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New Palm Ad: Life Moves Fast 161

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 18 Mar 2010 4:39 pm EDT

Palm has a new ad out with their new tagline: "Life moves fast. Don't miss a thing." We tell you what - it's the kind of ad we can get behind. It shows the Pre screen floating in front of a woman walking down a city street. She handles multiple notifications, multiple apps, and mapping with ease and makes it look, well, fun. Fun like the first time you 'got' gestures in webOS.

More of this, Palm.

UPDATE: CEO Jon Rubinstein announced during the Q3 FY2010 conference call that these ads will premiere during the first two weeks of the NCAA college basketball tournament, otherwise known as March Madness.

Thanks, Shason!



Think it's "Life Moves Fast", not "Live"... and great ad, love it Palm!

fixed, thanks!

Still not fixed, actually, but I'm loving the new ad campaign. This is what we need to see from Palm!



It's fixed in the title, but not in the body text...

I want them to have an ad that very clearly demonstrates multitasking. This is really the big leg up Palm has on everyone else. And though they often show cards, they need to say something like "and it multitasks" so that the average user can see that. Or even so the tech familiar person who maybe doesn't read gadget blogs all day would understand.

With rumors that the new iPhone will multitask, I feel that Palm has wasted one of its biggest selling points. And now if they have a commercial that shows it, Apple is close enough to the new iPhone OS that they could do one of their strategic leaks about multitasking and quell any interest a prospective iPhone buyer might have.

They spent too many resources to show synergy, somethng few related to. Rather than multitasking, something we all understand and comes with no complicated drawbacks.

They couldn't even explain Synergy enough for people to understand it. When I tell people it pulls in contacts from Facebook, etc, they all say "My Blackberry can do that." Well does your Blackberry continuously update these contacts without any manual syncing? "Oh, um no." Nobody knows the power of the Pre/Pixi unless they own one.

All I'm saying is Apple could advertise it. And I'm sure we'll all get a chance to see exactly HOW they'd decide to market such a great feature if iPhone OS 4 supports it.

On the last Engadget podcast they had a really good idea on how to pitch it. Basically you show a zoomed in view of hands playing NSF or something, but since you're only zoomed in on the screen, people will assume it's an iPhone. Then the hands swipe up and go to card view, pausing the game, and the camera zooms out to show a Pre. Then they do various other tasks, shuffling through card view. Then back to the game, picking up exactly where they left off.

That a couple of nerds who run a website came up with this idea instead of a huge advertising agency getting paid millions blows me away. I don't know what Palm is doing with their advertising, but it really bothers me.

That's not really a good idea for an ad though. If only for the premise of tricking the audience into mistaking it for the big competition, but furthermore for it's specific appeal to a couple of nerds and their audience (Pre sold as primarily a gaming device?).

This would have sold a lot of phones last June.

much better palm

Damn, she's hot! But "Olidie" is right...The phone itself wasn't shown. Good ad, none the less.

There was a phone in the ad? :)

Only Problem: The pre and pixi isn't shown. Overall great ad.

Yeah. Because what they showed was WebOS running when it runs at 800MHz. Palm doesn't offer that yet.

I think the ad is good. I think it shows off what WebOS could be. But I couldn't help seeing the invisible subtitle: Life Moves Fast... But Our Phones Don't Yet

if webOS phones ran at 800mHz, they'd probably last for 2 hours -__- consider yourself lucky your webOS device is slightly slow :3
and haha that's probably the c40 ......forgot about that, huh?

Like the oaf on ATT is getting Lima Peru as an answer faster than he can type 'wiki'. It's TV, doesn't mean it's true.

Must have been the C40

She's holding a Pre in her hand.

I didn't even think about that until I saw your comment. Most likely because we have Pre's and we "get it." Be nice if Palm updated this commercial to have the Palm Pre standing upright and someone quickly replicating the movements she did in front of her, on the phone, so people can associate that. I had also commented earlier that Palm needs to remember that if you're not using a Pre (everyone you're advertising this to), expect them to not know what those apps you're swiping away means. Maybe swipe away the email but open the Text and reply before going to the maps.

Otherwise, this is MUCH better Palm! Great work! Glad to even see this!!!!

Two Words... Love It!

ohhh...and yes she is hot

I agree they have shown pixi and pre the end but it was still really good

best ad to date. loved it...

