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New in the App Catalog for 25 March 2010 20

by Derek Kessler Fri, 26 Mar 2010 6:18 am EDT

App Catalog Some days are just light days. Thankfully, even though yesterday was such a day, it still came with several new and useful apps.

New apps:

  • Geotasks Pro, $0.99, by Puggy Digital: Location-based alerts with background tracking, customizable intervals, and personal alert tones.
  • Good Jew, $3.99, by Firebrand Forges: Jewish stories, prayers, songs, and history.
  • Modern Combat: Sandstorm, $6.99, by Gameloft: Take on terrorists in this 10 mission first person shooter with local Wi-Fi multiplayer action.
  • Noise Countdown, Free, by NoiseD: Basic timer app with background functionality and auto-reset.
  • SiDiary-Exporter, Free, by Lars Hendrichs: Diabetes log book with entries for blood glucose avlues, consumed carbohydrates, and injected insulin doses.
  • Sudoku Master Free, Free, by Thomas Haustein: Twenty-puzzle trial version of Sudoku Master.
  • Sudoku Master, $1.45, by Thomas Haustein: Auto-saving, landscaping, penciling, hinting, Sudoku.
  • WordPegs - New Testament, Free, by Pressed Apps: More than 150 quotes from the Bible’s New Testament to randomly display as your wallpaper.


what, no updates for today?

Zip zero nada.

The Palm Pre Plus is such an awesome phone, but I'm getting tired of nothing but games, games, and more games! Is it just that games are easier to develop? Just look at the ratio of games to all other apps combined and you'll see what I mean. Maybe the Pre is simply a phone for the under-20 crowd who isn't working yet and has nothing better to do!

Games reach the largest audience.


Time to put up or STHU...

Aside from DocsToGo and Voice recording what is missing for "over-20" year olds? (and yes, I'm well over 20)


There's tons of apps I can think of that would be great for productivity. Official versions of the following would be great: LogMeIn and GoToMyPC apps, Skype, Google Voice, Remember the Milk (or at least Google Tasks), Mint app, ... could go on...

no ones forcing you to buy games just chill out

what specific app do you need? So far I have everything I want and I don't use my phone for games.

Most important to me is Docs2Go, or other MS Office compatible suite of office productivity toos (doc editor, spreadsheet, 'powerpoint'). When I'm traveling, and my office needs me to modify a doc, add a blurb about this or that, etc. (and yes this happens often enough), I want to be able to respond during the day, instead of having to wait until I can find a place to hook up my laptop, pull up my email...which might not happen until I reach my hotel for the night...IF they have wifi or hard wire access to internet. Powerpoint is going to be more useful if and when (I'm hoping on when) a way to send signal to projector is available. (Anybody ever use Margi Presenter to Go with their PDA?). So order of need is Doc Editor, Spreadsheet, then Powerpoint. I'd take one at a time!

Voice memo recording is something I want also.

BUT, there is one type of game I want and haven't found...a tower defense game! I use a DROID sometimes at my office and I love Robo-Defense and Tower Raiders...So, if the developers out there are looking for the next game niche to fill...

Looks like a Tower of Defense type game just showed up in the App Catalog.

I could use a VPN app, something to open zip files.

I agree. The apps for WebOS are very poor.

and practically no crAPPs. Nice day indeed

Has it already been mentioned somewhere that Classic has a voice memo recorder feature now? Maybe that means other voice features, like voice dialing, are soon to come?

I hadn't thought about that...if Classic can use the mic to run a legacy voice memo recorder feature...that would suggest progress is being made that may result in a webOS app for voice recording. That is good news. Voice dialing...I used to love it, but I'm forgetting what it was like.

Here's what I'd like: real Skype (subject of an article yesterday), VNC that works with a Mac and doesn't require a special server, an SSH/SCP graphical app (not command line), an enhanced Terminus or a fixed Terminal, a countdown timer that has an option to keep the screen on, editing capability for Word, Powerpoint, and Excel files.

ditto to that.. plus some kind of VPN client

apps such as:

Train Journey planner
Traffic update
London Tube app
Office suite app
Banking apps
Apps like you can get on the iPhone where you can book cinema tickets and the like

As normal most of the apps are non productive and pretty useless to the majority of users and games seem to be the order of the day and i very much doubt people will by a Pre or Pixi just because it plays games. Apps help to sell phones, Palm phones can't offer that as it stands.

The things stopping Palm from making its comeback are the build quality and the big lack of applications that can rival other platforms.

-there are several train/mass transit apps already, maybe just not ur area
-google maps does traffic, or you can stream local radio via radiotime to listen for traffic
-subway & other mass transit for certain areas exist.
-skype and docs2go I agree we NEED
-as for movies, fandago app and flixster both let you buy movie tix via phone.

looking over you list, my response may be moot, because I am US Pre user, so these all work for me. My guess is you live in/near London (lovely city by the way) and yiu said "cinema" so maybe these above aren't all applicable in UK. If that's the case, that's a bummer. Maybe when you guys stop getting left out & get paid apps it will be better for our Pre brothers and sisters across The Pond.

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