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The new iPad, better than ever [the competition] 39

by Derek Kessler Mon, 26 Mar 2012 6:18 pm EDT

The new iPad, better than ever [the competition]

Sometimes it can be hard being a webOS fan, sitting on the sidelines watching all of the fancy new hardware fly by at 4G speeds. A lot of it isn't all that exciting, but every now and then something stops us in our tracks. Take, for example, the new Apple iPad. It's something else. Take the iPad 2, pack it with a faster processor, better graphics, an LTE radio, and a mind-blowing 2048x1536 9.7-inch screen so crisp it puts every other tablet to shame. To put that into perspective, in the same space where there's one pixel on the TouchPad, the new iPad has four. Four, I say. Four, I did not see, mostly because they're so darned tiny.

Before you get all antsy, that's just the hardware we're drooling over. We want nothing more than for the new iPad to be running webOS. But it runs iOS, and that's all it's likely to ever run, because that's how Apple wants it. We wouldn't tell anybody looking at a TouchPad not to buy one - we still believe in webOS, and we wouldn't be writing here if we didn't - but we'd also be hard-pressed to find reason to dissuade somebody from looking at the new iPad too.

Go ahead, check out iMore's review of Apple's new iPad. It's at least worth looking at what else is out there before coming back home to the safety and comfort of webOS.

Read the new iPad (2012) review at




One article per iOS-device would be enough for a webOS-page, if you'd ask me,...

Why do IPhone fanboys like you still come to this site? Oh, wait...

This article got pulled from the Crackberry side because of the backlash. Funny that they stuck it over here on the webOS side. Needless to say I didn't read either one. I guess we're gluttons for punishment since there is no love on the webOS front these days.

The only reason I am even paying it this much lip service is because my elderly step-father decided to buy one on all the hype and can't get it to work properly or be configured. He keeps asking me to help him get it to work and I said, sorry, I do not know how to use or support it by choice. I suggest going to an Apple Store and paying them lots of money in support costs. Needless to say it's now a $700 paper weight - priceless! Competition? Compared to the simplicity of webOS? There is none...webOS wins hands down.

I suggest going to an Apple Store and paying them lots of money in support costs.

Isn't support free on these things? They even offer free classes for anyone interested. do you feel about your elderly step-father otherwise?

I don't know, is it? I kind of doubt someone who doesn't read anything before blindly clicking on links or email attachments and installing malware normally will go to a "free class" to learn how to run his $700 toy.

Anyhow, thanks for volunteering to help him by the way, I'll be sure and send him your email address. Ts it ok that I give him your cellphone number too? I'm sure he'll appreciate your good will.

Yes they offer free in store lessons and a ton of getting started videos on their site. In fact if he's having problems with malware and viruses you may want to also suggest an iMac as well. That is if he didn't have a complete @$$ for a son in law. He didn't get the tablet you wanted and it sounds like he didn't get the son in law he wanted.

Sad. Your elderly step father needed some help and you decide that webOS is far more important than helping the elderly. When it comes to electronics, our elderly parents can sure use our help. It wouldnt hurt you to help the poor guy out. What a sad life you must live. Simply because of your loyaly to webOS. You know, in the end, the material things in life really won't matter. He spent a lot of money, the least you could do is set it up for him. Would take you all of 5 minutes. Regardless of which OS you prefer, that's a selfish act. Sad.

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.

Nicely put.

Thought I would love it completely. I loved loved loved the resolution but touchpad speakers are better for the movie sound experience. Loved some of the apps, especially the magazine apps. But much harder than I thought to transfer files to macbook, transfer files between apps etc, spent hours buying apps but could never see more than 1 folder and if a file got snarfed by another app, could never get it out unless I synced to itunes or uploaded to dropbox, etc. Really? (all those files hidden a bonus?), gave me lots of pause on how much utility I could get out of this for the price.I *may" still buy, but was surprised that not more of this is mentioned in the reviews.

Na-a! iOS is the lamest software ever! Like @jessicatapley (for once on her lifetime) said truthfully, you can't miss the 1 button, 1 simple "color full" (background is completely black) UI and icons...then...just the apps (tons of it I have to add). But iOS strictly speaking has nothing over my webOS charm. And that's a fact! LONG WILL LIVE WEBOS!!!

Where did he say that?

I also am kind of wondering why you wouldn't help out your elderly step-father, but maybe there's more to it, and if there is, I don't need to know.

Let's be honest. The new iPad hardware specs are amazing. You can't argue that. ...but I was using my touchpad this morning and I was thinking, "this is so much better that using iOS" It's really hard for me to use an iPad. I keep swiping the screen and getting mad. Until iOS gets a major UI overhaul it will never feel as smooth as webOS....hardware on the other what I wouldn't give to see webOS on an ipad (with our speakers though...) ugh....i can only dream.