Good ad, much much better than the prev. ones.

I think the reason they don't want to show the phone(s) was because they want to focus on the OS itself. What the phone looks like doesn't really matter...or a new phone is coming out soon :)

Looooooove it, keep it up Palm

My thoughts.... maybe this is the start of ads that are looking past the Pre and Pixi.... maybe thats why they werent shown...

Nice ad, and a step in the right direction. No more of this abstract/artsy stuff that nobody can relate to...

Palm: start showing off the practicality of your multitasking phones and show how versatile they are!!! Show ads implementing the gaming mixed with the daily things we do in life (pause game, order something online, text messaging.. and then going back to gaming).

Just like that Palm. Just like that.

That is the best ad and right on the money on what the Pre and Pixi are all about. They can really use the framework for so many applications. They need to push this hard and they should of done this from the beginning.

Perfect, this is exactly how I feel using the phone when I'm on the town. No exaggeration, it's uncanny.

Palm also states on their facebook that this is the ad that will be played during March Madness

Get a move-on, buy a pre!!

Saaaweeeeeet ad much much better than the prev ones....and the hot chick is a bonus

The reason it didn't show either phone was because the ad intelligently promoted Palm's webOS...and not specifically Pre or Pixi. Why? Think about it...if the C40 came out in the Summer - this ad will do justice. If a new phone were to come out in the coming months to AT&T and Tmobile - this ad will do justice.

I think Palm got the point that their pair of 1st webOS phones were great, but lacked in hardware n compared to others in the market. So now they're working on that aspect of things but promoting webOS as it is single handedly keeping the company alive.

...and it will work =) Be very very excited!

Right on the money.

Awesome! Best ad yet!

I dig!...and I work for a large Advertising Company. ;)

The song being played is "Quiet Dog Bite Hard" by Mos Def, which is also being shown in the music player on screen.

Thank you, I was going to ask that.

see that is why we need an app that can search music by 'finger print' ...

Saaaweeeeeet ad much much better than the prev ones....and the hot chick is a bonus

Finally!! A good ad! :)

whats funny is that when i bought the Pre when it first came out on sprint... the first album i bought on amazon through my phone was that album by Mos Def

That will do, Pig. That will do

UK version..........................?

"Life moves fast, bloke. Don't miss a thing, chap"

So thats what they were shooting...
I was in downtown LA when they shot that

GREAT AD do I know what phone is that?

They NAILED this ad

Great ad, keep ones like this and that pixi ad coming!

Did they finally hire a real marketing company?

It's about time! This is what I'm talking about. This type of marketing. A real ad, not some creepy ad lady who targets the middle-earth inhabitants.

Place ads like this everywhere. EVERYWHERE Palm. This is a great start. Yes,a start because the previous ad campaign can only be seen as FAIL.

Now, if you could only mention which phone she was using or which operating system (WebOS).... :/

Keep them coming Palm! :)

So, all Palm could come up with is taking the Sprint commercials and making them outside? Palm really needs to fire all PR people and hire a new ad agency. The sprint ones at least showed the phone and told you what it was. "Palm, we have floating screens." Palm must be using the same ad agency as MSFT. Sprint and Verizon have done better jobs that Palm themselves at actually showing their product. Conclusion: Yet Another Failure From Palm. YAFFP! Also, i love how the phone isnt even working in the commercial.

I kinda disagree. The fact that they focused on their biggest strength-- the smooth multitasking of their beautiful operating system-- was a smart move. And not showing the phone, while a bit of a gamble, perhaps, might just be a smart move, too.

I remember last year when I first saw pics of the Pre in the commercials I wasn't all that impressed with the way it looked. Actually, to be honest, I thought it was a bit fugly. It wasn't until I went online and started researching webOS and saw some videos of it in action that I came around to the phone itself.

the tagline isn't new. I've seen billboards with it for two months now.

That is awesome! I love it. This is what Palm should have started with.

(Oh... And she is hot!)

they should have showed more of what the phone looked like. But that's much better than it was! Good job!

Very good Palm. That was a good ad, and chick is cute too! ;)

I haven't viewed the ad yet, but it cries out for Matthew Broderick for the voice over.

I suspect this will help to boost Pre (and Pixi) sales.

