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New LunaCE beta includes tall dashboard widgets, new keyboard layouts, better cards management 43

by Derek Kessler Fri, 07 Sep 2012 10:54 pm EDT

New LunaCE beta includes tall dashboard widgets, new keyboard layouts, better ca

Just last week the webOS Community Edition-derived LunaCE got bumped up to beta, and since then it's gone through a series up updates that have added new features. The alpha phase was all about stability and testing the processes, and it seems that the beta phase for LunaCE is all about expanding the features list.

As of the last update we gave on the homebrew LunaSysMgr replacement, LunaCE included - among other features - gesture-based card switching, tabbed card stacks, a title bar universal search button, and the ability to turn off the tap ripple. Since the beta, LunaCE's been steadily updated all the way to version 4.8.0, which has added a number of new features.

For international users of LunaCE, there are now a number of new keyboard layout options, including an umlaut-heavy keyboards Germanic languages. As was demonstrated several weeks back, there's now pinch-zoom card management in the beta. And, heeding the calls of webOS users since webOS 2.0 first hit the scene over two years ago, LunaCE gives TouchPad users the 'zoomed out' mini card management view, just tapping below a card shrinks the size of your cards so you can see more at once (for this reason we'd love to see a webOS Community Edition for smartphones).

One of the more tantalizing additions to the LunaCE beta is the 'dynamic dashboard height API', which we first saw pictured in early July. The new API allows developers to build notifications or dashboard widgets of more than the standard height, opening the window to a richer and more interactive notification pane. webOS homebrew developer garrett92c is already taking advantage of the new API, producing in the webOS Nation Forums a Weather Widget app that puts a tall widget into the notification pane that gives the temperature and conditions, sunset and sunrise time, wind speed, and humidity, all on top of a representative image of said weather. It's simple, attractive, and the kind of stuff we should have had a year ago from HP. But we'll take it from the homebrew community and WebOS Ports than not get it at all.

As before, LunaCE is still in beta status, so you'll need to enable the Beta testing feeds in Preware to be able to give it a go. Thankfully, there are instructions for that at so you can get your beta on.


It's actually at 4.9.0 now, which brings back the Wave Launcher :)

Not to sure about the wave launcher yet, wonder if they can make it like the original. a wave not straight. still pretty cool though, better then no wave launcher like we had before.

True. I was a tad disappointed when it wasn't actually 'wavey,' but it definitely is better than nothing. Hopefully, the dynamic wave launcher can be implemented eventually, although I don't know if that's possible.

I have it installed and activated with Tweaks and I can't get a Wave Launcher to come up. Is it supposed to work like the webOS 1.4 on the Pre... swipe up from the bottom?

It's different. Just tap and hold the bottom bezel and it should come up.

please be more specific. when i tap and hold the bottom bezel nothing happens, when i swipe up the normal launcher opens up. Do I need to turn something off? Help please

works fine for me, just tap and hold were the wave launcher would be if no card was maximized. The wave launcher should show up. Try turning it off and back on and maybe even a restart if you can't get it to work. Shouldn't have do do a any restart though.

Already installed been playing with it for a week or so. Awesome job internals! The way webOS should have always been. And just installed the weather widget very nice job Garrett92C. Cant wait to see what else they come up with.

Does anyone know how the battery life is with the weather widget installed? Does it have much affect?

It shouldn't affect battery life since the widget is only updated when you open the dashboard. There are no background processes running.

Great work, Garrett. I can only hope open webOS catches up with the Community edition soon enough.

This sounds amazin! would anyone mind posting a youtube video of the new features? It will be a while before I'm able to try it out for myself....

I am somehow stuck at 4.4.0.... wti both alpha and beta feed and woce enabled. No notification of available update in preware....

Fixed by re-enabling alpha and bete feeds and reinstalling preware again.

WOW ....GOOD TIMES !!!!!!

Is it just me, or are apps opening quicker now? Seems like they fly on to the screen now!

I can't seem to figure out how to get the wave launcher in the new LunaCE 4.9.0 to work. Help please

Just tap and hold were the wave launcher would be if no card was maximized. The wave launcher should show up. Try turning it off and back on and maybe even a restart if you can't get it to work. Shouldn't have do do a any restart though.

The wave launcher seems to interfere with the swipe up gesture. Since installing 4.9.0, it sometimes takes 3 swipes or so to get into card view. Of all the LunaCE features, the wave launcher is the most underwhelming and really doesn't add functionality. It was worth a try but I won't be disappointed if it doesn't make it to the general release. Otherwise, LunaCE is pretty awesome.

It is true that the wave launcher should have been an alpha rather than a beta.
-- Rod

Wave Launcher is not good as on Pre3 . The same action with swipe
from the bottom .

Great to see what an open community can do.
Only if Palm had open sourced WebOS longtime back and got companies like HTC Samsung to adopt WebOS.
The world would have been quite different now.

Ah... My Pre3 is Missing all the fun. :(

    "Just last week the webOS Community Edition-derived LunaCE got bumped up to beta, and since then it's gone through a series up updates that have added new features."