To: Poster named Jmgreenhill.

Are you really kidding yourself, or are you just might be a bit bitter to know that in some aspects iOS is much better polished software than WebOS. The Apple iOS is much better optimized than WebOS 3.0.5 when it comes to responsiveness and among other features. Let's take a look at when opening applications with iOS , the iPad wins in the department where WebOS takes about almost 10 seconds to open an app.

Another feature where WebOS still lacks behind is the way of a cursor placement, the simple Copy-paste function horrible implemented on the WebOS platform, and finally let's talk about the music player which it will never replace the Apple's iOS iPod music functionality. Whatever your opinions might be towards Apple's iOS, we can't hide the truth than the mobile operating system that Apple uses for their mobile devices it much more feature-packed than the really old WebOS 3.0.

aaawww! You little thing! I thought we were over this already! What you're talking about is a more mature OS, better?! Ja! Did you read the Retune app review?! Is a just ported iOS app by SquallyDocs Studios. Read it first an learn it the hard way then. But just in case you're reading this on you iOS device, here's my comment to that post to give you an idea (of the post and how copy/paste works on my Veer):
"Welcome on board SquallyDocs Studios!
Great review since as user we get a prior idea of how the app would perform on various scenarios and personal usage. Regarding the "non dashboard controls" and the "resync" issue; we have to be tolerant enough to understand that they've ported an iOS app into the best mobile OS out there. They've heard of "true multitasking", "seamlessly performance" and much much more, but it's until today that they came across webOS highly demanding users. Their just ported (features speaking) iOS app isn't supposed to have "dashboard controls" on the notification area, because in their universe (lame I may add), they can only control or work in one app at a time. In our universe (magical I may humbly add) we can be e-mailing when changing a song on the dashboard controls of our different music apps, or working on a project while making calculation on a pop up calculator (while still controlling our music apps from the comfort of the notification area) and much much more. It has to "resync" for the same reason. In iOS you have to maintain yourself into one app to control it and for it to work, in webOS we do not (as briefly explained before). But it's great to have developers that made the "lamest" mobile OS into somewhat impressive ecosystem (although only app and hardware speaking), we know that with your help our beloved and truly BEST MOBILE OPERATING SYSTEM OF THEM ALL, webOS! we'll certainly give the world a true multitasking_seamlessly_synchronization performance. As I've said, thank you for supporting webOS and as you're noticing right now, although a challenging one, developing for such a great community and awesome OS would only hold great experiences for you guys. Keep it up to the webOS charm!"

To: PalmPixi_user23

why is it that when you make a comment that someone disagrees with, you must be bitter? To be honest, I'm neither. I'm confused as to how you came to your assumptions based on my post. I praised Apple's hardware and gave them credit. But yet, you still thought I was bitter because I didn't like their UI...

Needless to say, Yes, the iPad opens apps faster that webOS. But honestly, I don't care. My life isn't that packed that if something doesn't open for 10 seconds, I'm seriously inconvenienced. In fact if that were the case for anyone, I would probably suggest that they loosen up their schedule.

I guess I'm really more thankful for what I have. I mean 10 years ago I had a computer with 10 gigs of memory that weighed roughly the same as a Volkwagon. Now I can carry a computer in my hands that has 3 times that memory, a much faster processor, and if I'm angry I can shoot some birds at some pigs....

I can do everything I need to do on webOS 3.05 even with all it's flaws. No, the music isn't as good as the iPod, but it still plays music. I don't have to carry a discman like i did in the mid 90's. (seriously, you had to hold them perfect just to keep them from skipping)I just think webOS is easier and more fun to use than iOS which has frustrated me since before webOS came out.

please dont' take my response in any negative way towards you. I just wanted to clarify my stance.

take care,

My life isn't that packed that if something doesn't open for 10 seconds, I'm seriously inconvenienced. In fact if that were the case for anyone, I would probably suggest that they loosen up their schedule.

I've missed the opportunity to digitally capture some really nice moments because my old Pre either didn't load the camera in time or didn't load it at all. While you may be OK with the lag, it is a perfectly justifiable complaint. It's kinda hard to tell the kids (or even a bird flying by) "hey, can you do that again in a sec...or 10?"

Being better off today than you were yesterday, while nice, is not reason enough to not strive to be better tomorrow.

