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New Enyo Developer Directory to hook up idea people with developer people 6

by Derek Kessler Thu, 06 Dec 2012 6:14 pm EST

New Enyo Developer Directory to hook up idea people with developer people

The Enyo application framework is good for more than just webOS apps - it's been purposefully designed to be almost entirely platform agnostic, allowing developers to create apps that target tablets and smartphones and desktops and browsers alike with little modification. We don't want to stereotype too much here, but we know there are a lot of developers out there looking for an idea, and a lot of idea people out there looking for a developer to make their app.

The Enyo JS team at HP/Gram wants to help hook up those idea people and developer types, so this week they launched the Enyo Developer Directory. It's exactly what you might think - a directory of developers that are experienced with the creation of Enyo apps. At launch the Enyo directory includes just twelve developers from across the United States and Europe, but like any good directory they want to expand it to have more names listed. So check out the list, and if you think you're the kind of developer that should be included in this lofty company, shoot the Enyo team a note.


I think is a smart move, but HP definitely needs to market ENYO a little more. I think they (@gram) have to display what Enyo is capable of for developers sake (multi-cross-platform-tool).

I have some ideas, Kindle app, facebook app

That's not exactly the kind of idea people the developer people are looking for...

How about an OpenWebos App that does something similar to SIRI on the iPhone ie voice commands?

Apologies if I should not be posting the above to this thread.

I know this post is about ideas. I'm an individual developer, and a feature request (or "app request"), even if it's NOT an idea, is always welcome by me. It's like a "marketing survey for free". OF COURSE I prefer that users write me brilliant ideas rather than feature requests, but I have to be content with little :) I hope I'm not off topic

I just know core apps are now outdated, and need to be brought up to date using latest web api. For example there's been some great work by dev's such as google maps and the face book chat.
I just like to see more work like this. build a strong foundation of most used and useful apps, then we can branch out and fill custom request.

Its just disappointing seeing webOS core apps fall behind, and android versions getting better.