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New App: WOSQI Homebrew Guide by Jason Robitaille 29

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Thu, 08 Sep 2011 8:45 pm EDT

webOS users both new and old will want to get the latest app released by Jason Robitaille tonight. webOS Quick Install Homebrew Guide, or WOSQI HG, has landed in the catalog and will bring you all of the basics of what you need to know about Homebrew, and even a few advanced tips. From the perspective of the developer of one of the best pieces of homebrew software out there, webOS Quick Install, this app will do more than just give you a better understanding of homebrew or tell you how to install patches, themes, apps, custom feeds and even Preware by WebOS Internals; by purchasing WOSQI HG from the App Catalog you'll be directly supporting one of the more well known homebrew developers that the webOS community has, JayCanuck (also known as, Jason Robitaille).

Jason has been working with webOS homebrew from the very beginning, even before he received his first Palm Pre back in 2009. Since then he has developed more patches than almost every other homebrew developer out there, and has helped plenty of other developers finish their app projects so that they could get released into the catalog. Because Jason is not affiliated with WebOS Internals outside of a few collaborative projects, your support of him through buying this app will keep those projects going for a long while to come. Strike two birds with one stone: Learn more about homebrew development, and support a great, young developer. There should be nothing stopping you from buying it at this point.

You can grab WOSQI Homebrew Guide for all variations of webOS devices and OS versions from the App Catalog for only $.99 (shown above is the TouchPad version). Download it while it's hot! To get an even fuller understanding of what webOS Homebrew is all about, be sure to also get Preware Homebrew Documentation by WebOS Internals. As Jason says, having these two apps on your devices will give you all of the tools you need to get into the awesome homebrew action in the webOS community, and that's something we'll always be quick to recommend.


I don't know that I need it, but I'll be happy to buy it knowing Jason gets a cut. And I have donated to him before.

ok, will be my first paid touchpad app. Got all the free ones from HP's newsletter tonight ...usually I was missing out on those prior.

Wait... What newsletter? Lol. Really tho...

There's finally some free app promo codes for non-US TouchPad adopters. Time for some non-US love!

An excellent installation, troubleshooting and advanced user guide for WOSQI.

-- Rod Whitby
-- Founder, WebOS Internals

I have been using it since day one and I can't imagine webOS without him or his app. I downloaded it to show my support.

Yeah I'm definitely going to get it just to support Jason's efforts all these years. No doubt at all!! I'm getting this tonight!

Without a doubt will download to show my support to Jason and the whole webOS Internals community. Thanks again guys!

consider this baught.

I'm gettin' it just as soon as the app catalog stops crashing...

I have been attempting to purchase for an hour; on Pre 2 and Touchpad, and yes, App Catalog keeps failing. I guess that is a good thing, means we have all rushed to support Jay. The reviews alone have more than doubled in the last thirty minutes, from 15 to 37.

So my wife FINALLY got into the homebrew action. The first thing I told her to do was download PHD. After downloading it she says "what is webos quick install?". This app couldn't have come at a better time. I'll make sure I download it to show my support along with getting my wife to download it so she can be a part of all the homebrew action.

Thanks Jason for making my life easier. I now don't have to answer the same question over and over. I can just tell her to open up WOSQI HG for all the details.

SOLD! I'm sure my .99 will be happy in the great white north.

oh i'm so hoping the unzip app ArchiveXtractor of Jason will soon arrive. Support this guy NOW!

Would like to have this BUT am an American in Macedonia....USA profile but no USA number.

How can I get this?


You mean you are in GREECE then, unless you referring to FYROM !!

What store have you activated your device on?

In Radovish, MK.

Sim BG..BG Globul and T-Mobile in MK

Thanks for the help


Done, from a fellow canuck.. thanks

getting it now. Homebrew rocks.

Support Jason :)

Thank you, Jason!

happy to support Jason!

the app has a button to launch dev-mode, a nice touch.

I don't "need" this any more than I needed the webos internals doc app, but I've purchased both just the same. A lousy dollar each is the very LEAST we can all do for Jason and WebOS-Internals.

Awesome Jason!

Folks, leave a great review as well. Both the WOSQI and the Preware guides should be at the top of the App Catalog.

This guy is a wizard - as far as I'm concerned he made my Pre Plus worth owning.

A long time ago I made him some fan art (I'm a fan of his), but he never got back to me, so I'm going to give it away to you guys. If you're Canadian you may like it: 480x320

If you're interested in other sizes let me know.

Sorry about not getting back to you. I tend to mix up a lot of emails due to high volume, unfortunately. Very impressive art though :) If ya have a larger one for 800x480 Pre3 screen, I'd also be interested in that.

Done! Now off to give him a donation!

Just bought one!

Main issue I have with this documentation is the price. $0.99 is way off base. Should be more like $4.99.