with basic math.
  • Media Remote, Free, by Engine Equals Car: Control your PC media player from your Pre - works with the recently released Pre-compatible MediaMonkey 3.2. Congratulations to Homebrew Graduate tonyparisi.
  • Roll Quest, $0.99, by Under Cloud Games: Sink balls by kicking them into crystals on 20 challenging levels.
  • Roller Ball, $0.99, by Caldantech: Play skee-ball right on your Pre. Congratulations to Homebrew Graduate danielpopp!
  • Snow Globe, $1.99, by Vocshop Games: Put your favorite picture into a snow globe and give it a shake.
  • Stickyman, $1.49, by WizardApps: Slap sticky notes right onto your phone’s wallpaper.
  • Tetris Mania, $6.99, by Electronic Arts: It’s Tetris. Finally.
  • Thanksgiving, $1.99, by Europa Pictures: Test your knowledge on the traditions and history of the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Words of Wisdom, $1.99, by Over 5000 quotes from the wisest people to walk this blue marble.

Updated Apps:

  • Backgammon, $0.99
  • Bubbles!, Free
  • DeadMan, Free
  • Fit23, $2.50
  • Flixster, Free
  • Gone Fishin’, $0.99
  • jBalls, $0.99
  • JM Stopwatch, $1.99
  • Lightning Impact, $0.99
  • Magic Fortune Ball, $0.99
  • MediaClock, $0.99
  • PocketMirror for Microsoft Outlook, Free
  • Rockus Sound Machine, $1.99
  • Short Covers, Free
  • The surprise, $0.99
  • Translator, Free
  • Voxofon Call Abroad, Free
  • WingedCurator, Free


But of course none of these are available in the UK or Europe

That is exceedingly lame.

Because the UK is not in Europe ? :D

Don't know about the other apps, but the update to PocketMirror to 1.0.3 has made it show up again for UK users :)

Palm obviously hates foreign money. I mean why make a

You realize that international sales probably have some extra hoops to jump through, right? Off the top of my head there's getting your US IRS/EU tax/VAT id, copyright registration, trademark registration, probably have to register as a business in both US and EU, etc, etc.

Now, Palm could be streamlining the process but even if it only requires the developers to fill out 4 simple forms that Palm will submit, getting 4 government organizations to complete 4 processes in a timely fashion is virtually impossible.

[tongue in cheek mode:on]
Plus if you Old World types would get off your duffs and code up some apps of your own, we 'Mericans can start cussing about the unavailability of those programs in *our* catalog.
[tongue in cheek mode:off]

Dew, I couldn't agree more. Not a single UK specific app is damn irritating. I'll just about put up with only having a $ on the keyboard, but a few apps to remind me I what country I am in would be nice.

And it's about time they sorted out Google Maps as well. It still doesn't correctly recognise UK postcodes; only takes the first 5 characters which means the location is completely useless..

...or Canada... sigh...

Who?? ;)

media remote free? i gotta check that out

It's not really free - you have to pay $5 for the desktop software. The free app just connects to that.

feeds is also a homebrew graduate...

Thanks! Updated.

feeds is also a homebrew graduate...

I don't believe, we have fart apps now. Wow, thats great, just what I was waiting for. (sarcasm)

I cannot see why anyone would pay $0.99 for an app that makes farting noises, especially when REAL farts can be had for free. If only someone paid me $0.99 every time I made a loud farting noise =D.


This is why I DIDN'T GET AN IPHONE!! Palm said before the app catalog got going that they only wanted quality apps and not a catalog filled with 100k .99 cent one use/throw away apps! The day we get a hundred fart apps and a dozen different tetris apps I'm bailing!(On the flip side of that comment I have been a loyal palm fan for years. They didn't put up with this crap in PalmOS!)

If you are that repulsed by fart apps what phone will you goto? Android has a few fart apps, windows mobile has fart apps, the Iphone and Pre have fart apps. Symbian I am sure has fart apps if you look for it.

