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New HP TouchPad ad with Russell Brand shows multi-tasking, notifications, Facebook and more [video] 77

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Thu, 30 Jun 2011 4:03 pm EDT

As an Englishman living in the US, Russell Brand is a funny guy, but like all of us, he also needs to stay in touch with his roots. In this latest video by HP's TouchPad marketing team, Russell Brand talks about the TouchPad in a way that only fits him - making people laugh. It's the first ad for webOS devices that shows the celebrity in full-body view from the start (with no device covering his face like Manny Pacquiao and Miranda Cosgrove's commercials), but still manages to show off the major features of webOS in a cool way. With a "WIZ!" for multi-tasking, a "Ka-POW!" to throw a card off the screen and a definitive "They Are!" with his Facebook notifications, we found ourselves laughing and loving the way that webOS is shown off.

Catch the video after the break and keep your eyes peeled on the HP website for more videos to appear. If they continue to be as good as this one, grabbing attention with the personality of the celebrity and then introducing viewers to the TouchPad's features, we can imagine they'll do fairly well in attracting attention to HP's new tablet device.


Maybe the best one yet. Ouside of fan made vids.

I love what HP is doing... this is great, now lets get some OS updates (I want 2.2 when my Veers show up tomorrow =) ) and keep pushing out hardware!

I may be the only one to think that this ad sucks big time. It doesn't show off much of anything except this weirdo that I am not even familiar with. I didn't find it funny but instead it was dull without much info. Missed opportunity for HP IMHO. Apple does much better job marketing their product and this is coming from Apple free household at the moment.

Apple's done well by that standard. But I'd argue the original Motorola Droid commercials were far less demonstrative yet somehow yielded far more overnight interest.

They got across an image. Of monsters and aliens and big hugenesses that had nothing to do with showing what it could do and everything about feeling what it could do.

So tell me, igor. Do you feel it? I'm feeling it. In my funnies.

Brand is there to grab the viewers attention, which he does, and maybe by not showing too much and only showing you a couple quick screen shots in action, it teases the viewer to want to know and see more.

You don't understand the strategy here, which is to draw in viewers who have different interests. I personally don't care about boxing, but Russell Brand is a funny guy(I first saw him in Forgetting Sarah Marshal when my wife dragged me to the movies) and for those who have seen him in movies, this one would catch my attention.

The idea of "people buy what celebrities USE" is what HP is going for here, and to be honest, it just may work. Now, the early "Droid" commercials brought out the "cool" factor, which would draw in the geek crowd. HP is aiming at the overall public, not just geeks with these celebrities. I expect HP to bring out more stars that people KNOW from going to the movies. If they could get someone like Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, or Will Smith, that would work as well.

It might be not only "the best one yet", it might even be "the best in the world" - but it will not make a dent, if they keep posting them on their stupid website.

It looks like TV commercial, it smells like TV commercial, hmmm.... Why it is not on TV, then?

Do they really expect people on average doing nothing else but keep checking TouchPad's website, to see more funny commercial of the TouchPad? And why should they do this - if they ARE already on TP's website, they do know it exists, and probably do know a good bit more about it, that they can "learn" from the commercials.

"Catch the video after the break and keep your eyes peeled on the HP website for more videos to appear."
...why should I keep my eyes peeled on their website, to watch more fraking TV commercials, what isd the point? It is just soo stooopid!


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I like it. Simple, funny and to the point. What a shame that Palm didn't have ads this good 2 years ago when they brought out the Pre.

Wow, this is exactly the kind of ad webOS has needed since day one!
I hope we see more of these kind of ads all over the place soon as they should make people realize that there is another option to choose from that is not iOS or Android.

for the first time, I am really happy with a webOS product ad. its funny rather than pretentious (no ominous narration about it being magical) but it actually shows all of the reasons someone should want one. I just wish it'd showed a notification coming in unobtrusively. on target.

Love it!

I don't know this guy but it's a nice ad, keep posting them for us non-Americans to see, thanks :)

Is it just me or is he holding it upside down?
Too funny

Sweet merciful Cthulhu save us, I think you're right. Oh my.

Yeah, but it doesn't matter. It just reorients and you're good to go!