I understand about kids and pictures. My kids are always on the move. it's hard to load an app and get a picture when kids are involved (or funny people at Wal-Mart) I understand that but I've seen that same thing happen with friends iPhones all the time. The iOS camera loads quickly but sometimes you still miss the shot. I will agree about not loading at all though and that is a justifiable complaint. My point was more of, that today because of the fast turnaround of new technology, people tend to be more annoyed by "old" software way too easily. I know people who have the iphone 4 and the only thing they can say is..."it's not the 4S". It's just sad. But I do agree that we should strive for a better tomorrow, but I would also say that we should be a little more content with what we have today. Ironically the fastest camera I've had was an old school film camera...point, click, wind the film, point click.....get them developed and realize my finger was over the lens for most of them..... So yeah, progress is good.

Swipe left or right with three or figures to multitask. It's not that difficult and works much better than cards, IMO

I can't see the webOS connection.  I have enough trouble avoiding Apple contamination without having it in my face on a webOS site.

Not connection at all, instead we are thinking of having News about WebOS Hardware, we want to hear nothing more than that.

Right Fellows??

All righty sir!!!

I read 3 or 4 News on line, including NYTimes App, sometimes listening AccuRadio also, beside checking my Cash Balance in CheckBook HD, everything at the same time with my TP.

I spend only 30 minutes to do that otherwise with the Super New iPAD how long would it take?? Could somebody tell me??

Not to mention "Just Type" feature to find anything and hyper fast card patch

+Notes HD
+Checkbook HD
+ToodleTask HD

Even AccuWheather (for TP) App looks better in my TP

Please somebody tell me I´m wrong or crazy...
Never Mind still love my TP
And that's a fact! LONG WILL LIVE WEBOS!!!

God darn it! You're on fire mister!

"The new iPad, better than ever." indeed that's true. However, I'd would point out that 'better' is not necesarily 'best' or even 'good.'

It is better to better to be blind in one eye than in both eyes, however I wouldn't call that good. So yeah for my money, "the new iPad, better than ever," but still not good enough.

Wow, not a single comment about porting webOS to the new ipad, i'm impressed!

That's because it didn't work out as planned when it was ported to the iPad 1 for 49 days. Bazinga!

WebOS is too good to port to the iPad....:-)

WebOS is too good to port to the iPad....:-)

comments from previously banned members will keep being deleted, no matter what name they re-register under.

Ok, this provides us credits to post in the iMore forums when new webOS hardware is released ;-)

I have bought a new Ipad, but it in my opinion it is not that much ahead of my Touchpad. The design is great, but I actually prefer the warm plastic rather than the cold metal on my tummy when I am using it in bed. The multitasking cards interface on webos is still the best available. I hate the multitasking gestures on IOS. Love GarageBand, but the speakers are far too quiet compared to the Touchpad and I just can't get used to not having a lowercase keyboard.

I bought the Ipad mainly because it has so much developer support and so many good applications not because of the hardware or the operating system. Having used it for a bit now I am more perplexed than ever that HP would drop such a class leading OS so quickly in the game. Shame on them.

i was playing with my friends "the new ipad" and i didn't notice much difference between that and the ipad2. other than the screen resolution, the spec bumps aren't noticeably different to the end user and anyone who tells me otherwise is most likely just a sheepish f@nboy.

4x GPU power is required because it now has to handle 4 times as much pixels..... so the net gain is not 4 times faster framerates..... As for the resolution, unless you hold the tablet in your face, you will not be able to tell the difference at arms length. Due to the larger battery, it now runs hotter and requires longer time to fully charge.

Why is this on webOSNation? I didn't come here to read about iCrap. If I wanted to I would go to iMore.


try this out....I switched tablets with a young cousin of my girlfriend one day when she stopped by....long story short I had to pry my touchpad out of her hands because I was just about to toss her ipad2 out my window.....there's just no substitute for webOS

I finally gave up on android, at least for awhile with the lack of exciting ICS enabled phones on Sprint. I bought it off contract on ebay, and I love the hardware. The os is nice and I appreciate the battery life....but for what I paid for it and another iphone to replace my daughter's ipod, I could have bought a new iPad...and would have if not for my touchpad...not so much saying I think the touchpad compares where apps or hardware is concerned, but every once in a while, I catch myself attempting to perform swiping features on my iphone.....

I don't understand why this article has to be here on webOSNation!!! There are more than enough sites where iMonkeys can read up on this crap. There might be little to no news regarding webOS, but rather no news than this rubbish. Shame on you!!!

I think Derek's just helping us face reality. There's an excellent chance that open webOS could hit a brick wall and become 100% enthusiast. And then Mobile Nations will either sell off webOSNation to a small time blog network, or we end up spinning the community off somewhere else as they shutter it in favor of living, thriving ecosystems.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. In that topsy-turvy future, it's either iOS, or whatever tablet flagship device Googlrola decides to make. (BB having the same shot in the dark as HP Touchpad, and Windows missing the point as usual.)