It is idiotic to move away from a device simply because it has any type of application. You shouldnt look at palm as the issue but yet the people who buy them. And if there is a market for them then we will have fart apps.

Any platform going forward is sure to have a fart app.

curiosity? my friend, yes, why a person have to spend 0.99 for a

I am absolutely amazed at Palm. I've been with Palm for years as well and didn't even know what a fart app was until i saw them in our catalogue...WTF! You've got to be fucking kidding me! I really thought when you guys were blogging about Iphone fart apps, that you really just were saying they were crappy. I did not know that you meant actual applications that would make farting noises.... And, guess what? As if having one of these kind of apps isn't good enough, WE HAVE TWO! It's so HORRIBLE, to see what Palm has sunk to, that it almost affects me physically....LOL! What happened to Palm being the best kept secret of quality apps and phone functionalty? I'm beginning to wonder if maybe Pre multitasking would be severely limited by having truly labor intensive quality apps running on it????? Maybe Palm knows their limitations and are knowingly rejecting truly more powerful applications. HMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

agreed totally!I bet most of them who buy these stupid farting-apps are iphone owners,lol'

I keep on waiting to see if Splash Money will be available, really need that. Using Checkbook for now, but it doesn't come close to SM. I wonder if they are even making it for webOS.

Stickyman looks like a really nice app to have. Has anyone used it yet?

yeah its awesome. you just have to remember that you have to move a old note to somewhere else on the screen before you add a new one. I kept hitting the add button and i wasn't seeing a new note, it took me like 5 mins to figure out it works like an actual post-it note pad. also it defaults to a cork board background so if you want to add the note to you original background you have to change it in the preferences.

$7 for Tetris? No thanks.

My thoughts exactly. $5 and I'm sold...

They had and I bought block-drop a few months ago for $4.99. I think the day after it came off apps catalog. I agree, $7 is too much.

count me in.

WOW! How awesome two new fart apps, Is palm intentionally trying convince people not buy their product? How about some apps that are useful?

palm has to please some ex- iphone owners,sorry!

wow now i have 64 apps, that

Palm, sort your act out! now, why treat non US customers so badly.

Really? $5 for Connect 4 Really?!

Finally bought my first app from the store.. Feeds! Glad to see it finally graduate from homebrew to app cat!

You people complaining about the fart apps realise that Palm themselves isn't making these apps, right?!


I understand that Palm did not create the apps, but they approved them. If they had been rejected by Palm, guess what? they wouldn't be in the App Catalog.

its not a matter of who made the apps. Its a matter of releasing 2 identical apps in one release and never really letting great apps hit the public. I mean seriously, how many fart apps do we need? How many shoutcast players do we need, I'm sure we can all really use another pichunt game right? Why pump out stuff that is already there. You can't tell me that Palm only has these weak apps and nothing else. Hell where is the am/fm radio app, or the pizza hut app or any other useful apps before these stupid duplicates come out. I don't think we're asking for the moon and the stars, but geez put out some things of quality and usefulness. Atleast show us that you are trying to get something good, just a little effort.

Palm has little choice but to approve as many apps as possible. The app catalog is too small as it is, and I suspect it's hurting sales when people compare the Pre to other smartphones. If Palm waited for quality apps, there would be almost nothing in the catalog at all.

I understand that, but at that they shouldn't have launched the phone until they had a stable base of apps. It's almost like they did is backwards. Droid launched less then a month ago and has advertised 10,000 apps. We have 480 and about 50 are duplicates or different versions of the same thing. This phone has had 6 months to get something going for them. Not to mention the time one would assume they gave to the developers way in advance of the phones release.

Droid also had the benefit of being a second generation Android device, and had the app store that it utilizes in place a year before Droid ever hit the market.

Palm could have had a veritable crapton of apps if they had done the following 2 things:

1.) Continue to put together the Palm OS app store that they were building (and had available for free download on Palm OS devices) which basically took all the good, proven apps from the different Palm OS/ Windows Mobile enabled Palm phone sites and pooled them in one location.