I think this ad will sell smartphones in general. I'm not sure I would catch that this was webOS or Palm unless I was paying close attention. It kind of looks like augmented reality on an iPhone.

Aside from the HUGE Palm logo that shows up at the end of the ad?

Like most people, I don't pay much attention to commercials. If there's something interesting to watch or listen to like a lady walking down the street with some graphics and a catchy tune, that's one thing. Other than that, the main message is that smartphones are pretty cool.

You really must be a hardcore geek to know about augmented reality on a phone.

About this ad, people wont ask about pres or pixies, thats a given, but will look for information about Palm directly. I suppose the target is people to enter shops asking directly for Palm(s)

Thats actually good given some people still think palm is "that old treo with the stylus thing". Lately in europe (dunno US) HTC has been run some other far more generic ads for brand awareness, and they have been quite succesfull as far as I can tell on my non geek surroundings.

Last day I just heard "my iphone is a palm" (brand new movistar palm pre), so this kind of things are not really too far away from how people really think.

If we have to learn from past Palm ads the pattern is to follow on the same ad with ads covering more explicit situations on phone usage.

Mos Def!!!

best ad so far

Haha, I was just going to post about the Mos Def song. Props to Palm for this ad and using Mos Def for the music in the ad.

Mos Def is the man! The chose a good artist to team up with.

Mos Def is sick. Remember the Jordan Much Respect ad with Mos Def? Umi Says in the background?

Interesting how they picked the song "Quiet Dog"...considering that Palm is often seen as the underdog but with huge potential.

i think they shoulda have mentioned webOS if not the name of the phones. so that way people would have a reference point when they go to the store, but other than that great commercial.

Finally !!!!!!! That first ad series with the zombie girl was the worst. Thank god they are starting some advertising that actually makes the Palm look cool.

Keep it up Palm...keep it up.

We need to let the public know what WebOS is capable of and I think this is a great start. (I'm pretending the creepy lady with the dancing monks in the middle of a field never aired)

For all the people that is complaining that the actual phone is not shown, get this! Palm is trying to advertise the operating system, WebOS,That is their strongest point! not the hardware, which is their weakest one. Moreover, it is cheaper to advertise the operating system,not just the phone, this applies to the pixi, the pre, and the future device that will come out in the summer. This is a really good start, probably later on, when the stocks rises,and they start making some money they will make individual ADs for the Pixi, the Pre and the C40 or whatever will be called.The most important thing is that Palm got the idea of what the consumer whants.

I agree. They need to market their strongest point, The Operating System. Their weakest point right now is the phone hardware. A lot of people have said to me they wouldn't buy the phone because it feels too "plastic-y". Ideally Palm needs to come out with a nexus one like hardware phone running WebOS

I have a Nexus One and couldn't agree with you more. WebOS on Nexus One level hardware would shut the whole market down. I can't wait to see what Palm does in the summer.

Just came from the Verizon store and still feel the same way - current pre feels plasticy and cramped although it does seem snappier with 1.4. I kept thinking how nice webos would look and feel on Droid or Nexus One hardware. Bring on the summer...

Definately. Personally, I'd like WebOS with the Droid's hardware b/c I like physical keyboards, but with the Nexus One's processor.

I assume for the Droid you mean the screen size/resolution and perhaps form factor. The chips in the Droid are the same as the Pre.

Yeah. I would LOVE a larger screen for sure because watching 2 hr movies on the Pre's screen just ain't cutting it.

that's what i 'm talking about..

this is the ad we have been waiting for.

this is the ad that should of been shown from the start instead of that creepy lady.

FInally an ad that doesn't suck and actually shows the "cool" things about webos. Now they just need to also do two more:

1. Business oriented
2. Something with younger twitter/facebook/3d-gamers

Cant go fast for long, battery life SUCKS on the PRE, seriously thinking of going back to BB

You could, the BB is great for battery life, but you'd lose a next gen OS. Have you tried the extended battery? It really does a great job. I get two days easy. It adds a little bulk, but that's the trade off. You should really try it before giving up.

Yes I will purchase the extended battery, I really do not want to stop using the PRE. To the accessory store I go.

The only thing about the bulk adding extended battery, you can't use a touchstone with it :(

Did you "Condition" the battery when you first got the phone? On a brand new battery you are supposed to drain it completely, fill it up completely, then repeat the process one more time. I am not sure why, but this helps extend the amount of power a Lithium Ion battery can hold.