I think it would be a little clever if he was holding it upside down on purpose. I think that all tablets re-orient to the way they are held, but it sends the message "It's so simple, you don't even have to hold it right" in a commercial that is about simplicity.

this one is for people whom are not geeks and i think that i can really work especially in the UK

Ha! Witty point. They ought to use that line in their demos.

No. He's actually holding it right. Pause it and you can see the camera is on top. The button on the bottom just looks like a camera. I know, I'm a party pooper.

This is a great Ad. I really wish I could just watch it on TV. Most of the average consumers would know Russel Brand as the guy from Bed Time Stories or something like that and watch to look further into this new HP 'iPad'

I was with you when you had Pacquiao promote the TouchPad, but Russell Brand????

Have some class.

I think it's the exact opposite. Who knows about a boxer? People who watch boxing.

Who knows about Russell Brand? People who watch movies = just about most young folks.

Who knows about Russell Brand? People who love his wife. Mrs. Cleavage I think her name is. I forget.

the moral of the story is, different celebs resonate with different people. thats why they got Pacquiao AND Brand. I'm 22 and never heard of Brand before today. But i knew Pacman. Its good the HP is touching all bases.

who doesnt know russell brand??? hes hilarious. nobodys ever seen get him to the greek...or forgetting sarah marshall?? both movies are really funny and russell is absolutely hilarious

I never heard of Russell Brand until I watched him in an interview for the movie Despicable Me. Dude came from nowhere but he's here now. LOL

You should see him in his other movies, and if you watch the casting calls on the DVD/BluRay for Forgetting Sarah Marshall, he is even better because he is NOT what they were expecting for the role.

who is pacuaio outside the USA and mongolia where he is from? no one else knows him

I mean no offense, but I think you need to get out of the land of webOS from time to time and take a look around the entire world...millions and millions (perhaps a billion or so) people know who Pacquiao is. He is better known than Russell Brand and Miranda Cosgrove. There is no one better known in his home country (the Philippines, not Mongolia...but I think it's still considered Asia...or is it Oceania?).

Can I...would you think I was...sounding a little bit too proud when I say...

I know who ALL of them are! :) I feel special now.

But what about this Nick Cannon dude?

Oh yeah, and a big shout out to my Filipino friends on Diego Garcia! Manny rules!

Too bad it's not his wife.

I hope there's more where that one came from.

95% celebrity. 5% WebOS UI...He's friggin holding it upsidedown! Is that supposed to be funny considering I've seen Rubinstein make the same mistake?

Man, I'm getting cynical lately!

100% "whoa that's totally the guy from get him to the greek, that looks like a nice ipad he's using. webOS, hm. i should google that."

0% "it's a pale androgynous girl talking mysteriously about nothing with any substance. there's hypnotic music and visuals going on in the background, and since i'm not 70s enough to fully grasp how this is a perfectly psychedelic commercial for the aquarian age, i'll post internet messages about how I had nightmares from the commercial, about how the children ran screaming from the TV set one day exactly 666 seconds after the commercial aired, and about how my wife, upon seeing The Commercial That Shall Not Be Named, proceeded to speak in tongues and cut her eyes out with a pair of old scissors"

this one is for the UK not the US

Why would you say that, everyone knows who he is here too. Just oddly some of these WebOs users don't.

Almost everyone I know has seen Forgetting Sarah Marshal, His Stand up has been on TV a bunch of times. He's been on Jimmy Fallon for the movie HOP. He did the MTV Awards and cracked a few jokes about Bush and many others. He's been on the Today Show and I've seen him on the Tonight show with Jay Leno

Seriously if you don't know who he is you really are working too hard, living under a rock or are forced to watch a lot of Chick Flicks with the other half lol.

dude ,i live in the UK so pacman,miranda don't really cut it for me as i don't watch those children channels or box but Katty perry's husband is really known here

Ah, then the strategy is working...have SEVERAL DIFFERENT personalities that will appeal to SEVERAL DIFFERENT communities...maybe with a little overlap from time to time... and expose the tech loving members of the world to the TouchPad...the Veer, and soon the Pre3...and then the Topaz...and...?

I'm glad that out of the first 3 personalities, HP found one that has the potential to catch your attention...but believe me, if there are any tweens or sports fans (who include boxing in their scope) living on your block, the other personalities are having a similar 'catching' effect with them.