2.) Made Classic available for free on launch day, which would have given them roughly 10,000 apps out of the box that would have possibly been compatible with the Pre.

Granted, not every Classic Palm app is capable of running on the Pre, and there would be a few people who wouldn't upgrade to the Pre versions of DataViz To Go, for instance, but you could at least be able to throw numbers at the causal cell phone buying audience while making the move from Palm OS to WebOS easier for the diehard Palm audience. realize that the Droid wasn't the first phone with that OS, right?

Yes, I do realize that. I just think the average person is going to look at the two options and say "10,000 vs 480 geez tough call"

make sense.

but they approved it, maybe somebody should make a VOMIT app to go with it,eh? lol'

Did anyone notice the description for Math Magic. About halfway down "Once they identify the correct answer, shaking the iphone will take them to a new problem"

Sounds like someone copied and pasted from another description!


Nothing very useful. :(

I find Checkbook to be a very useful app :p

I think RollQuest is a free Web App for the iPhone as well. Oh well, it's only $.99

You know, it's a free web app on the Pre too, right?

This just gives you a local install so you don't need a network connection to play. That seems worth a $1 to me.

Something like 50% of iPhone webapps will work on a Pre since they are both webkit browsers. There are some differences but there's a significant overlap between the two.

Stickyman doesn't work like you think stay away from it. It creates anew background image with a not on it. It does not float/overlay on a background like you think it would.

You can change that in your preferences so that it will put the sticky on your own background picture

To heck with the UK or Europe...WTF can't they open the app store up to Canada? Aren't we just the 51st state anyway...but with a better banking system?

Yes but with worse healthcare.... er wait

speak for youself, eh! btw,where are our Canadian paid apps Palm?

Fart apps are funny. Two guys in my office with iPhone's play sounds all over and I can never join in on the fun. Now I can. (Although pFart has a memory leak issue for now, and Fart Man has only SEVEN fucking sounds, which is a joke).

You don't like them? Don't buy them. Duh.

Tetris runs great on the Pre and I'm glad to be able to play a high quality game on my phone for once. Wobble Words was the first high quality game that I had and it's impressively done by a small team of developers, maybe even just one guy. But Tetris just has an even bigger feel to it. Glad to pay the seven bucks. Still no sound though, unfortunately.

I still can't get over some of the prices people expect us to pay for apps though. Having a bunch of 99 cent apps isn't a bad thing if you have a way of exploring them well enough. Apps get buried in the iPhone app store because there are so many and it's hard to navigate through. Palm's App Catalog is still small and in Beta, hopefully they'll implement a way to navigate it thoroughly so apps don't get buried. But there's nothing wrong with only wanting to pay a dollar for an app.

Just bought the new accuweather app :)

How is it? I have the free one.

Don't knock the fart apps. Kids love them. In fact, all I have to do to get a kid to remember me fondly is let them play with my iPhone with the whoopee cushion app. The best is the "fart bomb" which you set and it goes off when the phone is moved in any way. It's hilarious. Guess what those kids are going to want for their next birthday - iPod Touch. Then when they are ready for a phone...

that's why apple sold million of iphones because of kids and fart apps.Take away the fart apps and see their sale #?

sigh... And here I am stuck with a euro pre, unable even to get proper version of tweed.

come on palm! The americans have, what, 100 more apps than us?? And you're giving us FART APPS??


had freecaddie pro on my treo and was an excellent golf gps... Guess I gotta get it for the pre

I bought the stickyman app and its not updating my background. I have added 2 notes and when I click "save to wallpaper" it looks like its saving but then it doesn't update my wallpaper. I used the program "backgrounds" to choose my current background. I thought that was the problem so I updated my background to the picture of stones and it still didn't update my background picture. Its in airplane mode but I wouldn't think its reaching out to anywhere just to update the background. Have any of you had any problems with this or have any suggestions?