I know people with Iphone's, Droids and Palm's that say their battery drains quickly, then others that say their battery is as advertised because they conditioned it when they first got it.

The sad truth is that any next gen phone is going to give you one day battery life. Less if you use it every minute of every day. A friend of mine showed me his iPhone charger that he brings with him everywhere. It was a massive brick. He lugs it around everywhere to charge his iphone when it runs out of power.

I like the fact that I can slap in a heavy duty battery whenever I want.

But if you want really great battery power, BB is the way to go. That's their thing. Great battery power, great email. Just don't complain about the web browser.

Waaay better than the original ads.

So I clicked on the ad expecting to be disappointed but am pleasantly surprised that it's pretty good. Makes the product (WebOS, specifically) seem attractive, useful and, well, fun. Good job!

It stands in such stark contrast to the ethereal ghost chick ad; how much damage did that stupid ad do, I wonder...

And I agree with earlier comments: now we need an ad with the same theme emphasizing games, and another emphasizing business utility. (And who cares if the iPhone "will" multitask; make it clear that WebOS does it now!)

I agree with 6tr6tr!!, those two ADs Business and Gamers will seal the deal.Hope AT&T does some cool ads....., well I don't think so, It will be competition to their beloved Iphone!, so whatever. It will be good to have webos in the #1, #2 and #3 US carrier, more people more apps.

Good ad, I just hope to see it on TV frequently.

That right there is a real ad, showcasing the 2 major points, multitasking and clearly thought out notifications. go Palm!

if only Palm started with this ad 8 months ago. Hopefully it's not too late to take the spotlight from Android considering webOS is the best OS out there. If Palm can keep adding new things and announce a new webOS phone, it will look better for Palm.

Palm continues to prove the point that the Pre and Pixie are girl phones. And I dont mean the business women.

Kept waiting to see if there was a Palm billboard or sign or poster or anything of the sort in the background as she was walking. Y'know, something subtle... No such luck. That could have been a clever way to work in the fact that this was an advertisement for a webOS phone without waiting till the very end. Maybe a poster for the Pre in one of the store's windows or something. Stuff that people will see without even realizing they're seeing it.

Good ad.

1. Hot girls always appeals to men
2. Girl seems classy not skanky. She's in control and strutting. That Appeals to modern powerful on the go women
3. Good music: Mos Def sets a hip youthful vibe. who doesn't want to think they are hip and youthful.
4. Even shows off the outfit at the end. Even has a text "New Dress Code: Funky!" Don't think that's a bad way to appeal to women at all.
4. Shows off the phones features and classy interface.
5. Good tag line that accentuates the quick modern lifestyle of men, women, teens, business people.

This is the sort of add that should have been out when the phone launched. I'd do this same add with different, sorts of people. Hipsters, hip-hop, businessmen. teenage girls.

Really good analysis. I agree.

thanks. i'm telling you i'd do this with a teenager walking though the mall and texting. a college kid walking to through campus setting up tutors, dates, plans for a party and "the big game on Sunday." i do it with hipsters getting tickets to a stadium and setting up meetings at a coffee shop or whatever hipsters do. The high powered business men setting up meetings, doing deal, and even scheduling to make little Johnny's little league playoff game. I only wish we had seen these well before we i heard, "I think my phone reads my mind" or "I was walking in the park and saw a juggler." A fricken juggler? Really?

Not a bad breakdown of the commercial. Especially agree with your last thought, Palm needs more of this with different people and occupations.

And I gotta say this is a major step in the right direction. The new spot is actually catchy (versus the old which was just creepy). Continue hiring that company for more ads Palm!

I love it, it's so clever!!

I am really feeling this ad, makes me want to go buy another Pre, lol.

Definitely a better ad, hopefully we will see more along these lines. But it could still be better

Damn Palm! Its about time!

I have to agree that this is the best so far. I think it could highlight the multitasking a bit more by answering the text but having to flip back and forth between google map to tell them where your gonna meet.

But this was short and sweet, just not sure if everyone will realize it is multitasking.

I still like the Pixi comerical with the PASSION PIT song. Bring it back! :)

Loved that song! Think it works well over a Palm ad... I would be interested to see a version of this ad with that music.