There are many colors and tastes and fragrances...gravitate to the one that appeals to you and don't worry that other folks might be drifting off to a different one.

Is that lilac I smell...excuse me while I drift... ;)

You mean are NOT forced to watch "chick flicks"? Yep, many are married or are in long term relationships and get sucked into watching many of these types of movies. I've gotten dragged to watch far too many movies, but in spite of that, on occasion there are some standout performances, and this guy is funny.

Of course, many in the "geek crowd" may not have a lot of experience being dragged out to the movies by a girlfriend, so it's understandable they would miss that particular movie.

It is not upside down...

Maybe he was in Australia while filming the commercial?

Genuinely, that was one of the most surprising ads I've seen in a while. It did not feel like a tech ad - nothing like those adrenaline fueled Xoom commercials. I think I enjoyed watching it.

I wonder how people's response will be if they've never heard of the Touchpad before. Certainly doesn't seem to spend a lot of time focusing on the tablet - there a longer sequence of shots of bad teeth than there is the actual device - which is upside-down.

But it's quick, and clever, and interesting. I'd love to see more like it!

Also, that launcher is booooooring. Let's get that fixed, eh HP?

Why do people keep saying it is upside down? Are you all standing on your heads? It is NOT upside down.

Big improvement over the older Palm Ad's and I wish I was able to attend the Nick Cannon Party in New York. I want a HP TouchPad.......

Funny guy and good commercial minus the upside down HP.

Where's gmlongo when you need him to say "It is NOT upside down."?

I'm right here, but thanks for looking out...didn't realize I had a stalker.

What is with HPs obsession with weird celebrities? Can they not just find a normal average famous person to promote their stuff? This guy talking like a total idiot does not make me care about the product, neither does that launch party poster with the guys hands with prison tattoos and awful rings.

Just one normal person please HP!

Uh...well...I think the definition of a celebrity sort of indicates something unusual or out of the ordinary...that's why they are noticed by so many people...

Hey, I'm normal...could I be a celebrity? I'll be glad to show off the TouchPad! Please!

no celebrity is normal


No many of us are either! [Rockbeast raises hand quietly]

ads go to the young 20's crowd they're the ones who made apple cool and they'll hopefully make this cool... Who do you want from hollywood that's average? Melanie griffith? Boooring...

Apple has never been "cool", but does have a cult following with a lot of fanatics who spend every waking moment trying to convert people to their religion.

I hope they are going to actually air this more then the few times during The Daily Show and Colbert Report on Comedy Central like they did with the Pacquiao ones.

Air during the Daily Show... I see now, these ads are for potheads, makes sense they would use this idiot to promote their product.

Don't worry about him holding it upside down, potheads will not notice and if they do they will forget soon after.

I think you are the is NOT upside down.

did you get sick on my couch?

Funniest bit in the ad!

There's no wrong way of holding a TouchPad or iPad.

I'm sad I can only thumbs-up once.


I really don't like that guy, but I do like the ad.

The notification area says that he is listening to Broken Hearse by Yolo Urban Circle. I was wondering how that track sounds but this band doesn't even exist (according to missing google results).

Well, at least this page will be found in the future if someone else will search for it. :)

Like Heaven 17 and Toad the Wet Sprocket. Great band names (Great modifies names here, not band) originally fictional characters in British literature/comedy.

so is this ad just going to hang out on or is it actually going to make its way onto the airwaves? its much better than those **** manny pacquaio commercials. i really hope this hits the airwaves for people to see.

Stupid commercial, not funny!! Does nothing to show off the functionality of the device the way Apple does with it's commercials. People don't want to listen to a jester, they want to hear about functionality.

It shows functionality. It shows cards, notifications, and the GUI.

Jesters are fun...I like them sometimes...except that clown in that Stephen King Movie...

That is by far the best ad if only I can actually see it on TV.

Haha, I don't like him, but I like the commercial

i think its the best commercial yet

THIS GUY IS FUNNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please bring back the alien lady.

I LOVED his Facebook notification from Alan: "Did you get sick on my couch!?"

Cracked me up!

This was a good ad going after the right demographic!

I don't think HP could have picked more annoying pieces of human garbage than what they have chosen to endorse this thing. Holy **** .. this tranny looking piece of **** is a waste of space... just like the Touchpad.