Which of course directly contradicts what "beta" is supposed to mean. So I am already suspicious of the release engineering skills here. . .

Perhaps you should look into the actual engineering process.

This article isn't written to cover the release engineering process, but to inform end-users (in this case beta users) of the features that are new to them.

"Beta version software is often useful for demonstrations and previews within an organization and to prospective customers. Some developers refer to this stage as a preview, prototype, technical preview (TP), or early access. Some software is kept in perpetual beta—where new features and functionality are continually added to the software without establishing a firm "final" release."
-- Rod

"Beta. . .is the software development phase following alpha. It generally begins when the software is feature complete."

"Perpetual Beta" is a misnomer, it directly contradicts the basic meaning of Beta. They should have come up with another phrase. "Continuous Tinkering" perhaps.

Who cares.. 1 year of no updates... and now we get updates/feature addition for alpha Beta and final version...
I will take it with open arms....

"perpetual beta" is not what I want. I want a stable, reliable product, because I rely on it. This stuff shoud fairly be called "pre-alpha".
But, of course, on your playground, you can do whatever you want.

and this is why no-one is forced to use lunaCE, the process requires adding in alpha/beta feeds and putting back preware, its something you have to want and do to aquire, its not like it auto installs and there you have something you didnt want.

we still have a stable option by not doing anything, we have another option that yields improvements, be it stable or not, the more that do so the quicker bugs are ironed out and more improvements are made.

Take it
Leave it

seems pretty clear cut to me.

(not a response to geekpeter): You can't redefine alpha and beta to suit your own negative viewpoint.  They are in alpha and beta status so testers can help find bugs which can be fixed for the official release version, of which there is NONE right now.  Patience or keep quiet.

If you want a stable product, then simply wait until the product is in the stable feed.
-- Rod

We should be grateful that we are getting any updates at all

Agreed. Also second Rod's statement. I've run my company for 25 years on apps and applets I've written that are never quite finished, but are good enough to keep a dozen people employed and a great deal of engineering work done.

If you want perfection, stay out of the beta channel; the warnings at WebOS Internalls are pretty clear.

For me, the work done so far on LunaCE is nothing short of fabulous. Look forward to more.

Listen to Rod he is the man.

I can't wait to get some Luna CE for my Pre2. I expect it to be ready in the coming month. Or later the really god news is that thing are moving forward instead of standing still or even in reverse. Leo made sure things moved backwards. Thank god for Meg that made a you turn and pointed HP in the right direction again. And that's not only for Webos but for the whole company.

Thanks internals, thanks Meg. Thanks to all folks that like me still believe that WebOS can still kick some butt one day.


LunaCE for Pre2 in a month's time?
Pull Request?

maxbg: I had a similar issue going from 4.5.0 to 4.6.0. Restoring the default Luna Manager first and then installing the new CE manager resolved the issue for me. I have been able to update each successive version without issue.

Sounds awesome! Can't wait to try try this out.
Are there any plans to do something similar for webOS smartphones anytime soon? My Pre3 runs so terribly I can hardly take it anymore.

what wrong with your pre3

It runs worse than my Pre Plus. Everything lags, slowdown is constant. It acts like it's underclocked almost all the time.
My Pre 2 was perfect. Rarely had any slowdown or lag from it except when it would get too hot (I live I'm Tucson, AZ. It's pretty hot here). I love the Pre 3 for all the hardware improvements (screen size, autofocus camera, screen res, etc), but it just feels like it's not well optimized.
Every now and then it will run just awesome; everything is fast and snappy, but that is only about 30% of the time.
I doctored it with 2.2.4, but it was the same, even immediately after the doctor.
Doctored to 2.2.3, same. So I OTA'd to 2.2.4 again.

When I first got it , before I had any homebrew anything installed, it couldn't handle things like my Pre Plus and Pre 2 at all. I got the TMC error all the time, even once from a battery pull and first attempting to open the browser. And anytime I had 4-5 cards open, the memory would flush (or whatever you guys call it) and everything would go grey and have to reload, whereas my Pre 2 stock wouldn't do that til I had dozens open.

So, I installed Govnah, which helped alleviate the TMC error and run Uberkernel. tried overclocking a little, but anything beyond the stock 1.4 GHz and the temp shoots over 50c.

My Pre3 is great.

Interesting and exciting development. Though unless you are intermediate (ie fairly comfortable with preware/homebrew) or above (I'm not a developer- just willing to try new stuff as enduser and willing to restart), probably you should hold off until released officially. Currently my TP is working fine except for a need to put in new PIN every few tries. Maybe because my outlook exchange and luna CE have an issue?

I wonder what the possibilities are of adding a gesture area for the go forward/back like the phones had? If it works for the wave bar, maybe this gesture can come back too?

I second that wonderful idea. A thought if not mentioned already..., a possible gesture to do a "forward swipe" on the TP could be an approximate finger swipe arc starting from the bezel's lower left corner up to the screen's "center" then down to lower right corner..., and vice versa to do the "back swipe" gesture. I really miss the old gesture swipes..., still amazes others when I show 'em the sweet bezel swoosh action on my Pre-.