This is the kind of asvertising that Palm should have done when the pre first made its debut not that creepy wierd stuff Yhings would have gone much better and sales would have been lots better.

I still think Palm has to step it up with the commercials. Apple just started making commercials for multitasking and everyone thinks that's cool. Newsflash: WebOS has had multitasking for almost a year now. The Pre and Pixi and their Plus counterparts don't get enough recognition. Especially after those stupid "mom" ads fro Verizon. My teacher made fun of me after that :/ lol

Totally agree with putting the Palm logo at the end. People have a preconceived idea of what Palm is and they will tune out the commercial. Since you want people to watch the commericial, you have to keep them guessing and wanting the phone. I would suggest having a 25 year old male gaming, video, and facebooking on the next ad.

+1 and perhaps even better: showing a mother, father, son, and daughter with Palm WebOS devices, all doing different things while multitasking :)

Good one bankerdaddy, We do indeed need Matthew Broderick for this classic tagline. Maybe even for more Palm commercials.

"Save Ferris"

Oops: "bakerdanny"

Try again? "bankerdanny"

Don't worry about the lack of face time for the phone. The ad is more about improving the Palm image.
The phones themselves are not Palm's biggest problem, its getting people to take Palm seriously. You have to get people willing to think of Palm on the same level as Apple, Blackberry etc.
Until then Palm can make any phone that want that does any and everything it will still be limited to a niche market. Palm needs a healthy injection of cool and hipness. Thats the goal with these ads.

exactly. Palm needs the promo time. @ least this shows the OS. Have you seen these new lame CrapBerry/RIM ads. Peolpe doig sports, at a concert. They have catchy song but it has nothing to do with a smartphone. They don't sow the phone or the OS!

Mos Def!
best ad yet

Who noticed she has a card with the album art of the song playing in the commercial..

Quiet Dog Bite Hard

Unfortunately, I've been missing all sorts of things with my Pre since the update... like phone calls, text messages, calendar alerts and the like when the background apps are closed to apparently free resources for other apps like browsing...?

I wonder if using the apps in the commercial at the same time would kill the phone app... heavy browsing has been enough to cause the phone, messaging and the calendar to all fail for me.

OK... yes... it's the "best ad yet", and it's definitely should have been used over "creepy lady" for the launch commercial. I love the hip vibe and all, but--and tell me if I'm wrong here....

Why on earth do they have to run another "girl" ad?? This is NOT the kind of girl ad meant to appeal to guys--it's the kind of girl ad that excludes guys and speaks to other informed, hip, on-the-move girls, and those who want to be like them. That's not a bad thing, but can we please inject a little testosterone into a few of these ads? I'm tired of feeling like Palm (et al) is trying to tell me that I have a girl phone, when I know better. How about an ad campaign targeting the holy grail of demographics: males age 18-54?? Seriously people, so many "regular" people (non-insider, non-ad firm types) have come up with GREAT ideas just on these forums that would accomplish this. If they want guys to use the phone, and if they want businesses to purchase them for their employees (instead of BB's), they MUST step up to the plate and MEN (young and mid-life alike) using this thing for BUSINESS purposes, as well as for MALE-oriented social needs (hanging with the guys, or like someone else mentioned--show a business man making room in his calendar for his son's little league game), and EXPLAIN MULTI-TASKING in simple terms.

Bottom line: If Palm is going to run ads during the NCAA tournament, put something out there that compels the guys watching the game to buy the phone, not one that just appeals to their girlfriends!

Bro dont be so insecure its just a phone... its not an extension of your penis and it doesn't make you any less of a man. I thinks the chick is sexy and yeah they are aiming these ads at women. that being said i could care less..............

I am not sure if I agree with this being an "Girl" ad. It is an ad with a girl in it which appeals to guys. One point of view could be that this is an ad that will lead guys to buy a WebOS phone for their girlfriends. This girl is a nice touch (although I liked the other one too - call me weird like that). Also, I think it shows enough tech to appeal to the geeks out there with the swiping of the cards. So, with those points I'd say the ad is sexy and techie enough to appeal to most guys while appealing to women too.

I agree that there is not much business appeal in the ad. The ad does to be consumer focused. However, the girl could be a young business woman (or not). Perhaps, this a start of many more ad focusing on key features and capability.

At any rate, I think ad will help to sale Pres & Pixis which will be good for all Palm WebOS phone owners especially, since Palm needs better sales.

Agree. Hell, they could have used almost this exact ad, but added a youngish (upper-20's, early 30's, say) man in casual dress clothing (possibly post-work attire-- slacks, collared shirt with rolled up sleeves and loosened tie, jacket over his shoulder) walking downtown, early evening (still light) maybe about to meet up with his friends or girlfriend or something at a pub. The text could read "hey where are you?" or something. Or it could be directions to the bar, taps message and takes him to maps card. I dunno, something like that.

Clean, Fresh, Simple, not to mention Sexy. I love it! But still doesn't show the magnitude of WebOS to the average Schmo.

Now THAT's the kinda ads they should have been running from the beginning !
Doesn't change the fact that the Pre is a cheap plastic POS, but at least they'll sell...more cheap plastic POS's.

Nicee!!! love the most def

... and yet, it still comes across as a phone for women.

Next one needs to be a construction worker or something that "Joe the Plumber" can relate to...

finally! Go Palm!!!!!!

simple and straigh to the point.

Argh! Why can't Palm get it right? I agree this is a step in the right direction, but how many baby steps can Palm afford to take?

Show. The. Phone. Any phone. Show gestures...On. The. Phone. Why did iPhone ads work? They showed hip, fun people (like Palm finally did) and they showed the phone's OS that made people say "I like it. I want it. It does cool things."

We see the funky 3D air gestures she's doing in the Palm commercial and as WebOS fan, we say "Awesome! They finally show gestures!" But they're not showing anything about how gestures work, how the phone works, or anything. It's meaningless eye-candy. My two cents: keep the ad and drop in a couple of seconds at the end that repeats on the phone what she's been doing in the air - message, maps, etc. Bing, bing, bing (to quote creepy lady).

Dear Palm. Please look at what ads work. Emulate them. Thanks, Your Loyal Customers.

Now just hold on a second Dan. I know enough about marketing to know that you don't actually have to show the phone. You have to show the brand. The brand is actually more important than the product. Believe it or not. The ads for the iPod are a perfect example. Don't worry about showing the iPod working. Show the iPod making people explode with joy.

There was a recent ad campaign here in Canada where a Coffee company just told a simple story about a father waiting for his family at the airport. No shot of the family sipping the coffee. Just a nice warm feeling, and the brand.

Palm needs to work on their brand. A lot. And this is a great step in the right direction.

Agreed, Apple is selling their brand. They're in a position to do just that. But Palm doesn't have the luxury of a strong brand anymore. Once they establish the product as viable, the brand recognition follows. Not the other way around.

wow; fun, the beat is everything, its like dancing; even that white male who stood still on the corner when she stood and flipped through store locations on the map and then he started walking right on the beat to accent the punchline; played with the rhythm of walking (life) all the way through, nice details

ooooo they finially gettin the idea on how to do it good job

i think the ads are aiming at both women and men. the ad is waaay better than what i have seen. and it shows webos working what more you do want? well the next step is to expand on this idea and show a brand new phone. that phone she's holding is bigger than a Pre...i don't care what anyone says, its a newer model. i think they are building up to something huge. wait my friends, just wait.

THis should have been their first ad. but i love it. and that chick is hot

go palm!

Love it and she has that same smile I have when I use my Pre.

This is more of a lifestyle message instead of feature set type of commercial.

Now that is and ad! Awesome.

I agree Palm has to change the perception of Palm brand, I was at a party recently, and when I took out my Pre the guy next to me commented, "oh is that the Palm that is going to be out of business soon?"
So they really have to change peoples mind about the brand.

It's a step in the right direction but lets get some multitasking, thumb swiping, and flicking grooviness.

Whether it'll sell Pres and Pixi's or not, it's
really a kickass ad. Simple, engaging and sexy.
One of the best I've seen this year.

Speed adjusted for demo purposes. Actual performance may vary. Limitations apply to multitasking.

Are statements like this really required in the advertising world?

I love the ad but there's just one fallacy. How in the world can all those apps run in the ad if it pops up with too many cards error

That's a great ad.

Nice going Palm !!! Hot chic and Mos Def in the background. Short and right to the point. Glad the freaky, ghost looking lady is gone!!!! Now we need Pre2

I like it a lot.